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Over the last few days several books reviews for Breaking Dawn have come out.  Here is a list and be warned some contain spoilers and the opinions of the book greatly vary.  There are also some articles about the concert tour.

School Library Journal

Detroit Free Press


Rolling Stone

LA Times Sound Board

Nerdworld Blog (Time Magazine)

Time Magazine (review)

Entertainment Weekly



  1. I got my copy of Breaking Dawn at Barnes & Noble. Afterwards I rushed over to Borders to buy the EW magazine & calendar but they were sold out. πŸ™

  2. Well at least some reviewers agree with me when I say I liked Breaking Dawn.

  3. I love the Breaking Dawn review by Jennifer Reese.

  4. the entertainment weekly review is quite harsh :(.
    and the link to the detroit free press goes to

  5. I’m glad Lexicon is back :D.
    There were things about breaking dawn that I liked and there were things that I didn’t (as w/ most books) but I still LOVE the Twilight saga and it is still (and will probably remain) my most favorite series.

    Stephenie Meyer knows what’s up

  6. Woah, EW was pretty harsh.
    Time liked it though. πŸ™‚
    Interesting reviews.

  7. I agree with EW. Enough said.

  8. twilightxstars says:

    Hey, i just wanted to say you guys are doing a great job putting the site back up so fast. Give yourselves a pat on te back. You deffinatly deserve it.

    And when I pickedup my copy of EW, I thought the intervew was also a little harsh. And i was also reading one in a local newspaper were the reviewer hasnt read the previous books….and then my mother read it and ruined the whole book for herself *sighs to self* I personally enjoyed Breaking Dawn myself.

    Remember, don’t forget to give yourselves HUGE pat on the back for putting this site back together.

  9. No offense, but I was very disappointed with the book. Don’t get me wrong, I’m a fan of Stephenie Meyer; I love Eclipse, New Moon, Twilight, and the Host. But Breaking Dawn? HUGE let down. I won’t say more for a little while, as I don’t want to spoil the book for any slow readers, but just to put it out there, major major major disappointment.

  10. Harryfan20 says:

    Yeah, I’d have to say EW was dead on.

  11. proud_twihard says:

    breaking dawn was a little…. odd. but I still liked it. the chapter titles for book 2 were the the awesome!

  12. that’s awesome that the site is up again, this is my favorite site and the fact that someone was vicious enough to try to destroy it is horrible. Thatnks so much for all the great info.

  13. I too was a little bummed out by the book…but mostly because it was not what I expected or wanted to happen…I absolutely loved some parts especially the beginning….loved loved loved it…but I am giving it a second chance and reading it for the 2nd time and giving myself time to digest what is going on in the book…and I am finding that I do like it better the second time around. But for some to say that this book ruins the whole series is completely lame…how can one book ruin the 3 others that you love…makes no sense at all. I love these books and will continue to read them…and I will also continue to read whatever Stephenie Meyer writes…I love the way she tells a story!

  14. Entertainment Weekly knows the deal more than Smeyer, and yet, she blames the fans who didn’t like it for not liking it.


    And the Washington Post review is without a doubt the greatest thing in known existence. Why no link, Lexicon?

  15. I absolutely loved Breaking Dawn!!! It gave us all that we wanted with surprises gallore. I think that any TRUE Twilight saga fan who is upset by BD has misdirected their disappointment. It’s not that they didn’t get what they want…it’s that, imagine this….they did, but now it’s over and we don’t get to continue living in Bella and Edward’s world. The only reason I’m upset is that I don’t get to see where Stephenie takes our favorite vampires from here.

  16. I reaaaally liked Breaking Dawn even though it wasn’t at all like expected… I think some of those reviews were pretty harsh πŸ™

  17. Breaking Dawn was, BY FAR, my favorite book in the series. I was not disappointed.

  18. some of the comments left on the other sites are horrable. one said it was sick that jacob thought that baby nessy was viewed as a mate!!! well it sounds like you have not read any of the other books!! if you have read them you would understand!! It makes me sad to read what some people have to say about stephenie. πŸ™ Don’t jugde her yet wait until she gets more books out there, this is only her first complete series. she is a new writer!!!

  19. I’m really, really disappointed with the two line review from TIME. It’s understandable, though, since they used to own Little, Brown, but still… disappointing review.

    For what it’s worth, I’m still on the fence- but I am upset with the interviews post-release. πŸ™
    I loved the first three, but Breaking Dawn was just so… not SM-esque.

  20. Hey Lexicon, glad to see you’re up and running! Kudos for not being bitter about the hack. That really sucks, and I’m a little angry about it, to be honest.

