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Borders has rolled out their next video. It was taped during the Penn Plaza midnight release party for Breaking Dawn. This time Kim Stolz is interviewed about the Twilight Saga.

The Twilight movie merchandise has made it front and center on the Hot Topic homepage.  Recent additions to the Hot Topic collection include posters of Edward and Jacob.  Also, speaking of the movie, the Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA)  just gave its official rating to the Twilight movie. The movie is rated PG-13.

Novel Novice has Twilight Lesson Plans up as a teaching resource. Site founder Tiffany used Twilight to reach her students who had been labeled "difficult" and "reluctant readers". Tiffany is now sharing some of those lesson plans.  The same site also has a number of ongoing projects, so check out their main page.


  1. I am totally going to go to Hot Topic and buy all those posters. Too bad the nearest Hot Topic is like a 45 minute drive.

  2. I really like the Twilight Lessons Plans. That’s pretty much what I do in my Literaure classes, which I love, exept that we don’t read Twilight (a shame) and that my teacher only wrties stuff on the board that she takes form teacher’s books. It’s very annoying, and this is more creative from Tiffany’s side. I’d do it that way if I were a teacher and wouldn’t already have a tight schedule/program/plan. And it’s so nice for her to work so much for her students that are labeled as difficult.

  3. didn’t SM say once that she didn’t want the movie rated PG13? i thought she said she wanted a PG rating, in which case, umm…whoops.

  4. SM didn’t want an R rated movie.

    Twilight Lexicon completely forgot about Renesme’s birthday! tsk tsk.

  5. What a great idea,very clever introduction to reluctan readers.

  6. Hmm I went to but I did not see the Jacob poster. Can anyone link me?

  7. BlueStarlight says:

    Yes, yes, yes, PG-13… that just made my day!!! If I remember correctly, SM stipulated a PG-13 or below. In my opinion, I don’t think a PG would have worked. Ahhh!

  8. La tua Cantante says:

    OH MY GOSH!!!!! I have been hoping that they make that Edward poster that is of the Twilight card!!!!!! FINALLY! I told my husband for aour Anniversary on the 13th we will go buy it!hahahha
    I am sure he is rolling his eyes! But since he likes Twilight too I sure he wont mind much…hmmmm I wonder thought what he will think when he sees it in our bedroom next to my side of the bed! hahahahahahI NEED an Edward pillow case now and maybe have Jacob on the other side of it so i can flip them over whenever i am in the mood for one or the other!hahaha,oh I’m bad.
    no seriously…they need to start making pillowcases.

  9. Mi Lobo Robo says:

    I saw in an interview once Stephenie did say that she allowed the rights to make the movie so long as they didnt make it rated R since she doesnt watch rated R movies and she of course wants to see Twilight,soooo I am sure that it will be rated pg13.

  10. Yeah, where is the Jacob poster?

  11. vampiregirlsince1918 says:

    The hottopic stuff is so awesome! I want it all! lol.

  12. La tua Cantante: WOW I wish they had that pillow case Too!!!! I would get a couple so every time I washed the sheets I could have an extra one!

  13. Melissa, she said she wanted it to be PG-13 at the highest, because she wanted to be able to see it, and won’t go if it’s rated above that. So it’s all good. 😀

  14. Stephenie said she didn’t want it above PG-13. So all’s good. 😀

  15. La tua Cantante says:

    I know! I am thinking of making my own Edward or Jacob or one on eacth side or flipover pillow case.haha! Can you imagine how much money they would make off of them? Guaranteed they would be one of the highest selling merchandise items,hehe.

  16. Sorry, tw07. I didn’t mean to post almost an identical message there!

  17. I love that it’s rated PG-13 “For some violence and a scene of sensuality”….bring on the sensuality! oohlala

  18. Great interview guys!

  19. hahhhaha, imagine having a Edward bedspread. You can cuddle up underneath Rob and he can keep you warm. 😉

  20. I would hate if the movie was PG.
    More violenccceeee for meee!!!!
    Wooooo!!!! twilight stuff at hot topic!!! that awesome!!

