No War Here

There seem to be media outlets, perhaps because it’s a slow news week and they feel the need to create some type of story, that are harping on a book war and now a character war between The Harry Potter Books and the Twilight Saga. We are not linking to this type of lunacy anymore because all it does is give credence to what we consider to be a non-issue.

Taking a quick look around the fandom, it seems there are several other Twilight sites that are also as mystified as we are. Is there a team Gossip Girls vs. a Team Princess Diaries, vs a Team Traveling Pants? Is there a Team Gandalf vs. Team Aslan?  Is there and Anne of Green Gables vs. Little Women showdown death match? The answer is a pretty resounding "NO"!

As far as we can tell, they are two great book series that have inspired people to read and have racked up some pretty impressive sales numbers particularly in the teen market. After that, they don’t have a lot in common in that they are different genres of loosely Romance/vampire/fantasy vs. Quest/coming of age/fantasy.

Sure there are people who prefer either book who will partake in a nonsensical war as to which is better. However we don’t think they are indicative of the fans of both books as a whole. So here to leading a charge and recycling an old slogan we used back awhile ago:  WHO SAYS YOU HAVE TO CHOOSE!

There are plenty of real issues in the world to get riled up about,  making much ado about nothing and fighting over books is certainly not something this website has ever advocated and frankly we think it’s just plain stupid!

I am now going over to the First Book site where I can actually do something positive and meaningful regarding reading. I’m going to vote again and get some underprivileged kids some books. If you feel the same way. I encourage others to do the same.

(Who proudly typed this while wearing her Ravenclaw watch and Jacob’s bracelet.)


  1. laurenforce says:

    People are entitled to their opinion, but I agree with you on the whole.

  2. sarah_cullen says:

    yayy i totally agree… im so tired of all the constant comparisons!!

  3. Thank you for posting this, I totally agree!!

  4. Yes! Thank you for posting this. I think everyone needs to read this. There is no need for the comparisons. We can live in peace!

  5. I totally agree. It is pretty pathetic. On mugglenet and other sites It says Twilight rules, Harry stinks or F Twilight Harry is God. Its so immature. I love them both, why do I have to chose. Im going to both movies, so IDK what the problem is.

    but if there was a Team Anne of Green Gables vs. Little Women, Little Women would have my vote. Sorry, that was out of line…

  6. i totally agree!!!!! and what i think that what hard core harry potter fans have to learn is that twilight is not trying to take over harry potter or anything…

  7. I agree. All of this is getting way out of hand. Both Twilight and Harry Potter are AWESOME. That’s all there is to it.

  8. Amen, fighting gets us no where

  9. Keri Lynn says:

    I have to agree, they’re both great books for different reasons.

    (Yesterday I wore my Twilight shirt and to day I wore my Hogwarts Crest one.)

  10. Thank you very much, Pel! I have felt these Potter vs. Twilight discussions are a real dead end. The books are way too different to compare. Both book series are fabulous reads for teens and adults. I love Bella, and think Bella is strong. I love Harry and Hermione and all the young wizards. I love playing in both worlds.

  11. Cassandra says:

    I agree too! I’m so pissed at the media! thay talk about a “war” between Harry Potter and Twilight and I’m like “what!? harsh words?! what are they talking about?”
    I’m a big fan of both book series..Harry Potter is my childhood book that I grew up reading and Twilight is my ‘old teen’ book. but I love them both and I’m tired of the comparison!

  12. jacobblack247 says:

    I couldn’t agree more. I’m a HUGE fan of both series, as I know many others are, and I don’t like this huge ‘rivalry’ thing. It seems like only the Harry Potter sites are saying anything about it. All the Twilight sites I’ve been to say they want it to stop. I’ve defended Twilight a couple of times on certain sites because everyone is bashing the series and Stephenie Meyer. It just gets really annoying. The books have hardly anything in common, besides the fantasy thing and my love for them. ๐Ÿ™‚

  13. The only relevant comparison between the two series is that both brilliant female Authors give us this sense that theres an entire part of the world going on around us that we are completely unaware of and that anything is possible with love.

