New Reelz Channel Coverage

Reelz Channel has a brand new video featuring Catherine Hardwicke.  Some of the footage is from that infamous rough weather day that Catherine cited as being the worst weather filming conditions of her career.


  1. Kadee Taylor I says:

    the first! haha.
    dang right! cathrine is awesome!
    i cant wait for the movie! it looks
    like she did amazing!!!

  2. AliceTwilightLover says:


  3. AliceTwilightLover says:

    I think catherine is very brave to take on suh a huge task. i mean if she gets the movie wrong she’ll have us and many more to deal with. i think she’ll do great anyway.

  4. Well, no doubts on the enthusiastic director. She’s at least been focused throughout.
    I wish her luck in editing the movie plus the new footage they’re shooting this week.

  5. OT: I spy the Anita Blake graphic novel!

    i’m so happy Catherine’s getting recognized. Lords of Dogtown is one of my favorite movies, and has one of Heath Ledger’s best character portrayals!

    when i first heard about the movie, i hadn’t read the books, i was excited just off Catherine’s name alone. it’s like when people get excited to see a Burton or Scorsese movie. when i saw the 1st trailer, i admit i was like “Hardwicke directed this? it’s so dark!” but now i’m pumped more than ever!

  6. yaay! another video interview…

    i like catherine, she’s very energetic and into the books, which i think is just what the movie needed in a director.

    please keep the videos coming, i love watching them!

  7. She is my idol. I look up to her so much. I want to be as good as a director as she is.

    fan freakin’ tastic. that’s what she is.


  8. Team Twilight (formerly known as Twilighter) says:

    I love you Catherine <3 You’re the best director ever πŸ™‚ I thank you for wanting to stay true to the book (hopefully soon to be bookS)!! I’m 100% sure that you’ll make all the Twilighters around the world proud. Have fun with the new shooting!! You’re awesome πŸ˜‰

  9. Team Twilight (formerly known as Twilighter) says:

    I wrote this before but I wanna make sure everyone reads this:

    Tomorrow- Tuesday August 26 2008- on Entertainment Tonight they are gonna talk about β€œ90210.” Kellan Lutz (A.K.A Emmett) is part of the cast. I saw him on the preview and he had his shirt OFF!!! EVERYONE SHOULD WATCH IT!!!! πŸ™‚

  10. Edwardbitespillow says:

    Shes amazing she really cares about what the audience wants to see and shes so upbeat which is perfect for this move…shes just awsome

  11. She did such a great job letting stephenie meyer put so much insight into the film!
    its really going to be great!

    Also, all of you probably know that there’s going to be at least three movies (actors signed a contract). I was just in Froks a couple weeks ago, and I was told that filming for “New Moon” the movie has already begun….
    Is Catherine going to be directing all three (hopefully 4) movies?

  12. I freaking love Catherine. I love that she’s getting more attention now too, she deserves it.

  13. TwilightFan says:

    Love it ! Can’t wait !

  14. somethingawesomeis here says:

    freakin sweet!!!!!

  15. Melanie Cullen says:

    buffer faster. I need more twilight news!
    *stares at video*

    yay for vampire cam. :F
    I’m still so pumped about the new scenes.
    *jumps up and down*
    I think Catherine is awesome. <3

  16. did you see jacob, sam, and embry! they looked awesomeeeee ! ahaha! i loved sam’s jacket,lol.
    and i absolutely lovee catherine. she’s been a great director of twilight, and i knew from the beginning that she would do this series very well. :]

  17. Woo hoo!! Go Catherine!!!! Wow, she’s going to direct MATTHEW!!!!! How exciting for her! Good luck Catherine us Twikight fans love you!

  18. whoa sorry TWILIGHT how could I spell that wrong!! Blasphemy!!!!! Sorry!


  20. Yay!!! I love Catherine!!! I don’t think there could be a better director for the films!!! She’s so energetic and so into the books!!! She’s amazing!!!!!!!

  21. Tearsoftopaz says:

    YAY more footage. I’m so excited!! She is really cool. She’s so enthusiastic i love it, it’s like one of the fans is making the movie, and its great that way.

  22. Twifanatic Amanda says:

    OH MY GOSH! That was one of the best video peices I’ve seen! All that new stuff from the set we haven’t seen before and…AHHH!

  23. luisacart says:

    I love Catherine Hardwicke!!! She’s the best ever!

  24. hellokitty_1094 says:

    just wondering…
    when are they going to update the character info on this site??

    twiligh movie’s gonna be awesome!!

  25. i love catherine! she seems like a really good director!! πŸ™‚

  26. I thought it was fun to catch a glimpse of Stephenie at the very end, but I’m surprised they didn’t show her more/mention her at all.

  27. Catherine Hardwick is to Twilight what Peter Jackson was to Lord of the Rings.

  28. EEPP!!! i can’t wait for the movie to come out!! I read a comment and someone said that they possibly already started shooting New Moon!!!! *squeals*
    i do wish they would’ve done the bonfire scene though… dumb weather… but i still can’t wait to see the movie!!!!!!!

  29. *gasp* Catherine Hardwick worked with Heath Ledger?!

    Also, I’m confident she will do a good job on this movie. πŸ™‚ She seems really passionate about Edward and Bella.


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