On Set with Michael Welch

You have slowly but surely fallen in love with him over these past 6 months.  And we were thrilled to be on set in Portland, Oregon on his last day of shooting!  The Twilight Lexicon is proud to present and on set interview with Michael Welch cast as Mike Newton in the film adaptation of Twilight by Stephenie Meyer.



  1. OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    got Mike you kept me smiling through the whole interview
    and your FREAKING CUTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. WOw! First comment! awe mike!!!

  3. What a cutie! You guys always have such great interviews! Thank you!

  4. CastMeNotAway says:

    I LOVE Mike to death. I can’t wait to see him in the movie!

  5. RosemaryCullen says:

    Thank you Twilight Lexicon for yet another fantastic interview. We love Mike!

  6. That puppy is cute!!! πŸ™‚

  7. But who is cuter: the puppy or the Boy? LOL!

  8. Mike/Mike thanks for chit chatting with us, but next time eat your vegetables! Hi to Gregory & Eric too!
    Lexicon I’m SOOOOOoo glad you got to be on set the day you did. The humans are much COOLER than the Vampires!

  9. Claire Ateara says:

    icky vicky: THE BOY! Hehe πŸ˜‰
    (though the puppy was definately cute, too)

    Love Mike/Mike!

  10. I mean Justin, Hi Justin you are a real person too not just a fictional character in our favorite book/movie.

  11. Mike does NOT like asparagus, haha. How cute! =]

  12. urcoolcarrie says:

    oh boy!! that kid is adorable!! i love him! he likes PUPPIES!!! ha ha!!!

    and hi to gregory and eric too!!

  13. man i love the cast! they’re so cool off camera.
    thanks for the video twilightlexicon

  14. Jessie W. says:

    Haha aw he’s so funny.
    I loved his bit about ‘if there’s no ring, you still got a shot.’

    I can’t wait πŸ˜€

    Snaps for Mike/Mike!

  15. Bookflower says:

    Ah! I love Mike Welch…. He is so great, and has probably become one of my very favourite actors, despite not having seen him in anything, anything at all. But just his blog and his interviews are enough! Wow….
    And we understand about you justifying Twi-hards. Anyhow, most of us love the name. It’s perfect.

  16. Robbbbyyyynnnn says:

    Mike is adorable!

    as was the puppy XD

  17. shannon_love says:

    haha i love him. he is truly a great mike newton. AND he makes me laugh because he’s so charming.
    everybody at the lexicon is so lucky to have gotten the chance to talk to him!

  18. Did any one else realize his voice cracked when he said bye? Might be my sound system, but that’s really cute. The boy was definitely cuter (though the puppy was VERY cute). *sigh* some of our favorite humans, right there.

  19. Mike is so nice. I was so happy when they chose him.
    Thank you to the lexicon for bringing us yet another halarious interview!

  20. Thanks for the interview, Lexicon!

    It looks like the cast had a lot of fun on set. I’m quite jealous, actually.

  21. Ohh, I love Mike/Mike, he is so adorable! I would quite like to adopt him, even though I am only a few months older. He is just so lovely! πŸ™‚

  22. He’s so nice! And he is so perfect to play Mike, they cast him very well. It looks like they had a lot of fun on set!

  23. stephanie/ twilighter32494 says:

    ahhh edward is not the only man in my heart now… πŸ˜€
    with such an amazing cast how can you NOT love them?
    justin is just too funny eating ice cream when it’s freazing cold HAHA
    by the way THANKS LEX!

  24. ok, i know this is off topic, but omg, i work at a video store and we got penelope in yesterday, i wont spoil it, but imma say, u guys just gotta watch it! its awesome! awww, mike. i love him.

  25. Haha nice interview. Is it just me or is Gregory kinda cute??? (:

  26. Insomnia says:

    Wow, it’s the WEIRDEST thing, he seems so young in this interview, and in the on in MTV, he seemes a lot older, lol. Well, one thing stands, and that’s he’s so WEEE WOOO! *whistles* hhehehe, Mike is hot.