    Thanks to both of them!! They’re both beyond brilliant for pulling kids away from the TV and putting their noses in a book!!

  14. EXACTLY!! Thank you so much Lexicon, maybe now people will actually stop before bashing either series. I love both series. On my mp3 is mugglecast AND twilight series theories. My walls in my room boasts pretty impressive Twilight and HP collages. There is no need for the immature wars.

  15. You go girl! xD

  16. Mollie Kate says:

    All I have to say is this:


    ’nuff said.

  17. TheAbbyNormal says:

    When I first read it I was like ‘But gossip girl and sisterhood have nothing to do with each other” and then I was like…. OHHHH I GET IT.

    I want a ravenclaw watch.

  18. “PEACE,” says Aro…tehe

  19. Gah. Why compare them? they are both awesome.

    the Media always makes a big deal out of nothing just to have something to talk about.

  20. Claire Ateara says:

    Seriously? People are actually fighting about this IN THE MEDIA??? Jeez…

    Well, I totally agree with you, Pel. Both book series are phenominal, but very different from one another. I respect/like them both because of their story and characters INDIVIDUALLY.

    But I still can’t believe the media is bringing up some kind of war about BOOKS, of all things – isn’t there enough war in the world right now? Yeesh! *shakes head sadly*

  21. You are completely right. I can’t believe how stupid this has become. Why bother choosing at all? Do we really have nothing better to do than argue about which book and which character is better?
    The media sure can be stupid sometimes.

  22. hey how can i discuss breaking dawn w/ u all?
    am i the only one who cant believe bella got pregnant?

  23. Agreed! It was never an argument in my mind. I love them both!

  24. amen!
    My goodness there is nothing to compare other than the fact that they are two really good series for a wide variety of ages. I am a fan of both series (at the moment i like twilight SO much more…) but still i am very glad you posted this! if only the media could understand how stupid this non-war really truly is!

  25. sarah_cullen says:

    ahahahahaha cara……….. hahaa we are all so obsessed its sad hehe but i love it!

  26. anonymous. says:

    how about instead of posting pointless fake news stories, we work on getting the boards back up?

    Actually we’ve been working on them all week and are looking to open them tonight.

  27. ๐Ÿ˜€ So agree, Harry Potter + Twilight = both very, very awesome! People need to stop comparing them and just be happy that we have these two awesome series. Loves to both JK and Steph <3

  28. Amen!

  29. im tired of arguing with my friends ๐Ÿ™

  30. why do i have to choose! This is a totally ridiculous thing i ever come to across with. I love all those fanasty books so who cares!!.. Just reminder some genuis authors have their own perspective about fanasty. They did a brilliant and brilliant job for what they did. I love both of their books and am proud of it. Let it alone in peace!!!….

  31. I was really hurt when I was looking on muggle net at the comments. When someone said something along the lines of guys this is silly stop fighting, I love both books equally, another comment responded: “Are you a spy for Stephenie Meyer sent here to see what were saying?” I was like, huh? It is immature. I really love both books, why cant we all just get along!

    AND really the only thing that is the same about them is a few things: Both Girl writers, both a story about love but in two different scenarios- HP loves his friends and really would let himself die, and Bella loves her family/Edward. Then they are fantasy, with a strong protagonist. Other than that, I cant think of anymore.

  32. Hmm…it seems as if Forks will be celebrating Stephenie Meyer Day on September 13th!

  33. InSiriusDenial says:

    To me it has been an agrument since people started saying that Twilight is better then HP because it knocked it off the best seller list. That gets me soooo angry. People get your facts straight! And the twilight sites aren’t the only ones trying to stop it. The leaky cauldron, where as a HP site, doesn’t tell the fans to say that HP is better. When the news involving twilight is on they keep it real fair. Some fans like me are just bad because some Twilight fans. have never read the books, and either have never saw the movies or judge the books on the movies. And if you go to the leaky lounge ( a terrific place) there are threads of twlight and many people with twlight related pics and names. I don’t think there is a war just arguments because of what one fan has to say to another. I think HP is better just because I BELIEVE JK can write better then SM, I feel in love in love with HP first, and I thought the series got trying after a while. But the thing is that is just my opinion. Thats the thing. ‘Wars’ start over opinions. Well I hope that makes sense and yes I am done.

