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Its Friday and that means its time again for another actor spotlight!  Today’s actor bio was written by none other than Solomon Trimble himself!  So pull up a chair and read about the wonderful up and coming actor cast as Sam Uley in the film adaptation of Twilight by Stephenie Meyer:

Solomon Trimble

I am humbled by the time he took to write this for us.  And we wish him all the best in his future endeavors.  To talk more about Solomon Trimble and the passion and authenticity he brings to his role as Sam Uley visit our message boards.

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  2. lovin the shirts!

  3. love2dream says:

    The Youtube link for the grass dance says it is a private videao and you have to be friended by the poster. How can we do that? I’d like to see the video. Thanks!

  4. “none other then” should be “none other than” lol sorry. I’m in editor mode right now. 😉

    Man dude, you’ve got one heck of a back story. I hope you succeed in everything you wish for, but then how can you possibly not? 🙂

    “He can’t juggle and speak Spanish while chewing gum.” Hey, same here!!! 😉

    As for the flying thing-I’ve not figured it out in reality yet, but in my sleep I’ve gotten really good so if you need tips… 😉

    And I confess, I’ve not read the Host yet either. I can’t afford to buy the book right now and there’s not a single copy available in the library! *pout*

    Great bio, Solomon! 🙂

  5. stupidshinyvolvo_owner says:

    I have now just fallen even more in love with him!

    Jeez… he’s the perfect Sam.

    Marry me Solomon? 🙂

    and OME I really want to know those two questions he wants to ask Stephenie as well.

  6. Brianne says:

    Awesome bio, I think all the actors should write one for themselves! He sounds like a very intelligent and accomplished guy, best of luck in all that you do!

  7. Michelle says:

    It was really cool that he took the time out to write his own bio.

  8. eager 4 eternal damnation says:

    he seems like suc a nice person!!! perfect sam….

  9. Just letting the Lexicon know that the link they have posted in the most recent post doesn’t work.

  10. Hellish Red Devil says:

    What a treat! An actor bio prepared by the actor himself. 😀

  11. Enough for Forever says:

    I love Solomon. He seems like a really great guy. To make the effort to learn Quiluete and plan on teaching it to the rest of the pack, it shows dedication. They made a great choice for Sam.

  12. That was a great bio, especially since he wrote it himself! I loved the extra tidbits he put in there, too. He seems like such a great and talented guy.

  13. he is extremely awesome. im kinda falling for him, and his flowing locks.

  14. angelique says:

    loved it!! his hair IS awesome; i wanna brush it. can y’all get somethin on embry?

  15. Really, really nice guy.

  16. He is 5’10” of complete hilarity, smarts and awesomeness. Thank you, Solomon, for letting us get to know you a little better 🙂

  17. Does anyone know how big of a part Sam will have in the movie? I hope he has a big one!

  18. Me, too, Kacie!!!!!!!!!!!

    I think he will fit the role well. Even his smile reminds me of Sam!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 😉

  19. You know, I can’t even remember how I pictured Sam before Solomon showed up anymore. lol

  20. It is so awsome that he took the time out to just write this about him so we could get to know how he really is. He seems so nice and so smart! He would be a great person to know. He is gonna do great job playing Sam in the movie!! I wish him the best of luck!

  21. I saw Solomon Trimble a few months ago in downtown Portland. I recognized him from this site but I was too scared to introduce myself or get a picture with him, haha. He was in a guitar shop looking around. I contemplated sticking around to see if maybe Kristen Stewart or Robert Pattinson were around, but that seemed a little to stalkerish for me lol.

  22. Nice t shirts. Sure they will see fast.

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