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Entertainment Weekly posted an article about unplugging this summer. Suggesting instead to take the time to go outside to enjoy the world around us. Perhaps even taking a copy of your favorite book along for the ride.  


  The Star Telegram has an article about The Twilight Fandom’s own The Bella Cullen Project. For those of you unfamiliar with these girls, their band has written and preforms numerious songs inspired by Twilight. They will be preforming August 1st in Arlington for any of you who live in the area and would like to go check them out.

Kaleb over at Twilight guy is up to Chapter 21 The Phone Call.




For those of you who haven’t been able to watch the video that was posted up on the Greetings from Twilight site a few days ago, The Weather Video has been uploaded to the Official Twilight YouTube Channel. So go check it out!


AOL News is running a Poll pertaining to the Vanity Fair Article. They are wondering which of the Cover Girls have the best chance at Hollywood Stardom. Go vote and let them know what the Twilight Lexicon fandom is capable of!

 You’ve seen it in English… You’ve seen it in French… You’ve seen it in German. Now its time for the Italian version of the Twilight Trailer! Thanks to Carlotta for the link.



  1. I voted for Kristen Stewart of course. I think she has vivid potential of being the next big Hollywood star. She’s got a long road ahead of her 🙂

  2. Twifanatic Amanda says:

    That weather video is really funny! Cathrine and Nikki are so cute together!

  3. i voted for kristen too, she has more range in her acting skills then all of them to me. and i agree with the entertainment weekly article, i cant stand watching tv anymore. i’d rather read twilight 😉

  4. vampiregirl48 says:

    so far kristen is second to last!! Not good.

  5. ShannyKay says:

    The Costco link isn’t working. It just goes to their home: costco.com

  6. ShannyKay says:

    Nevermind. I guess that article is in a magazine or something. My bad. 😉

  7. Does anyone know what page the article about Stephenie is on in the Costco Connection…I can’t find it?

  8. Michelle says:

    Thanks for the news! I can’t wait for the Borders surprise. Wait.. it’s not the Twilight calendar is it?

  9. I just voted for Kristen, and she is WAY behind! Everybody needs to vite like crazy!

  10. I think Borders confirmed that a four minute twilight trailer was going to be in the Penelope DVD. YAY.

  11. Claire Ateara says:

    Where can I find the “indepth” story about Stephenie? I clicked the link but it just took me to Costco’s home page…

  12. Claire Ateara says:

    And, AH! Kristen is being beaten by Emma Roberts???
    Vote, Twilighters, VOTE!!!

  13. I live ( when i am not at college) and went to high school in Arlington so I will most DEFF. go there and listen to them play.

  14. Claire Ateara says:

    Carol, WHERE DID YOU FIND THAT INFORMATION??? *needs to know* Thanks!

  15. Big James says:

    I can’t find the SM article in the Costco Connection either and I have the magazine next to me. You can google Costco Connection to get to the online version of the magazine and you can go through archives if I find it in the June I will post ASAP.

    Big J.

  16. I can’t find the article!!!

  17. Ahhhh! The Italian version gives me chills! I love it! I can’t believe this is actually happening… it just means the Twilight movie premiere is getting closer…. But for now, what I’m really anticipating is the full-length trailer. That’s when all of us REALLY get a taste of the forbidden fruit. 😉

  18. Big James says:

    It must be in August issue of the Costco Connection so it won’t be out until July 20-30.

    Big J.

  19. no i think the borders annoucement is that they are releasing a twilight movie calendar on july 31st for $13.99

  20. I voted for Kristen Srewart of course!!! but we need to start going there now cus KRISTEN IS IN 3RD PLACE with only 17%!!! COME ON TWILIGHT LOVERS WE CAN DO BETTER!!!!

  21. I voted, but she is so far behind, we can do better!

  22. And Spain??? I want the trailer in Spanish!!!

  23. littleyellowporsche says:

    I loved the Italian Trailer! hahahaha! It made me giggle! Edward is hot when he speaks Italian!

  24. …Arlington what?

    It isn’t is it?

    ahhh…..I wish.

  25. I’m not sure if this has been posted before or not, but legit (at least, we’re to believe that it is) information has just been released that a four-minute trailer for Twilight will be on the Penelope DVD.


  26. go vote for Kristin, she is in 3rd place out of 4!!