  34. I would have never thought to compare the two series. To me the only thing they have in common is both sets of books are sitting on my book shelf. Thanks for the reminder of first book.

  35. sarah_cullen says:

    i totally agree with ‘inseriousdenial’ and people should have a rihgt to their opoinion, but at the same time know that its only THEIR opinion, and others may view things differently

  36. Ha ha Much Ado about Nothing, i hope you were referencing the awesome/hilarious play by Shakespere…if so, you totally get 10 awesome points in my book =)

    PS i love both sereies, and I as well wish the annomisity would end. Hate to sound like a beauty queen, but can’t we all just have peace in the book world? lol

  37. I agree! I proudly call myself a fan of book amazing book series… and am also wearing Bella’s braclet and Hermione’s earrings! It seems beyond silly to create a war here, especially when more than a few people are on both teams!

  38. L. M.- Too lazy to log in.. says:

    I think getting riled up about this- on all sides- is silly. People just do it because they think its fun. And it is fun, for me, at least. +D I don’t mind a little healthy compition! <3

  39. AMEN

  40. Forever Vampire says:

    I agree! Twilight and Harry Potter are both amazing book series and I love them both!

  41. Thank you Pel! Once again, all of you here at the Lex prove to me and my friends that we are not crazy! All of these comparisons and the non-existent competition has just been a pain to read. It makes me wanna scream! Both series have done incredible things for the world or literature and are amazing in their own right. Both JK and Steph are brilliant authors and should be applauded, as they have been, for giving both fandoms such wonderful books to obsess over.

    As a practicing college journalist, it really bothers me that so many media outlets are trying to capitalize on all of the attention surrounding the movie release date changes. Whatever happened to objectivity and fair and balanced reporting? Jeez. “Who says you have to choose!” is right. I refuse to take part in any of these silly debates regarding the two series. Yay peace!

  42. Even though i defenetly choose twilight i think that comparing these two series is dumb they have nothing in common except that both books were very successful

  43. I am so glad someone has the sense to steer clear of this trite nonsense. I like both series, I really don’t see what theses silly comments about fandom wars pertain to.
    The are such separate entities with about as much similarity as chalk and cheese. I don’t see what all the controversy is about.
    Me sister and I were having this very same conversation this weekend and the only conclusion we came up with is . . . We don’t get it!
    Thank you for being sensible.

  44. Thank you! I’m the same way on my site, Midnight Sun. It’s ridiculous, it’s monotonous, it’s annoying, and it gets nothing accomplished. Right on, Lexicon! (:

  45. sarah_cullen says:

    and can i just say one thing…..
    i love edward
    i love harry
    i love jacob
    i love ron
    i love emmet
    i love weasley twins
    i love jasper
    i love malfoy
    end of story??

  46. I agree, I’m a Harry Potter fan and a Twilight Fan , I love them both.Everyone is entitled to their own opinion ,I will also be seeing both movies when they come out. I can’t choose and won’t choose between either series.

  47. Edwards singer says:

    aaaahhh! THANK YOU!

  48. I never cared for HP. So I can’t say anything on the subject, but seriously, it looks like the HP fans started this whole mess, not Twilighters. It’s like Hp fans come up to a Twilighter’s face and they’re like “HP IS BETTER.” When the Twilighter didn’t even say anything.

    Well, that’s what it looks like to me when I see people bashing Twilight.

    Probably not the case in all sites though.

  49. futuremrscullen says:

    AMEN! I love both. And there’s nothing wrong with that. I like Twilight better, but that’s my personal opinion. But I do enjoy both.

  50. Thank you for posting this. I completely agree that this makes no sense. I love both.