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With the success of the count down to the first chapter of Breaking Dawn we have decided to start a Debate forum.  For those fans who are familiar with the Choices thread, Jacob Past-Future, and the Philosophical Musings thread this will be yet another avenue for you to have indepth highly developed conversations.  We will host a topic a week.  Each topic will have its own thread and at the end of that week the thread will be locked and a new thread with a new topic started. 

What we need from you now are debate thread topics not nessasarily theories.  If you are unfamiliar with the style of topic we are looking for check out the threads above before submitting your discussion topic.

Email your debate thread topic to:

EDIT:  We are changing the email address to keep this a bit more organized. No fear if you previously submitted an idea, we have forwarded that email to this new one.


  1. googlyeyes says:

    Sadly this still wont keep me very patient for the release of Breaking Dawn….

  2. Twilighter:):):):):):):):):) says:

    I’m so excited for Breaking Dawn:)

  3. Door Hinge says:

    I looked over the philosophical musings thread, as well as the choices thread. Are the debates going to be based on Breaking Dawn, somehow? How will that work? Maybe they’ll be on a first-chapter-only basis?
    I feel kind of stupid for being unclear on this, but that’s life.

  4. All topics are open for discussion. Though its not a theory debate. It will be debates that stem from themes and situations in the books.

  5. Door Hinge says:

    Ohh, that clarifies nicely. Thank you!
    Now, off to my lair to consider topics. MUAH-HA-HA-HA.

  6. icky vicky says:


    Oh, and sorry, guys and Cocoa for AliceFreak and my theory posted on the “In the News” ( June 8th) article. We were just soooooooooooo excited to share!!!!!!! (and we kinda, sorta forgot were to find the forums… :l )

  7. i have a hard time coming up with theories, but i love to read them!
    this will be so much fun! 😀

  8. Does the Lexicon know if they’ll be able to get any interviews with Bella or Edward? . . . whoops, I mean Kristen or Robert.

  9. JordanaCullenx3 says:

    this is totally random, but ive been on facebook alot lately, and theres this application called flair. its a tackboard and like buy little pins that say stuff that ur into, like sports, favorite bands, favorite places, etc. well, theres like top flair that has been downloaded, and literally 2/3 of that is TWILIGHT STUFF ! theres sooo many, and some hilarious ones, like this whole series of twilight, new moon and eclipse confessions. my favorite: twilight confession #1: I poured glitter on my boyfriend so he would be just like Edward. hahaha. all i can say is GOOD JOB TWILIGHTERRS ! oh and wen u type in harry potter for this thingg like more htan 1/2 are twilight related too. haa. thats so funny. oh and bumper stickers, which are the same thing but not on a tack board and bigger are like totally dominated by twilight stuff.

  10. Thats cool now that its summer i have more time for the message boards!

  11. I think Jacob will imprint

  12. Would Bella be able to visit Charlie and Renee after the first year, if she wears brown contacts? All the others were changed before contacts were an option.


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