Update from Greetings from twilight

Check out the latest update from Greetings From Twilight.  They have some VERY exciting news to share with Twilighters. 

You are definitely going to want to click this link- Comic Con San Diego.

Please Note: If you are planning on attending make sure you get tickets for THURSDAY and there are only one day tickets available at this time.


  1. TwilightLover says

    Yay first comment:) I wanna go!! But I live in Canada so.. I can’t come:(:(:( I really wish I could go!

  2. Oooooh an interesting read…

  3. aww i wanna go
    but i live in maryland so all the way across country

  4. purrple...no really... says

    i lived somewhat near there about a month ago but moved and now its not sooo close… Oh well, i’m still freakishly excited about the movie coming out so no damper on my day…thanks for the info though.lol.

  5. It’s times like these that I wish I had to pay for health care. Boo.

  6. Twilighter Fanpire says

    I wished i lived in San Diego πŸ™ I would LOVE to go!!!

  7. eager 4 eternal damnation says

    yeah – i usually love canada, but its at times like this that i wish i lived in the states, and could tag along everywhere with the twilight cast (specially spunk…LOL)..

  8. OMG thats amazing i wish i could go!!!!!!!!!!
    to bad i live on the stupid east coast
    going to california and meeting the twilight cast would be a great summer vacation however……if only i had the money

  9. They need to organize this kind of stuff in other countries….. *cough* CANADA!

  10. iluvedwardthemostest says

    ome i really wish i could go!! that would b soooooooooo cool!! i mean rob, kristen AND stephenie!! what more could u want?? (besides breaking dawn i mean)!!!

  11. WHYYY doesn’t anyone ever come to the East Coast
    No way I could ever fly to the west coast over the summer ;-;

  12. Why does NOTHING ever happen in the Midwest? (at least, my part of the Midwest.) No Stephenie signings, no Comic Con, no…midnight release parties for movies. Things like that. πŸ™

  13. I wish i could. go…..ughhh..I live on the east coast. all the way across the country =(

  14. butterfly says

    why! why!?? why not in New York City.. -_-;

  15. YAY for once living in san diego is exciting!
    I hope i can go, That will be SO awesome.

    WOO HOO!

  16. i know i really wish they would come to the east coast ….
    we have a big cities too! like NYC or something
    and omg like larua from the mtv video my life would totally be complete if i met spunk!

  17. what is it? i went to the site but could’nt find what everybodys talikng about- just about registration and stuff

  18. Sounds awesome. I hope someone can post a transcript or a summary for those of us who can’t go! πŸ™‚

  19. priscilla says

    People will be posting all the coverage online, right?
    I mean, of course there will be pictures and stuff, but what else? I’ll be in freaking BRAZIL on vacation, so it’s going to suck being so far away from all the excitement. But hey, I’ll be back on July 25th, so… πŸ˜€ Btw, living on the east coast really sucks..




  21. I really wish I was going to visit my uncle who lives in San Diego, but no, I’m stuck in Georgia. Zut.

  22. Melz Syndrome says

    It really kills me..I mean REALLY KILLS ME that I live on the East Coast. -Crying in her mind-

  23. Kimberley says

    If only….

  24. you have to be kidding me! im going there a month to early!!!

  25. Melody aka dhfreak says

    I am so going thank for the heads up … must go buy tickets… lol

  26. Yeah! Already got my 4 day pass! OoOoOoOh I can’t wait to go! Thursday is like least crowded day too. How perfect is that? I missed Stephenie on the Host Tour, but now I get to see her at Comicon!

  27. kristenorkris says

    i live in maryland.
    i’m so sadddd.

  28. noooo!!!! I wanna gooo!!!
    I live in stupid miami where nothing cool ever happens!!!
    I feel depressed….

  29. Dancergirl says

    I would love to go, but I live on the other cost.

  30. WHY do i have to live in Ohio?! WHY?! ugh. i hate the world… XP


    wish i could go…gosh right now i hate that i live in canada…

  32. *big sigh*

    San Diego never seemed so far away.

    That sounds like such an awesome experience… Kristen, Rob, and Stephenie all in one room, signing autographs. I’m sure everyone who can go will have an awesome time.

  33. aww mann, why does it have to be in san diego =[
    i live in new yorkk! If i could i would get plane tickets and fly there to see it!

  34. take me to san diego!

  35. Claire Ateara says


  36. KATIEKAT says

    ahhhh thats amaziong
    too bad i’m east coast

  37. Claire Ateara says

    You know, they had one of this Comic things in New York City, and now there’s one in San Diego – WHAT ABOUT CHICAGO??? It is supposed to be one of the most known cities in the whole world! Why are we left out??? πŸ™

  38. I really wish I could go but I live all the way out in Hawaii so I definitely could not afford it.
    But, thank god, I have a friend who just moved to Anaheim and is willing to go down there just to get pictures and autographs for me.
    Now that’s a good friend, huh?

  39. Christina says

    Shoot, I’m in Canada so unfortunately I can’t go.. =(
    Someone take lots of pictures and/or videos!!!

  40. Claire Ateara says

    Ha! And anyone who likes Maximum Ride, they’re making it into Manga! That was supposedly at the New York one. Just saying… Sorry, this made me think of that πŸ™‚

  41. silverbells says

    i am so jealous of anyone in a 500 mile radius of this! i am all the way in stinkin wisconsin. even if i could go, um, i can’t drive! this is insane. sooooo jealous of yall who can go. gah!

    ugh…san diego is across the country…grrrr

  43. Nicole Loves Edward says

    Why does it have to be on the other side of the country! πŸ™ I wanna see rob and be dazzled!!!!!! :'(

  44. kim_long_pr says

    AWE! I live in Puerto Rico!! I am so far away from San Diego!! What freakin sucks is that i’m going to Chicago in July, I shouldvé gone to California instead!!

  45. kim_long_pr says

    AWE! I live in Puerto Rico!! I am so far away from San Diego!! What freakin sucks is that i’m going to Chicago in July, I should’ve gone to California instead!!

  46. Nicole Loves Edward says

    I forget.. is Stephenie doing a tour from Breaking Dawn? B/c if she is I won’t be TOO sad about missing her… but i still am sad i miss her too… and Kristen…and Cam

    Why doesn’t anything happen in NC? πŸ™

  47. avidreader says

    I really want to go, I am going to be in California during July. But I don’t have anyone to go to the convention with and I don’t wanna go by myself πŸ™

  48. OMG OMG OMG OMG I live TWO hours away, and my dad doesn’t want to drive me there. ahhhhhhhhh i feel like crying. =[[[[[ I really want to go! ughh. =[[[ i’m so sad!! *cries* guys! i wish i could go………NOOOOOOO! I want to go soo bad!!! =[[[ waaaaaaaaaaaa!

  49. stephanie/ twilighter32494 says

    ugh…seriously, all the twilight fans need to live in a state, or 3 to fit us all! πŸ™ this sucks….NO FLORIDA SUCKS πŸ™

  50. avidreader says

    We should all just take a big bus or something!
    Ug! lol