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You have seen the cover, now get a peek at what lies inside this weeks edition of Entertainment Weekly.  With two dazzling articles that are sure to catch anyones eye.  The first on beloved aurthor Stephenie Meyer and the second on the film adaptaion of Twilight.  Look for this issue on your local news stands TODAY!


  1. 1st

    oh thank you!!!

    i first saw this on lion and the lamb lj
    its so cool!
    and what robert says about keeping a
    journal is so sweet!

  2. snowror says:

    Oh, Stephenie looks awesome like always on that picture

  3. I posted this on Bella Penombra:

    1. The photo of Stephenie is BEAUTIFUL. She looks gorgeous! Plus, her ideas sound fabulous. More Host books? Check! A ghost story! YES. Time-traveling? *hops up and down*

    2. For the first time, I saw an essence of Jacob in Taylor Lautner in that one pic of some of the cast. Rachelle and Kristen look great–and yeah, Kristen’s dress is a little overdone, but you know that’s meant in these pics now–and Rob and Cam… *fans self* WOW.

    3. I don’t even know what to say about that pic of Rob carrying Kristen in the rain. Is it cliche? Yes. Is it overdone? Totally. Did I want that to happen in the books? You know I did. LOVE IT. Plus, it said in the article that Rob ISOLATED HIMSELF FROM HIS FAMILY and MADE SOME JOURNAL ENTRIES AS EDWARD to prepare for the role. Who cares if the guy doesn’t have a six-pack?

    Great articles. Great pics.

  4. CéliAmbre says:

    This is…different than I had thought it would be. Stephenie’s picture is a bit like the one of a ghost and reminds me of “Premonition”, but it’s so so cool.
    I didn’t know some of those things. I never got the feeling that people “hated” Breaking Dawn’s cover, did you guys? And I didn’t thinkt the first chapter was bad either. It kind of hurts me for Stephenie that people say that and she takes it so seriously. It’s a shame that she takes her readers serisously, but they don’t really help her getting better with comments like “This is so badly written, it can’t be the real first chapter.” Really, it’s the same for Rob. Poor him. He’s so awesome but was so badly accepted although he gave his best…I just hope people are going to love him in the movie the way he deserves it.
    She has so many plans and draft and idea though, and since I loved The Host, I think it’s going to be awesome!
    There is so much information in the articles though. And the picture of the cast and Rob and Kristin! Awwwww!

  5. I love the cast pictures.

  6. I love everything Twilight, and I’m so excited about the attention that the book is receiving. More coverage means that I have more stuff to fuel my Twilight fixation. 🙂

    That said, I’m not sure why there are so many negative sentiments floating around. I am very disappointed to read so many unconstructive and sometimes personal attacks from fans.

    Are we just spoiled? I’ll happily take what I can get!

  7. i know i don’t care whether rob has a six pack or not. i still think noone could have portrayed edward better than him. he can pull off dangerously hauntingly beautiful and tormented.
    and kristen? i screamed when i saw who was going to play bella, i thought it was bella brought to life from that picture.

    kristen and rob look absolutely gorgeous together. we fans are spoiled with our luck to have those two portray our bella and edward. not to mention the rest of the cast. i know i feel spoiled anyone else?

  8. (i feel the need to clearify, when talking about kristen: i meant the picture from december when it was first announced. clearly i’ve known she was going to play bella as long as the rest of the obsessive fans out there. :D)

  9. mshaz:

    We are absolutely spoiled and I love it!

    We should show Stephenie & the Twilight Cast, Larry Carroll, etc. our support so that we continue to be spoiled. 🙂 Seriously, what would I do with all my time if I didn’t have all these fun Twilight things to occupy my mind?

  10. Danny Chipman says:

    These articles were great. Stephenie’s sense of humor and upbeat personality never ceases to amaze me. You just can’t help loving the woman. It’s no wonder she has so many rabid, dedicated fans all over the world. Even though our beloved Twilight series is coming to a close, I look forward to anything and everything she puts out in the future!

    Way to go, Stephanie! You’re hands-down the best!

  11. Oh, I stopped at THREE different stores on the way to work looking for the magazine. Where is it sold? Or is this subscription only? UGH!

  12. I really wasn’t impressed with the EW cover photo, but I really liked the articles! 🙂

  13. Okay! I have to run to get that magazine now!

    And RSpunk looks so amazingly sexy. I especially like his belt (let me rephrase that, I like how his belt is unbuckled) lmfvao (inside joke)

    What gets me really pissed off is when my other friends who are fellow Twilighters disagree with me; saying that he looks ugly. AND I YELL AT THEM! He’s georgeous!

    Also, POPSTAR magazine has like 5 pages about Twilight in the AUGUST issue.

    XOXO Jessie!

    OME: MY BIRTHDAY IS IN 21 DAYS!! (AUgust 2nd!!!)

