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With regards to the events of the Twilight fandom recently, we, the administrators of several  websites, have heard your pleas requesting something be done to support Stephenie.  So, to answer the question of "what can we do" that we have heard repeatedly over the last twenty-four hours, we propose the following list of suggestions.  Feel free to participate in one or all of the events.


Post this banner for your MySpaces, Blogs, LiveJournals, website sigs etc. http://tl.test/view.php?pic=9g8uwo&s=4

Write a letter to Stephenie at
Stephenie Meyer
c/o Author Mail
Little, Brown and Company
237 Park Avenue
New York, NY 10017

Participate in a "We support Stephenie Meyer" video. All you have to do is send a picture of yourself showing support to and put "VIDEO"  in the subject line. Be creative with your show of support, but make sure it is a still photograph and not an actual video.  We will take the photos and make them into a video that will later be posted on You Tube.

For those of you graphics people who want to do something, we have another idea. We are going to make a virtual quilt. Send a 200 X 200 support graphic to and we will work it into a virtual support quilt. Make sure you put "QUILT" in the subject line.

On Saturday Sept. 13, in honor of Bella’s birthday, wear a twilight themed t-shirt to show your love of the series.  If you work or have other obligations that won’t allow you to wear a Twilight shirt, wear all black, white, and red to show your support.

All entries for the video or quilt must be submitted by Wednesday Sept. 3, 2008. You are certainly welcome to do one in each category, but that is by no means a requirement. Also please submit each item in a separate email as it will make our sorting go faster.  If there is some sort of detail we left out that you need help with, email  with "HELP" in the subject line and we’ll see what we can do.
This post is brought to you by the administrators of:
His Golden Eyes
The Twilight Lexicon
The Twilight Moms
Twilight Series Theories
Twilight Teez

EDITED: If you have your own video, you can send it here.


  1. What great ideas! πŸ˜‰

  2. too_obsessed? says:

    Thanks so much for figuring out something we could do!

  3. Mary Alice Cullen says:

    Thank you. I’m going to send my pic as soon as possible

  4. These are brilliant ideas. I love the idea of the quilt, that is going to be amazing! I plan on sending my picture as soon as I can! Thanks for figuring out some creative ways we can show Stephenie that we love her, and her novels.

  5. bettingonalice357 says:

    Thank you so much! Such great ideas!!

  6. Christina says:

    Thanks a million!!

  7. laurelflower93 says:

    Great ideas! I will have my picture sent in as soon as possible = )

  8. Thanks a million! I’ve been waiting for something organized since BD. I love SM and hope we can make her feel a little better with our efforts πŸ™‚

  9. Thanks!!!!

  10. Wow, such great ideas! I’ll definitely take part in at least one of these!

  11. I think it’s fantastic that all the different Twilight sites are working together to make this project huge. These are amazing ideas and I hope they’ll make Stephenie feel much better about what has happened!

  12. Meena Cullen says:

    Finally I could do something to show my support!
    As for Bellas birthday I shall make some minor changes to my uniform by trying to wear as much red and black without getting caught. I hope Stephenie will feel better!

  13. love2dream says:

    For those of you with uniforms that might not allow red, black or white…ACCESSORIZE!!
    Headbands, necklaces, earrings, ribbons tied on your backpack, or carry Twilight around with you all day–it’s black and red!
    If all else fails, ditch the uniform when schools over and then dress to support for the rest of the day.

  14. Hey if you guys want a cute shirt to wear.. I found one that represents all four of Stephenie’s books!!

  15. Claire Ateara says:

    THANK YOU!!! I just finished reading what Stephenie posted of Mignight Sun on her website–and I thought I couldn’t love Edward Cullen any more than I did–and so far it is my favorite book she’s written! She needs to know how much we admire and love her and her work, and that many of us would NEVER even THINK about downloading something like that, much less being the one to spread it.

    Stephenie Meyer, if you’re reading this, I beg you, PLEASE finish Midnight Sun! We all love you, and not all of us would betray you like that! Please don’t stop writing!!! <3

  16. Claire Ateara says:

    Oh, and I will SO be doing as much of those wonderfully genius support ideas as I am able πŸ˜€

  17. Thanks Lex!! I’ll send my picture in as soon as possible! Anything for Stephenie! πŸ™‚

  18. didn’t she say that she doesn’t read her mail cause there’s too much of it and that she’ll get on it someday in the future?!

  19. check yes!!! lets go out and show some support towards our favorite author!!! GO STEPHENIE!!!

  20. I just finished reading Midnight Sun. She HAS to finish it. I loved Twilight, but Midnight Sun is twice the book Twilight is. Edward’s agony just breaks my heart. I read a lot of it through tears.

  21. emilypruitt says:

    Thanks Lex, for organizing some great outlets where her true fans can express our gratitude for Stephenie and her amazing work. I pray she is not only impressed by the love people all over this world feel for her, her characters and her creations; but also that our display of that love is enough to inspire her to finish what she has started. So that she can complete the Twilight Saga as it was meant to be. So that we can have one more piece of magic to believe in.

    Lets prove to her that She and Edward and Twilight are worth it.

  22. This is awesome!Thanks a bunch you guys!!!

  23. If you guys need cute “twilight saga” t shirts to wear go to
    They have a lot and they are awesome!

  24. I want to do it! *Off to thinking of creative ideas for the pictures…*

  25. this is all just so depressing πŸ™

  26. Miss me, miss me, now you gotta bite me says:

    Thanks so much! I really appreciate getting the chance to show Stephenie that not all Twilighters are over-eager spoliers!

