Ticket Trade Thread


Thanks to Dusty for the quick spotting.

Well, realizing that people may have extra tickets and people may need tickets, it seemed like a good idea to set up this thread. We did this last year and it worked out at EProm.

If you need tickets, and I’m sure a lot of people do need tickets, please don’t post a request here because honestly the thread will just get really cluttered and no one will be able to find anything. So keep a lookout on the thread we just linked and see if someone is offering something you need.

For legal reasons, I have to state that the Lexicon assumes no responisbility for these deals. We are not endorsing anyone posting a ticket. This is a strictly at your own risk venture.  We do need to ask that you refrain from posting any personal information and save your contact details for PMs once someone is interested in your tickets.  Any personal information found in the thread will be deleted.  And please, no scalping!  We all know the tickets were $20 plus a handling fee.  The Lexicon can not support anyone wanting to sell their tickets for $100 to make some money.

As far as we can tell, the NYC and LA events sold out within 45 minutes of being offered to the general public. Seattle lasted for a couple of hours. And frankly, we’re not exactly sure what the heck happened in Chicago. Near as we can figure the website to the Harris Theater went down moments before the sale time, and their phone lines were then clogged with frantic buyers. Occasionally people got through via phone and Internet, but we can’t determine when it sold out or even if it did with 100% certainty (although we expect it did). We now have reliable confirmation. Chicago is sold out.


  1. xing wang says:


  2. yeah, i have tickets for seats A20, 22, and 24 on the Lower Balcony B in Chicago.

    Anyone by me???

  3. Actually, I guess for my seats, it’s be seats M7 and M11 (LA).

  4. ajfksdjfklas!

    I realize I might get hated on for this..but I’m so excited!

    Me and my friend ended up getting tickets 10th row, center for Chicago!

    We each started calling like a minute before the time and at first all we got were busy signals..then she finally got through but was on hold for a long time and halfway through this automated message came on and said “Sorry we’re experience and major increase in calls, we can’t guarantee you’ll get through” or something like that. She was about to hang up when the guy answered the phone! We were freaking out.

    It seemed like they were having issues with their phone lines obviously, but I had NO idea all this stuff happened with the website too. That really sucks πŸ™

    On a positive note..not to dangle a treat in front of any of your faces and snatch it away…but there’s a POSSIBILITY that I might have an extra ticket. We got one for my sister too on the pretense that she actually READS the books before Aug. 5th. So I suppose if you’re the first person to PM me you’ll be the first person to get the ticket IF it becomes up for grabs.

  5. shannon says:

    guys..i bet this concert breaks every concert record for selling tickets this fast. sorry just a random thought that came to my head..

    for those who got tickets have an AWESOME time ans Congrats on getting tickets! πŸ™‚

  6. Jennifer says:

    I’M SO HAPPY I finally got a ticket to LA. thank you thank you thank you to whoever made that happen

    and i have two seattle orchestra ticket..row GG and HH..

  7. *sniff* my mom wont let me go. she said something about the fact that i live 15 hours away from the closest city. *sniff*

  8. definitely doesnt break any record for fast selling tickets.. but still it was fast.. and at small venues compared to giant ones sold for concerts…

  9. I don’t know if they are still available, but I was able to buy 2 balcony seats for LA at 12am PDT. Just a heads up!

  10. i’m so pissed about chicago.
    i thought the server was just busy because of all the people trying to get tickets.
    cause i was trying from like 5 minutes to noon…and i was calling on 2 different phones
    and then after like 15 minutes i got through the website but there was no link to get the tickets. so i figured they were sold out. i kept calling. nothing.

    then i gave up curlig into the fetal position.

    and now i want to cry. because im thinking that maybe if had known the site was down and that they werent sold out yet…i could have kept trying and gotten them.


  11. wow that’s crazy…
    The tickets were sold that fast!!!
    You can be sooo grateful when you got a ticket!!

    I hope she is doing a Midnight Sun tour as well… Perhaps I can go to the States then… ! so please πŸ˜€

  12. Wow they sold out in forty five minutes? That’s crazy fast!

    I’d love to be able to go to all these events. Signings…Comic Con, but England is pretty far away!

