Cullen Crests

Priscillaxcullen has done some digging around and located the jewelry designers who created the Cullen family crests for the film.  These crests are not for sale to the general public yet.  (We will be sure to let you knew when/if they become available for purchase.)  In the mean time stroll on over to the Artisan’s Designs webpage and see up close detailed images of the crests used in the up coming Twilight film.  The are truly spectacular.  

Pictured on the website are Esme’s ring, Rosalie’s pendant, Alice’s choker, and the Cullen boy’s wrist band. 


For those of you asking, Robyn has put together the historic definitions of the symbols contained in the crest.

Lion – Dauntless courage

Hand – Pledge of faith, sincerity, and justice

Shamrock – Perpetuity

Chevron – Protection; Builders or others who have accomplished some work of faithful service


  1. Oh my Edward Cullen, that’s so cool!

    Gimme gimme!

  2. Addicted says

    Hmmmm, I havent really decided what my opinion is of the crest yet.

  3. priscillaxcullen says

    i feel kinda special πŸ˜€

  4. I love the crest, I really want one. I do hope they will make these available to the public as well. And knowing how popular the crest would be, I’m pretty sure it’s only a matter of time until we can all buy one πŸ™‚ *hopes*

  5. woah.
    that rocks. : D
    I want one.

  6. ChristineCullen says

    It looks so awesome! I can’t wait until we can buy something with the crest on it. πŸ˜€

  7. littleyellowporsche says

    I like Esme’s ring!!! Its gold and green! These better be for sale soon!

  8. irishtea says

    I’m really not feeling the crests. I don’t see Edward and Jasper wearing wrist bands.

    • ya well they are. watch the movie.

    • ok, WELL THEY DO!!!!!! i LOVE it!!!!

    • *agree* I could see Alice with the choker, and rosalie with the big necklace, but Carlise being a doctor cant wear rings becuase bacteria would get caught underneath it :3 its just a little thing nobody thinks about.

  9. Michelle says

    I like the idea of the crests and they look good too. But i dont understand how the image on the crest, as in the lion, relates to the cullens…

    • well, if you have read the books, (all of them) you can tell that the cullen family is very courageous!!! the lion means courage… get it now??

  10. I LOVE the Cullen Crests!! I REALLY hope versions of them are up for sale soon!! I’m already dying in anticipation for BD, the movie…and now this!! Ahhh!!

  11. I hope they sell these. I would much rather buy a ring with the crest then bella’s wedding ring. I was not so impressed with that. And I did not think it looked old. But these crest are wonderful.

  12. Au contraire,
    I really really LIKE the crests! That’s totally something Carlisle would do, old family and all that.
    They are elegant but powerful, it gives the movie that extra detail.
    I don’t think that they will be ‘IN YO’ FACE, HERES MY CULLEN CREST LOL’ in the movie, just a detail that Twilighters know about and something that binds all the Cullens together in a rad secret way. Catherine is genius! LOVE HER!

  13. The Cullen crest is awesome πŸ˜€ I absolutely love Esme’s ring. Gimme gimme πŸ˜›

  14. iluvedward says

    hmm…i wonder what bella’s crest will look like when she turns into a vampire… πŸ˜€

  15. I want a choker like Alice’s! πŸ™‚

  16. googlyeyes says

    The cres is Awsome!!

  17. I LOVE Esme’s ring! I would totally wear it.

    “Gee, I love your ring.”

    “It’s a Cullen crest.”



  18. i want a ring or alices choker or rosalie’s necklace

  19. Cristina says

    Sooo coool!! I hope they have it for sale soon!! and i hope it isnt too expensive!! I would really like Alice’s choker cause i love Alice and chokers! ^-^ and Esme’s ring cause i LOVE LOVE LOVE rings! ^_____^

  20. So question – is Edward’s crest just on a wristband too? Do we know for sure?

  21. AmaranthineSomnium says

    Esme’s ring is lovely. The green and gold contrast is amazing and I just love the symbolism.

  22. eager 4 eternal damnation says

    yes Shelby – edward’s crest is a wrist band. rob has already been seen wearing it while shooting

  23. if these are going to become available…HOPEFULLY THEY WILLL…..i am so getting one! its a must have *SQUEALS WITH EXCITEMENT*

  24. Dancergirl says

    I hope stuff comes on sale soon, I really want Alice’s choker.

  25. “Shamrock for perpetuity”…yeah, NO KIDDING!

  26. brooklyn says

    Robyn Rocks!

  27. Jennifer C. says

    I know some people are questioning the significance of the crest, and if you think about it, Carlisle is from England, and family crests are a big thing over there, so the “Cullen” crest is most likely his family’s crest from way back when he was living in England. So even though it isn’t in the books, I can kinda see where they might have gotten this idea.

  28. TheAbbyNormal says

    I don’t like how they looked up the meanings…Catherine Hardwicke said she’s not really sure if they out it together for meaning.

  29. Edwards singer says

    how cool! the sham rocks fit in perfectly! Perpetuity means a long existence! and thats perfect!

