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We are very happy to bring you  an interview with Kristen Stewart from  from our Portland, Oregon Twilight set visit.  We were so thrilled to meet her.  Let us assure you that she is a very friendly and warm person.   One of our favorite moments from Kristen  was when we first approached her and introduced ourselves, she reached out her hand and introduced HERself, too.  Such a very normal and somewhat humble thing for a popular film star to do!  We thank Kristen for the time she took out of her schedule to talk to us. 

Through all the adventures of this very eventful day (from storms, to incoming tides, to an umbrella mishap Kristen so sweetly helped with) we enjoyed our time with the star of this film and appreciate the efforts Kristen took to put a warm smile on her face and make us feel welcome. 

Pictures used in this video are used with the express permission of the LA Times.  To see these images and more in all their high resolution glory visit The Hollywood Backlot.


EDIT: Interview transcript painstakingly put together by Kelsieeeee:

Lexicon: Can you tell us what your vision of Bella is?

Kristen: Wow, that’s like a loaded question. I feel like she is a generally relatable character, you know, it’s like in the beginning of the story it’s not her choice to go to Forks, but really she HAS no other choice, it’s like, “Well, i don’t want to be on the road with my mom’s boyfriend”. I think what makes the love story so effective is that she doesn’t have any real connections with people, she’s bored and displaced. She is easily related to by most kids that age, and not just girls, but mainly because it’s…she doesn’t have…People really like her, she’s good hearted. She’s honest, she’s friendly, but she’s not really interested in other people, it’s sort of like she’s not an introvert but nothing dazzl… i can’t believe i actually just said the word dazzles!

Lexicon: How was it filming with Taylor as opposed to Rob?

Kristen: Rob’s a lot taller. They’re so different actually, they’re so, so different.

Lexicon: Which is something Bella has to deal with too.

Kristen: Yeah, I mean oddly enough, Jacob’s well, Taylor’s, warmer. No joke! I’m not just saying that! I’m serious! I’m not a… I don’t cheese it up. And that’s why in the beginning she’s like, “Wow, I’m a logical girl, I don’t understand.” It’s like something that overtakes you. Just because, Edwards wrought with so, so much, and he’s not. And Rob really, really encompasses that. I don’t want to say that he’s neurotic but definitely contemplates…

Lexicon: He’s into character.

Kristen: Yeah. But I think that’s what makes the love story so effective.


  1. That was great! She seemed much more likeable in this interview than someof her others. she seemed more relaxed with you guys. 🙂

  2. That interview was fantastic! She has actually morphed into Bella with using “dazzle’ and calling Tyler jacob by accident and her sarcasm is spot on.
    Thats the best interview I’ve seen with her!! KS is just the best!!!

  3. Caroline says

    Yeah, I agree with Violet.
    I thought she was kind of stuck up, but now I see she is just shy…like Bella!

  4. Insomnia says

    Kristen’s a cool girl and she’s not fake, I know that she and I could be friends (similar joking style). I wish their was a transcript though because I haf trouble understanding what she was saying ( I want to laugh too! lol.). Thanks fir bringing thjis, and thanks toher fir still doing it ( she could have been cranky and said, “Helllll to the fudgin no, do you see this weather?! Not. In. The. Mood!). And good thing that wasn’t the case 😀

  5. Sunrise Star says

    “Yeah, Taylor’s…um…WARMER.”


    That’s priceless.

  6. hahaha i love when you cut to the guys are too funny

  7. Twilighter Fanpire says


  8. omgosh i loove kristen stewart.. she is officially my new favorite actress.. i actually just watched to of her movies, fierce people and in the land of women… she is amazinggggg =] great interview!

  9. Cool video! I’m glad you guys could show her personality in this vid cause a lot of people thought she was a show off, etc…. I’ve always been a fan of the whole cast since they were cast lol, anyways the song is perfect I’ve always thought that Dashboard Confessional songs can be related to Twilight specially Stolen and Vindicated.

  10. NicoleLovesEdward/Rob says

    stupid school computers will not let me see the video. argh!!!!

    But it is probabley great considering all of your comments are positive. 🙂
    Kristen Rocks!

  11. haha that was awesome when she said “dazzle”. she IS bella in my eyes. oh and i love how taylor is warmer than rob – now i have no doubt that twilight is gonna be incredible come december!

    Kristen, you’re gorgeous. We love you. You seem really down-to-earth. Can’t wait for 12/12!

