Blue October

With the announcement of Stephenie’s Breaking Dawn/Blue October signing tour we have received many questions about this group, most of them asking… "Who is Blue October?" 

I thought I would take a moment to introduce those of you who are unfamiliar with the group to the music of Blue October and its relationship to the Twilight Saga. 

Blue October appeared on Stephenie’s radar for for the first time during the writing of New Moon.  The Sound of Pulling Heaven Down exemplified the happiness that Edward felt in his reunion with the love of his life, Bella, after the traumatic events of the year without her.  The song Hate Me was included with the playlist as an alternative song choice for Edward’s POV as he acts on the heart wrenching decision to leave Bella.  Following the release of New Moon the group had yet another song grace the air waves – a song many Twilight fans were drawn to because of its harmony with chapter 15 in New Moon – the chapter we know as Bella’s drowning.  That song was called Into the Ocean.   Never has any other song so paralleled the pain and helplessness of letting go as painted by Into the Ocean, and to this day sits on many Twilight playlists as a favorite. 

With the long awaited release of Eclipse came another wonderful playlist with Blue October again taking a prominent place on that list.  The song Overweight signified the worries that encompassed Jacob’s life.  Just as before yet another Blue October song found its way onto many fans personal Eclipse playlists.  That song was Calling You and when listened to from Edward’s POV you feel the the absolute devotion and joy he has for Bella’s final choice to stay with him…as the song so eloquently states, "I can’t believe you actually picked me."

As you can see, just like Muse, Blue October has been long associated with the series and has been a fan favorite from its chart topping album Foiled to its newest release Foiled for the Last Time.  We are excited to experience this once in a life time book signing event with not only our favorite author, but with an artist who has exemplified so many of our most memorable Twilight moments in song. 

*Edited for Stephenie’s adjustments to the content.


  1. I ADORE Blue October!

  2. ome…How do you not know who BLUE OCTOBER is?!….I LOVE THEM AND THEIR MUSIC!!!

  3. I was a Blue October fan long before I was a Twilight fan and when I was reading the books I could hear the songs in my head. And when I listened to the songs I could picture Edward and Bella and Jacob. Imagine when I read the acknowledgments how excited I was that I thought just a little like Stephenie! So today when I saw this announcement I just about peed myself! I have already made arrangments to fly to LA and see the show. Hope to see you all there!

  4. true_twilighter says:

    OMC!! OME!!!!

  5. VampGirl says:

    Thanx 4 the xplanation, I had no idea who Blue October was. But I like the lyrics, it’s pretty good and they go with the book a lot.

  6. Thanks for the overview! I’ve listened a little to Blue October before, and they have some really good songs. The song I first heard, and which still is my absolute favorite, is “18th Floor Balcony”. It’s so sweet! I actually first saw it used in a Breaking Dawn fanvideo, so I think of Edward and Bella every time I hear it…

    If anyone is interested, here is the BD video I mentioned (and I know it has the wrong actors, I think it was made before most people were cast, but it’s worth watching anyway):

  7. Sara Marie says:

    Thanks for putting this up for us!! I’m so glad that Stephenie edited this. So awesome!

  8. Nope.. not my cup of tea.

  9. rapid_reader says:

    LOL! I love Blue October! I’m going to do whatever it takes to make it to one of those BD events.

    Stine, I absolutely love 18th floor balcony too! And I think Everlasting Friend is great for Bella and Jacobs relationship in New Moon.

  10. Blue October is the thing that won my brother over to come to the signing in Chicago-as much as i try he isn’t much of a reader 😉

  11. MareBear says:


    Man, whoever gets to attend…please have fun for me!

  12. It’s true, just because Stephanie Meyer loves them doesn’t mean that you have to love them also, but when they really make an influence in the book you are writing and me as a fan LOVE that book, and being an intelligent person as I am, I am very curious as to why this group influenced her.


  13. OMFG!!! i love Blue October!! Knew them before I found out about Twilight! Dang, this is sooo freaking awesome!!!!!

  14. vampireadri says:

    Yall should really hear In this twilight by nin

  15. Actually, the album is called ‘Foiled’, not ‘Foil’. It is also not their debut album, just their first one on the charts, I think.

  16. Perrrrty cool.

    (how could people NOT know blue october? even before twilight series?? crazy talk! 😛 )

    but still that kewlllll.

    😀 😀 😀 😀

  17. ljean, I only said that because you were trying so hard to like something just because Stephenie Meyer does. I think that’s kind of dumb. It’s one thing to listen to them and see why and how they influenced her, but it’s another to listen to them and try to make yourself like them. Which is what you said you were doing, really. And I quote: “Ok, I don’t get it. I don’t like them at all, very weird. But if Stephanie likes them I will try to keep listening and make sense of it. So far though, not looking so good!”

