The Great Lexicon Debate

The Great Lexicon debate rages on as the question about imprinting is posed. Is the concept of Imprinting good or bad, fair or not? What are your thoughts? What do you believe Stephenie want us to think?  Check out the thread and let your opinions be heard!

Big thank you shout out to December for leading the debate.


  1. sambo the wolfgirl says:

    i dont think of imprinting as fair or unfair. i know thats confusing but i feel as though it is just part of being a werewolf. and i love everything about werewolves:)

  2. Some have called Imprinting an “easy out.” It gives SM an easy way to make Jacob undeniably happy without getting him to end up with Bella. Convenient, right? Personally I like the concept. I want to see Jacob happy, but I want Bella to be with Edward. This way everyone wins.

    I think SM wants us to believe that all of the love matches are destined – Bella & Edward and Jacob & Imprinted-Mystery-Girl (my guess is Tanya). The way SM describes imprinting in New Moon you can’t help but agree with the concept. The lucky girl Jacob imprints on will be helplessly in love with him, just as Bella is with Edward. Perfect.

  3. twilighter says:

    I just think its a little weird. but i dont think its unfair. its more like fate. inevitable. the two people fit like puzzle pieces. what could be more perfect??

    i believe that jacob would have imprinted on bella if edward had not existed.

    eagerly awaiting breaking dawn,

  4. Hmm, interesting.

  5. i do like the idea of imrinting, because it gives the wolves an easy way to find true love.

  6. wait… why did my link get deleted? are we not allowed to post them?? if were not, i’m sorry!!!

  7. little bonbon says:

    very good topic
    like it 😉

  8. Hmm…I think imprinting is a little strange, but I like it. They become 110% committed to this one person, and it is amazing. It would make Jacob forget the pain of loving Bella and her choosing Edward…and it would make all the fangirls happy 🙂

  9. twilunatic says:

    i need help. i have n account on the forum site, but how do i post a post? i caant figure it out! someone pleaaaaaaaase help me.

  10. Who doesn’t love the idea of having someone specifically designed just for them, so they can’t “resist that level of commitment and adoration” (I think that’s the quote but I don’t have my Eclipse to hand)?

  11. Cassandra says:

    Good debate topic Lex.
    You guys are amazing!

  12. stephanie says:

    I think it’s more like fate. I love imprinting! It’s obvious Jake will imprint on someone. E&B will stay together. And if Edward didn’t exist, I don’t believe Jake would’ve imprinted on Bella. It’s fate, it just happens the first time you lay eyes on the person. And the first time Jake saw Bella, he did not imprint. So it’s fate. E&B. Jake&Some mystery chick. lol.

  13. sillygirl says:

    Emily M: Love your theory! I have always thought that something would happen between Tanya and Edward in the last book (a misdummer nights dream thing), but never thought about Jake and Tanya… very interesting…

  14. Imprinting Is complicated:
    Because If you are already with someone you love, you can hurt your loved one’s heart….
    Think about about that person feels like!!
    But, In Jacob’s case..Idk I think its kindaa adorable yet miserable because it SEEMS like he imprinted on Bella..Which
    I dont quite understand why SM would write as if he did..
    Hmm misterious cliff hanger for BD??? yet again I might be wrong…
    ~Love this site~

  15. Kudos for a great debate topic, December.
    I personally feel imprinting is more unfair than it is unromantic. But I’m still curious to see what would happen if a werewolf were to imprint on a vampire.
    Also, remember that Ms. Meyer did state that Jacob did NOT imprint on Bella. There’s a scene in NM where he’s staring intently at Bella, as if he’s trying to imprint, but it’s not something you can force. And I don’t think he’ll imprint on her. My vote’s on a vampire, possibly Tanya.

  16. I agree on what a lot of the Twilighters here are saying: It’s fate. I enjoy the idea of Jacob POSSIBLY imprinting on someone. We don’t know for sure if he will imprint.
    But to Emily M: Werewolves cannot fall for Vampires such as Tanya.
    I personally think it’s going to be Leah Clearwater. I know, in the epilogue of Eclipse it didn’t sound like he liked her, but what if Stephenie is just hiding his feelings for Leah, and then surprising us in Breaking Dawn? Or possibly Leah could have imprinted on him, since all she does is follow him and never leave him alone.
    Makes sense, doesn’t it?
    I have a lot of friends who are Jacob-Bella fans, and to anyone who is, I want to tell you why I think Edward-Bella are better:
    1. Seriously, how much more of a perfect couple are they?
    2. Imagine this: What if Jacob and Bella DID get together? Edward would most likely comit suicide by irritating the Volturi somehow. Then later in life Jacob would imprint on someone else and leave Bella in the dust. That would be terrible, wouldn’t it?
    But all of those are just my opinions.

