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With the announcement of Stephenie’s Breaking Dawn/Blue October signing tour we have received many questions about this group, most of them asking… "Who is Blue October?" 

I thought I would take a moment to introduce those of you who are unfamiliar with the group to the music of Blue October and its relationship to the Twilight Saga. 

Blue October appeared on Stephenie’s radar for for the first time during the writing of New Moon.  The Sound of Pulling Heaven Down exemplified the happiness that Edward felt in his reunion with the love of his life, Bella, after the traumatic events of the year without her.  The song Hate Me was included with the playlist as an alternative song choice for Edward’s POV as he acts on the heart wrenching decision to leave Bella.  Following the release of New Moon the group had yet another song grace the air waves – a song many Twilight fans were drawn to because of its harmony with chapter 15 in New Moon – the chapter we know as Bella’s drowning.  That song was called Into the Ocean.   Never has any other song so paralleled the pain and helplessness of letting go as painted by Into the Ocean, and to this day sits on many Twilight playlists as a favorite. 

With the long awaited release of Eclipse came another wonderful playlist with Blue October again taking a prominent place on that list.  The song Overweight signified the worries that encompassed Jacob’s life.  Just as before yet another Blue October song found its way onto many fans personal Eclipse playlists.  That song was Calling You and when listened to from Edward’s POV you feel the the absolute devotion and joy he has for Bella’s final choice to stay with him…as the song so eloquently states, "I can’t believe you actually picked me."

As you can see, just like Muse, Blue October has been long associated with the series and has been a fan favorite from its chart topping album Foiled to its newest release Foiled for the Last Time.  We are excited to experience this once in a life time book signing event with not only our favorite author, but with an artist who has exemplified so many of our most memorable Twilight moments in song. 

*Edited for Stephenie’s adjustments to the content.


  1. NenaCullen says

    Thank you for the exaplanation of the songs and how they relate to the books…*goes to check itunes*

  2. Thank you so much for that.

    “I can’t believe you picked me..”


  3. I love Blue October! Their music is so amazing!

  4. THE twilighter. says

    Thank you! :]
    Hmm maybe their music was a big inspiration for stephenie while she was writing breaking dawn?

  5. WEIRD.

  6. I’ve adored Blue October for a while now, and it makes me really happy to find out my favorite books have a connection to them 😀 Both things helped me put what was my lowest point of last year behind me for good and really truly enjoy this one

  7. But it does fir T\NM\E.

  8. i love blue october! Hate Me and Calling You!! shame i live in england and cant make it!!

  9. Thanks for the explanation.
    But this thing is MOSTLY about Stephenie right?
    I’m not really into there music, so I was just wondering.

  10. Thanks for writing this! I absolutely love Blue October—and now, hopefully more people will discover them.

  11. BLUE OCTOBER IS BEAST! I love them, their songs are great.

  12. Janie - Don't-Call-Me-J.J. says

    I LOVE THE BAND BLUE OCTOBER!!!!! I can’t belive so many people DIDN’T know who Blue October are. That’s sad. :*((((((

  13. I am so going to see Stephenie!!! has a cool interveiw with Stephenie…it’s interesting! 🙂

  14. Blue October is a fantastic band, especially live!! This signing/music tour sounds incredibly interesting. I’m definitely going to try to get a ticket to the LA event. Even if it’s by myself! Though I think my brother might come with as he’s a huge Blue October fan.

  15. I love Blue October too.

    The song Calling You is one of my favorite songs. My hubby loves to leave the cd player in the car on this song so when I turn on the car to go somewhere I hear it. It always put s smile on my face. Like a special little love “note” from him to me…

  16. There’s another song from Blue October’s Foiled album that is on my favorites list. It’s titled Congratulations and the first time I heard it I thought of that day in Biology Class when Edward was trying to make nice, and then all the emotions that come from that encounter. when the songs takes off with “do you want to take a ride with me” I think of the wonderful moments Bella and Edward get to know each other while driving in his car.

