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Twilight Series Theories has conducted a podcast interview with actor Solomon Trimble cast as Sam in the Twilight movie.  See our actor interiews page for the new link and any other interview you may have missed these past months.


Daily Motion has uploaded a French-Canadian version of the Twilight trailer.   Thanks to Ali for the notification.



Mike/Mike has updated his MySpace log with a huge shout out to some international fans who have put together a new Michael Welch fan site!  Check it out!



Locus Magazine raves about Stephenie Meyers "Best Seller List" domination.


Jed from The Movie Fanatic asks you to vote for your favorite actresses!  Go show Kristen Stewart your support!


The Indiana Gazette talks Twilight and the merge into Adult literature with the Host.

 The Little Brown website dedicated to the Twilight Saga has posted a list of exciting titles coming our way this fall.



And finally this evening, we stumbled across a hilarious blog dedicated to the many LDS (Mormon) fans of the Twilight Saga out there…and their husbands.  The Normal Mormon Husband talks Twilight for Dummies and Totally Desperate Mormon Guys.


  1. twliunatic says:

    first comment! do you have to have a myspace to view other peoples?

    It depends on the setting that people have chosen for their MySpaces. Sometimes yes, sometimes no.

  2. vote twilight cast says:
  3. Isabella Black says:

    COME ON, VVVOOOOOOOTTTTTTTTTTEEEE!!!!!!!!!!! lets goooooooo!!!!!!

  4. VampGirl says:

    YEAH, COME ON VOTE!!!!! ๐Ÿ™‚


  6. Enough with the Portriat magazine comments. We are not linking to a site that has had trouble with pornographic pop ups. Period. ~Cocoa

  7. Natasha says:

    I like the voice of Edward in the French-Canadian trailer! It’s perfect.

  8. I don’t think you can vote for Kristen on that one site =[

  9. ShannyKay says:

    The link to the “Twilight for Dummies and Totally Desperate Mormon Guys” isn’t working. It sends to the Indiana Gazzette.

  10. Crystal says:

    nikki reed is also in the running for the top 30 on the movie fanatic top acctresses thing

  11. Arianne says:

    i live in quebec, so i know what bad french dubbing is, and i usually hate it
    but those voices are almost as good as the originals
    except for emmett, of course, he just sounds funny

  12. Cool!! Twilight in french!! I thank god I took french this year!!
    even though I only understood half of it…XD

  13. Twilight Guy updated today with a very touching story!

  14. VampGirl says:

    WOOOOW, KRISTEN STUART IS BEATING EVERYONE IN THE POLLS!!!! But ppl who aren’t twilight fanz r making really rude comments bcuz soooo many ppl r commenting on Kristen… They’re just jealous that there fave actresses rn’t winning. Oh well….. ๐Ÿ™‚

  15. Isabella Black says:

    Sry, Cocoa. I didn’t know about those popups… sry… ๐Ÿ™

  16. Melissa says:

    is the last link working for anyone?
    i keep getting the indiana gazette story…

  17. that trailer was cool….all those years of french finally came in use

  18. Ok, tMF link to poll and the LDS Blog link are both fixed. Sorry about that.

  19. Holy cow, Edward speaking French. *thud*

  20. understatement says:

    everyone vote 4 kristen AND nikki reed in the 30 under 30 thing!!!! theyre both in it!!!! :]

  21. HAHAHAHA that Morman guy thing is hilarious!

  22. ShannyKay says:

    Yes that Mormon Husband thing made me laugh VERY hard. I LOVED the first comment by Sandy that came after the blog! HAHA

  23. stephanie/ twilighter32494 says:

    WOOT! about the french twilight trailer:
    very nice!!! the voices they used we soo sexy lol
    but ya it sounded very nice.
    …. AND for cocoa’s sake, i will not say anything about the voting thing…..
    soooo watch my YOUTUBE VIDEO PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  24. Edwardlover says:

    The mormon guy thing was hilarious! I was laughing for like 10 minutes after I finished reading it.

  25. eager 4 eternal damnation says:

    ok – i know this is completely off-topic, but i was on and there’s a picture of rob there at rihanna’s party – and if you go to their gallery and enlarge the picture, it looks like (and this is just what i think) rob has a piercing on his upper right ear!!

    i mean i know its not anything surprising or anything – but anything new about spunk is exciting news….LOL

  26. so does that mean, that I’m going to end up with no money and 5 copies of twilight by the end of this year..i want all the stuff…ahhhhhhh!

  27. Wow! Loved the movie trailer in French. You may not understand all the French but you definitely feel the chemistry.

  28. 1luvedward says:

    The french dubbing wasn’t that bad…
    This coming from a french-canadian living in Quebec who refuses to watch any english movie dubbed in french because it’s just weird…
    But it wasn’t bad…
    Better then I expected… At least it didnt sound like Justin Timberlake’s Quรƒยฉbec accent in “The Love Guru” (the accent is pretty good and accurate for an american (I was actually impressed) but if Edward sounded like that…. no thanks)

  29. I’m german but the french trailer has much better voices than the german ones… I can’t speak french but I was in paris and know how french sounds normally so… it’s not that bad!