    You guys are great, you provide balanced reviews of the book, and you stay classy. Love you! Keep up the good work.

  21. OH! also. My super-duper watered down 2 cents about the book? It was pure, unadulterated twilighty-goodness, and that fact alone was one of the reasons it kind of boggled and bothered me the first time around.

    After a second go-through however, the plotlines, the twists, and the eventual conclusions made perfect sense to me, and I feel that the characters WERE different in the sense that they have all changed, and matured, and have arrived at a happy place.

    Three cheers. Love it.

  22. Breaking Dawn was by far one of the best in the series right up there with Twilight! I loved it!! Even if it was totally unexpected it was way intense! Ah-Mazing!

  23. hello twilight fans well breaking dawn is one if the best books I have ever read !it was a perfect ending to a perfect series! It was such a page turner . Even though I’m team Edward I loved the fact that they included Jacobs perspective it showed us the wolf side and even included Edwards point of view and you got to see how he had reacted.thank you stephanie meyer for making such a great book !

  24. Breaking Dawn rocked! It took me to an unfamiliar place with Bella and Edward and I liked exploring sides of them that I wasn’t aware of before. The book had to end here and I really cant think of any other way that it could have gone. I got to see everyone and everything that I wanted to- and then some. Rock on Steph and thanks for ending the last of this series as I know it, with your undeniable greatness. xox

  25. UnfreakinBelievable says:

    I’m so glad to have this site back . . . you guys really are amazing to be able to come back so fast after such a horrible thing happened. You rose above the negativity and you’re just doing your best — you girls rock!!
    And so does Breaking Dawn, might I add.
    Team Breaking Dawn!! Wahoo!

  26. 2nd Bella Cullen says:

    Steph, u r awsome

    i swear, u should get more dreams for us fans
    Breaking Dawn was really cooool, better than TWILIGHT (but some parts are not as good as twilight)
    but the rest is that it was a really great and brilliant thought out book

  27. I definitely agree with Entertainment Weekly, as sad as it is.

    On the plus side, Supermassive Black Hole by Muse is going to be in the Twilight movie! πŸ™‚

  28. I agree with the EW review. I’m not going to pretend I liked BD just because I’m a fan.
    But, Supermassive Black Hole is going to be in the movie…and that makes up for the notsome.

  29. Maaan that EW review was mega harsh… Whatever… XD I’ve read countless reviews this weekend, both positive and mind-numbingly harsh… >_<

    I read them so I wouldn’t be ignorant about what people are saying. I see their points, but at the same time I’m like: “Okaaay you guys, it’s just a BOOK.”

    I know that I liked it…and I guess that’s all that matters πŸ™‚

  30. The EW article was awful. They’ve been taking advantage of the fact Twilight has a gigantic, rabid fanbase for so long now (and earning plenty of money of it) – and then they come up with this. Couldn’t they at least have gotten a review by someone who understood the books a bit better?

    I loved Breaking Dawn. NOW, the first seven chapters WERE outrageous, but once you got into Jake’s POV, the whole thing just seemed to right itself, and it became the fantastic BD we were waiting for, if a little odd.

  31. Katherine says:

    I didn’t feel anything. The characters
    were cardboard cutouts.

    Edward was a shadow, in his own story.

  32. “You guys are great, you provide balanced reviews of the book”

    Oh sweet delusion. I am not debating the Lex’s right to only allow positive comments, but really, thats not very balanced is it.
    Besides, if they wanted to post links to reviews of Breaking Dawn and they only did positive ones, what do they have to choose from? That two ling review the Times did?
    Doesn’t make BD out to be very good, so it’s either no reviews or unpleasant ones which still show that people are reading it.

    tbh, Lex people.. I’m surprised you even posted links to the unfavourable articles. You aren’t trying to prove a point are you?

  33. *two line not two ling.. oops!

  34. Samantha what are you on about they post links to bad and good reviews and they do so because fans want to see what “everyone” is saying about the book.

  35. I liked Breaking Dawn… Any book that is as long as it is and that I could read in less than 3 days without getting bored, gets my seal of approval… btw, I also have to say that this book had a few twists that I was not expecting. That also makes it good in my eyes. I am notorious for guessing the outcome of a plot but this book had me saying… “Oh, I didn’t see that coming.” I liked that it had me guessing. Great Job Stephanie and also Great Job Lexicon for getting the site back up on it’s feet.

  36. Jennifier says:

    I notice you didn’t list the review from The Washington Post.

    Any particular reason why, or was it too ugly to face?

