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Publishers Weekly announces Breaking Dawn’s record breaking printing announcement.



The Host by Stephenie Meyer is still holding strong at #2 on the New York Times Best Seller list!

The Ottawa Citizen marks the Twilight Series rising popularity among young adult readers.


Another review for the amazing novel "The Host".

The Robert Pattinson Gallery has compiled all the MTV Movie Awards publicity photos in one convenient gallery.   *Please note that most of these pictures are the property major media outlets so please only use these picture for personal use and not web applications.  We don’t want anyone getting sued.


And last but not least, remember those awesome Twilighters who traveled down to the MTV Movie Awards?  Megan, Amanda, and Stephenie sent us a snippet of them getting interviewed by JoBlo.



  1. imaginary says:

    Cool thanks!

  2. Evanescence says:

    Awesome pics! love the video

  3. wow those are great pictures. I love spunk I can’t wait to see him in Twilight! *squee*

  4. Wow thanks ottawa for getting canadian reps out there

  5. wow my stomach totally dropped when I saw the ottawa citizen article….. I live in Ottawa, I read that paper all the time! Finally O-Town gets put on the (twilight) map!

  6. Thanks to you guys who went out there and showed some love!! xoxo

  7. VampGirl says:

    I loooooooooooooove that pic of Robert!!! πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

  8. TwilightLover says:

    Thanks Ottawa for representing all the canadiens out there including me:) I hope that Stephenie sees that we need her. I hope she comes to montreal(in Quebec) if she comes to Canada on her Breaking Dawn Tour:)

  9. Dazzled says:

    I love the video!
    and wowowow that’s a lotta Breaking Dawn!

  10. “Olivia Tran, a Grade 11 student at Hillcrest High School, prefers “long, ambitious novels with a powerful meaning and a mind-blowing plot with likeable, believable characters.”

    Twilight doesn’t fit that description, she admits. Still, she has read the entire “strangely addicting” series.”

    How does Twilight NOT fight that description?
    At over 500 pages featuring strongly developed, compelling characters, many who are vampires and werewolves…
    how is that not long, ambitious, or lacking believeable characters?

    Has that girl bothered to actually read the series?

    I wasn’t too fond of that Ottawa article because it made Twilight out to be rather juvenile, poorly written, light and breezy beach reading. I like to think the books are sightly more significant than that.

  11. Thnx for the news Lexicon! and the video was awesome!

  12. Anna Mae says:

    i must say …
    i am in love with those pictures. (:

  13. 1luvedward says:

    WHOA!!!! The Ottawa Citizen???
    I live in Ottawa!!!
    I thought I was having hallucinations when I saw it on the blog!!!!
    I read that paper all the time!!!!

  14. Claire Ateara says:

    3.2 MILLION COPIES?!?! On the FIRST PRINTING?!?!?!



  15. Yay! Go Ottawa! Much love to my city!

  16. Caroline says:

    Wow, no offense to the people in Ottawa, but that article wasn’t the greatest.
    ‘It’s a combination fan site and middle school confessional.’
    Umm, not all of us who read these books are in middle school
    (Hint: High School grad!)
    and I’m totally with E
    Twilight is all those things mentioned!!

  17. Wow…. Rob looks smokin’ hot in those pictures!

  18. so is spunky completely oblivious to what hes doing? hes giving every girl a rob attack everytime he flashes a smile. its like his look draws people towards him, and then he completely clears your mind when you look at him up close. theres madness to his method.

  19. The pics of Robert and Kristen we so cute….especially the ones where he had his arm around her..anyways 3.2 million copies!!! Woot!!!! Way to show some Twilight/Rob support ladies

  20. eager 4 eternal damnation says:

    honestly – that website has an amazing collection of rob’s pictures – a little cell in my head dies everytime i see his gorgeous face…..

  21. Un-be-lieve-able! I love looking at pictures of him. He’s sooooooo photogenic *sighs* the only thing that would make that picture better is me in it with him. but, sadly, that would take a miracle…*cries*

  22. 51 copies in a library and an average of almost 200 people on the waiting list?!?!
    when i saw that in the ottawa citizen, my jaw literally dropped!
    and i thought it was crazy that my library had 16 holds on the 4 copies of twilight they had. =P

  23. Melody aka dhfreak says:

    LOl.. i am right behind the girl in the middle of that video… lol… with my friend lol…

  24. lol I come out in the vid Im the girl behind the girl in the blue–the one with the pink shirt

  25. Bite-me says:

    WOW, all those Spunk Ransom piccies.
    Makes me feel a lot better (I’m ill atm)

    I’m a little annoyed with the The Ottawa Citizen
    No offense to the Canadian Twilighters.
    But the the article seemed to both slate and praise the series.
    But we cannot force our own opinions on others

    In my eyes, Twilight is all those things they’ve described, and a lot more besides.

    AND WOW!!!!!! to the amount of copies being printed for Breaking Dawn. My city needs more copies. In Borders there were only 5 copies of Eclipse and 6 of New Moon.

  26. Yeah, that Ottawa article was kind of odd… and how it finished:
    “One way of thinking about popular vampire tales is that young readers recognize ‘the simultaneous desire for and fear of becoming vampiric, which, read figuratively, might be the simultaneous desire for and fear of becoming sexually active,’ she says.
    ‘It speaks to their own situation.'”


    i read it last night.
    but it is too bad that they did not talked about the chapters in ottawa though.

  28. oh and the pictures of Rob.. o gawd. in my opinion i do not think that there is another actor or men in general that would look that perfect.

  29. Mmm… That interviewer didn’t have the slightest idea of what Twilight is, had he?

    “Over here we have ‘Robert’, ‘Robert’ and ‘Robert’. Robert who?”

    I mean, come on.

  30. true that^ i think that as an interviewer you must know what the topic is gosh.

  31. that’s a lot of books! πŸ˜›

  32. Thos Twilighter girls were so awkward! haha! But that interviewer guy didn’t have a clue how to interview. Poor girls!

  33. “bite me hard”
    Why did they write that? that creepy biker looking guy who goes Jo Blow? What did they think that meant?

  34. stephanie says:

    To Ellie,
    I’m Stephanie from the video and my friend wrote “Bite me hard” as a tongue and cheek saying….we know what we meant and yes it may be bit suggestive but we at least, thought it was funny. As for the interviewer, yeah had he no clue what we were there for or who Robert was but he was very, very nice to us and what he looks like shouldn’t matter πŸ™‚

    oh and the website he works for isn’t some pervy site, it’s a legit one about entertainment things. just to clear things up

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