  17. Angela, I never thought of a Leah and Jacob match, but you know what? It makes sense. I may have to re-think the whole Tanya and Jacob scenario. Hmm….

  18. I just like to say, has anyone thought that maybe Leah has imprinted on Jacob?

  19. just wanted to also say, i feel the way Edward thirst/smells bella is almost his way of imprinting on bella… I mean totally not the same but it’s kind of the same. Just like bella, whenever she “breaths him in” (ugh, if only we could get that in a bottle!) it’s kind of the same.

    How many werewolves do you think have time to go find love, so imprinting is one thing off their ‘live my life to the fullest’ list… “Hi im a werewolve, wanna hook up?” yeah don’t see that. Anyways, it is a easy way out by it’s not a total bad thing, I feel bad for the who Sam thing, but in the end I do think it works out. We all go through heartaches.

    ok.. there’s my vampirish/werewolvish (2) cents.

  20. Neither Leah or Jacob have imprinted as of yet. Not on anyone else…nor on eachother as far as we know.

    It would be impossible for Leah to imprint without Jacob (or the rest of the pack for that matter) knowing. Its not something you can hide.

  21. About Imprinting?
    I dont think that its fair to sam because he didnt even get a choice between Leah and Emily…..Which is really unfair!

    If jacob had imprinted on Bella in New Moon do you think Bella would have had a choice between Edward or JAcob?
    I mean, shes not the one who imprinted and, shes basically joined to the hip with Eward, so Isn’t it basically like Edward imprinted on Bella……

    I think she would rather die than him leave again…No pun intended, sinse she is techniqually going to die for him……

    in Eclipse Special Edition, Jacob was running all over Canada…What if he imprinted on an Escemo?…Intresting…

    I think Charlie took it better than We expected, and I would think shes pregnant too…

    Vampires dont have babies ,right?
    Why do u think that is?
    Does you’r physicial Anatomy change…
    I mean not too much if they have sex, right?
    Does it feal the same way if you were human?

    I guess we may or may not find out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  22. OK it’s me again.. wanted to share one more thing and then I have to get back to work…

    i wanted to say that I imprinted on my husband.. there I said it.

    I was working nights at a local restur. yearsss ago and my husband worked the day shift… well one night he came in to show the new manager some stuff and I went back to the stock shelves to grab some crackers and he was standing there. Never really saw him before, but anyways he asked me what I needed down (high high on the shelf, needed a ladder) and he reached it for me and smiled SUPER big and handed it to me. I still remember standing there thinking “omg! HES SOOOOOO CUTE! Look at that smile!” and took the box without saying thank you and walked/ran up front and asked my best friend who had been working there for awhile longer “OMG WHO IS THAT!?!” and we got married 4.5 years later (waited till we were done with college and the what not) and been happy ever since.

    I do love him, but I would like to state for the record I would leave him in a milli second for Edward haha! I always tell him when i ask him to do something for me “well edward would do it for me” and it’s a great inside joke.

    but anyways, i do believe in imprinting or as us humans call it “love at first sight!”

  23. I think Angela is right in the Leah or Jacob will imprint on one another. They sort of annoy each other now but seem to keep being drawn together. I think it is likely not possible to imprint on someone who would not choose you. I think that is why Jacob could not imprint on Bella. As she loved him but could not commit to him.

  24. I was just thinking..about what people have said about Jacob Imprinting on Leah..

    That might work out..

    Leah is in pain(For the Sam situation)
    Jacob is in Pain too…

    Maybe if some weirdish miracle could happen and they imprint..
    they would be a perfect match!!

    Although..arnt they sort of related?
    thats kinda

    me shows how much spare time i have..:[

  25. Celeste says:

    hmm. I think {like in doctor who} they should clone bella for Jacob!

  26. sillygirl says:

    If Jacob imprints on Leah or vice versa, it would have already happened, it happens at first sight. The only way that’s possible now is if it had happened, but SM didn’t tell us. If that’s true though, do you really think Jacob would have taken off for Canada? Leah would be his life now, he would never leave her like that.

  27. Celeste – that would be a good idea!! and i loved that episode of Dr Who, by the way!!

    Leah and Jacob didn’t imprint on each other, so i think it’s more likely that if Jacob did imprint on someone, it’s more likely to be someone we have never met, or maybe someone like Angela…

    because i don’t think he’s seen her, he’s just been in the same room as her a couple of times.

    like at the cullens’ house, i don’t think he saw her, and angela and bella were far away enough at graduation for him not to see her (I think) !

  28. Imprinting isn’t good, bad, fair or unfair.

    It’s fate, and no one can help it.
    The end.