  21. FelixFan4815162342 says:

    I love the posters.
    Ok i was on and i saw the twilight collectors edition! i dont know if all of you have heard about it yet but I didnt and im like freaking out here is the link

  22. i’m so happy about the PG-13 thing! if it would’ve been rated R i would’ve been…let’s not go there. and if it would’ve been PG i don’t think i would’ve liked it.

    i am SO getting those posters!!

  23. Great Twilight Unit…thanks, I may be able to use it.

  24. 9/11 We Will Never Forget

  25. Mary Alice Cullen says:

    YEah i turn 13 so now i can go. I would have pass for 15 but. u know its better to do it the right way =]

  26. Juliana (loves jacob) says:

    Heyy! Thats so exciting! I cant wait for the movie…

    But I didn’t see a Jacob Poster. Can someone give me the link.

  27. sarah_cullen says:

    nobody said anything about today being RENESME’S BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!

  28. sarah_cullen, I could be wrong, but I believe Renesmee’s birthday was the 10th, not the 11th.

  29. sarah_cullen says:

    ohhhh hhaha my bad…..

  30. I couldn’t find the Jacob poster either! Someone is selling it on eBay for $35 if you need it right now. I am buying the other posters at Hot Topic today. I’m so excited! I have to clear some space on my wall though………

  31. I ordered the edward one. And I wanted a jacob one but it wasn’t there? And they are sold out of most of the tee shirts except in small. >/ anyway. The rating of the movie wasn’t too important to me, but I’m trying to figure out if they could make eclipse and breaking dawn pg 13?? It seems difficult. New moon is easy though.hmm.

  32. If LOTR and the new Batman movie were PG-13 I think Breaking Dawn would be a PG-13 too.
    It probably wouldn’t be as violent as in the book.
    Eclipse, no problem.
    Hopefully they’ll make them. 😀

  33. Why would Eclipse not be pg-13?! I don’t remember anything naughty happening…or are you talking about the ripping of the pieces of body parts?…that was a lil graphic, but no toooooo terrible. I hope they do make the sequals though!! I dunno about the breaking dawn movie though…I think it would be a lil awkward seein Kristen w/ a baby

    I can’t wait (^-^)//

  34. PG-13…what does anyone think that’d be in the UK? 12 or 15?

  35. There has to be a way of putting those pics on pillow cases or a bed spread. I am sure someone will come up with it!!! I would have to have some of each!!! LOL!!

  36. runswithvampires says:

    i saw the sweatshirt but i ddnt have enough $ @ the time! *sob!*

  37. I’m going to guess it’ll be a 12 in the UK.

  38. CullensHeir says:

    PG-13 in America. I think that means a 12s rating over here in Ireland and the UK. I’m happy with that! If it was PG they (filmmakers) would have had trouble editing and watering down the violent themes towards the end of the book and of course, the intimate scenes which would have been a real shame. Bring on December 19th 😉

  39. This site shows a video of Rob responding about Russell Brand cutting him off at the VMA’s.

  40. Will someone please link me to the Jacob poster? I didn’t see it on hottopic….

  41. heyy i went to the hot topic website but there are no posters with jacob on them! =[


    Here’s a Jacob poster. :/

  43. Hmm, link didn’t work right. Try typing in “Jacob Twilight Poster” in Ebay. There is one.

  44. Happy Birthday Bella!!!!!

  45. A PG13 is a 12A in the UK!


  47. FelixFan4815162342 says:

    I really want them to make new moon and eclipse into a movie but idk about breaking dawn…. there is no way bd could be pg 13 because of the birth seen and bella and edward having sex every minute…Anyway I love the edward poster. I would really like a twilight pillow and blanket. I hope they come out with more posters of the cullens… thats what is kind of annoying me jacob is just a very minor character in Twilight and they have posters of him and everything…I want an EMMETT poster!! sorry about the long post


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