  30. I’m listening to the Solomon Trimble interview now – and it’s his birthday today! HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Solomon! ๐Ÿ™‚

  31. some guy on the twilight for dummies thing said something about people from the UK haveing problems. slightly offended!

  32. The French-Canadian trailer….the voices are not superb and they do not follow the actor’s lips.

    hmm wonder for who I’ll vote?

  33. I laughed so hard at the LDS guy thing. Being LDS myself, I got a real kick out of all the jokes he put in there that by being LDS you get. Although I would just like to say that our guys have awesome superpowers too, besides the tie thing.

  34. Cassandra says:

    I already own all the twilight books(2 eclipse books) and then they go and do something cool with the books like including a movie poster, ribbon bookmarks, and all this other cool stuff.


  35. i love how 92.9 percent of the votes on tMF are for kristen. (:

  36. I HATE the French version of the trailer! I am French, and trust me, it’s the same crappy voices (ie dubbing actors), translation and misplaced tone we’ve been getting since the 70s! No improvement whatsoever! When are the French dubbing companies going to realize that nobody actually speaks like their actors do? At the end of the trailer, when Edward says “you really shouldn’t have said that!”, with malice in his voice, the French version makes him sound serious and depressed, like “you shouldn’t have said that…now watch me as I kill myself”. To the rest of you guys, Edward and Bella may sound sexy with French voices, but trust me, they sound the same in French as Baywatch characters! Same tone, same Charlie’s Angels way of speaking, ugh! Anyway, thanks for letting me vent…

  37. Viola_team_warm_and_fuzzy! says:

    Rofl to the Mormon guy blog! Bravo! CS Lewis ahahahha…

  38. brianna says:

    The mormon guy one was Hilarious!! being LDS i understand those jokes. i think mormon guys have super cool powers too! missionaries rock! i think it was cool how he said ‘sister meyer’ instead of ms or stephanie!! i have a funny story. i was at mutual and one of mly YW leaders had just finished all three books and her husband just came inside during the winter and they were saying fam prayers and wehn they were done she said ” you should get cold more often…it’s sexy!!” i was laughing so hard! and then for halloween she made him dress up as a vampire! ha ha!!

  39. Edward's girl says:

    HAHA! That’s hilarious! its so true though…. being cold is sexy!

    I loved the mormon blog thing… it made me laugh so hard.

  40. On the polls on the Movie Fanatic, remember to go to the top 30 list and vote for Nikki Reed as well. She should also get our support!

  41. Woo! So many updates! My favourite was the LDS blog because that guy is definitely right. He was good at leading up to his point and talking about the barbie image, etc. I like how Twilight seems to have made more people accepting of the LDS religion…GO STEPHENIE. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Also, Mike is just….*drools*…Seriously did he just like become a man overnight? He’s got stubble on his face and these really piercing eyes… Who agrees with me?

  42. Tiger Lily says:

    The normal mormon husband blog is hilarious. And not just for mormons, although some jokes might escape you, its really just all around funny. But the He-man thing, the Jack vs. Sawyer & Saied crushes, and the Edward popcycle kiss are cracking me up! I checked his other entries and he has some pretty funny Office/ Simpsons / sports related stuff too. As -Carolyn said: “YAMMCUALLSH (that is the acronym for “You almost made me caugh up a lung laughing so hard). I’m hoping it replaces ROTFL, we’ll see. “

  43. Hey, guys! I”m gonna go look at the LDS blog…but did you notice that Kristin Stewart has 1,999 votes whereas her nearest competitor has 63? Keep voting!

  44. Jenna:
    I totally agree! our Mormon guys got awesome power! Power to the Priesthood! And I LOVE that S.M is LDS! I love the part in there were it talks about how to get a girl to propose to you! hilarious!

  45. i’ve voted for both Kristena and Nikki, and it’s pretty clear that Kristen has won her poll, by miles ๐Ÿ™‚

    French Edward sounds really smooth and perfect, and even though i can’t speak French, he sounds great!

    Solomon is amazing ๐Ÿ™‚

  46. The german trailer is better than the Canadian-French one.


  47. Jane:
    Yay! I’m glad you got my superpower bit. But you know what was even better? The anniversary card! I would die if whenever I’m married my husband wrote that!

  48. I love the lds thingy!! its so funny!! being lds myself I understand all the jokes and stuff!! I love the missionaries!! my cousin just returned from his mission so Im happy hes back!!

  49. Your post Twilight Lexicon » In the news was very interesting when I found it over google on Monday by my search for tiger lily. I have your blog now in my bookmarks and I visit your blog again, soon. Take care.

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