Taylor Lautner

Few actors bring a smile immediately to our faces the way this one does.  From popping in and out of on set interviews to his infectious laugh, Taylor Lautner has always been a favorite of ours.  It is our fondest pleasure to present our on set interview with the actor cast as Jacob Black in the film adaptation of Twilight by Stephenie Meyer:

Taylor Lautner



  1. First comment! =]
    Hmm, I getting the feeling that wearing that wig is just a tad annoying lol poor guys had artificial hair in his mouth for the best part of the interview lol.
    Anyway, I am and have always been a 100% Team Edward girl. Because I think he and Bella are just soulmates and that no-one could ever change that. =D That being said I still do kind of like Jacob as Bella’s friend. His only faults are that he’s in love with a girl that has already completely taken heart, body and soul. Plus he’s a tad naive and young at times. But I have complete convidence that Taylor will play an amazing Jacob in Twilight and hopefully New Moon Eclipse and even Breaking Dawn. =]]
    CAN’T WAIT!!!!!

  2. Taylor’s so awesome

  3. Wow, he is such a nice guy! I love how down to earth Taylor is, and I think he´s one of my favorites, along with Solomon. I´m really interested to see the wolf pack portrayed in the movie seeing as the actors they´ve picked are absolutely perfect for their roles. One doubt I do have, however, is what is going to happen when Jacob becomes a werewolf and goes through his super growth spurt. Taylor, we love you!

  4. Aw, I can’t add “lessthansign3”? :/ Well, as I was saying, he’s got a contagious smile and laugh. Gotta get used to his wig, though. I’m pretty sure he’ll have enough time to get fit. If he isn’t super tall by the time New Moon comes around, then camera tricks, maybe? 😀

    and lol, Billy = Body builder? wow :0

  5. I am IN LOVE with this kid! OME, he is so adorable! I was and am team Edward, but in the movie world I am team Jake all the way!!!

  6. Aw, he is such a bubbly person. ^___^

  7. Taylor is, in short, adorable. I mean, I’m not team Jacob, but Taylor always makes me smile in his interviews!

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  9. hehe i like him :p

  10. He’s Jacob! Come on, he’s always smiling, he’s funny, young, and he’s eager to do the scenes with Bella xD I mean, how much Jacob is that?

  11. shannon_love says

    he’s such a sweetie. i love him.
    god i am going to have soooo much trouble hating him in eclipse!!!!!!! assuming they do it that is (does anyone know if they’ve signed contracts on the next movies yet?

  12. they haven’t signed contracts i think. they are going to wait and see how successful the twilight movie will be^^

    I never hated Jake…. I am totally team edward.. but i never hated jake^^
    i think taylor is perfect for jake… he has that “inner sun” thing =)
    He is sweet^^

  13. iluvedward says

    oh he roxs im confuzlled r tjey shooting new moon and twilight or just twilight?

  14. Cool!!!!!!!!!!!!! I think he will do a great job.


  15. awww….what a sweetie…can’t wait to see how he transforms into a completely new character in New Moon–that is, if they get the rights to make New Moon–.

  16. Btw, they HAVE NOT signed contracts for any other movie besides twilight.

  17. he is so cute! he is so the perfect jacob black!

  18. kessie1122 says

    he reminds me of me.

  19. Insomnia says

    Taylor seems like a good natured and lively kid. I like how he continued talking, even after you guys were about to end the interview (he could of cut things off quickly and liek turn away or something).

    Personality wise, it seems like he was made for this role, and look wise, I think he makes a pretty good Jacob. The only thing I’mreally curious about is how he’s going to pull off angry / tough Jake. I hope he does a very believable (intimidating) job of it. Away with the playful innocence and in the “Edward cullen, I want to rip you to shreds”, lol. (Team Carlisle / Sam btw, but I like all the characters)

  20. Sheila, I’m pretty sure that there was something about sequels included in their contract for Twilight. That whey they can be sure to get the same actors in case they do sequels.

  21. La tua Cantante says

    So he mentioned that in the movie that he actually brings the truck to Bellas house instead of it just being there when she arrives.
    SO Does that mean in the movie that Bella actually MEETS Jacob before she ever even sees Edward since she obviously has to drive the truck to school her first day.
    Even thoughh I am more of a team Jacob,for some reason that bothers me a little that sh doesn’t meet or how else should i say this…know of Edwards existense before Jacobs.
    ya know what I mean? I’m not the type that is gonna sulk over it or anything but I just wanted to get that out there.

  22. Taylor Lautner is going to do really well as Jacob Black.

  23. Oh boy.. There is no way I’m going to be able to dislike Jacob at all in the movie. I’ve liked Taylor for several years now… I’m just happy that he actually fits as Jacob. So far he’s the only person I’ve seen that fits the role they were given.. (I do not like the Edward they chose..)

  24. i have and always will be team edward but i do like jake as bellas friend. i think that they picked a good jacob and taylor will do a good job with his character

  25. JulesCullen says

    I absolutely LOVE him!!! His laugh is amazing! He seems so friendly, easygoing, and loveable as I picture Jake!!! He has (once again- it keeps happening) proved that he is the PERFECT choice for Jacob!

