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Mike/Mike is back on MTV Blog talking about one of his upcoming projects so go check it out and send our favorite human some love.



Portrait is still running their Poll of who you want most to be featured. Right now The Twilight Cast and Tokio Hotel are neck and neck. So go cast your votes and show them what the Twilight community can do!

We do want to give our readers a warning before the venture over there – there maybe adult content in popups so proceed with caution.

The International Herald Tribune in France talks about the Breaking Dawn Release Parties taking place in Wordsmith Books in Decatur, Ga as well as the Twilight Saga’s skyrocket in popularity.

The Associated Press has posted the USA Today Best Seller’s list and Stephenie has once again snagged the 1 (Twilight) ,2 (New Moon),6 (Eclispse), and 24 (The Host) spots. has called for a Debate. Its time for Team Edward and Team Jacob to step up and show your true colors! What is so beguiling about Edward? What is it about Jacob that melts you to the core? Let your voice be heard for your favorite.

Breaking Dawn tops the best seller’s list. With Twilight taking the 7th place slot and The Host taking 10th.

Kaleb is making headway over at Twilight Guy. Chapter 24 is up and the epilogue is coming soon. Way to go Kaleb!  


Lets welcome the latest Hollywood inside to discover Twilight. Perez Hilton has post an article about Twilight and the upcoming HBO series "True Blood"


  1. Team Edward…enough said.

  2. mike welch is adorable. 🙂

  3. urcoolcarrie says:


  4. GO TEAM EDWARD!!!!!

  5. Twilighter says:

    If you guys at the Lexicon are reading this, did you guys hear anything about international release dates for the Twilight calendar?? Please answer because I really want one and I live in Canada!!

  6. i just voted about 30 times.GO TEAM JACOB AND EDWARD,i cant decide.LOL

  7. i just voted about 30 times.GO TEAM JACOB AND EDWARD,i cant decide.LOL

  8. Break the rules says:


  9. urcoolcarrie says:

    heres what i wrote on ew:

    TEAM EDWARD!!!! i mean seriously, who couldn’t love him!? his is selfless, dazzling, chivalrous, nice, sweet, lovely, and is such a gentlemen!! some may argue that he is “over pretective.” NO!! why wouldn’t you like a guy who wants you to be safe!?!?! he is the biggest “man” out there. he wouldn’t care if bella was ugly, he loves her because of whats inside-not because of looks. jacob is such a kid! he tries to guilt-trip bella into kissing him. i don’t want him dead, but gosh i wish he would leave bella alone!! SHE CHOSE EDWARD! jake just rips her apart further by being so commanding. edward just wants bella to be happy. even if she would have choosen jake, edward would have let her because he cares for her so much.
    sorry i know i babbled, but when you get me on the subject of Edward vs jacob, i have to voice my opinion. 🙂

    i just noticed how long this is. sorry, guys!

  10. Twilighter says:

    You can only vote once I think. When I tried to vote 1 million times it just said that the previous vote didn’t count.

    Entertainment Weekly pages were AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!! I love the one where Rob was holding Kristen in his arms. The other pic was so fierce!! They all look soooooo hot!! I just adore the whole cast and I know Catherine picked all the right people.


  11. stephANIE/twilghter32494 says:

    heck ya!!! let’s show them the power of the Twilight fandom 😉
    by the way….TEAM EDWARD HERE!…but i don’t want anything bad for jacob…all because of taylor :]

  12. Break the rules says:

    twilighter, i totally agree with you the one with rob & kristen is amazing!!!

  13. Viola_team_warm_and_fuzzy! says:

    *coughs nervously* I voted Tokio Hotel. MUAHAHAHAHAHHAH! GO BILL!!!

  14. Break the rules says:

    Team edward, i mean what’s the point of all these books if they don’t end up together.
    After all they’ve been through they totally deserve a happy ending!!!

  15. Enough for Forever says:

    About the mtv thing, this line bugged me, but no one addressed it in the comments there (I would do it, but I don’t want to give mtv my email) :

    “that geeky guy who just can’t score the girl in high school,”

    That doesn’t describe Mike Newton at all! Stephenie said that Mike and Tyler are the school’s best “catches”! Sure he pales (no pun intended) in comparison to vampires and werewolves, but in reality, he would probably be the school heartthrob. Mike is really popular at Forks high. Elena was decribing Eric more than Mike.

  16. Break the rules says:

    damn i just found out that breaking dawn comes to my country on august 20th, that sucks and it’s not even on my language,
    i should have known something like this is going to happen to me, oh man this sucks 🙁

    enough for forever, i agree with you mike is not a geeky guy!!!