    Kudos to Stephenie’s publisits and Blue October for coordinating this incredible idea. I can’t wait to see how it unfolds.

  17. awesome! blue october is pretty tight! im so happy they got on her playlists. i had no idea!

  18. I always think of Overweight as from Jacob’s POV in Eclipse. Go listen again.

    What’s funny is I became completely obsessed with this band during the summer of ’06 and was lucky enough to see them live in Feb ’07 (2nd row!). Then I discovered Twilight in March ’07 and a new obsession began.

    Needless to say, the music of Blue October and this series have really meant alot to me over the past year and a half and the fact that the two are teaming up together? Priceless.

  19. I always knew that hate me would be an awesome new moon song but I didnt know it was on the new playlist or that other people recognized how much those too went together.

    Oh!!! I am listening to hate me right now. Its one of my favorite songs of all time. I think I heard it the summer before last continuously over and over all day every day for a week.

    I am so happy I feel like I did when I first read new moon. I could faint!

  20. urcoolcarrie says

    the song “calling you” is amazing!!! i absolutly love it!!

  21. Kimberley (lupsandtnks) says

    I love Blue October, the lead singers voice is so amazing. Love ‘Hate Me’ and ‘Into the Ocean’. Let it Go is awesome too… I love them all. :):)

  22. La tua Cantante says

    THANKS for letting us know about tha interview with Stephenie on!!!
    It was good!!! I like when whe sais that she doesnt want to give spilers away about Breaking Dawn cause it’s meant to be read like discovering how it goes as you read like how bela would have discoverd whats hapening(or something like that)
    I am also so happy that she said that she is really happy woth how the book ends and she really feels that it is the way it should have ended! How exciting!!!!!!!!!!! I can’t wait to read it!!!

  23. somethingawesomeis here says

    omg i LOVE blue october that is so awesome

  24. Mary Alice Cullen says

    Blue October is my band i love it.
    I like 18th Floor Blacony. It always remines me of Edward and Bella.

  25. Foiled is not their debut album. The Answers from 1998 is. Steph just uses songs off of Foiled, probably because it’s the only one I’ve known to break through to more mainstream media.

  26. Bluemchen says

    i’ve never heard about theme since today!
    and i LOVE it! it’s awesome! really! blue october is one of the best bands i’ve ever heard!!!!!!!!!

  27. I think the words match he sory but the emotions being portrayed in the song is off….
    The music isn’t all that Great!!
    but i like the poetry inside the words

  28. Ah, I see someone else has already pointed out that Foil wasn’t their debut CD.

    I’ve loved Blue October for a while now. My husband and I saw them live on our third or fourth date. “Calling You” is one of our songs.

    And, by the way, definitely check out “Ugly Side” from their CD History for Sale. If that ain’t an Edward song, I don’t know what is. 😉

  29. I love Blue October! I wish that Stephenie Meyer and Blue October were coming to my town. I really got into Blue October when Into the Ocean was being played on the radio, which was likely the beginning of my obsession with dark music. Since then, I’ve progressed to all things dark… Like torturing myself by rereading New Moon again and again!

    Now that I look back at the playlists, Stephenie has an excellent taste in music. I know quite a few of the songs on them. I guess its time to go get some of Muse’s music, since this is the third author I love to suggest Muse.

  30. Yuck. I hate blue october. they are so over played. This really sucks. Why couldn’t it be more interesting than THIS?

  31. It may not be interesting to you, they can’t please everybody. I’m excited 🙂

  32. Caroline says

    Does anybody know exactly what this is?
    Like how long is this ‘concert’ going to be?
    I don’t like Blue October, i just really want to see Stephenie!

  33. RainyForks says

    Umm… I don’t like Blue October. lol.

