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Busted caught up with various people at the wrap party for the Twilight movie.




Kaleb, The Twilight Guy, has moved into the Cullen’s house. At this new speed he’ll soon be ready for New Moon.


Mike "Mr. Twi-Hard" Welch has new headshots up on indie film.  Pop over, take a look then tell us which one you like best!




Cinematical is premiering a new Twilight Widget for sending E-cards.   (The Ecard Widget is now available on our Official Movie Page.)



A German magazine has an interview with Stephenie regarding The Twilight Saga and The Host.  We have a link to a loose Babel Fish translation, and a few better quotes from CéliAmbre, who gave us the original heads up.

"S Meyer: I can lose myself in endless details and descriptions. My editor is very strict und cuts a lot out. It’s probably good that way, but I often have to cry when something is left out. I am really very thin-skinned." 

S Meyer: "I don’t think violence is needed to write an enthralling story. But it’s not true that my story is as peaceful as everyone always says either. Characters die every time, one was horribly burnt, others are ripped to pieces. I even wrote a scene once, that my editor and my agent censored as too brutal. Because I must admit, when writing, it sometimes is fun to me to torture my characters."


  1. yay, new twilight guy! this made my day!

  2. Michael Welch looks… How do I put it? Handsome? Yeah.

    And also… older. In a good way (great way) though. I think it’s the beard.

    I have a thing for facial hair 😉

  3. I need to actually look at these.

  4. Melz Syndrome says

    Oh god. o_o Mike got..-controls self- quite dashing. xDD He was cute and adorable before..sorta’ like a puppy, but now he definitely looks older. Hehe..I like it. xD

  5. xing wang says

    kaleb is quite wonderful

  6. I LOVE Twilighguy! Seriously, the “How to dress” book and the “dungeon” paragraph at the end just about had me on the floor. I never, ever say this, but LOL!!!

  7. wait… when i click on twilightguy i get the link to that busted thing. is anyone else having this problem??? how come other people that have left comments have seen it???

  8. 6 months until the movie!

  9. almost a bella says

    June 20th is Offical Edward Cullen Day!!!!

  10. really??? why?

  11. hey! just wanted to let you guys know that i saw the twilight trailer while watching “what happens in vegas” and it was so captivating!! 🙂

  12. HAHA, Kaleb never fails to amuse me 😀

  13. almost a bella says

    Jenn: I don’t know , I just decided it a couple weeks ago. June 20th is his birthday.

  14. xingaling says

    quick q… for the edward cullen list, can we send more then 1 reason?

    Yes but uts not garenteed we will use both.  ~Cocoa

  15. hahaha, i love kaleb! he’s so funny and sincere!

  16. Michelle says

    Is June 20th actaully Edwards Birthday? I don’t remember reading that…

  17. Anna Mae says

    ooooh, mike looks very nice in those pictures.
    he looks a lot older, but in a good way, of course. (:

  18. (random fangirl comment starts)

    Ok, so I went watch the pictures again to chose my favourite. It’s hard though… I like them all. 😀 But I think this one is *the one*:

    I don’t know. It’s kinda bizarre. Because he has that angel-like blond hair and baby blue eyes, but THEN we scroll down and see the beard and the… er… well constructed body. 😀 And we’re like ‘Wozzah! Look who decided to show up!’ He’s this mix of innocence and an actual man. And I’m liking every bit of it. xD

    (random fangirl comment over)

    Why yes, I love Kaleb 😀 Best TwilightGuy out there.

    And was I the only one intrigued with the censored scene Stephenie wrote? I wonder on which book it was…

  19. Lizelle T. says

    Twilight Trailer played in WHiV??? OMG
    *mental note- see WHiV*


    my fav pic of Mike was this one

    he’s soo adorable!!

  20. Insomnia says

    LOL! Whoa Stephenie, a little sadistic there, eh? Lol. I guess it is true for wimps like us, we can write about it, but would be too horrified to see it on a big screen. If Twilight was rated R, I wonder if Stephenie would be too scared to see her own movie, lol.


  22. Um..My favorite Micheal pic would be the 8th one where he’s in the drak blue button down shirt.. yeah anyways I love the TwilightGuy blog it’s just so awesome and he’s really getting it..

