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All Headline News has an article about some of the biggest shows to hit New York in the coming weeks. Now just for fun — let’s play that age old game….One of these people are not like the others. 😀 What’s Happening: Maroon 5, Counting Crows, Sara Barielles, Stephanie Meyer This Week In New York City can you spot the difference?

The Big hitters have come out to play once again as Time Magazine lists the best of the best of Comic-Con. And Twilight fans you should be very proud.

Most Enthusiastic Fans: The Twihards, devout readers of Stephenie Meyer’s Twilight series of vampire books, were the loudest and proudest in Hall H, starting a Twilight chant while they waited, shrieking any time a cast member, Meyer or director Catherine Hardwicke said anything and asking lots of questions about vampire hotness. After the panel was over, so many Twihards rushed the movie’s booth that fire marshals briefly closed it down. Fanboys, don’t look back. The fangirls are gaining on you fast.

The article also mentions that members of the Twilight cast made an appearence at the EW/Sci-fi Channel party later that night.  

The Normal Mormon Husband has posted his spoof of Breaking Dawn.  Check out his blog here





The Ogden Standard has posted an article about the various vampires throughout literary history including the Cullens and their place in it all.



The North Florida News Daily has a review of The Host. "The Host is difficult to put down."

The Grand Rapids press has a article about Twilight Fans’ anticipation for the release of Breaking Dawn.


 On the cover of today’s edition of USA Today, Twilight is mentioned with a picture. In reference to a small blurb inside of the Life section. You might want to check it out. Thanks to Ali for the Heads up. (Unfortunately we do not have any online links). However, the USA Today website does have a great section for their Summer Books Preview. You can check it out here. has an interview with Kristen from Comic-Con. It talks about what she feels about her first major lead role and how she shook out of being Bella Swan when shooting was over. Edward, whom Bella falls for, is a vampire, but it seems like he could be
the equivalent of the sensitive bad boy in real life, too.

Kristen: Well, yes. There are a million guys like that, and most girls have the same
feelings for them. Yeah, there are a bunch of little themes like that. I
mean, yes, it’s a fantasy, and we’re at Comic-Con [so it is in the] comic
book genre, but it’s very close to home. It’s about real human beings, even
though the vampires aren’t human. He is. That’s what differentiates him
between the good and the bad vampires, is that he still has a connection to
his human self. He’s not just given to the animalistic side


Pattinson Online has announced that IMDB has updated the "Little Ashes" page to include a full synopsis of Robert’s next movie. And the Official "Little Ashes" website has been launched.  


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