Ticket Trade Thread


Thanks to Dusty for the quick spotting.

Well, realizing that people may have extra tickets and people may need tickets, it seemed like a good idea to set up this thread. We did this last year and it worked out at EProm.

If you need tickets, and I’m sure a lot of people do need tickets, please don’t post a request here because honestly the thread will just get really cluttered and no one will be able to find anything. So keep a lookout on the thread we just linked and see if someone is offering something you need.

For legal reasons, I have to state that the Lexicon assumes no responisbility for these deals. We are not endorsing anyone posting a ticket. This is a strictly at your own risk venture.  We do need to ask that you refrain from posting any personal information and save your contact details for PMs once someone is interested in your tickets.  Any personal information found in the thread will be deleted.  And please, no scalping!  We all know the tickets were $20 plus a handling fee.  The Lexicon can not support anyone wanting to sell their tickets for $100 to make some money.

As far as we can tell, the NYC and LA events sold out within 45 minutes of being offered to the general public. Seattle lasted for a couple of hours. And frankly, we’re not exactly sure what the heck happened in Chicago. Near as we can figure the website to the Harris Theater went down moments before the sale time, and their phone lines were then clogged with frantic buyers. Occasionally people got through via phone and Internet, but we can’t determine when it sold out or even if it did with 100% certainty (although we expect it did). We now have reliable confirmation. Chicago is sold out.


  1. Seth posted on stephenie’s site that NY, LA and Chicago are all sold out but that Seattle still has tickets.

  2. Clover Madison says:

    Chicago for sure has sold out hours ago. Ha ha I’ve been trying to get tickets all day and when I finally got through they were gone. It was a HUGE mess.

  3. Alunamai says:

    Yeah… Chicago is sold out.. I knew i should have just gone down town to get my tickets… I knew i should have… but no… i listen to my mom and have my dad get them…. and he was unsuccessful…

  4. Alunamai says:

    OH! and if anyone has two tickets for chicago… that they don’t need… I’ll pay for them… but i can only pay 25 a piece… and i wouldnt have the money again till next saturday… or the week after that… please! help me out…

  5. Cassandra says:

    Chicago WAS a HUGE mess. !!!

  6. Melz Syndrome says:

    New York’s were going in like..NO TIME.

  7. Do you think there will be another signing for Midnight Sun?

  8. Stephanie says:

    I’d be sad and disappointed if there wasn’t

  9. “And frankly, weÒ€ℒre not exactly sure what the heck happened in Chicago”


    I just loved how you phrased that.

  10. Yeah, tickets were $20, but when it was all said and done, it was $31 something (for seattle) A bit more than I was expecting because I bought two. But it’s worth it.

  11. Everyone who doesn’t have a ticket should talk through these comments.
    Everyone with tickets LEAVE! FORCES OF EVIL!

  12. yeah, chicago.
    that ticket site wouldn’t load for two hours after we refreshed at EXACTLY noon.

    i am crushed.

  13. mary ann says:

    At 5:25 PDT there were still some Seattle tickets. Very high in the balcony but tickets just the same. It would be worth trying.

  14. CHICAGO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Alice Freak mapquested it for me and it only takes like an hour and 25 minutes!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Too bad i don’t have a chance to go… πŸ™ πŸ™ πŸ™ πŸ™ πŸ™ πŸ™

  15. Yay I get to go!!! Sorry to those who can’t. I wish everyone could see her.
    Spread the Love.
    Sorry Hippie moment!!

  16. Is anyone from Canada going to the Seattle one? I don’t wanna be the only Canadian besides my best friend!!

  17. Rise-

    I know I got two tickets!! And in the end it was 63 dollars!! What’s up with that? That’s 11.50 extra per ticket! Sorry math freak

  18. Rise and Edwards Singer-

    I bought 2 tickets for te NYC one and it all came to $61. But think of it this way. That extra $10 per ticket helped pay for a site that DIDN’T crash while you were trying to get tickets. Ticketmaster was able to handle all of the people. Poor Chicago couldn’t. I say it’s worth it.

  19. Edwards Singer and Rise-

    the extra cost comes from shipping (if you needed them to be sent to you) and if you got the refund insurance (which is the thing that will–if you unexpectedly can’t go–refund your money for the ticket(s) you bought. Hope that helps…

    man, i was so stressed when i was trying to buy tickets to see the NY show. My computer disconnected from the internet 3 times before i could get through to buy. You should’ve seen me and my sister–i got her to help me try and buy– and i was basically ripping her corndog that she was eating to try and make her concentrate on getting tickets. yeah….i’m kinda weird like that when it comes to twilight. The good news is that she was able to finish her cornddog without much injury and i did get my ticket πŸ™‚

  20. I hate you people.
    Oh well :]
    I already met Stephenie. PWNAGE. She called me awesome and laughed because I told her Sam’s wife makes good muffins.
    I went braindead. I couldn’t think of anything else to say.

  21. This is one of those times I HATE living in Houston, TX.

  22. I’m so bummed another site found a hack into the chicago website that would load and they were able to get tickets through it. I am so sick that I didn’t look at it earlier.

