Cullen Crests

Priscillaxcullen has done some digging around and located the jewelry designers who created the Cullen family crests for the film.  These crests are not for sale to the general public yet.  (We will be sure to let you knew when/if they become available for purchase.)  In the mean time stroll on over to the Artisan’s Designs webpage and see up close detailed images of the crests used in the up coming Twilight film.  The are truly spectacular.  

Pictured on the website are Esme’s ring, Rosalie’s pendant, Alice’s choker, and the Cullen boy’s wrist band. 


For those of you asking, Robyn has put together the historic definitions of the symbols contained in the crest.

Lion – Dauntless courage

Hand – Pledge of faith, sincerity, and justice

Shamrock – Perpetuity

Chevron – Protection; Builders or others who have accomplished some work of faithful service


  1. Imagine says:

    I think that’s really cool with all the meanings and stuff. I could handle wearing that around my neck. ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. I think the Cullen boys rockin it on the wrist is kinda hot! I usually dont like accessories on guys but hey, I guess a Cullen could rock a potato sack and get away with it!! Lovin it….

  3. hannah montana says:

    cool…remember to vote for the twilight cast on portrait magazine cause they’re losing ๐Ÿ™

  4. wats the website for portrait magazine we have to vote

  5. i bought the cullen crest wristband.
    i found a website there selling them and they are real too.
    no joke!

  6. elizabeth says:

    yeah i’d definitely buy one and wear it. a lot.

  7. imaginary says:

    joey what’s the website?

  8. OMG!! I totally want one!!!! They are so pretty!! I would really want the choker!!
    I adore chokers!!!

  9. Forksgal says:

    I Love alice’s choker!

  10. It’s not something that “binds the Cullens together in a secret way”.
    It’s something for the movie producers are going to get rich off of. That’s it. End of story.
    Oh, and it’s also a way for wannabe-Twilighters to pretend to be hardcore fans.
    You know, the ones that read the book two weeks ago and don’t even know who anyone is and the only thing they ever say about Twilight is “I LOVE EDWARD!!! LOL!!!”. Yeah those are the ones.

  11. Well… I hope the movie producers get rich… then I can look forward to my 3 sequels.
    I love the Cullen Crest. I love the Cullens… and I have been a Twilight fan a very long time. As far a someone finding the book a couple weeks ago and is claiming Twilight hysteria… I can’t blame them. After I read Twilight.. Well, I was mesmerized after 1 chapter. So.. good for the new Twilighters!

  12. ~*AliceMarieHale*~ says:

    I love the crest. It has shamrocks IRISH!! I’m irish! plus the lion and lions were commonly used for english/british families and i’m part english to! AH! I love it its so cool how some characters have wrist bands the others ring and others tattoos! I love it! I cant wait to see alice’s tattoo of the Cullen crest.

  13. well its better to bring new fans in to make more $$$$

  14. I would totally get the choker, or the bracelet. LOL I want it soo bad!

  15. eager 4 eternal damnation says:

    umm….i just wanted to make a plea to the administrators of this site – please put up the website for potrait magazine and ask all twilight fans to vote. untill about 2 weeks ago, the twilight cast was beating the “Tokio Hotel” by like 2 0r 3 percent, but now they have a lot more votes than us. and the website does not allow us to vote more than once.

  16. ahh i want them!
    i just hope when they go on sale there not pricey

  17. i found a pic of bella wearing edwards jacket and it had the crest on it

  18. Angelica says:

    why do they a family crest? I like though

  19. they all look awesome ๐Ÿ™‚

  20. Hmm, is that the same necklace Alice is wearing in one of the photo’s? The one when its pretty grey, and it looks more like a poster then any of the other pictures. Its the third one from the left on the official movie site.

  21. evfordyce says:

    omg i really really want alices choker or esmes ring!!! it is soo cool!! they have to go on sale!

  22. I’m starting to wonder if Robyn copied the blog I posted on MySpace on 6/17 with the same information. I also interpreted the REAL Cullen family crest and posted the “Twilight Tuesday” video from MTV. So go check it out!

  23. Melissa E., this isn’t a competition, and this information isn’t exclusive to your MySpace page (which I had never visited). In the words of Edward Cullen, “You can Google it,” which many Twilighters did as well as me. But just to set your mind at ease, you can check the comments on Twilight Series Theories to see that I also posted this information on 6/17 at 9:53 AM, which is before your 10:50 PM blog post. Sorry I couldn’t be caught red-handed. =)

  24. Hannah, I completely agree. I hate those people. I know it’s mean, but I can’t stand it. Sometimes I think the only sane-but-insane fans of Twilight are the ones here. Does that make sense?