  26. il cantante says

    sequels are included in the contract. get excited!!!!
    taylor is jacob. 🙂

  27. I think the whole cast is perfect!!
    I really can’t wait til december 😀

  28. He is so cute! A great choice for our Jacob!!

  29. taylor reminds me exactly of jacob in twilight, a little to enthusiastic, overly kind, always smiling, this kid is definetly JACOB! YAY

    BUT god team edward

  30. Gah! He is just so adorable! I seriously like Jacob Black now just because of him. xD

  31. It’s going to be so hard to watch him in Eclipse…=[

  32. Okay, I cannot stand Jacob Black AT ALL, but I really do love Taylor. He’s just so sweet and funny.

  33. Nicole Loves Edward says

    I’m Team Edward, even though i don’t mind jake as bella’s friend but sometimes he just gets on my nerves (in eclipse, in New Moon i love him for helping bella) but Taylor just seems so likeable that i can’t not like him 🙂

  34. twilightluvv says

    o really luv jacob and taylor i think he was a perfect person to cast as jacob..i’m undecided if im on team edward or jacob so dont shoot me!!

  35. Hey you can be Team Taylor without being Team Jacob? I’m a right?

  36. silverbells says

    ooh I love Taylor! he is THE PERFECT jacob black. i am team edward, but i really do love jacob. Taylor fits the profile perfectly and im so excited! squee!!

  37. xKatieXCullenx says

    I love love love Taylor! He is awesome and is 100% exactly how I pictured Jacob Black to be. I’ve always been Team Switzerland but sometimes I find myself leaning a bit more toward Jacob just because I like that he has his faults and is not “perfect” like Edward. I guess I relate more to Jake. Of course, I DO love Edward, I mean, how could I not? But Taylor is gonna rock in Twilight. And I love how infectious his laugh and smile are! 🙂

  38. I’m Team Edward and proud of it, but I’ve got to admit, Taylor is a likable guy. He has the same enthusiasm and eager puppy-like personality that Jacob seems to have. Although I think the wig was a big mistake. A long mistake, too – wasn’t Jacob supposed to have shoulder-length hair in “Twilight”?

    Oh well, the movie’s going to fantastic either way! 🙂

  39. Taylor is great!!! He’s so cute!! I’ve always been Team Edward (big surprise there) but i think Taylor will do a great job as Jacob. Just look at him! He’s was laughing the whole time they were interviewing him and smiling and having a great time!! I can’t wait for the movie! 😀 😀

  40. Adriana, I’m with you! I am so Team Taylor, but I will never be Team Jacob.

  41. Cassandra says

    I am in LOVE with his laugh.
    It’s amazing.
    I can’t wait to here that laugh on the big screen.

    *i think he might turn me Team Jacob.* 😀
    okay okay… well actually… he can’t have Bella because she is Edwards.
    Buutttt he can have me. 😀

  42. does anyong notice there are boots haning from those tents? why are they hanging boots? just curious.

  43. Cassandra says

    WAIT. WHAT.!!!!

    il cantante: "sequels are included in the contract. get excited!!!!"

    Are you sure? When did this news come out???!!!

    ~~It’s usually standard for actors to sign on to a sequel clause when working on a film that has multiple film potential.  Twilight is the first book in a series.  It seems logical to me that the film company would want them to sign on for any possible sequels.  But just because that clause may be in their contract doesn’t mean that there WILL be a sequel.  It’s in the event that there is a sequel, then they don’t have to worry about their actors coming back.  That’s kind of how the movie business works. 


  44. I love Taylor Lautner! Hes so much like Jake its scary! When you hear his voice and how happy he is all the time you just cant help smiling 🙂 I know he’ll do great, and cannot wait to see him evolve into werewolf Jacob!

  45. CullenWannabee says

    hahah i love taylors laugh hahahah. and he is so cute! i cant wait to see the movie, becuase i think that he will make a good jacob. i wonder if hes going to appear in the prom scene. (like when he goes to bellas prom and says that you should stay away from edward) because that would be cool. anyways if it doesnt the movie is still going to rock!

  46. Team Jacob
    Hands down

    Even if it is the doomed ship and Bella has chosen Edward. I love Edward, but Jacob is just…. like, my husband. I like him better for Bella, even if Edward is a good guy.

    He’s on page five of the script? =D I am ecstatic for this movie.

  47. Soooo i think Taylor is so cute! i cant wait t see what he is going to look like in New Moon.

    But he definitely has the Jacob sound down. hes seems very nice and lovable. i wish he was older so i could feel beter about liking him lol.

  48. woot he’s perfect for jacob!

    “Jacob Black, Taylor Lautner out” haha so cute =]

  49. @ TwilightEqualsLove

    Yeah… i also wish he was older 😉 I feel a little wierd when i say he is cute 😀 although it’s only 2 years 😉

  50. I think he is going to be a great Jacob Black, but every time I look at him, I just think about Sharkboy lol. Hopefully, as I see more of him, I ‘ll start thinking Jacob Black (and so far, it looks like it’s going that way). Anyway, I think he is so cute and he has a great laugh. I can’t wait to see him on the big screen 🙂 12.12 baby!