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Tickets for Stephenie’s Breaking Dawn Tour currently are still available in Seattle. As of 5:00 eastern time the types of seats available according to the ticketmaster site are as follows:


Tickets are sold out in New York, Chicago, and Los Angles.  As a long time ticket buyer, I make the following suggestion, check the ticketmaster site daily. At times sites release seats that they had held aside for various reasons (construction makes more seats available, the VIPs don;t need as many seats as they thought, stage configuration not as large so more seating room, etc). Last night, people were able to get tickets to the LA event by doing just that.  The worst that can happen is that you are no worse off than you are now, so if you need tickets check, you never know.

Gil Birmingham, who plays Billy Black in the Twilight movie, updated his blog with some candid, behind-the-scenes photos from the Twilight movie. Thanks to Twilight Obsessed for the heads up.



Popstar online will be featuring Twilight in their upcoming issue. Thanks to Jen for the heads up.



And lastly, the Normal Mormon Husband has pointed our attention to a previous entry about Twilight.


  1. Claire Ateara says:

    Hey, I can’t get any of the links to work 🙁

  2. is there a link for gil birmingham’s blog?

  3. I can’t either. 🙁

  4. Fixed Gil’s link, sorry about that.

  5. the photos are great!!

    I love taylor! he is sooo jacob!!

    somehow it’s strange to see “billy” and “jacob” arm in arm with “edward” smiling….. =)

  6. sarafromDC says:

    I love Jacob, he always was my favorite, and now i think he looks the best!!

  7. I like Taylor, but I do not like his long hair. I really wish they put it in a ponytail like the book said it was supposed to be. And I totally agree Bianca, it is very weird to see Edward and Jake together.

  8. Chicago isn’t on ticketmaster, correct? Can you only check tickets for that through the harris site?

  9. Seeing Jacob with his arm around Edward, and Billy hugging Rosalie was priceless!
    That blog by NMH was funny too. I don’t think he’s read Twilight though: he was talking about Edward eating tator tots. It was probably a joke though….

  10. Melz Syndrome says:

    FINALLY. I’m sorry but I’ve been wanting some good Launter pics to look at. So cool. They look like Jacob and Billy to the T

  11. MissmyEdward says:

    The NMH blog is stupid, funny and true at the same time. But he’s WAAAYY off.

  12. awesome pictures! everyone’s great in them

  13. Great pics. Rob is soo pale next to Billy and Jake. I’m not diggin Jakes wig though. sorry. Taylor is cute, but the wig, idk??? Definately think it would have been better in a ponytale. Who woulda cared if both he and James had them?? not me!

  14. Penny Lane says:

    Ok I hated the NMH blog… first off it seemed like he was mocking the series and Edward and second i think that those reasons the one lady wrote about are partially true but I think that a major reason why we love Edward is because he is flawed.

    He seems to be perfect… looks, talents, speech, intelligence… but underneath all of that is a boy who is tragically flawed. He cant be near the women he loves without wanting to drain the blood from her. He shows so much devotion to her by trying so hard not to kill her.

    The idea that a man would put himself through any type of torment just to be with her is attractive. He also would do anything to make her happy, even if it means he isnt.

    I will admit though that some of the stuff NMH said was funny for the most part to me it was annoying…

  15. Those pics are great! Thanks Gil!

  16. vampiregirl48 says:

    Those pics were awesome! Thank-you Gil! But I was wandering what Kristen and Robert were making faces at in that box on the table?

  17. a.leigh says:

    i love those pics!!! taylor and gil looked awesome with their long hair!

  18. I love these pictures!!!! It is weird to see edward and jacob together. Can’t wait for the movie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  19. La-cantante says:

    I have to say that I thought the NMH blog was very amusing… the man who wrote that probably has a TM for a wife and a swooning fangirl for a daughter… 😉

  20. natalie says:

    I loved the pics!! the nmh blog was really funny but hes so wrong about edward!!