  29. xKatieXCullenx says:

    I agree with all of the Jacob/Leah people. Ever since I finished the Eclipse epilogue. And honestly, Jacob and TANYA? I just can’t see that happening. Nor would I even want it to. For some reason all of the Jacob/Tanya hopefuls seem to bug me. No offense… Plus, like Angela said, werewolves won’t imprint on vampires. They are mortal enemies. I DO believe that Jacob will imprint on an already introduced character, I don’t see why Stephenie would just put Jacob with any random mystery girl, because that would leave me and probably other people unsatisfied. All in all, I want Jacob to be happy in the end. I like him slightly more than Edward (not gonna lie. 😉 of course, I will always love Edward too) But I would be most happy if Jacob was with Leah. Because I think we all know that J&B just aren’t gonna work out. Heck, yeah, I ship B&E! And if I could, I’d have Jacob for myself! 😉 Okay, sorry that took so long…….

  30. Oh, please. Jacob and Tanya won’t happen. I’m sorry, but I think that’s kind of dumb…. And Jacob and Leah… yeah, it isn’t going to happen since it hasn’t already. I don’t think Jacob will end up with anybody to be honest, he won’t imprint. Instead, just to have something to live for, he’ll become leader of the pack after Sam Uley dies.

    But for this imprinting thing. I don’t agree with it. I think it’s a nice concept and everything, but it *is* unfair. It doesn’t give the werewolf a fair chance at falling in love. Instead, you feel an intense attraction to someone else who has no other choice but to go along with it, just because they feel the intensity of the attraction, and since everybody likes attention, they see no harm in it. It isn’t love, at least not at first, and it isn’t fair. (But then life isn’t fair, is it?)

    And Katie Cullen, I’d have Jacob all to myself, too. I’m Team Switzerland, but if I were forced to choose, I’d pick Jacob. He just makes me all warm and fuzzy inside *wiggles* but it only happened after the epilogue of Eclipse. I felt SO bad for him and realized he’s not as immature or dumb as I thought he was.

  31. sambo the wolfgirl says:

    xKatieXCullenx, I totally agree with you. Edward and Bella are meant to be, but I like Jake a little more than Edward too. I’m just hoping that he will get his happy ending. I actually had a dream that Jake imprinted on a witch. Yes I know, wierd.

  32. stephanie says:

    Okay, for all the Jake&Leah people. Stephenie Meyer said herself that imprinting happens the first time the werewolf lays eyes on the person. Leah and Jacob have seen eachother all their lives, and now that they’re finally in their wolf forms, they are still not completely in love/committed to each other. It would have happened the second Jacob layed eyes on Leah as a werewolf… Does that make any sense?

  33. hey maybe jacob will make it to the wedding and imprint on angela or jessica… hey it could happen!

    I can see it now.. Angela helping Bella with her hair or somethin and Jacob comes in to the room ready to take Bella for himself and BLAM! Imprint!

    I do want Jacob to be happy but bella is right for Edward even though I still haven’t completely forgiven Edward for leaving in New Moon…

  34. Adriana says:

    I think Imprinting is more like fate, finding your other half, now who is Jacob going to imprint on. I’ve been having a funny feeling about Angela. Now with Quil and Claire the two year old that was weird.

  35. Dancergirl says:

    For me imprinting is fate.
    It’s not, good, bad, fair, or unfair, it’s something that just happens, it’s fate.

  36. I don’t think it’s impossible for Jacob to imprint on a vampire. Why would SM bring up Tanya so specifically? Is her only story purpose to make Bella jealous? I think not. Ok, so maybe Jacob wont imprint on her, but wouldn’t it serve him right to fall for a vampire. He’d have to let go of all of his predjudices. I like that.

    I also like the theory that Jacob could imprint on Angela, but hasn’t he seen her already? I can’t rememeber. If he hasn’t clapped eyes on her she’s still fair game.

    Leah is out. Jacob would have realized the imprinting already. I’m sure she’ll have a love life of her own and imprint on someone other than Jacob.

    Anyway, right or wrong, I can’t wait to find out what’s really going to happen. 24 more days! Whoo Hoo!

  37. I just want to say one thing. LOVING someone and IMPRINTING on someone is not the same. Imprinting is more of a snap discovery that a Werewolve feels for someone else.

    Love is not always a snap discovery because sometimes it takes time to realize if you love someone.

    As we know, Jacob has not IMPRINTED on Bella. He loves her. It is ABSOLUTELY not the same.

    Imprinting seems like it kind of takes you over once it happens to you.

    I think the concept of imprinting is good. It is hard to say if it is fair or not because it depends on how you look at it. I am sure that some Werewolves wait for a long time before they found someone that they imprint on. It’s not like they can decide which may not seem fair to others. I guess sometimes it just works out!

    ok, i think i can post this, it was a fanfic that my friend wrote about jared and kim


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