The Evening News…

We have a request for fans in the Central Tennesse area.  ***We at the Lexicon ask that if you are under the age of 18 that you have your parent’s permission before responding to this.*** Vivi from the Tennessean Newspaper is looking for Twilight Fans from the middle Tennesse area to share their reasons why they enjoy the Twilight Saga so much, how big of a fan they are, and what their plans are for the August 2nd Breaking Dawn release. Please e-mail her  your thoughts at and include your name, the city where you live, and a daytime phone number.


For all of you Irish Twilight Fans out there, you’ve gotten your wish! Eason’s on O’Connell Street in Dublin, Ireland is host in a Breaking Dawn Breakfast on August 2nd at 8 am to celebrate the release. There are a limited number of invites left so if you are interested you will want to check this out as soon as possible. You can check out the information on Eason’s website. A big thank you to Caoimhe for the heads up.


  1. Ah, cool!

  2. Melanie says:

    a bunch of people will probably reply to that with “I love Edward, I’m his biggest fan!! I’m getting New Moon tomorrow!!” =.=

  3. Enough for Forever says:

    Crap! I saw Tennessee and I was excited, until I saw the “central” part. I live in far west TN, and I’ve never heard of that newspaper, so they won’t want my opinion.

  4. Well, I’m not from there so…

  5. I think I might write in since I live in Nashville and the Tenneseean is the local paper.

  6. To bad i’m not in Tennessee…or Ireland for that matter…

  7. lil_voice1 says:

    i was just looking on at the bestsellers list and this is how is goes….
    1. Breaking Dawn
    10. Twilight
    16. Eclipse
    18. New Moon
    I find it so interesting that all of the books in the Twilight saga, including Breaking Dawn – which hasn’t been released yet – are in the top 20! They are ALL on the first page!!!

    Anyone else agree with me?

    Also I found The Host… Thats number 31 on the Bestsellers list

  8. I live on basically the border between East and Central Tennessee…will it still be alright to send in an email or will it be useless to try?

  9. Jsut thought I would tell Everyone that……..Robert just deleted his music myspace!!!!!!
    Great job Lexicon… Thanx a lot…

  10. Maggie, do it! I live across the border in West TN and my parents get the Tennessean. I wrote in (I’m 33. I figure they would like to hear from a few adult fans as well)

  11. Stephie says:

    Thanks from those of us that knew about the myspace but kept our mouths shut in order not to cause him to delete it.

  12. Stephie: I agree… If Lex. hadn’t made it public we could still be able to enjoy his music…
    Lexicon: You really should have cleared it with Robert himself.

  13. Heather…I doubt the lex was the only reason he deleted his myspace…and they did have permission.

  14. Liv-wa: I’m not saying the Lex is the reason he deleted it, they just helped out all the crazed fangirls to track him down and attack him…

  15. Irish_Sheep says:

    Release party in Ireland! Yay!!
    Thanks for posting this!

  16. *claps* Way to go, Lexicon. You ruined Robert’s MySpace for him. I’m sure he’s forever grateful. Was the “exclusive” worth it?


  18. I’m with Stephie on this one. I knew about it, too, and managed to keep my mouth shut about it, unlike some holier-than-thou websites, and now I can never look at its loveliness again. So thank you, Lex. We all appreciate it. I’m sure Robert does, too.

  19. Bunkface says:

    Looks like that permission you got for your precious “exclusive” really represented Rob’s feelings about his myspace being posted for the ENTIRE crazy fandom to see. Because you know, deleting it really shows appreciation and a big, “THANK YOU, LEXICON!” on Rob’s end.

    -end of sarcasm-

  20. Natasha says:

    You are all acting like a bunch of jaded people.
    Stop hating on the Lexicon!
    They already got permission to post it with his management so they did NOTHING wrong!

  21. He had that thing for TWO years, and he was pretty active on it, too. It was his private thing. It was obviously important to him. This fandom had it for a week, and ruined it all for him. So thanks a lot, Lexicon! Thanks for nothing. Do us a favor next time and just track him track and punch him in the face. It will be a lot more merciful, I’m sure.

  22. Track down? Attack? MySpace isn’t exactly the place you put personal things that you don’t want getting out- especially when literally thousands of girls are madly in love with you. Nobody knows why exactly it was taken down, it can have nothing to do with that. Back off the lex, please.

  23. rebekka says:

    I think I hear chris crocker calling, Natasha.


    They’re a big site. They can handles themselves. They took it upon themselves to make this decision, to post his site, so they should be able to deal with the consequences and accept responsibility for what they did as well, rather than just pushing it off on everyone else.

    cue: the cutting off of comments

    cue: the nasty bashing of the naysayers in a weasle edit

  24. LOL, it’s so funny that everyone is saying that this isn’t the lexicon’s fault. Inevitable does not mean, YAY THROW ME TO THE CRAZY FANGIRLS TO RAPE SOMETHING I MADE TWO YEARS AGO WHEN I WASN’T FAMOUS OR IN A FANDOM AS CRAZY AS TWILIGHT.

    People knew about the myspace for weeks before Lexicon posted. Now, not even a week later after it was posted here, he deletes it. That speaks volumes.

  25. Jackie B. says:

    What? His MySpace was deleted?

  26. Steven H. says:

    Jackie Burkhart, is that you? O_o

  27. smartkid says:

    i saw the TN thingy and i was like: YES!!! FINALLY THERE IS SOMETHING FOR US PEOPLE THAT LIVE IN ONE OF THE NOT POPULAR STATES!!! needless to say, i am happy and am sending it in…

  28. Deleting comments now??? Wow. I never thought you’d go so far as straight censorship, Lex. Nice job. I have it all screencapped btw for posterity. 😉

    No problem on the screen capping. nice IP  It’s the same as Steven H, rebekkah, Jackie, shelly lulu, and cali (yeah we deleted the last couple cause you’re just eating our bandwith)…To quote Edward, do you have multiple personality disorder?

  29. Leave the Lexicon alone!

    They got permission to post it, yes.
    It wasn’t there fault that a million teenie bopper fan girls went and requested to be his friend & messaged him like crazy probably saying, “OMGZZZ YUR LYKEE, EDWARD CULLEN! OME!”

    So stop blaming them!

    Poor Rob..

  30. How is it NOT their fault. They gave the LINK to those teeny bopper girls! And what we say doesn’t even matter. They’re just deleting all posts that say anything negative about the situation, not taking ANY responsibility for what they did, only keeping the defending posts up. Shame on you all. Censorship sucks!!!

    No we didn’t delete a thing as the presence of your comment here indicates unless it was hate speech, or language that goes beyond what has always been our posting policy.
    For any other info see the bottom of this page

  31. Who was hating on the Lexicon? I love this site, and I’m glad they’ve told people about Rob’s myspace. Just telling everyone what I’ve noticed. Jeez, back off, people.
    take a chill pill…

  32. Twilover says:

    That seems great! Twilight around the country!

    Also, had an interview with the Matt Bushell , playing Phil in the movie! Thought you might want to check this out Lexicon Admin, that is, if you haven’t already!

  33. It’s a real shame that he took his myspace page down. Did anybody download the songs and if so, will you share? Pleeeease?

  34. No we haven’t deleted anything. No we haven’t censored anything unless it was hate speech or the proverbial George Carlin’s 7 dirty words. I’m locking the comments because we said what we had to say on the original post. You can agree, disagree, hate us, love us whatever you chose. The explanation is there.

    Edited: removed repeated comments under the same IP in two cases where  it’s the same person posting as if it is someone unique.  Their intial posts remain