Introducing the Wolf Pack

One of our fondest memories from our April trip to the Portland set of Twilight was witnessing first hand the camaraderie between the 3 young men who represent the Quileute Tribe.  Without further ado the Twilight Lexicon is proud to present  

~The Wolf Pack~



  1. I love the guys representing the wolf pack! Their all so perfect for the roles they have. And, plus, the guy playing Embry is really cute!

  2. WOOO! The werewolves are my favorite. =]
    I love it how Jacob/Taylor always pops out of nowhere for these videos. =] He’s so cute, of course. lol. Him and his not-reached-puberty-yet self. hah.

  3. Okay, totally out of context but Embry is….me-ow haha.

  4. Stephanie says

    Wow, Embry is actually really good looking. I didn’t really expect that.

  5. That was pretty sweet.

  6. P.S. Guy playing Embry initially cast as Jacob? Did I catch that right? I might have dug him as our lead wolfman.

  7. G – Lana Veekner gave an excellent explaination as to why that casting choice was made. Her interview will give you good insight as to why they went with Taylor verses Krys.

    That being said, Krys is one awesome guy.  I am certianly glad he will be around for more films.

  8. WOW! They all look amazing!! I cant wait till New Moon so we can meet more of the LaPush gang.

  9. Awesome! Thanx for braving the cold guys!!! Hopefully there is still more footage?

    😀 ~Cocoa

  10. Is it awful that I kinda think I might have preferred the kid playing Embry to be Jacob? I think he’s a lot he looks more authentic Native American..

  11. Ohhh my goodness.

    they’re all so perfect and mann embry is incredibly cute!

    can’t wait!


  12. this is great! the wolf pack boys all seem really well-suited to their roles. i love that taylor pops in at the end, i wonder if he has a complex about being the only quileute with fake hair haha.

    thanks for this great clip, lexicon. i love anything that brings more attention and appreciation to the werewolves!

  13. AHAHAHAHAHAHAH THIS WAS SO CUTE! I officially love Krys and Solomon omg they are perfect. And with Taylor tagging along towards the end of the video, oh man. I especially loved Krys’s "I havent hit puberty yet." That got a good laugh out of me. I cant wait to see this bonfire scene!

    ~~Unfortunately because of the terrible weather, the bonfire scene was cut and replaced with a parking lot scene.  The tide was literally washing the camera equipment away.  Catherine did a fantastic job of salvaging the scene in spite of the weather.  If you check one of our earlier videos of just Catherine, she even mentions the change and how quickly she had to think on her feet because of the bad weather.

  14. Cocoa – I get why Taylor was picked over Krys, but I guess what I meant was that he seems like he would fit the character of Jacob well. Maybe not as a lead actor in a movie, but he’s very close to the "real life" Jacob I pictured while reading the novels.

    That being said, I’m not trying to put down any of the actors. I’m pleased with the casting of all the characters, and Taylor makes a great "movie" Jacob. Hope that makes sense.

    Completely.  😀 Cocoa

  15. That was really funny! I’m sure they will do a great job in the movie! Keep these coming, they are awesome!

  16. The WOLF Pack with their secret language and secret handshake. I love it. But not so much Iron maiden and Metallica HA ha. What a fun vid Lexicon. That’s not something MTV would ever show us. Like cause they weren’t there that day and you were. SWEET

    I really do hope the Twilight movie makes good on its promise to make the best movie possible and that it’s a hit so we can see NEW MOON on the big screen. There is so much story in the Wolf Pack and IT NEEDS TO BE TOLD!

  17. Charlotte says

    Dang it! I really wish that Krys had stayed on as Jacob, I prefer him looks and personality wise over Taylor actually. Geez, that’s really disappointing. Now my dreams have been crushed… as were his when they booted him as Jake. I feel so bad for him, he definitely needs some sort of gift from the fans.

  18. Midnight_Sunshine says

    Yay! I love Taylor! He is a very great Jake. I wasn’t expecting Embry to be that cute. Krys and Solomon are great for their parts! I can’t wait for the movie!!!

  19. lol and i thought i’d be the only one oggling over how cute Krys is!! haha!
    I looooove the guys in the wolf pack and i’m so glad that they all like to goof and joke around with each other.
    Taylor does seem to have a knack for popping into these videos, doesn’t he? 😀

  20. lmao! I love those guys. So funny I hope the script for the pack is like that. More light hearted, funny, and teasing.

  21. OME! OME! OME! OME!
    For what it’s worth, that isn’t “oh, my Edward”…that’s “oh, my EMBRY”, which is something I’ve been saying for ages now. I’m a hugehuge pack-fan and Embry has always been one of my favorite characters – SO, LEX, THANK YOU!!! THANK YOU, SO MUCH!