    But. I’m sorry if I hurt your feelings or anything, or misunderstood you. I really didn’t mean to.

  18. Hey ppl… i know this isnt the subject were on but i have no idea where else to put it. BUT I NEED TO FIND OUT. On MTV, the most recent update about “Breaking Dawn” was posted on stephainie’s websight… So i watched it and it said that Breaking danw would be her final book of the series. I thought there was suppose to be 5?!!!!!! So please if anyone can tell me weather this is true or not, PLEASE email me as fast as u can at

    lots of thanks

  19. I didn’t know that “Congratulations” was also an inspiration for “Eclipse”! It makes me sad. =( Especially “But now I can’t change your mind (You left me)” Poor Jacob…

  20. Lirael Cullen says:

    YAY! I love Blue October….. can’t believe they’re teaming up! It’s awesome!!

  21. number1fang says:

    okay, so, i’m probably going to get reamed for this one, but i am totally NOT a blue october fan. being an emo and indie girl, i tend to gravitate toward the subtle and more interesting sounds of bands like death cab, straylight run, or onerepublic. when i wanna rock out, i much prefer bands like paramore, head automatica, or butch walker (like the name dropping?) to furstenfeld’s strained and raspy vocals and the band’s generic (yes, i’m sorry, but it’s true) radio sound.

    – HOWEVER –

    i love the books, so anything that inspired stephenie to create such fun and exciting stories is worth a listen. i can’t say that i’ll add the songs to my ipod, but i will most definitely download them to my computer for reference as i read through the books again. AND i do think it’s actually seriously cool that a huge band (i can admit when something is popular) would pair up with an author to do a promotion like this, encouraging a kind of artist to artist respect which is, well, cool. yes, very cool indeed.

  22. I’m Blue October’s #1 Fan so I am so geeked about this. All the time Stephenie talked about the emotions of Muse, I always pictured Blue October so this is incredible to me.

    “Congratulations” always makes me picture Jacob attending Edward and Bella’s wedding.

    “i came to see the light in my best friend
    you seem as happy as you’ve ever been
    my chance at being open was broken and now you’re Mrs. Him”

    “i wanted to give you something
    i’ve been wanting to give to you for years…
    my heart

    my heart… my pain won’t cover up… you left me
    my heart cant take this cover up… you left me

    i cant take this
    i can never take it back
    i can’t change your mind”

  23. Layla, I didn’t try to make myself like them, I just tried to understand and make sense of why Stephanie did. I still don’t like them, but to each his own, and if they helped Stephenie write one of the best books ever than Whoo hoo for them and I hope they keep on singing. Sorry for the misunderstanding, twilight fans should be spreading the love and not being mean. Friends? Hope so!

  24. number1fang says:

    not to spark further controversy, but i’m totally with you, ljean (see previous comment). blue october = thumbs down. stephenie + twilight series = thumbs up. all things balance out in the end. 🙂

  25. Rosemary says:

    I think the audience will pretty much be split 3 ways…

    – fans there to hear Stephanie Meyer explain her brilliance

    – fans there to hear Justin Furstenfeld share his brilliance

    – and fans that keep an open mind and welcome true art in both forms by both messengers

    Either way, it will truly be an unforgettable day for all of us.
    If these artists appreciate and respect each other’s work enough ~ makes you think they would expect no less from their fans?

    I love Blue October. I gave up reading for a while, so I had no clue who this author was. I will take advantage of this tour to go see him perform – BUT – I want to appreciate the entire event. There’s no way I’m going to sit there and not have a clue what she has to offer – that would be a bit silly on my part. So I picked up Twilight yesterday and will read it with an open mind.

    While I am thankful that Blue’s lyrics have helped me along the way, I will say – that they are not for everyone.
    But for those who found them and appreciate their therapeutic value – good for you 🙂

    See you in New York 🙂

  26. Rosemary says:

    I’ve read the books and loved them all – I’m even more excited for Friday’s event! 🙂

  27. not a fan of twilight but i’m a HUGE blue fan.

    it bothers me that justin would sell out like this :/. good publicity but i dont want this amazing band to become famous because of rabid fan girls. lame lame lame

    twilight: thumbs down for being an unoriginal genre & for creating obnoxious fan base
    blue october: huge thumbs up for creative and inspiring lyrics

  28. all new fans are welcome to listen to and appreciate Blue’s music

  29. ok when i finished reading new moon i thouhgt of this song!!! totally trippy. and if you go to and click on any of the book names they have the entire playlists for each book. thats just fyi for anyone who didnt kno:)

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