  21. Crystal says:

    those pics were awsome
    but i agree with everyone about the wig…..taylor looks so hot without it….it just made him look really ugly
    because it was really ugly
    oh well….
    and i was wondering the same thing vampiregirl48

  22. stephanie/ twilighter32494 says:

    i know vampiregirl48 and first i taught it was a birthday cake for kristen since she turned 18 while filming the movie…but what’s so gross about it??? lol
    i don’t know…

  23. I love Rachelle’s hair in that picture.

  24. i burst out laughing at the billi-edward-jacob picture. thats something we arent ever gonna see happen in the books/movies

  25. I completely disagree with the NMH. Edward is not perfect. No one is. But his attitude toward Bella is exactly right. He has for her the kind of love we should all strive for. It’s the Love is gentle, love is kind… etc. That’s not something you scoff at and say “no REAL man is like that!” That’s a cheap cop out.

    It’s funny when there are those “the cold hard truth” jokes as a way to play up a stereotype, but when they’re serious, and claim there’s nothing wrong with the stereotype, something’s wrong. Personally, I wasn’t at all attracted to the “cold hard truth” guy. I’m not talking about being attracted to NMH, I’m talking about not being attracted to they type of guy who has the this-is-the-way-we-are-deal-with-it mentality.

    And I hate it when people take a good Ensign article and spin it to promote something it’s not actually promoting.

  26. I felt like the NMH thing was sorta making fun of Twilight and its characters. It didn’t feel like it was just sorta like HAHA yeah sure this is why but more like “this is the way he is and what it means. Everyone who thinks he’s awesome and loves him is crazy.” I don’t know maybe its just me. Sorry if I offend anyone, I don’t mean to.

  27. omg i freaking love taylor and gil! with all those pictures it really looks like theyre billy and jacob! im sooo excited!

  28. silverbells says:

    taylor is the amazing hott man. but i must say “ACH” to the long hair… im really not a fan.

  29. those pics were great!!! they really do look like they are father and son!!!
    And taylor looked soooo cute!! But I’m not digging the long hair…

  30. I’m really liking Nikki in these photos.

  31. suzie tine says:

    Yeah! I’m so happy to see those pictures, especially of Taylor. If I didn’t know anything about Twilight and saw the pictures of Gil and Taylor, I would have thought that they were actually father and son. Great casting.
    But yes, the long hair is no no … I’m not sure I can get used to that.

  32. nmh was sssssoooooo funny (LMAO). i did not in ANY way agree with it!!!!(just so you know). love the pics

  33. Oh my goodness, that was so weird!
    I also am in love with the guy playing Charlie 😀
    He’s mighty cute for an adult 🙂

  34. YAAAY! New pictures!!!!! Squeeeeeeeeeeeee!

    (sorry, fangirl moment over)

    Loved the pictures! Really really much. I actually was a bit annoyed that we didn’t have any proper pictures with Taylor. Well now we do!

    I agree with someone who said it, I laughed at the picture with billy, edward, and jacob. All smiling. *Snort*

    Rachelle is c-razy beautiful! And Nikki too! Gawd, I love the whole cast.

    Aw man, this movie is going to rock my socks hands down.

  35. those pics are great!
    BTW portrait magazine has there top 30 under 30 list & #1 gets to be on the cover.The Twilight cast is losing by 2%…. so go vote! Voting ends in July!


  36. stephanie/ twilighter32494:
    i think they’re trying to avoid the flames from those “trick candles”
    I thought it was cute that rob, kristin and kristin’s double were all sitting together for lunch (?) and i think that was also alice in the back.
    I’m also TRYING really hard to like Jake/Taylor’s hair. aww well he looks smokin’ 😀

    WOW, the NMH article was HILARIOUS. I don’t understand why people take those things seriously though.. I personally love reading spoofs, parodies, and mockeries of things that I’m obsessed about! I don’t know.. I have that kind of sense of humor 😆

  37. eager 4 eternal damnation says:

    *sqquuueeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaallllll* – OME! so happy to see new pictures…..

    yeah….like many of you said…it was really nice and extremely weird at the same time to see “jacob”, “billy” and “edward” posing for a picture together…LOL
    yeah – and i wouldnt have minded taylor’s wig so much if it had been shoulder length (and not halfway down his back), straight, and sleek like it is in the books.