  14. Wow take a look at Jacob! How cool 🙂 I saw the image and i held my breath while staring at the picture 🙂

  15. jocelyn says:

    I love the pic of Edward holding Bella in his arms out in the rain. It is so adorable. I love all the articles in the magazine. Thank you twilight lexicon for posting the articles on your site or else I would’ve had to go out and buy the actual magazine.

  16. Adriana says:

    Oh can’t wait to read Summer House, I love stories about haunted houses.

  17. Does anyone know if EW is sold in Quebec?

  18. Victoria says:

    I just love that picture of Kristen and Rob standing in the river with Rachelle Lefevre, Cam, and Taylor

  19. ibelieveinnargles says:

    Jk rowling is NOT a ‘one hit wonder.’ This really pissed me off, and it put me off reading the rest of the crap. Why can’t they write a freaking article without mentioning HP? urgh.

  20. just wanted to put this up- they have the “most popular today” sidebar, and she’s got 3 of them on there.

    Kinda sad that no matter what article they write it some how includes JK Rowling and the Harry Potter Series.

  21. I didn’t like it at all. The article always says something about her being the next JKR, just because it’s another #1 best selling series. Her numbers aren’t as near as JKR.

  22. Ha! I noticed what the previous comments said, and I couldn’t agree more!

  23. Also, I noticed how in the beginning of filming, everyone was sort of reluctant with the acceptance of Robert. Now everyone is pretty much accepting and calling him “OH, SO, HOT!” Am I the only one who doesn’t see it? I mean, my mom was rather disappointed with the cover (she is also a fan!)

  24. ibelieveinnargles says:

    i was a bit disappointed with the cover, especially Bella. I thought she was wearing too much make up, and she didn’t really look like Bella at all. I didn’t really like Edward either, Rob wouldn’t have been my first choice for Edward, but who could really play Edward? He’s too perfect. :]

  25. xingaling says:

    ”I was supposed to get a six-pack,” he says. ”But it didn’t really work out.”


    its ok rob, we still love you as edward

  26. I just read the articles, which were fantastic, but I’m still gonna try to find this issue to own.

  27. edwarded says:

    Okay, I may have been a bit reluctant with the cover image, but THIS… Omg Entertainment Weekly, I love you.
    The picture under the rain is fabulous/splendid/fantastic. To me, it’s a great representation of Bella & Edward relationship. It really made me something, an emotion.
    And the other picture is great too, each actor seems so deeply involve in his character… This cast is awesome. This whole movie project is the best thing I’ve ever seen. And this is not some fandom admiration, it’s just it really blows my mind !

    I was quite disappointed about what Stephenie and Rob said… They had so much pressure, I feel bad for them ! But despite some mean comments, I’m sure Stephenie knows that we all love her and admire her. And not just for Twilight because all of us really want to follow her in her writer career, to support her beyond Twilight !
    About Rob, I just think that what he did, the isolation thing (that must have been so hard for him !) and the journal (I’m sure i’m not the only one who would kill to read it), is simply amazing. He really took Edward’s character seriously and want it to be the best portrayal he can. And I’m sure this is going to be the role which will “push” his career, he’s going to be a great actor, loved for his work (and not only his amazingly gorgeous body).

    PS: Anyway, I don’t like 6 packs.


  28. yayyy! I’m so buying this mag!!

  29. Very cliche pics. But you know what? I really don’t care. I love it.

    The articles were great too, but I wish they stopped mentioning HP, and comparing her to JKR.

  30. so sad people have been mean to stephenie – she is the best ever. hopefully her millions of fans will help convince her that the cranky people don’t count.

    also, i never read any BD 1st chapter bashing? or cover bashing for that matter…

  31. Amanda Marie says:

    Its it just me or does Taylor auctually look like JACOB in that pic? My doubts about him are starting to faid. But I do think they have played him up in the movie because in the book hes only there for 2 scenes, and that NORMALLY wouldnt include him in a picture of main characters…but anyway I love it all!

  32. Amanda Marie says:

    Oh and where the hell can i find the mag?!?!?!?

  33. I don’t like how Stephenie is always compared to JkR.
    Why would anyone hate the cover, they probably don’t even know what it means.And I really liked the pics.

  34. They look so much like their characters, it’s not even funny. They look GORGEOUS, Taylor looks so much like Jacob, and as much as the pictures were kind of over-done, I loved them.

    I’m so tired of people comparing Harry Potter to Twilight. They are DIFFERENT things. Why can’t there be a decent article out there that doesn’t mention Harry Potter. There should be NO comparison.

    haha, I love Rob’s sarcasm. It doesn’t matter that you don’t have a six-pack, Rob, we love you! lol.

  35. Enough for Forever says:

    Those were great! I agree with whoever said that picture of Stephenie was great. She is so pretty! The pictures with the movie article were cool too. and I loved Rob in that one. He really got into character! but I love this line:

    ”I was supposed to get a six-pack,” he says. ”But it didn’t really work out.”

    Ah, Rob, don’t worry. Somehow, I think we’ll survive. haha.