    THanks for teh interview, it was great πŸ˜€

  27. Insomnia says:

    No, not just you, Gregory is cute πŸ˜‰ We need to get him reallly in the spotlight.

  28. Mike is so awesome! I find it wonderful that he finds time to talk to the fans, and acts like a real person! I’m sure he’ll do a wonderful job portraying Mike Newton, and the casting directors cast him perfectly!

  29. Insomnia says:

    Btw, this was a great birthday present. I’ve been pretty bummed out, but this made my day πŸ˜€

  30. aww cute interview… they have so much fun on set no matter how bad the weather ^^ .. mike/mike hes so awesome =)

  31. I love Mike so much!!!! I miss being in a cast (I was in a musical), its always so much fun. Bad mike! Eat your asparagas! lol! I love the cast so much!

  32. Enough for Forever says:

    “Oh look at the puppy!”

    Haha. I laughed for at least half of that, and when it wasn’t funny, I was still smiling because Mike/Mike is so sweet. This made me happy. Thanks Lexicon! πŸ™‚

    and we got a little of Justin and Gregory’s personalities in there as well. We’ve seen Justin before, and I already liked him. I have now determined that I like Gregory too.

  33. aurelia says:

    ooooh isnt he just the cutest:)

  34. AWWW!! mike u are so (baby) cute!! I LUV U SO MUCHH!!! ahhhhh u kept me smiling the whole interview!! lu!!

  35. A really nice and down to earth guy!
    love him =)

  36. I enjoyed the interview. Mike is a really cute guy and is perfect for Mike Newton. Thanks for sharing the interview with us.

  37. Chela85 says:

    it was so exciting so see our human guys!! Justin for round two and we finally meet GREGORY yayayayayay!!!! everyone who worked on this movie is so amazing they’ve really spoiled us. πŸ™‚

    MIKE/MIKE I LOVE YOU!!! He is absoluetly amazing. I was kinda sad actually when he was like “yeah it’s our last day…” I was like “no!!!!” I miss him already lol. I just want to give him a huge hug and because my chances of that are low heres my “CYBER HUG”. hehehehe XD

  38. Chela85 says:

    sry to double post but

    Zayra…PENELOPE IS OUT?!?!? GAH I NEED IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  39. Sara( Yeah theres many of us) says:

    Mike dazzels me πŸ™‚

  40. IEnvyBella says:

    No, Penelope doesn’t come out on DVD until July 15th. At least, for the US that’s the release date. I loved when Mike just goes: “oh look, a puppy!” haha. I was definitely not expecting that! He is so cute! Especially when Justin shoved the ice cream in his face, and Mike was like: “wha??”

  41. number1fang says:

    *sigh* *swoon* πŸ™‚

  42. laurenforce says:

    fluorescent adolescent by the arctic monkeys! LOVE THE ARCTIC MONKEYS!

  43. there are already penelope scenes on youtube i saw it, it is tooo good.

  44. Beth-Cullen says:

    I knew I loved him because of his AMAZING blogs, and I always had a spot in my heart for Mike Newton but now after this! Move aside Edward here comes Mike! This is awesome, I hope he gets great reviews for the movies, and keeps up the great work

  45. twilight says:

    awww cute!!!

    QUESTION: When is Stephenie going to post the Quote-of-the-Day for Breaking Dawn. If it’s for 3 weeks, then I’m guessing that it starts tommorow?? cant wait!!

  46. Enough for Forever says:

    hey guys! Kaleb posted Chapter 24.


    epilogue coming Saturday~

  47. unidenified says:

    lol they should have Edward tie down the tents for them cause if he can make a tent last thru a snowstorm it can last thru a bit of beach wind

  48. Mike is such an awesome guy.it’s great that we can really see who is playing Tyler.

    Thank you Twilight Lexicon.

  49. silentcamisado says:

    haha. He’s awesome. All three of them are awesome.


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