    I’m just looking forward to the movie premieres if there will be one in London. I’d be able to get there if not America πŸ™‚

  13. Does anybody know how early you should come to the event? I’m sure the lines will be HUGE!

  14. Fo Shizzle says:

    How early you should come to the event depends on the theater I think.

  15. i’m thinking about getting there VERY early morning for NYC
    cause it is first come first serve seating…i mean standing
    it starts at 7 PM, i wanna get there at like 7 AM
    I think I’ll bring a portable DVD player
    and have movie or tv marathons with my friend haha

  16. katie dont worry chicago was a mess and i didnt get tickets either

  17. Maddie Cullen says:

    OMG i wanted to go to the comic con sooo bad too! But oh well I’m just glad that i can go to Seattle……. Isn’t anyone a little confused at the fact that Seattle was the last to sell out, and it’s like a 4 hour drive to Forks… I’m just a little confused because, I thought everyone would go nutz at that one and thats why we tried for Chicago first… Oh well but if anyone has any thoughts on it…

  18. Banana asked if anyone from Canada is going to Seattle…..I am! Taking the bus down from Vernon on the Sunday night before. Luckily I arranged to go into work a bit late, got my ticket right at 10am…..row AA.

  19. I got my tickets! I am so happy, but it is going to be crazy, waiting outside of Nokia Theater, b/c it’s first come first serve….I have no idea at what time I should get there! It starts at 7, what time should I get there? Oh, and the stupid tickets cost 8 dollars more due to convince charges….

  20. Chicago was craaaazzzzyyyy. I’m lucky to have gotten tickets.

  21. Geesh! This is crazy. Good thing I sat with the computer on the LA ticketmaster page refreshing it till 10:00 when it finally opened. Is anyone else going to LA?

    Any of you lexiconers message me so that we can see if we can say hi to each other or something before or after the book signing!

  22. And my dad didn’t believe me when I told him the tickets would be gone in a matter of hours. Hah.
    We’re still going to try to get tickets for the Chicago event some other way, but that was INSANE. The website and phone lines were clogged for two hours straight!

  23. GAHHH im so mad!! i tried calling for the chicago tickets about 20 times and i couldnt get through!!! please please please ANYONE with at least one extra ticket to chicago email me at samantha_kulinski12@hotmail.com!!

  24. ohohohohohhh!

    ELLE!!!!!!! :

    i saw your comment about a possible chicago ticket!! i need that ticket so bad i tried so hard for tickets i was frantic and i had a wedding that i was at and wow im frantic right now but i call dibs on it please!!!

  25. stupid shiny volvo driver says:

    THANK YOU SOM MUCH FOR POSTING THIS!!!! Katwomankath was online and on the phone along with her wonderful hubby for 4 hours trying to get through to buy 20 tickets for a group of So. Cal. ladies the second the tickets went on sale. She was only able to buy 3. We were disappointed at how unprepared Ticketmaster was for this event. Syn happened to see your post and skyped Ouisa, who yahoo’d Somethingblue, who called me on the phone and all three of us were able to purchase 16 tickets in the spam of about 5 minutes!!!! You can imagine how happy we are that so many of us will be attending this special event together!!! Once again… THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!

  26. Hey, I didn’t get a ticket either and first I was sad about it, but now I’m kinda relieved. I mean, sure, it would have been awesome x 10 to meet Stephenie – my idol! – and see Blue October live, but a lot of you seem to be forgetting the fact that iClips will be broadcasting 2 of the cities LIVE and probably in high definition, hopefully. And it is free and we don’t have to camp out 14 hours before the actual event begins.
    Who knows, maybe I’m just bitter lol for not getting a ticket, but us non-ticketers have it pretty good. We get to watch the entire event as it is taking place from the comfort of our own homes.
    So no more complaining! =/ We’ve got it pretty good.. ;]

  27. Thank you so much for that shout out!!
    I got a ticket for my friend now, and she’s so happy!!

    Thank you sooo much guys!!
    You rock!!!