  30. saranicole says

    First of all, I’m just glad I’m not the only person who is a COMPLETE NERD…. looking up the meanings of all the crest symbols…. (I can’t believe I didn’t think of that before! I would have been right on board with Robyn! Nerds RULE!!)

    I was kind of wondering before what the deal was… if they had just put random symbols together or what (I thought the hand at the top was a bit… umm… odd…), but now that I know the means, I think everything makes complete sense. Shamrock for perpetuity… and they each have THREE shamrocks! πŸ™‚

    I think the wristbands are fabulously hilarious. First of all, they’re so WIDE…. they remind me of those 80s wrist sweatband things (that inexplicably became popular again recently). And leather? I find myself asking, “WHEN did the Cullens get these crests?” Because, while the wristband totally fits Emmett, in my mind, I see Edward as more of a… I don’t know… ring… guy, maybe. The wristband just doesn’t seem like him… at all…. Is that just me?

    Rosalie’s gaudy necklace is perfect for her. Alice’s choker should have that frilly stuff on the outside that the others have, I think. I love Esme and Carlisle’s rings. The more I think about it, I think all the Cullens should have rings. But I love the idea.

  31. tusmørke says

    It looks so cool,

  32. saranicole says

    Jennifer–good point about the crest maybe being the ORIGINAL Cullen crest, from way back in England. Although did EVERY family have them, or just the upper class ones? Would a minister’s family have had one? But good thoughts.

    But you HAVE to admit that the wristbands are reminiscent of the 80s… Perhaps they all decided, then, to spread the Cullen-crest love?

  33. Hey, guys, here is a great Stephenie Meyer giveaway!

  34. ahhh i love the crest, it looks so cooll!!
    I’m definitely going to try and by a pendant of it when it comes outtt

  35. I can’t believe someone found this information. That’s awesome. πŸ™‚ thanks for sharing!

  36. Watershock says

    I really like these, it just gives the cullens that much more of a unified, family feel. They are together; a family, not just a coven.
    I love it, how original!

    I think I would purchase esme’s ring, or alice’s choker..

  37. Cassandra says

    well i dont exactly like the wristbands…they look cheap to me.
    Buutttt. i would LOVE Alices Cullen Crest choker. :D.

  38. That is one fabulous design. I’m digging the ring and the choker, though I have to agree, the wristbands look a tad cheap.

  39. sarafromDC says

    I love Esme’s ring, if that came out I would buy it. But I have to agree with the others who said it. The crest is ALOT better the Bella’s engagement ring.

  40. iluvedward says

    ya odnt like them i cant pictrure edward or jasper wearing a wristband

  41. I think its a great idea, it’ll be fun to see people wearing them around. Can’t wait until New Moon to see what they will come up with for a merchandising item for the Pack! Considering Carlisle’s background – a family crest they wear seems fitting. There is also symbolism in the colors, the black background stands for constancy or grief while the silver stands for peace and sincerity.

  42. twilighter says

    i think my favorite is esme’s ring…i like the idea of the cullen crest. symbolizes their strong bond.

    if they make breaking dawn into a movie, i want to see what bella will wear!!

    • cullencrestlover11001 says

      hey twilighter i just found this website and at the moment they are going to make breaking dawn a movie and i think that bella will wear a locket because she gives renesmee a locket in the book.

  43. eager 4 eternal damnation says

    wow – i totally love esme’s ring though – its really cool, and its got a dainty feeling mixed with the awesome look of the crest.
    way to go catherine for thinking of this – great idea.

    and like a few of you mentioned, after reading the book, i wouldnt really imagine edward or jasper or emmett for that matter – wearing a wrist band. but it looks really cool on spunk and jackson and kellan’s wrists – it kinda seems to suit them quite well


  44. twilighter says

    eager 4 eternal damnation:

    thats exactly what i thought about the ring. i think its perfect for esme. its my favorite. rosalie’s pendant suits her personality well also. “not subtle” as nikki reed said.

  45. sillybella says

    not pleased with the wristbands….i was expecting something more…..sophisticated???

    • cullencrestlover11001 says

      they ARE sophisticated!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!DUHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH

  46. I love the Cullen crest. It shows that they truly are a family and not just a coven. I want Esme’s ring so bad! I would totally wear it!

  47. Teehee..I want a cullen crested choker!

  48. I was thinking last night, when I watched the lastest videos from Twilight Tuesdays, how long it would take before the cullen jewelry would become marketable. There is no doubt that it will be something on the market. I mean, look at bella’s bracelet and engagement ring. Now there is something associated with the Cullens. There is just time before we can purchase that ring or necklace.

    Honestly I think I would buy one if the price was reasonable. I think it is neat that Cathrine decided to do that. It makes the Cullens more united and it is their little secret.

    Cathrine seems so cool right now.

    And I’m glad that the symbols actually have a meaning. It is a little sad that the cast didn’t know what they meant, but that is okay because I probably wouldn’t have a clue

  49. This is the coolest thing to come out since the trailer!

  50. JulesCullen says

    Wow, they are beautiful. And they can be beautiful without needing to know that it’s a Cullen Crest. Does anyone have an estimate on how much it might cost?