  27. I find that most other languages than english ammuse me.

    But I actually think that the trailer is cooler in Italian.

  28. Yes yes yes!

    4 minute trailer!

  29. Oh dear God, I giggled like a mad person when I was seeing the trailer in italian.

    I mean, don’t get me wrong, I’m actually not english, I’m portuguese (which is not that different from Italian) but it’s just… odd. In a funny way. And it was also funny they inserted a man reading the parts where there wasn’t supposed to be any sound. A strong, deep voice, with a dramatic impact. I don’t know why I find that amusing. I’m way too easily amused. xD

    And holy crow, a 4 MINUTE TRAILER??


  30. Sara( Yeah theres many of us)and her Sister says:

    How come the Italians (ok, i’m Italian so I hope saying that doesn;t sound funny) get an annoucer guy in there trailer?

  31. Twilover says:

    First of all, I can’t find the voting thing on the AOL voting thing. I MUST vote for Kristen!! Where is it??

    Second of all, to find the Costco Connections catalog, type in the search “costco catalog” and you should get it. Can someone tell me what page the information on Twilight is on? Thanks!

  32. haha the italian trailer made me laugh. i can understand italian and i was suprised at how it was the same in english, usually they re-word some things and it comes out really different. the annoucer ‘s voice when he said twilight was amazing lol

  33. Twilover says:

    Nevermind. I found the voting thing on the AOL post. Now could someone tell me where to find the Twilight stuff on the Costco catalog?

  34. angela! says:


  35. Big James says:

    Hey is for sure confirmed that a sneak peak of Twilight will be in the July 15th release of “Penelope” check the link below and watch the trailer at the end it tells you about the sneak peak.


    Big J.

  36. stephanie/ twilighter32494 says:

    about the italian trailer:
    WOOOOOOOOOT!! i love how they said “twilight”
    in the end, it’s sounded amazing.
    bring in the japanese, chinese, ..spanish!! every single language in the world!!


    WE MUST WIN! WE WILL RULE THE WORLD….(MUA HA HA HA HAA) *cough* wow i got way to carried away with that… i need a life other than twilight. pathetic…

  38. We received the Costco magazine today in the mail, and it didn’t have an article on SM. If anyone has any luck finding it, let us know.

  39. Oh baby, lovin’ the Italian trailer!! 😛
    I like how the guy says “Twilight” at the end. It sounds funny and freaky at the same time. Gotta love Italian.

  40. Victoria says:

    kristen is losing ):
    she’s 3rd with 24% .. last time i checked !!
    emma roberts and blake lively are ahead !!

  41. Tanit: You are not the only one here! 🙂 I want the Spanish version too! *waits*

    The Italian Verison was hott! i love the way he said ‘International’ i love the way Edward talked and Bella. in the German version Emmett sounded weird but soo cool at the same time……..and again…….Edward sounded hott too in the German version, also notice when they put Stephenie name on it.

    If you guys want the German Version:

  42. What’s with the picture at the top of the page! Is that meant to be Edward and Bella? NO WAY! It’s great art but did they even read the book? Who could think that was them!? am i being stupid? Is that supposed to be someone else entirely or is this a sick joke????!!!!! ok well…………….. forget this even happend -Love- Amber Lee

    Are you talking about our header?  The one that has graced the top of this website for nearly 2 years?  The Artist’s rendering that was approved by Stephenie herself long before a movie was in the works?  Or is there some other picture you are refering to?  ~Cocoa

  43. OH and about the FOUR MINUTE TWILIGHT TRAILER, If you get “My Borders Monthly” (email) it’s in the KIDS’ MUSIC & DVDs Section it says it there. If you haven’t added it to receive updates on that section but got the email today just click at the top of the email that says “preview all available subjects” then scroll all the way down till you find the right section. 🙂 YAY.

  44. urcoolcarrie says:


  45. I think the italian version is much better than the german one 😀 Edward sounds sexy in italian!! ^^

    But why do they get the movie already in december? ;____; ..I want to know why the germans have to wait until the end of january.. -.-

  46. Mary Alice Cullen says:

    Thanks 4 d video!

  47. “Ordinary Day” by Vanessa Carlton
    This song tottaly reminds me of Bella and Edward’s relationship!

  48. angelica says:

    oh my gosh edwards italian voice is amazing !!!!!!