A Little Help Please?

One of the things that was lost in the hacking last weekend was the Q&A transcript of the Breaking Dawn LA stop given by Stephenie.  It was sent in a PM on the message boards to Pel and then was posted on the message boards to avoid spoiling people who weren’t finished with the book yet.  Obviously,  since the message boards are what was hurt the hardest… it’s now gone.  If you were the person who transcribed the Q&A for us, can you please resend it to twilightlexadmin@gmail.com ?  We would greatly appreciate it!


EDITED:  Thanks to the multiple people who had saved copies of Colormebella’s original transcription. We are loading it and it will shortly be added to the lexicon section near in the personal correspondence.


  1. I hope you get it back – soon! =)


  2. Stupid hackers. πŸ™
    Hope you get it back.

  3. Hope you get it back… and I hope that doesn’t happen again. =[

  4. xKatieXCullenx says

    >:( I hope you get it back too. There’s nothing like hackers who ruin things for everyone.

  5. those hackers need to get off their high horses, geez

  6. I am NOT the original person who submitted the transcript but I didn’t turn off my laptop last week and just closed it. (I use my desktop more.) The browser was left open on the Q&A transcript from LA and just sent it via email to the wonderful people of the Lex.

    Thanks go to Colormebella who is the person who put it together and submitted it prior to the hack.

  7. xtwilighfanforeverx says

    AW…gosh, i hope that you get the transcript soon Pel/Alphie. it’s truly saddening to see what’s happened so far. i have a question! since you said the boards were what were hit the hardest, does that mean. that all PMS and such older than 5 days, will be gone too? i am just utterly curious.

    ~~ We will be lucky if we can restore any of the old message boards, which includes your PMs.  Don’t hold me to this, but you should start to expect that everything you had in your PM box is gone.  Believe me… I KNOW it’s awful.  Think of the number of comments Stephenie made on the message boards that no longer exist because of this.  But we are doing everything we can to restore as much as possible. 

  8. Melanie Cullen says

    It’s awful that you guys got hacked. I can’t believe people could be so immature. I hope you guys get it back soon.

  9. i cant believe what those hackers did, that’s just awful and it didnt help anything. its back up and running (thank God) and us twilight fans are so glad lol. i hope this doesnt happen again, its just dumb.

  10. ugh stupid hackers!!!!!!!!! πŸ™ I hope u guys get it back! :d

  11. Its so sad that things were lost……..but i am happy that people are resending them……..gosh i cant wait till everything is back to normal:)

  12. colormebella says

    Woops, just saw this today. If it ever happens in the future, I did in fact save a copy to my computer. In fact, I hadn’t even closed it before the boards got hacked πŸ™


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