  27. CloverDilly says:

    There was another suggestion to send SM bottle caps, like Edward saved from Bella. It’s a cute idea!
    Whatever it takes to let SM know that her fans love her and that we all loved what she’s done with MS so far. Edward’s voice needs to be heard!

  28. Sara( Yeah theres many of us) says:

    I’m gonna participate in EVERYTHING! You guys rock! Thanks 101% for doing this!

  29. This is a great idea (:

  30. woooo my birthday is the same as bellas!

    and good idea!

  31. Great ideas – fantastic that so many fansites are getting in on it as well. Together, we are something different and “bigger” than we are apart. Feel the love! πŸ™‚

    That bottlecap idea is ADORABLE. Reminds me of campaigns put on for cancelled tv shows, and the like.

    Now… off to think of some creative picture ideas…

    Thanks again Lex – we all know you have had your share of troubles lately too – the way you have bounced back is phenomenal, and every time we support Steph and the books, we’re supporting you as well! We’re all in this together! πŸ™‚

  32. Enough for Forever says:

    Thanks. I’m going to wear my homemade “Forks High Spartans” shirt that I made for the BD release party on Bella’s Bday, and I’m going to dinner tonight for my friend (who is as Twilight obsessed as I am) for her birthday, and we will have another Twilighter with us, so maybe we can take some kind of support picture for that video.

  33. thank you guys!!! i will definatly participate in this.WE LOVE YOU SM PLZ DONT GIVE UP!!!any of us twi-hard fans would never do something so disgraceful and just plain ole mean.but in case you dont finish = ( MS we will all support you.i KNOW i will. P.S. i love MS its 20times better than i thought it would be,not that i ever doubt your writing skills i never would.WE LOVE YOU SM

  34. sounds perfect!! i cant wait to help


    less than one day and already almost 2,000 signatures! we sure do love steph!

  36. Hey, there is another I support Steph thing on fanfiction”

  37. La-cantante says:

    Oh Stephenie… I love her, you know? She is forever my role model! She’s just the most amazing person ever! I’m so proud to be a part of the loving and supportive community that the Twilight famndom has become. You guys make life rock just as much as Steph! Its like one huge family! And SM is the mom! The most rockin’ mom in the world! Lets get out there and flaunt out Twilight pride for Stephenie! Come on guys, let make our mama proud!

  38. Awesome ideas! πŸ™‚ I’m trying to think of something to do for the video. Maybe write I <3 S. M. on my face with face paint? xD
    Dunno, I’ll think of something.

  39. Shellie Parks says:

    Thank God for you people. I am in mourning over Midnight Sun. My cousin, she’s fourteen. She has acute myeloid leukemia, and she reads a lot. She loves Twilight. I remember her being worried about how long it would take for Midnight Sun to come out, worried that she might not be around for it. And now… I haven’t talked to her yet, but I know that this is going to upset her. Stephenie has to finish it. PLEASE MAKE HER FEEL BETTER, CONVINCE HER TO FINISH IT. I BEG YOU. πŸ™

  40. Perfect Ideas!! I am choosing NOT to read the midnight sun, as hard as that will be. I am willing to wait for her to finish the book. I feel like “If it isn’t finished by her, it’s not worth it just half way. I want the whole story or nothing at all. I respect her that much. My husband went to BYU with her and I have seen the pictures and heard the stories. He has told me how great and friendly she is. I know her fans will give her the support and love to finish her book the way she wanted to. PLEASE FINISH IT!!

  41. Texas Mom and Daughter says:

    Me and my daughter have also finished all 4 of Twilight saga books and are huge fans of stephenie. These books have brought us even closer together to share our feelings and walk around the house yelling -Go Team Edward! and her choice too- Go Team Jacob! and going as far as making T-shirts. We were so disappointed to here about what had happened to Midnight Sun. We were looking so forward to reading Edwards version. If Stephenie does read these comments please know that we SUPPORT YOU! and PLEASE don’t let this stop you from writing and what Edward wants you to write. We are sending our love and prayers and peace to Stephenie. GO TEAM STEPHENIE! (FIGHT FOR WHAT IS RIGHT).

  42. Awesome Idea,I was saying the other day that I was not just a huge fan of the Twilight saga or the Host,but that I was more a huge fan of Stephenie Meyer.I think I would happily read anything she wrote.She is an artist when it comes to words.
    I hope she realizes just how much she’s loved and how devout her fans are to her.
    Thanks Lex, you guys rock

  43. higgin704 says:

    This is up to over 800 signatures. It would be nice to overwhelm her with words of support.

  44. Great idea. I think instead of all the petitions going around it’s better that we just try and inspire her again and help her find why she wanted to write Midnight Sun in the first place.

  45. number 21 said it all. lets show her that a few people do not make up the entire fandom, and that we support her 1,000,000%!! she needs all the help she can get.

  46. Irish_Sheep says:

    Great ideas, especially the quilt! Thanks for organising this

  47. Thank you, great ideas!

  48. I am so glad that there is a way to help Stephenie.

    She must be out of her mind right now. I hope that those hackers are satisfied.

    It is all their fault that Stephenie is so sad right now.

  49. Honestly I just think that she is greedy and pissed off. No publisher would publish a story that a) everyone already knows what happens because it has already been written and b) half of it has been leaked. So now she won’t get money for publishing it and she is throwing a hissy fit. If she really cared about the fans, she would finish it and post it online for our sake.

    Either that or she is trying to make all the fans who turned on her because of Breaking Dawn (myself included) feel sorry for her.


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