Twilight Tuesday

MTV has an interview with Kellan Lutz where he disucsses Midnight Sun and Edward.  Be sure to check out the questions of the day.

There is also an interview where Rob and Kellan discuss the flashback scenes shot just a few weeks ago.  It seems the lullaby is no longer Robert’s.  Get all the details here from Rob.

There is also an interview with Melissa Rosenberg discuss the "spider monkey" comment.


  1. Devon061381 says:

    Awesome! so exciting!!!!! I can’t wait for the movie ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. I know, right? I really wanna see the reshoots, especially the “foward-thinking” ending Melissa Rosenburg talked about! I also can’t wait for the Edward doll coming out…….sexy.

  3. There’s an Edward doll coming out?

    I think that’s a [i]bit[/i] much.


  4. Crud. I think it’s a bit much.
    If that doesn’t work I give up lol.

  5. I hope we get to hear Rob’s version eventually!

  6. Sigh. I really got my hopes up about Rob’s lullaby.

  7. I don’t think the doll is a bit much. And maybe they will put Rob’s playing on the DVD as a deleted scene. I hope there’s a ton of them!

  8. When does the doll come out ?

  9. I trust Catherine if the lullaby is better now that’s even better for the movie and Rob’s version can be on the dvd !!!

  10. BlueStarlight says:

    Aw, it’s too bad that Rob’s lullaby wasn’t used… but he sure was a good sport about it. I’m getting even more anxious now for the movie to come out! I feel like this every Tuesday, then the adrenaline slows… another 7 days, and it spikes again! I had a feeling that the flashbacks were going to be about the Treaty; that’s going to be interesting to watch. Happy Twilight Tuesday, everyone!

  11. would you guys mind sending me a link besides the mtv with the video of the Robert interview about how his lullaby is not going to be used ? it’s because i am outside of the U.S. ( i’m in canada ) and they wont let me play it.

  12. youtube anyone?

    maybe rob’s lullaby will be shown on like the special features on the dvd or something.

  13. I hope (Rob Playing the piano) it shows as deleted scene or extra features. Please?

  14. I don’t know about the doll,I am older for that, but I can’t wait for the movie. When do we know if there is going to be a sequel? my spider senses tell me that, they better get on it.

  15. La tua Cantante says:

    I am SOOO happy that they decided to put in some new time period or background scenes in the movie!!!
    Wich i had hoped and suggested they do from the begining!It sais that one will show the treaty being made with the Cullens and the indian that i think will be playing Ephraim Black while Jacob it telling the story to Bella! this sounds cool…But i had hoped that they would have also added a time period scene of Carlile when he went out the hunt the vampires,got turned( it could have showed him dragging himself away and had to hide in the rotten potatoes for three days till his transformation was complete.and this quick scnene could have been dont the same way while Edward is showing Bella around his house for the firt time and htey come across the paintings,just like in the book.
    I hope that if they make new moom that thye will also make a quick time period scene of Edward and his mom dying of the spanish influenza ans his mom begs Carlile in the hospital to save Edward and she dies ans edward is struggling,dying slowly ans Carlile takes him to the morge then carries him over the rooftops to his house in the middle of the night and i could maybe end wiht him lying him down on his bed ans as he goes down to bite or turn Edward…he can whisper,I’m sorry or something!
    ans this story could also be told(carlile the narrator)as he is cleaning Bellas wounds from her disastorous Birthday party. Once again like in the book…and all these tiny background scenes would honestly only take like 3 minutes or so ans they would ADD so much to the movie!

  16. That really stinks that Robs lullaby isnt being used, as others have already said, I really really hope that they put it on as extra dvd stuff. We HAVE to be able to hear it!!! That is so cool that Rob is so talented.

  17. genuinesmile says:

    I wouldn’t mind if they added a 5minute scene of Rob playing the piano, even if it’s not Bella’s lullaby…lol ๐Ÿ˜‰ but yeah it is lame that they couldn’t work something out to keep Rob’s version. And to make up for it, lol, i agree with Rachel: “I really really hope that they put it on as extra dvd stuff.” ๐Ÿ˜€

  18. His songs are still being used in the movie. In one of the Mtv Music awards he talks about it. They are just used in different parts of the movie and not as the actual lullaby.