  36. Snow White & Blood Red says:

    HOLY CROW! Okay, call me a prude, but… Robert and kristen had SEX on their directors bed?!

    o…k… Dont quite know how i feel about that. I know my parents would KILL me if i wen’t and saw a movie that had smutty scenes in it. I would kill me if i saw a movie like that! WTFREAK?! UGH! Just watch, if they make a Eclipse movie, then they are totally qoing to do it. And i will never be able to see it. 🙁

  37. snow white: love scene does not equal sex scene, especially in this book! lol. don’t dismay. I’m sure they were just smooching and quoting literature;)

  38. Dear Snow White & Blood Red

    Rob and Kristen DID NOT have sex on the director’s bed, Jesus Woman, go back and read it correctly.

  39. vampireartist says:

    haha well if your in the us it should be every where just look on the magazine aisle. Or it might be by the check out stand.

    And by the way i love the article. i don’t like robert pattinson but i don’t like go out and purposly rip him to sheds.(which wouldn’t be that hard) He’s just going to have to prove he can do it on the screen this december.

  40. I’m hoping this would convince people that Taylor is Jacob Black

    To The WHiners, congrulations you made the news, have you seen the L..A Times, I just pray that SUmmit nor the actors pay attention
    to you because if they do, than we can kiss the New Moon, Eclipse and Breaking Dawn the Movie good bye.

  41. silverbells says:

    OO i love the pictures! steph looks great, an ive thoroughly enjoyed the interview and such. that was fantabulous….now i just have to go buy the magazine…hmmm

  42. Wow. This was great! question: Was that the article in its entirety?

    All of this is just so amazing. I can’t wait!

  43. first commenting on Steph’s interview. Um, I am angry. Who dissed the cover and first chapter????!?!?!? I know almost all of us here at the Lex and most other fansites (his golden eyes, twilight moms, etc.) were overjoyed to even have the chance to read it and see the cover and then we automatically started talking about meaning and significance and all that. Whoever said that mean comment on Amazon, probably didn’t read it all the way through or started reading it thinking it was “dumb” or whatver in the first place because some people are annoyed with the fan base so they just assume that the book is stupid.

    Anyway we all love Stephenie over here!!! We’ve got your back 1129384% Steph!!! We’re proud of all the work you’ve done and even though we say stuff like “if Bella doesn’t marry Edward I’ll torch Stephenie’s house or kill myself.” or “jacob is going to prevail in the end it has to end like that” we are going to be satisfied with whatever you write. You were the one who enstilled such passionate emotions about your book in us in the first place! GO STEPHENIE WE LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  44. Snow White & Blood Red: Oh, gosh. A love scene DOES NOT mean a sex scene. This movie’s PG-13, and Kristen wasn’t even legal when they auditioned. Besides–nobody ever has sex with a costar for an audition. Unless the movie’s pornography, they don’t even “really” have sex during filming. If it was an audition, I doubt Kristen and Rob were even kissing.

  45. Ok first off the love scene was not one of them having sex. Hardwicke mentioned this before in another article and everyone thought the samething – but she later corrected herself by saying that it was the meadow scene that they rehearsed. Just it was on a bed. Hope that clears up everything.

    Now I just have to say that I love this article! I felt so bad for Stephenie because she really takes it in how her fans react. For me I love Breaking Dawn and know that it will be amazing! Seriously I think that I will have a heart attack when I finish reading it. And Robert and Kristen where amazing. I loved the pictures of them.

  46. now on the movie. poor Rob lol. i admit i was one of the negative people at first (not like i HATE him like some other people, just not sure) but like many other people out there it wasn’t that i didn’t like Rob himself they could have picked anyone and i’m sure my first reaction would have been NO! because i had the perfect image of him in my head and NO ONE would match exactly that. Now almost everyone is in LOVE with Rob and gives him tons of support. i sure hope he’s gotten back on the message boards to see the drastic change in our opinion. hahaha six pack. it’s cool Rob, with your amazing face and voice and eyes and smile and……no one is going to be worrying about a six pack ;). YAYAYAY ROB! (and Kristen of course but I was sure of her from the beginning :D)

  47. A true Twilighter appreciates all Twilight-inspired creation, be it music, art, or written works. They are all a part of the beautiful universe Stephenie has created for us.

    I love the romance-novel, evil-dead-type-vampire look the photographer (an artist) was inspired to create on the Entertainment Weekly cover.

    I look forward to more photographs, interviews, songs, fan fics, videos, and anything else that our beloved Stephenie has inspired fans to create.

  48. It’s kind of sad that people are bothering Stephenie at her house…much as I’d love to talk to her, I’m not going to find her cell number!
    This was a nice interview in that it showed us some stuff /different/ from what a lot of the other interviews have; it only touched on the “Mormon writing about vamps” aspect and focused on Stephenie as an author. I loved it

  49. Poor Rob, that guy won’t have a life after this movie comes out he won’t be able to step out of his house without getting mobbed,


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