    I answer questions all the time on Yahoo! Answers in the Books and Authors section, and I can promise you that right now, whenever right now is for you, even if it’s five or more hours from the time I’m writing this, there will be a couple Twilight related questions on Y!A in the Books & Authors section. And they’re all about “Edward or Jacob?” or “OME EDWARD CULLEN” and half of them aren’t actual questions. They don’t know it, but this is the *cool* place to like Twilight, haha.

    I say I want a Cullen Crest thing now, but I won’t want it when I see the prices, I can promise you that. I’d rather go to or and get a bag or coffe cup (I found this really funny one that said “Well it’s no irritable grizzly” in it and I laughed SO hard, it was hilarious) that I’ll actually use. And look cool with. XD

  25. I like the Twilight merchandise that says things that only true fans of Twilight would understand at first glance. Things that you wouldn’t get if you haven’t read the books at least three times.

  26. Heather says:

    I would love any sort of ring! I would totally buy it! I’m going to be “that” fan that buys all sorts of movie merchandise….. *blush*…. I just can’t help it! And I totally want Bella’s ring, too! ESPECIALLY since Stephenie herself helped design it and made it what she imagined.

  27. Shelley says:

    Hannah I do have to disagree with you. Yes, anything related to twilight is going to be marketable but if you look at the movie in the sense of real life (even though it is far from it) if the Cullens had their pendants and necklaces, well, it would be their own thing, their secret. No one should be looked down apon because they desire Twilight related merch. Some of the stuff/designs that people have come up with are pretty spectacular. Also, if the Cullen crest becomes marketable and people are able to afford it then that profit would help towards making the rest of the series(only slightly, very slightly) and will help the artist that design/made the crest. Trust me, straving artists need all they can get.

  28. sandilynn3 says:

    I love the crest, i think it is a perfect accent to the movie. I also can’t wait until the crest is available to the public…
    To me the crest proves that Catherine and everyone involved are paying attention to details, no matter how small and are really putting all that they have into the movie. Although i’m sure it will be quite different from the book, I still love it and all of the cast, so far everything is working out great and i cant wait until December gets here!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  29. I want one! It is awsomely cool!

  30. sdfsdfsdf says:

    i have a crest fo sho bizzle

  31. THANK you, Layla. Glad someone agrees.
    Yahoo Answers makes me want to shoot someone.
    I also despise people who say they like the books. I’m like “YOU LIKE THE BOOKS? *LIKE* THEM? GET OUT OF MY HOUSE.” even if we aren’t in my house.
    This is the *cool* place to be a Twilighter, agreed.

  32. Hannah: HAHA indeed. So you’re familiar with Y!A, that’s good. At least my poor explanation wasn’t needed. xp

    And they all claim they LOVE Twilight and they don’t. They only think Edward/Jacob is hot, and that’s really nothing. Left and right they recommend the book even if the person clearly says they don’t want to hear it. It’s chaos, I tell ya.

    I’m alright with people liking or hating the book. To each their own. But it’s those ditzies that scream OME (I hate that saying, why use Edward’s name in vain?) that I just CANNOT stand. They’re also the ones who have read the books two weeks ago yet claim “Twilight is their Bible.” Please. Jump off a cliff or something…

  33. clarissa says:

    OMG I HATE THIS!!!! CAN YOU SCREW UP THE BOOK ANYMORE!!! i dont even want to see the movie its junna like ruin my image of the book!!!

  34. I absolutely hate OME. I prefer OC [Oh Carlisle]. It’s much more polite. I just hate people who never read Twilight and claim they hate it. Those people usually end up reading Twilight and claiming their eternal love for the book just because its becoming a movie, even though they used to say they hated it.
    Yahoo Answers is annoying. At the bottom of every page in the related questions, it will say something about Twilight. Usually Edward or some stupid question only a Twilighter would know the answer to.

  35. OMG it is the most beautiful thing in the world…I have to get one when they come out!!!

  36. I cant find the dang page with the crests on it!!

  37. I can’t wait till it comes out so I can buy it! ๐Ÿ˜€

  38. You’re all pathetic.

  39. OMG! I sooooooooooooooooooooooooo love Esme’s ring! Hopefully it will become available to the public by my next birthday. Alice’s choker is cool too, but I just love Esme’s ring!

  40. this is really nice i love it ๐Ÿ˜€

  41. I absolutely positively love the choker… if they sold it i would so buy it!! i think its a great idea and i love it!! ๐Ÿ™‚

  42. sailork13 says:

    I was looking around the web and you can already get jewlery with the cullen crest. One of the websites that I found with the best selection and widest varieties of prices was thats where I am going to buy a pendent necklace with the crest on it. I cant wait to get it!

  43. sailork13 says:

    oops I made a mistake the wesite is actually sorry for the mix up!

    When they start selling them to the public, I am most definitely going to get one.

  45. OME!!!!!!! I NEED ONE!!!!!!! I WANT ONE!!!! XD




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