Stephenie’s Myspace Update

Posted with Permission from Stephenie’s Myspace.

Wanted: Breaking Dawn Skin

Greetings, talented fans! It’s past time to get this myspace ready for the countdown to Breaking Dawn, but I have no skillz myself. So I was hoping someone wouldn’t mind making me one…please? With sugar on top?

If you know of a great chess-y red-black-and-white skin, or have just made one in response to my plea, please post the link in the comments here, as my mailbox is a blackhole from which no one ever returns. I’ll use my favorite to make this space happy and festive and all ready for August 2nd.




Edited: Within the comments Stephenie then added this information:

"I am planning to do a "Quote of the Day" again for Breaking Dawn. Right now it’s a question of where the quote will be revealed, but I should have an answer soon (when everyone gets back from their 4th vacations). I will most likely do 3 weeks of quotes–so something like 21 quotes counting down to the release."