  19. His songs are still being used in the movie. In one of the Mtv Music awards interviews he talks about it. They are just used in different parts of the movie and not as the actual lullaby.

  20. Twilight Nymph says:

    Hopefully they do show the original in the dvd special features that would be awesome to listen to both and compare them. I would be really angry if Rob’s version sounds better b/c then that shows that they blew it. I agree that in New Moon they should show a flash back of how Edward was turned since that’s where the real back story comes in.

  21. Carter Burwell is a really great composer, so I bet the music will be wonderful. I agree with others in these posts, however, that I would love to see the five minutes of Rob playing HIS Bella’s lullaby in the DVD extras. Oh, gosh, I hate getting on the track of what I would want in the DVD extras! Just too mind-boggling. Also, Edward Doll??? Hmmmm. Might be creepy.

  22. Oh, also, I thought What Kellan said about Midnight Sun was just plain sweet.

  23. It’s people like XoXoNicolaOxOx that give Twilighters a bad name ((one of the commenters on Kellan Lutz’ interview))
    I’d probably be superduper excited about this if I never read Breaking Dawn. Breaking Dawn kind of took a hit on my love for Twilight. It sucked.
    Anyway, they need to stop teasing us.
    If the movie was coming out soon I’d be like OMGGG!!
    But I know I can’t see it yet so I’m not.

  24. Oh, wow thanks, MTV. It’s been awhile since we’ve had a substantial Twilight Tuesday.

  25. Twimoonilipsing says:

    YAY. so excited.

  26. Isn’t Kellen just adorable? Ooo if i didn’t have a boyfriend i would hook up with him…. his oodles and goodles of yummy!……

  27. me too is anybody there?

  28. hello

  29. Becca Loves Edward says:

    So who is the new lullaby written by ????

    ** i really wanted rob’s lullaby… they better put it on the dvd !! :(( **

  30. Lizzie-Anne says:

    Can someone maybe upload it onto youtube please? In the UK and can’t access it ๐Ÿ™
    Please? ๐Ÿ˜€

  31. I’m actually getting more and more depressed hearing all of the new scence in the movie that arnt in the book. I can understand some but beginning the movie that way? That just isnt right. The movie better be amazing since ive been waiting so long for it!!

  32. i love edward cullen says:


    Why do they do this to me, and everyone else that wanted to hear it!!!! I hope they put it on the DVD extras. I think that the flashbacks are going to be cool, but… I think that too many will ruin the movie, sure Edward changing and the treaty ’cause that stuff is important. But if Eclipse becomes a movie, Rosalie’s change will HAVE to be put in because it is ,like, a whole chapter and then some in the book.

    The lullaby better be on youtube, i’m checking right after this. I can’t wait for the DVD with the possibility of it not even being on there.

  33. Can someone PLEASE put the youtube videos up for the two videos? And maybe last weeks TT, because international people can’t see it, and no one has been putting the videos up. I still haven’t seen them.

  34. Looks like someone did post this week’s videos on youtube. Here are the links:


  35. I am really excited about the reshoots!! That is completely awesome!!!

    Not too excited about the doll … especially since the majority of us who are reading the series stopped playing with dolls a llloooonnnnggg time ago.

    Ha! I have visions of a lot of teens (and some adults too) spooning an Edward doll in their sleep. *Closing eyes and shivering*
    yep, definately going overboard there, production department.

  36. A DOLL? Are you SERIOUS??!!!! ๐Ÿ™

  37. I don’t get the function of that at all, frankley…

  38. Youtube for robs lullaby anyone??

  39. i smile at silver volvos says:

    u tube
    please!!! ๐Ÿ˜€

  40. LOVE IT! im sad about rob.. but how well.. im excited..

  41. youtube please??

  42. I posted some youtube links a few posts above, but it’s “awaiting moderation”…and has been for days. Sorry! But if you look, they can be found.

  43. Rissa Cullen (team edward) says:

    I wish that Rob’s lullaby is on the dvd or something…that would be awesome!!! AND EDWARD IS SOOOOO FINE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I CANT WAIT TILL NOVEMBER 21!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ITS SOOOOOOOOOOOO AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! TEAM EDWARD FOR LIFE!!!!!!! SEXY

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