  38. Is it just me, or was it kind-of weird to see Rob and Taylor/Edward and Jake with their arms around each other? I’ve gotten so used to them playing these, characters… the picture was just bizarre.

  39. stephANIE/twilighter32494 says:

    by the this video:

    thanks and spread the news…we only have a week
    please help us out twilight lexicon…you guys would be a huge help!!!!
    since you guys don’t want to post a link about the poll in portrait magazine…post a link for my video!!!

  40. YOU CAN’T RIGHT CLICK TO SAVE THE PICTURES!!!!!!!!grrr….that makes me mad……

  41. Claire Ateara says:

    HA! Edward and Jacob would never take a picture or even embrace each other like that! LOL!
    Though it is really cool to see all the actors bonding…

    STILL can’t wait for 12.12.08!!!

  42. Claire Ateara says:

    Emily: If you just highlight the pics and then click “Ctrl C” it will copy them.

    And thanks, Pel, for putting the links in 🙂

  43. Edward Cullen’s smile once brought a puppy back to life.

    Edward Cullen can slam a revolving door.

    Edward Cullen can believe it’s not butter.

    Edward Cullen can have his cake and eat it too…then he can take your piece.

    Edward Cullen has never had a surprise birthday…he can NEVER be surprised. EVER.

    Some people get lucky and hit two birds with one stone. Edward Cullen once killed four birds with half a stone. What’s that? You say there is no such thing as half a stone. That’s what the four dead birds thought.

    Edward Cullen can lick his elbows.

    Edward Cullen once played 18 holes of golf using a 12-inch strip of rebar and a sundried tomato. He shot a 54.

    Edward Cullen lost both his legs in a car accident…and still managed to walk it off.

    Edward Cullen is RIGHT BEHIND YOU.

    Edward Cullen can dribble a football.

    Edward Cullen IQ can be expressed by a sideways eight.

    Edward Cullen can clap with one hand.

    The boogeyman checks his closet for Edward Cullen.

    Edward Cullen is why Waldo is hiding.

    Edward Cullen counted to infinity- twice.

    Edward Cullen can stop the beat.

    Edward Cullen doesn’t wear a watch, he decides what time it is.

    Edward Cullen is so fast, he can run around the world and punch himself in the back of the head.

    Edward Cullen can lead a horse to water and make it drink.

    Edward Cullen can divide by zero.

    Edward Cullen can win poker with a joker, a Get out of jail free card a 2 of clubs, a 7 of spades and a green four from UNO…

    Edward Cullen ate an entire bottle of sleeping pills- they made him blink.

    Edward Cullen can touch MC Hammer.

  44. Love Taylor (and Jacob) but i so wish he didn’t have te long hair.. i like his normal hair lol
    ‘Rosalie’ is so pretty! i’m jelous lol

  45. Edward#1 says:

    the pics are totally sweet. but its very wierd to see Edward and Jacob together. but they still rock!!

  46. robert and taylor together in a pic :O…tension tension…xD no haha they look awesome. seeing them together is so cool

  47. I love them photos! I NEVER imagined Charlie with a moustache, so it kind of shocks me a bit everytime i see it lol, but they all look great! 😀 And the photo of Rob and Taylor/Edward and Jacob, ah, the things i imagine they are thinking… haha.

    Ooh yeah, and does anyone know if the Penelope DVD DEFINATELY has the twilight stuff on it? I might buy it this weekend. Thanks 🙂

  48. Twihard: Where did you get those from? They are awesome! 😀

  49. the twilighter. says:

    Love the pictures!
    On one photo kristen wears really pretty clothes.
    can’t waiiit.
    breaking dawn is only WEEKS away! *starts screaming*

  50. Mary Alice Cullen says:

    Taylor looks sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo good!!! 🙂 Kristen looks like a mess . Robert looks tired and Gil makes a great Billy.

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