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An article in the talks about coming movies and the movies and of course Twilight is among them.

But these are just a taste of what is to come. One of the most buzzed-about projects in Hollywood is Twilight, a teen-centric Vampire drama adapted from a mega-selling series by Stephenie Meyer.


Stephenie’s site has an update about book releases, Ellen, and a new ALA Twilight poster.

You can check out a preview of the Ellne show here.






  1. What- Twilight is not fluffy. D:

    But the poster is very cute.

  2. Midnight Sunshine says

    I love the poster! It’s amazing!

  3. Argh!
    I’m having a problem viewing the site again!!!
    It just wo’nt show up on the site; no matter from where I try! I’ve even clicked the link from Twilight Lexicon but that won’t even work!

    Please help!!!

  4. i'm disillusioned, ellen! says

    The Ellen interview was disappointing – Ellen could have asked so many things, especially regarding the Midnight Sun tragedy but it was obvious she’d never even heard of the books before so she brought absolutely nothing new to the interview. I love Ellen, but I’ve got to give her a D- on that homework assignment. At least she bought a ton of books.

  5. Ellen is on at 3 here…. to ditch class or not to ditch class….

    And to commenter number 6, Ellen generally doesn’t do the hard-hitting interview questions unless it’s for a comedic or interesting response. (Asking John McCain what he thought about her marriage, for example.)

  6. I, too was disappointed with the Ellen segment. My little girl was sick today so I stayed home. I remembered SM was going to be on just in time to catch her segment.I thought, compared to the Meg Ryan piece, which was fun and interesting, that Ellen came off as almost bored. I felt bad for Steph. We could have asked so many better questions! But kudos to Ellen at least for buying all those books! Way to help us keep SM at the top of the best seller lists! (and the audience sounded thrilled with the freebies!)

  7. I’m guessing that Ellen wasn’t allowed to ask certain questions and the time slot may have been cut a little bit. On Ellen’s website she stated that she wanted to ask Stephenie about Midnight Sun and hopefully talk her into finishing it, but since that didn’t happen I can only guess that she was probably asked not to bring it up. It just feels like Steph is trying not to talk much about it, and I am fine with that if time away from it is what she needs.

  8. i'm still disillusioned. says

    I know she’s Ellen, not Barbara Walters, but she usually *does* bring something new and quirky to a topic (your John McCain example, for example). She asks the questions people are thinking but don’t ask. I agree with commenter 8, it seemed like Ellen was uninterested. Which is her prerogative, sure! I guess I was harboring a secret wish that Ellen would be a fellow fan.

  9. Yeah it was pretty nice seeing Stephenie Meyer on a TV screen. the crowd got to have the whole serie!
    aaand she said that she had 5 books not for so maybe…Midnight Sun will see the daylight sometime.

  10. Five books counting The Host.

  11. Vampire-in-Training says

    wow! That poster really dazzles me (snort snort) but seriously i love it. and i cant wait for the ellen show even if it is dissapointing.

  12. i’m watching the ellen show right now! well, a commercial’s on right now (a political ad. how surprising.) but i think stephenie is on next. 😀

  13. Team Twilight (formerly known as *Twilighter*) says

    I was all pumped up and ready for the Ellen show and then Stephenie came out and I was like “YESSSSSSSSSSS!!!” She talked about the stuff we already knew and then Ellen said “Twilight hits theatres November 21.” I was like wait a second is she ending it? No, no she probably wants to get that out there. Then I hear “Up next”! Wait…what? I was so mad! I ran home from school and get not even 5 minutes worth of Stephenie *shakes head*. And no Midnight Sun talk either? What happened to “I’ll try to convince her to finish Midnight Sun”? I still love ya Ellen and you too Steph but next time could you give us something worth watching? Please?

  14. i love edward cullen says

    Oh, I Know!!!!!!! I realllllyyyyy wanted to hear more about MS!!!

  15. I was completely bummed about the interview. Kudos to Steph — she looked a little nervous — I would love to hear about her experience backstage … (Stephenie? Are you reading this? If you have time, write about how it was to be on Ellen!! Did you get to meet Meg Ryan? Did you make any demands like, “I only want green M & M’s in my room” hee hee)

    Any whosits I was disappointed. I thought the interview would be something more than what WE ALREADY KNOW.

