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Reelz Channel has now worked all the kinks out of their Twilight Guide and would now LOVE to know your thoughts on it.  So head on over, post a comment and let them know what you think of their new Twilight Giude.


He dazzled us with his insightful understanding of Chapter 13, now Kaleb takes on the intimacy of Chapter 14: Mind Over Matter.


We have just recieved word that Jackson Rathbone is Co-Staring in the movie Daze: Vol. Too. Its a comedy that is currently filming and is due out next year.  The best of luck to our Jasper!


Novel Novice, run by a Middle School teacher has chosen her #4 and #3 picks for favorite Twilight website.  I think we can all agree, there is no suprise here, these are two wonderful websites.



Don’t forget to send us those debate topics.  And if you haven’t already head over and read our newest cast interview with Sarah Clarke (Renee) and make a comment. 




  1. Good luck Jackson!

  2. yay jackson!!!! ily!!!!

  3. Evanescence says

    The Reelz thing was funny

    “Furthermore, you should always take great care never to bleed around your vampire for fear of putting him or her over the edge.”

    That made me crack up!

    I think the guide was well made with basic, need to know info for people who have never read Twilight but want to see the movie. Although they will explain everything in the movie, it is still good to go and see it with at least a basic idea of the characters so someone who has never read the books dont just assume everyone is a vampire xD

  4. I truly love Kaleb Nation.
    He is the coolest guy EVER!

  5. eager 4 eternal damnation says

    haha…..the Reelz thing is actually pretty awesome, and funny…LOL
    u guys should go check it out (if you havent already)

  6. Mary Alice Cullen says

    Good Luck Jackson ur going 2 do great!!
    LOVE yeah!

  7. Just wondering, are the tickets for Stephenie’s tour going on sale tommorrow?
    I know it’s random.

  8. twilight guy cracks me up!
    but he’s excellent! he catches things that i didn’t pick up!
    keep up the great work!

  9. wait…
    this is completely random and has nothing to do with the post…
    but is there not going to be a Lauren in the movie?

  10. hehehe. the reelz site is priceless!! 😀
    and kaleb! ome! he is amazing. he is too funny.
    i love him. 😀
    hehehe soo exciting!

  11. If somebody already hasn’t mentioned, there is a wrong date in the reelz character bios. It says Esme was turned in 1895, but she was turned a few years after Edward.
    Yep, just checked on the link here, her dob is 1895 and turned 1921.

  12. The Perks of Being a Vampire
    According to the lore spun by Stephenie Meyer, if your boyfriend has any of the following characteristics, you too may be dating a vampire:

    Appearance: Preternaturally gorgeous.
    Breath: Intoxicating.
    Voice: Angelic.
    Skin: Pale, cold, stony and shimmers like diamonds in the sunlight.
    Eyes: Black when thirsty, lighter when recently fed.
    Reflexes/Speed: Nauseatingly fast.
    Strength: Superhuman.

    And don’t forget, if you’ve got a particularly strong trait or ability as a human, it will probably be amplified when you transform.

    What to Know When Dating the Undead
    Dating a vampire can be a challenge for even the boldest of humans. Sure, they’re beautiful, but that whole ‘wanting to drink your blood’ thing can cause quite a bit of friction in any relationship, especially if you just so happen to be his or her favorite flavor.

    The first thing you should know is that your vampire partner needs to feel confident that he or she has enough restraint not to just kill you while you’re making out. To prevent this, we recommend making sure your vampire has fed on someone/thing else before initiating any physical contact. Of course, you can tell how hungry your vampire is by checking the color of his or her eyes. Initiating contact with a vampire whose eyes have gone black is strongly discouraged. Furthermore, you should always take great care never to bleed around your vampire for fear of putting him or her over the edge.

    Some vampires, however, have learned control over their bloodlust. In this case, kissing may be permissible, although you want to make sure to keep perfectly still so as not to overwhelm them with your tasty scent. Unfortunately, any true physical intimacy is not possible to manage safely.

    Absolutely hilarious! Priceless Reelz Channel, priceless.

  13. By the way… it says it’s being filmed in Vancouver… it’s not, it’s being filmed in Portland.

  14. hey everyone, here’s the website 4 the twilight team on carbon rally. Twilighters 4 a Cause (That isn’t Team Edward/Jacob)

  15. Enough for Forever says

    The reelz thing was cool for the most part (except for Esme’s change date, as mel just informed us) and funny at the end. I looked at the Novel Novice thing, but I never go to any twilight sites but here and Steph’s site, so I was more interested in their “Twilight Theme Song Finalists” if you scroll down a little, its on the right sode of the page. I didn’t listen to them all, but I LOVE “Every Time We Touch” and I think it’s perfect for Twilight!

  16. Its going to be easy to guess # 1 DUH The twilight lexicon

  17. Isn’t it Rosalie that has the perfect human-blood-less record rather than Carlisle?

  18. WHERE”S TWILIGHT TUESDAY!!!?????????????????????
    not that im anxious or anything…….

  19. Twifanatic Amanda says

    I have to go to work now! Nooo! I want to know if SM is coming here XD

  20. I have to go to school and I’m having a heart attak~!

  21. Twilight guy really cracks me up, but i like his comments.You just keep up the good work, looking forward to seeing more from you.
    The reelz stuf was funny,but very informative, i like it
    Now the only thing that’s missing it twilight tuesday,can’t wait

  22. Billy is Charlie’s /fishing/ buddy and tries to warn only /Bella/, not Charlie.

    “you should always take great care never to bleed around your vampire…” Oops.
    “any true physical intimacy is not possible to manage safely” Yeah, but when does Bella care about her own safety? Or anyone on Team Edward, given the chance…

    The humor is totally cute^_^

  23. Glaedr: Carlisle’s the one with the perfect record,but Rosalie’s close. She’s never /drank/ from a human- she just killed her jerk of a fiance and his buddies.


  25. i found it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! stephenies coming to ny!!! im like seriously crying ome yessssssssss!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  26. THE twilighter. says

    twilight tuesday is here!

  27. wait there are 2 mistakes on that!! how do we let them know??!!!

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