  17. marissa says:

    On a completely unrelated note, does anybody know if SM is starting the quote of the day thing tomorrow? I’m pretty sure she said she would do it 3 weeks before the book came out (ie tomorrow), but we haven’t heard anything, so I was just wondering whether that was still the plan…

  18. I just voted for Twilight *of course* but we are neck and neck!!! Team Edward!!!!! Mike is so adorable but IDK I can’t see hum as…um a samuri or however you call it fughting scene guy thing..yea that:)

  19. Fighting**

  20. Break the rules says:

    there is a rumor on imdb that the next movie new moon should come out in December 2009, so everyone is wondering is that true!


    This rumor has been circulating around the Internet for a while now. But just to remind everyone, there still no offical word that Stephenie has signed over the writes New Moon – hense there is no release date for New Moon the movie.

  21. omg really????

  22. urcoolcarrie: You are definately cool!!!! I mean, you are SO right!!!!! TEAM EDWARD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀

  23. wait no they are only gunna make the nxt books if Twilight becomes BIG and we all know its gunna be ENORMOUS

  24. JACOB! Or Wolves in general. Embry is mine! They really brought something up when they asked about sides.

  25. urcoolcarrie says:

    AliceFreak: oh ya! team edward rocks!!!

  26. Break the rules says:

    i’m with you cindy but i think we don’t have to worry about twilight becoming big, it already is!!

  27. Yeaup!!!! Twilight became BIG the second they started filming!!!

  28. Break the rules says:

    heads up has pics from the inside of ew go check it out, pretty amazing

  29. Freakuha says:

    Sorry guys, I love Twilight and all, but I had to vote for my favorite German rockers!

  30. viva la edward says:

    PEREZHILTON.COM put up a bit about twilight!!!!
    thought you guys would like to know!!!

  31. Twilighter Fanpire says:

    Love Tokio Hotel (Bill is a sex bomb) but Twilight is waay better(and hotter) haha

    Break the Rules:

  32. I wish we could vote more than once, oh well…

  33. Break the rules says:

    i know they’re great

  34. break the rules: yea those pics are amazing i lyk the one that um…….its kristen and rob with taylor and james and victoria….Kristen looks very prettyy

  35. Kendall says:

    our fandom just hit the gossip blogs…. perez hilton ran a piece on Twilight, mentioned Breaking Dawn, the movie, and ran it with the EW cover. AMAZING. that’s huge exposure.

  36. eager 4 eternal damnation says:

    ok – i saw two pics of rob and kristen, but i’m not sure if they’re the ones from EW….one is of rob and kristen holding each other *bad* and standing, and another is of rob carrying kristen in his arms – are those the right ones?

  37. omg Twilight-related on Perez Hilton! thats so unexpected =) more recognition for Twilight and twilighters had been ruling the comments ^^

  38. ok first off ya for twilight! (on the book lists) Ya for Perez, Ya for vampires, couldn’t have said it better myself (“twilight guy”), Team Edward and I’m gonna grow up and give Bella Edward since it can most likely never be, Ya for Twilight Cast (31%, 1% above Tokio), and ROCK ON TWILIGHT 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 (RIP Edward+Mich=

  39. Edit from my old post ok first off ya for twilight! (on the book lists) Ya for Perez, Ya for vampires, couldn’t have said it better myself (”twilight guy”), Team Edward and I’m gonna grow up and give Bella Edward since it can most likely never to be for me and Edward Cullen :(, Ya for Twilight Cast (31%, 1% above Tokio), and ROCK ON TWILIGHT

  40. Edit from my old post …. go back to post 1 🙂

  41. Twilighter Fanpire says:

    Eager 4 eternal damnation:
    Yeah, one is Robert holding Kristn in his arms in the rain and the other one is the one where Victoria, James, and Jacob are in and Rob and Kristen in the middle

  42. o my g! im so happy to see this posted! ive been begging for it, and whether they took my suggestion or not, which im sure they would have known even if i didnt say anything, thank you so much! i want them to win so badly!!!!!!!! vote on as many computers as you can!

  43. WOW. Ok so I was just on Perez not expecting to see Twilight there. I pretty much screamed!

  44. stephanie/ twilighter32494 says:

    lol that’s just funny …the competion is really between tokio hotel and the twilight cast cuz more than half the choices in the list don’t even have a percent…those of you who voted tokio hotel over twilight….shame. lol nah just kidding :]

  45. Oh, I just LOVE Charlaine Harris! I can’t wait for True Blood this September!

  46. Twilight is also featured on Pink is the New Blog

  47. Quixotickvinne says:

    I was wondering how long it was going to take Perez to catch on and print something about Twilight! Yay!

  48. TEAM EDWARD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    OK, i’m sorry, but in my opinion, Jacob doesn’t even cut it close to Edward.


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