  23. Maddie Cullen says:

    OMG my mother and i sat there on the computer refreshing the page over and over and calling harris theatre non-stop for an hour and a half… and NOTHIN! … and i thought WOW well that was a waste of time… then we went to see how much plane tickets to seattle were and we got two tickets in less than 5 minutes. I was Soooooo HAPPY! …but now i have to find a way to make 400 bucks before August… joy

    …anything would be worth it though.

    It’s gonna be awesome! And i hope i can meet some cool people!

  24. Katiedid says:

    Um Chicago was the worst. I think I tried calling 100 times and the site wouldn’t work and it was horrible. Now when August 5th comes around I’ll be sitting at homes crying. Woe me

  25. question:
    did people in LA, Seattle, and Chicago get specific seats?
    Cause with my NYC tickets, it says “null”. there is no seat number.
    Does that mean NYC is first come first serve with the seating?
    someone answer peez =D

  26. oh wait i just looked at the seating chart
    and it says all standing
    does that mean…WE HAVE TO STAND THE WHOLE TIME
    boy would that suck

  27. I believe I did hear that you have to stand for the NYC event.

  28. Sandy-

    There is no seating at NYC. It is a standing only show.

  29. Maddie Cullen says:

    I got numbers on mine… i guess that doesn’t really help u though sorry πŸ™

  30. Maddie Cullen says:

    Oh Dang you guys have to stand the WHOLE time… now i really feel like sorry πŸ™ that sux for u guys… Now i feel like a total jerk

  31. Ya I don’t really want to think about the fact that I have to stand the whole time… although I would have just spent 4 hours on a train…. So I suppose it would be good for me lol. And that most likely means pictures would come out with people’s heads in them.

  32. oh poo…so i’m guessing i should get there 2 days early so i can be in the front and then sit on the floor lol
    actually no it isnt funny…cause that probably is gonna end up happening…oy vey
    i still love all you twilighters =D)

  33. Haha..yeah chicago was a mess…my mom and I sat there and called for over an hour. I was using 3 different phones at once and my mom kept trying to find a different link for the harris theater. She even stumbled across a site that was selling the tickets for over 300 bucks…she was like “we are not paying that much for just two tickets”…it’s funny cause she actually didn’t believe me when I said the tickets would sell out really fast. Eventually an automated voice answered and we got put on hold for a long time. Then an actual guy answered and gave me two tickets!! God, I’m so grateful!

  34. I couldn’t get my tickets in time and now will be stalking the Ticket Trade thread for NYC tics

  35. Does anyone know if Stephenie is doing more tours for other books after the Breaking Dawn tour?

  36. Chicago was horrible me and my mom were calling for 2hrs and trying to get on the website which had crashed finally i got ahold of the box office only to find out they were sold out i was crushed πŸ™ πŸ™

  37. I just wanted to let everybody know that it’s 7:24 pm here in Sandy Eggo, and I just checked Ticketmaster and they released MORE tickets for the Los Angeles show. I purchased mine, I was a little nervous because it said SOLD OUT….

    Check out Ticketmaster for more tickets to the LA SHOW!

  38. Thank you so much Dusty for letting us know!!! I had an entre group of friends who wanted to go to that one and didn’t manage to get tickets!

  39. thanx ‘dusty’!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!i got my ticket!!!!!!!!yay!

  40. Seattle has the biggest amount of seating out of all of them…2500 people!
    Holy crow, that’s alot.

  41. Maddie Cullen says:

    OMg 2,500???? Poor Stephenie

  42. I need two tickets for L.A. if any would like to sell them i will pay up to 30 dollars a piece.

  43. Wish I could go…

    it sounds amazing. Oh well… have fun everyone!

  44. well it was an experience here in ny i have to have my aunt in front of the computer for two hours to get the ticket, now im so sorry for buy only one i should bought more to give away someone who need it, and the thing is i was waiting for the presale amex give and after half hour later where gone, i call ticket master and they said where sold out in all ready.

  45. priscillaxcullen says:

    Yeah, I have to thank God for this.
    Honestly, I was bawling. I’d been trying to get tickets for 3 hours, calling from 3 different phones, praying that it would work, and nothing. And then my mom decided to try. By her third call she got frustrated and decided to pray. Dude, the guy actually picked up. I was screaming, jumping up and down, laughing, crying, and ultimately thanking God. I was getting really angry because my prayers weren’t working, but my mom definitely has more.. hm, faith? No.. like.. fire in her. Mhmm. So I have 2 tickets for Chicago, and I’m so excited! They’re in the middle of the main floor. kinda off to the right side. Gah! God is amazing πŸ™‚

  46. Maddie Cullen says:

    OME priscilla i did the same thing except we were sure they ran out so we decided to get them for seattle and i was SO thankful

  47. xing wang says:

    no one happens to have seat G16 OR G22 in the upper balcony would they?
    i have G18 and G20
    i kinda wanna know who’s by be…lol

  48. Maddie Cullen says:

    In which city xing wang?

  49. Anyone have seat M8 or M10, (LA) I got M9 and I wanna know who I’m sitting by… I was sitting in front of the screen at 9:45 AM constantly checking to see if they’d put them online early. I got a pretty dang good seat. I’m so happy!!!!

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