    Granted, Ellen probably didn’t know much about the series — we can’t expect her to be completly diverse in every literary genre — but I expected more depth; Hers were very basic.

    And to comment about some things people mentioned above … I’m pretty sure that SM does have a “Do Not Ask” list like a lot of the celebrities that come on talk shows. If SM wants to take a break from MS (*Sigh*) I think that’s the LAST question she wants to field (yet, the first question WE all want answered) right now.

  16. “Mega-Selling” ? That sure explains it at a minimum… 🙂

  17. ellen wasn’t really worth watching. i mean, it was great seeing stephenie, but it was 5 minutes long. i took the bus home with my friend and we were sitting on her couch just wating for a long time, and finally she came on. she didn’t get very much time. huh. very dissapointing.

    on the bright side, seeing stephenie did make my day a bit better. 🙂

  18. This is totally of-topic, but….
    My mother is soooo mean!!!! (not really, just in the action)
    She threatened to TAKE AWAY MY BOOKS!!!!!!!! 🙁 I was soooo mad!!! She said this ’cause I said that when I saw a canary yellow Porsche 911 Turbo on the highway(there is a Porsche dealer down the road from where I live)it made my car-ride to school!!!! She asked why it did, and I said, because Alice drives it and it is a super snazzy car.

    Back on topic, the Ellen show wasn’t worth watching. I mean, could we have something that we DIDN’T ALREADY KNOW!! I mean, Ellen I love you but, she could have done her homework better. My grade: D-

  19. It was super nice to see her today but I missed it on TV and had to watch it on youtube. It sucked. I thought they might actually ask some good questions. At least it wasn’t the same thing as most interviews with Stephenie: The same questions that are on her website over and over. I want more!!!!! Maybe she can be on Oprah soon then she can get some better more in depth questions.

  20. i'm disillusioned, ellen! says

    Are you kidding? Oprah is way too much of a snobby elitist to book Stephenie, Everygirl’s Sweetheart.

  21. come on stupid hurricane ike,i can’t watch it could someone plz youtube it!!!

  22. and i agree step on oprah would not be good.

  23. Yeah, I am getting annoyed with all of the 3 minute interviews with Stephenie Meyer that dont touch on anything except for how she dreamed up the story line. Dont get me wrong, that is interesting and amazing, but PLEASE! We already know that. Even if Stephenie didnt want to talk about MS (understandable, but I was still hoping) there were many other things that could have been discussed. I was dissappointed. Stephenie Meyer on Oprah might be good, the View might be good…but who knows. I just feel ripped off for having all this excitement built up just to have a three minute segment of NOTHING new!

  24. Daniel (A Twilight Guy) says

    I just finished watching Steph on Ellen.

    Well, I didn’t exactly expect to hear anything I didn’t already know, abut I WAS hoping to hear something about Midnight Sun, but oh well. :/ I saw on Ellen’s site, “Stephenie was also writing a new book from Edward the Vampire’s point of view, but certain chapters got leaked online, and now she might not even release it! (I’m gonna try my best to talk her into it, or at least have her give me the scoop on what happens!)”. Didn’t happen. :/ It was still nice to see her on TV. 🙂

  25. Lol, I, like most of you, found the interview disappointing..

    I was all pumped when Ellen made vampire jokes at the start of the show (- from the jokes she obviously hasnt read twilight!-) but when SMeyer came out it was all basically everything we already know, and it got kinda awkward.. It felt like either Ellen was skipping around the MS thing or was really bored and didnt know what to ask next; so she stuck with boring questions.

    It just felt like a big build up to nothing.. Like the Mtv thing.

    Owell, was lovely to see Stephenie, she did a great job<3

  26. I was really excited that Steph was able to have the opprotunity to be on Ellen. But wow i was like that was really short and i know that information already like the back of my hand.

    love always

  27. BlueStarlight says

    Truly, how disappointing… I wonder if Ellen has read the books; I know she said, “this is a great story,” but you never know. It WAS great to see Stephenie, but I wish she’d had more time on the show… not even 4 minutes! All that info can be found on SM’s website, too! *sigh*

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