  34. minireb123 says

    I really like their single “Hate Me” and that was BEFORE twilight! Can you believe it? But I kind of lost touch with their music =P I’m glad you put this explanation up it really helps =]

  35. CullenWannabee says

    wow their songs really do relate to twilight. i really enjoyed hate me, it does remind me of that …antongonizing part in new moon when edward left *sob sob*, and this song does elaborate on what his fellings where when he left!

  36. Ok, I don’t get it. I don’t like them at all, very weird. But if Stephanie likes them I will try to keep listening and make sense of it. So far though, not looking so good!

  37. People seriously don’t know who Blue October is? I love them.

    But FYI, if Stephenie likes them it doesn’t mean you have to, too…coughljeancough.

  38. Stephenie says

    Just two corrections:

    “Hate Me” was the first Blue October song on the New Moon playlist. I later put it with the alternatives because it fit with Edward’s perspective of the scene rather than Bella’s.

    “Overweight” is most definitely a Jacob song.

  39. Caroline says

    stephenie meyer?? was that u!
    I LOVE U!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    crazy rant over

  40. icky vicky says

    O my gosh. I had no idea that the playlist had those artists on it and those songs are all perfect!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 😀 😀 😀

  41. Stephenie says

    Oops, one more correction. “Sound of pulling heaven down” is an Edward song.

  42. I couldn’t believe it when I saw the MTV news today. Right after I finished Twilight, I was sitting in my car and this song (Calling You) came on the radio. The words and angsty melody instantly made me think of Edward and I had to go look up the group. They quickly became my favorite group. LOOOOVE Blue October. Perfect group for Meyer’s books.

  43. Southern Bella says

    I think Blue October is a cool band and all and I think there are some songs that you can associate with TW/NM/EC but I really think that Evanescence and Muse has more songs that relate better. It’s probably just a matter of who they could get to agree to do this and working around schedules. I’m still going to try to get tickets to go to Seattle and see what it’s all about. This is a really cool concept.

  44. Cassandra says

    OME im sooo excited!!!!! I think i might die from overexcitement before August 5th even gets here! i love their voices. They deff got a kewl writing style and all that.

    By the way… Did Stephenie Meyer JUST comment!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  45. I don’t think I’ve heard Blue October before, but considering that I was (and am) a die-hard Muse fan before Twilight, I can safely assume that I will probably like them, since Stephenie’s taste is music is quite close to mine. I’ll give them a try :).

    … too bad Muse isn’t participating in this project *sigh!*…

  46. Cassandra says

    “so stride if you fail atleast you tried
    to keep your aching celebrating wonder making heart alive
    and pride don’t keep it all inside
    don’t keep your aching celebrating wonder making heart alone
    write your own song”
    ——Inner Glow-Blue October.

    this kind of reminded me of Jacob. Cuz he said he had to atleast TRY to keep Bella human. Idk. I could be wrong. But i immediately thought of Jacob when i heard that.

  47. Aitrel Cullen says

    Blue October is a great band, I first heard them in the art room, then was surprised to see them on New Moon’s playlist. Into the Ocean and Hate Me are brilliant. =D

  48. When and Where are these signings and/or where can I go to get more information?!!!

  49. Sound of Pulling Heaven Down is the best song ever! I found it on Stephenie’s site and have listened to it everyday since then- The lyrics are haunting and a perfect fit for the soundtrack to the movie- I can’t wait to hear their new album!! Perfect coupling to make for the Breaking Dawn tour!! Awesome!


  1. […] Erm, no.  Stephenie is just going to four really large venues and which will include a concert with Blue October?  I think?  No one I read has flat out said that’s what it is, but that is the gist I got.  I listened to the songs the Lexicon recommended, and they were just okay.  I understand that Stephenie used them when writing New Moon and Eclipse but I am very picky when it comes to what I add to my playlist.  His music to me sounds so mellow-blah.  I mean if others like it, that’s great.  I’m just not jumping up and down, but I promise I won’t grumble about it not being Muse.  I might consider going to the one in Chicago, and hopefully I can get Amanda or possibly my new Twilighter Briana to go with me. Blogroll […]

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