    I’m off to tell my Team Seth friend…=D

  22. They are all so perfect together!! omg!! Jeeeeeeeeeeez.. the guy playing embry is foiiiine:D and i love his style…. and his gage. ahahah

  23. Embry is sooooo cute. I love him. Kind of more than sam. I think I like his personality more? But sam is great for the part.

  24. AWWWW!!!! I think they’re going to be perfect!! I love their hair, haha. I can’t wait for New Moon to become a movie (well, if it becomes a movie, haha)

  25. Samantha says

    I know all these people are saying Embry is “so cute”, but DAMN i am slowly falling for Sam. I haven’t really taken that much notice of him until i saw this video and he just floored me. Not only is he WICKED cute, he’s funny too! Can’t wait to see him in the movie! : )

  26. Wow, Embry’s a cutie. 😮
    I totally would have loved him as Jacob. ^^

  27. Belle Flanders says

    I love this pack!!!!!!
    Wolves rock!!!!

  28. They are all so funny 😀
    Haha Solomon, running around naked? lol
    I love the wolf pack ^_^
    Thanks lexicon! we love you 🙂 lol

  29. i officially love them! they are sooo cute. 😀

  30. Solomon = Next Johnny Depp

  31. eager 4 eternal damnation says

    dunno if you guys know yet – but the august issue of Popstar! magazine has a special article on the Twilight movie. the cover and scanned article can be found on

    *sorry – a bit off-topic, but i just thought you guys should know =D

  32. After the horrible two days I’ve just had, that really made me feel a lot better. I just want to thank you guys for posting this amazing footage, it was such a good laugh. Those three are quite an incredible group, they’re something special and that’ll definitely translate on screen.

  33. So much new attention for Embry (and yes he deserves it), but WHAT ABOUT SAM? Solomon was adorable up there. So cute and so charismatic. *sigh*

  34. I know what you mean lucy. Lots of awful stuff is going on around here, and they just make me smile.

    Solomon is so freaking HOT. Why isn’t there a fansite for him yet? If I knew a thing about web building and stuffs I’d make one myself…

  35. stephanie/ twilighter32494 says

    hahaha…im not supposed to be liking the wolf pack!!!
    im team edward!!! lol oh what the heck how can you not like them??!!!! they’re all so funny and charming :]

  36. avputries says

    omg. embry is awesome and jacob is like uber cute. gosh. solomon is perfect for sam. i can see the deep look in his eyes and stuff. i REALLY WANT TO BE THERE! 🙂 they’re purfecto.

  37. Seth had updates stephs website. If you want to know……

  38. Caera:

    Yeah, thanks to them, I got to laugh which has been nice to do in the midst of sadness. It’s really surreal, though, to watch Solomon, Krys and Taylor together because it’s like they jumped off the pages of the book and materialized. Their bond is already there and it’s so, so apparent. It’s overwhelming — in a great way, of course — to see them interact with one another, knowing that if New Moon is adapted to film, this is only the beginnings of the Wolf Pack’s chemistry.

    And, yeah, I definitely agree. Solomon’s very handsome and he’s obviously got an incredible personality. A great Sam and he’s gonna make a great catch to some lucky lady someday. The boys are good looking as well, they’re adorable. All in all, it’s just great to see all of them and dear God, sorry for this insanely long reply comment.

  39. Too funny. Those guys are going to steal the show;) When can I hang with them?

  40. They’re all so perfect!

    Hopefully sequels will be made and we’ll be able to see even more of The Wolf Pack.

    Thanks so much for posting this!

  41. Awesome video guys! It’s fun to see them interact off screen like that! What awful weather too!

  42. I love them! They’re perfect, and so silly. Werewolves rule!

  43. OUSH! The kid playing Embry is a HOTT-TEE!! hehehe I love the wolf pack! They are AWESOME!! Thanks for the vid!!

  44. So this was a great video. i hope they keep Krys Smokey-Desperado :p to play Embry Hes a cutie. i wish i could be the one interviewing you’re lucky alphie!

  45. I love how they are excactly like the characters!

    Anyone catch Taylor’s funny little wave goodbye? haha

  46. i love those guys. awesome beyond words.

  47. Sara( Yeah theres many of us)and her Sister says

    OME!(oh my Embry)!!! Embry is hawt!!! OME!! He is so cute! I LOVE him!

    Sister: JACOBBBBBBBB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Wow, they’re all freakin cu—HO—AWESOMELY CUTE AND HOT!!!!!

  48. My favorite video from you guys so far!

  49. Oh yeah, Emby right there–HPAOSN L:CNIOGTIANEO:NG:IN!!! Haha. Sorry, but definitely the cutest of those boys. Thanks for showing us that video!

  50. hahaha i love the part when krys is like “i think this guy plays like jacob or something”.
    That was such a cute/funny video..their personalities match the character they are playing so well.. i love it!
    Thank you Lexicon! =]

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