  37. I loved this book! It had twists and turns that were totally unexpected, but I liked it cuz it kept me on my seat. I’m so happy with the ending, I was worried it wouldn’t turn out the way I hoped it would. I know some people didn’t like it, but I loved it, LOVED IT!!! The book was riveting, scary, worrisome, exciting, painful, loving, joyful, disgusting, wonderful. I love Stephenie Meyer’s new world. I’m grateful to have delved into that world into a world I’ve never been before.

  38. well, i thoroughly agree with the ew review. and smeyer is no jkrowling, that’s for sure. bd was poorly, inadequately written, full of cliches and wrapped up rather too tidily (i’m sure stephen king would just *love* all my adverbs πŸ˜‰ wonder what he thinks of smeyer??

  39. and for those who’ve inquired, here’s the link for the washington post review πŸ™‚

  40. JulesCullen says:

    The first time I read BD, I was too stunned to form a true opinion. The second time- I loved it. EW was way too harsh, but I agree with the Time interview. Just because it wasn’t what people were expecting, and just because it was more mature than the other books (she did warn you about that) people have decided it was too far off from the other books. And besides- that Washington Post review didn’t like any of the other books, so who are they to adequately write a review of how most fans feel about the book? SM- it was a wonderful book. Some people just don’t know how to handle it.

  41. Devon061381 says:

    First of all, I freaked out a bit when I saw you guys were hacked. I’m ecstatic that you got the show up and running so quickly, and thanks for that! You guys are awesome.

    Secondly, I’m really perturbed with the EW review. I really liked the NerdBlog review – and from a man! Awesome review. In agreement with a poster above, I too was quite shocked at the unexpected twists in BD but thought it was amazing by the end (I cried). I just knew I had to read it again to get a better grip, and everything is making more sense, and it’s such a good book! Twilight is still my favorite, but I’d have to say that Breaking Dawn is my second favorite. It’s quite sad that the people who didn’t like it are overly vocal and won’t shut up. Get over it.

  42. “just don’t know how to handle it”? i think it’s more like “know what good writing is, and bd wasn’t it.”

    but, good on sm for succumbing to what her “fans” wanted.

  43. Devon061381 says:

    And that WP review is absolutely horrid. Not only do they bash BD, but they bash THE ENTIRE series. The writer of the article totally does not understand anything about the series. I think she’s a Fem-Nazi.

  44. “I think she’s a Fem-Nazi”

    rather than name-calling, why don’t you explain what you mean by this? (or did you just pick that term up from listening to too much rush limbagh?)

  45. Bellezza Alice says:

    Thanks You guys for being so awesome and getting the site running again. I’m sorry that happened, but you handled it well.

    I really enjoyed Breaking Dawn. I thought that it started out slow…but I have now read it twice. I thing SM did a great job and I’m glad she didn’t kill any character’s we couldn’t bear to loose.

    I also agree with everyone else. The EW review was a tad harsh! It’s a fiction novel…and it seems to me that they were complaining about the plausibility of the story. It’s about vampires for goodness sake!! I think it’s great that SM came up with something that no one thought of. Or at least not me.

  46. I consider myself a bibliophile. I read hardcore science fiction, novels, high fantasy, mysteries, graphic novels, romance, and lots of other genres.
    I am not a fan of any particular genre, what gets me are the stories. A good story is worth a hell of a lot more than genre, or an author’s reputation.

    I ignored Twilight for a long time, not because it was popular or in the YA section, but because I didn’t think the story would capture me. I was wrong. The story is original, engrossing, entertaining, and suspenseful.

    I read Breaking Dawn, and I found it to be all of the above, plus disturbing and unsettling. It makes no excuses, Bella’s point of view is her point of view. It is so distinctly her, that even when she makes disturbing decisions or has unsettling thoughts the reader doesn’t agree with or can’t understand, I see Bella in it.

    Jacob’s POV was unforgiving, and I appreciated it.
    When people mention the cardboard quality of the other characters (Emmett, Rosalie, Alice, etc) I didn’t really see that, I saw that Bella was not focused on them, but on what we are shown in the book.

  47. [Spoiler warning]

    I wanted a battle as much as the next person, but the Volturi are not mindless trigger-happy vamps, they don’t do anything unless it will turn out exactly as they want it. Unpredictablity does not sit well with them. They were faced with a formidable force, and risked their position as Vampire Judicators if they engaged with the Cullens and their witnesses. It didn’t make sense to them, and so even though it stung their pride very strongly, they made the decision that would guarantee their continued position of dominance, even if that position was weakened considerably, it was better than no position at all.


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