Hello everyone!

After all the festivities of last night, I hope that many of you are well into Breaking Dawn or have finished it!  Personally, I have finished it and found myself totally entertained in the process of reading.  I can’t wait to discuss it with everyone.  That being said, due to travel arrangements, family commitments, work schedules, and the desperate need to make sure that all the staff here at the Lexicon have actually finished the book and have had time to digest the over-whelming amount of information contained in those 754 pages, Pel and I have decide not to open the forums up for posting until sometime on Monday, Aug. 4. 

At that time, we will have a full forum of Breaking Dawn topics that should be considered spoilers to anyone who hasn’t finished the book.   All discussion pertaining to Breaking Dawn will be kept in that forum for at least a month to avoid the spread of spoilers to those who haven’t had a chance to get the book yet.  Along those same lines, we ask that no one change their banner, siggie, or avi to anything containing a spoiler for Breaking Dawn until Sept. 1 to ensure that everyone has time to read the book. 

We will continue to bring you updates over the next few days.  Happy reading!!



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