Time Change on Release Party


Boarders has announced that due in part  to the overwhelming feedback they have received regarding their Breaking Dawn release parties, they are going to begin the events a half hour earlier. So Borders release parties will now begin at 9:30.



  1. I know I’ll be heading to Borders MUCH earlier than 9:30!! 🙂

  2. Alunamai says:

    I’ll be there sometime between 2 and 5… ha ha… if not earlier.. I now i’ll be there to get my wrist band as early as possible…

  3. Michelle says:

    Sounds awesome, but I’m still thinking about B&N or Borders.

  4. Wow! 4th comment! Awesome! I’ll be there! I’m so excited! This sounds like so much fun!

  5. Hana Cullen says:

    Haha I will totally be there :] Like at 5:00 I’ll wait inside the store lmao

    Well our borders is across from the mall so maybe get my makeup done hahaha xD

  6. I wonder which Borders I should go too, there are like a million by me…hmmmm…..
    Its cool they are starting earlier though, they should broadcast Stepehnie’s signing!

  7. Not sure if this ahs been noticed, but ‘Borders’ is spelt wrong.

    I’m hoping to go to a Border’s BD release, hopefully the one downtown.

  8. love2dream says:

    Border’s bookstores will most likely close at 9:00 to give them 30mins to set-up. You might have to wait outside the store until they open again at 9:30. Ask your local store for details so you can know what to expect.

  9. luisacart says:

    wait a minute–does this mean that we are getting the book early (like, er, 10pm)? or are they just having the party earlier??

  10. At first “900 stores across the nation” sounded magical. But, having actually checked their website, it’s getting difficult to find a store near me that IS holding a midnight release party.

    It’s too bad that Twilight didn’t catch on earlier; I’m sure every book store would be holding a midnight release party then, like how every book store did for the Harry Potters.

  11. Charlene says:

    haha doesnt matter how early it starts
    i’m gonna be there like at 5 or 3 in the afternoon just so i can be the first one in line

  12. Mistress of the Night says:

    I will be the Mistress of Ceremonies for the Long Beach, CA Border’s on Bellflower Blvd. I can’t wait! Wrist bands will start to be given out right after the store opens. You are encouraged to get your wrist band as early as possible so come on in early grab a band and then we will see you later that night.

  13. Thanx, 4 the info!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. I read that Barnes and Noble will also have a release party.

  15. Does anyone have a thought on barnes and noble vs borders. I cant decide if it even matters but if anyone knows if the events will be different (better/worse)

  16. mizziebella says:

    I think that the release parties will be so much fun, but due to the fact that there aren’t as many release parties being held as there were for Harry Potter, I think that the midnight releases will be rather.. crowded.

    BreakingDawn.. CANNOT WAIT! AHHHH!

  17. mmmmhmmm

  18. dorks.

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