  23. Oh, my. If not for that last pic, I wouldn’t have identified that as Mike! The pose in the last one was reminiscent of the one we know so well^_^

    Stephenie likes torturing her characters? Well, we never would’ve guessed that after all the agony Jacob’s been through -_-‘ I am curious about the censored scene- too violent? Any chance we could learn at least /what/ it was about, to fill in the action for ourselves?

  24. whoa whoa whoa! Our Mike looks all manly. Hahah. It’s hard to choose but my favorite one is:
    Can anyone say sex appeal? Lol. JK. He’ll still be my little puppy-boy, Mike. =]

  25. MIKE!
    I love him!
    I loved all the pictures. It’s true. He makes me feel all warm

  26. i cant belive im saying this but a human just dazzled me! he was so hot go mike!

  27. Michael Welch looks very handsome with a close shave! He’s So cute!!!!

    Stephenie wrote a wild violence scene. WOW! She sometimes likes to torture her characters. Double WOW! (I should try that with my own characters….Well at least the one’s I don’t like) Hahaha Stephenie too brutal! That one’s new!

  28. Chell-pattz says

    OMG! DAMN… Mike ‘welch Looks soo sexy..Oooohhh Lordy, Now I hat e that Bella doesn’t like him cuz he’s really good looking and adorable..The beard looks good on him!

  29. I want to read this “too brutal” scene! Sounds interesting! Steph likes to torture her characters. hehe. And about the burning was that like vamps get ripped and burned or someone else gets burned?

  30. Is it just me or did Mike gain a little weight? O well! Who cares?? I still love him! And he looks good! I can’t choose but I like the whole facial hair thing. That’s pretty sexy.

  31. Quixotickvinne says

    I like the facial hair alot.
    He looks adorable and sexy.
    Baby-faced Newton is no more!

  32. Wow, finally there’s an article about Stephenie in a german magazine!! xD ..And they even mention the movie!! 😀
    I’ll have to buy it! =)

  33. THE twilighter. says

    I love the interview with stephenie. :]
    love her.

  34. I love the Mike pictures. I have to say that the 10th one down the list was my favorite. ^_^

  35. All the pictures of Mike were hot! 🙂

    Emmett/Kellan is the coolest Cullen ever…

    AND, off topic, BUT has anyone listened to Red? A lot of their songs match a LOT of scenes from the books.
    New Moon and Edward is walking away, leaving Bella. From Bella’s perspective:

    “this is how it feels when I ignore the words you spoke to me
    And this is where I lose myself when I keep running away from you
    And this is who I am when, when I don’t know myself anymore
    (One line from Edward)And this is what I choose when it’s all left up to me

    Breathe your life into me
    I can feel you
    I’m falling, falling faster
    Breathe your life into me
    I still need you
    I’m falling, falling
    Breathe into me
    Breathe into me

    And this is how it looks when I am standing on the edge
    And this is how I break apart when I finally hit the ground
    And this is how it hurts when I pretend I don’t feel any pain
    And this is how I disappear when I throw myself away”

  36. little-freak says

    i live in germany and my dad reads “der spiegel” the mirrow in english and so i will be able to read the whole interview. sometimes germany has it’s advantages… 😀

    edwards birthday is two days after mine

  37. the new michael welch pictures my favourites are the ones where hes standing with his hand in his pocket and him in the white shirt… yea 😀

  38. icky vicky says

    News about twilight… What could possibly be better?

  39. Okey, honestly: I wouldn’t say no if Mike would like to come to my bedroom with an unbuttoned shirt..

  40. Hmmm… the photos are all not looking bad… I like the 8th picture most.

    And, I’m German, too. Maybe I’ll buy the “Spiegel” to read everything. Maybe it helps me waiting for Breaking Dawn and Twilight-the movie.

  41. shannon_love says

    I LOVE the second to last one…i think thats best.

  42. Kaleb is so awesome!

    And so is Mike Welch, so amazing!

  43. Great interview. Sure, a lot we already gathered from reading interviews. But the the last lil bit was new – to me alteast. For those of you who don’t speak german, it went something like this:

    SPIEGEL: Do you read books on the computer?

    MEYER: No, I can’t. I do buy them online, but long texts? No, I’m afraid I’ll get blind from that. I’m really afraid of that.

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