    Yaat im so happy im gonna meet stephenie meyeer!!!

  28. Oh my Chicago was such a mess. I went to the Harris site and it wasnt working and I knew it was pointless calling cus I had 5 friends trying to get tickets for me so I just kept on refreshing the site. And when it worked THERE WAS NO LINK to buy the tickets so I didnt know what to do and then finally at like 1:50 there was a link to buy the tickets and I did it quickly and I got 4th row in the center!

    I feel really bad for a lot of people though cus I know so many that were on the Harris site like an hour before they even sold and they werent even able to get tickets. I bought my ticket and like 5 min later people said they were sold out. =(

  29. HEy I know what y’all mean by the LA ticketmaster suddenly getting tickets…No joke, my friend and i called ticket master and checked the site every four minutes. On the 15th try, we refreshed the page AGAIN and suddenly two tickets were up for sale. I saw on another blog that people have gotten the tickets and then sold them back to ticketmaster (doing the honest thing instead of scalping them) so that a few popped up late last night. I am sitting on row F orchestra front right. Anyone close?

  30. Colleen says:

    My cousin bought my ticket for me at the Chicago one, so I don’t know how much trouble she had. I can only assume she got it very easily because we’re only 20 rows back in the center. I’m so excited and I feel bad for all of you who didn’t get tickets. I only hope that they have the cast of the movie be on tour. That would be amazing and I think I would die. But so you guys know, iclip.com is broadcasting the entire L.A. event so at least you’ll get to see it.

  31. stephanie/ twilighter32494 says:

    even though i don’t get to go cuz i live in florida…im very happy to heard that tickets are being sold out!!!

  32. stephanie/ twilighter32494 says:

    don’t forget to watch my video!!!

    please help me out and spread the news!!

  33. PensiveAlice says:

    Ah…you guys are all so lucky ='[
    I finally convinced my mom to let me and my friends go to the nyc one and then i check back and find out that tickets are all sold out…it sux
    The tickets got sold out so early…Stephenie has so many loyal, die-hard fans :DDD

  34. Indiangurl077 says:

    I went on ticketmaster a litttle before 10. I was waiting until the tickets went on sale for LA. I ended up buying the first ones that came up. Then after I already brought the tickets I went back to see if I could get better tickets. I ended up buying two sets of tickets! I realized the first ones I brought were better tickets. So I called ticketmaster and returned the second set! I ended up getting Right Orchestra row M.

  35. Hey, If anyone is selling Chicago tickets PLEASE email me!!

  36. Christina says:

    Heads up for anyone out there who is willing to pay well over the price, there are a number of places like StubHub,Tickettriangle, ticketliquidator, and TicketNow that have tickets available in all locations. Unfortunately the price for those tickets are too costly for me; im looking for some in New York and like many of you was short of a few minutes πŸ™

    Good Luck to everyone and keep the faith

  37. OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I’m SO sorry to those of you who couldn’t get tickets!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Luckily my friend was on ticketmaster and kept refeshing the page non stop, so we were able to get tickets!!!!!!!!!!!!(for Seattle)

    What happened with Chicago???

  38. Okay so i’m a little confused, does anyone know if the tickets are sent by mail? Or do you print them out or something.. okay yeah i’m VERY confused..

  39. I know that I have no chance but I am going to try anyway. I would like any tickets for sale for Chicago. A couple of people I know and I are looking for tickets because we were unable to get through. Please email me at sweetiepie12224@yahoo.com to work out details. Thanks! (I honestly want complain to Harris Theater because they knew they were not going to handle this so they should have figured out a way that would have worked better. They could have done it through Ticketmaster or something because I would have rather paid all their fees than experience no access to their site and not being able to get through on the phone for two hours.)

  40. Colleen says:
  41. So, I have one extra ticket for the breaking dawn concert series in L.A. on August 7, if you want to buy it from me for 25 bucks, email me cookjen3@isu.edu, the first to email me is the one i’ll take, thnx!

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