  12. She seems really sweet and shy lol.
    Great vid thanks for sharing 🙂

  13. edward's bella says

    Kristen has officially been dazzled… Welcome to the club Kristen! =)

    -Edward’s Bella

    I am a fanpire and proud of it!

  14. Wow, I like Kristen Stewart as an actress don’t get me wrong, but this is by far, I would have to say, the most congenial I have ever seen her in any interview. She must’ve really liked you guys or just been in a really good mood that day. She usually seems much more introverted herself.
    Haha *smirk* Kristen is dazzled. That’s hilariously great!

  15. hahaha it’s like the Lex has single handily canceled out Kristen’s stuck up image and replaced it with the (IMO) correct image. — Shy and sweet.

  16. Victoria says

    Okay a lot of people are saying this is one of the interviews where she was more comfortable sorry but not really do remember when you have someone asking you questions at a movie awards with thousands of people screaming and can’t hear yourself talk you might just wanna quickly get a conversation over with so you can go inside where it is not as loud also like may people have said the girl is shy you can just look at her in tell when I first saw her I was thinking way to shy to play Bella I didn’t think she would open up in front of a camera.But she has proved herself not every person who plays in a movie is going to bouncy and happy some our actually really shy so give her the benefit of the doubt,please and thank you.
    Also she acts the same in all the interviews that I have seen she is shy and rambles a lot to be honest.
    That is all I had to say.

  17. “Spunk Ransom” and Kristen Stewart were meant to play Edward and Bella. And Kristen absolutely fits her part!

  18. christina says

    lol! i love kristen stewart! she is SO bella and she understands the character so well mann she just IS bella. 😀 She is “dazzled”. hehe….welcome to the club kristen!! we all are dazzled!

    and she said taylor is warmer…hehe

  19. I loved this interview! You guys did a great job of capturing a side of Kristen’s personality that sometimes gets missed with less personable journalists. She seemed at ease and was very endearing throughout the video. She’s going to be a wonderful Bella! Great Job!

  20. christina says

    LMAO and i LOVE how RIGHT when she said dazzle you were like “what was that kristen? you were…dazzled?” LMAO and then the word *dazzle* you put in big letters and then all those cute pics of her and rob with the music…HAHA PURE AMAZING-NESS.

  21. Hey,
    a great video again. Kristen is a really lovely person.
    I liked especially the *dazzle* thing.
    But how funny is it, that Taylor is warmer then rob!? ;D
    Unfortunately I couldn’t understand everything, because on the one hand I’m German and on the other hand it was.. well… very loud^^
    But I got the main things, I hope^^

  22. shes so funny, love her! now all we need is to have an interview between kristen and taylor so we can see how they interact. haha that sounds so creepy. but really, im sure they have great chemistry too 🙂

  23. she seems to be a very introspective person, very much Bella-ish, and maybe that comes across as being rude at times. I need to cut her a break, she is young and I know I’d hate having cameras in my face with intrusive strangers throwing random questions at me. You ladies were not at all intrusive and it showed in the way she reacted to you. She seemed very genuine and sweet.

  24. bettingonalice357 says

    she’s such a sweet down to earth girl. she practically IS Bella!!

  25. bronte_replay says

    Right On! 🙂 (As Kristen would say)
    Thanks Lex !

    i’m a big KS fan & always enjoy her interviews.
    people are often trying to interpret her intense facial expressions and body language instead of just listening to the words she says. She’s really thoughtful, even philosophical about the stories she’s acting in. I think if people would just take her at her word and not over analyze every time she (or Rob for that matter) shift their weight or look around or breath funny during an interview, they will hear what they are looking for & i think enjoy Bella & Edward and the movie so much more!

    if you want a little insight to her “non-interview personality”, you can listen to the DVD commentary on “The Messengers” where she and a few of the other actors and crew talk throughout the film. She’s totally someone most of us would hang with and she doesn’t take herself too seriously. You will be loving her by the end. 🙂 I recommend it if you are on the fence about her.

  26. atotheizzo says


  27. Did she really call Rob "cold" as in, mean? Shes totally right about Rob becoming his character. He’s the best actor ever! He is 100% committed to any role he plays.

    She was talking about body tempertaure.  ~Cocoa

  28. she looked beautiful at the movie awards.
    she acts a lot like Bella and even the kind of nervous, not a people person personality is Bella.
    I think that she is a good Bella.

  29. Finally! I’ve been waiting for an interview with just Kristen. I think she’s really amazing for Bella, and she seems really friendly. She’s also really pretty and she is going to DAZZLE all of us in the movie (:

  30. Amaranthine says

    Kristen is going to do an awesome job with this. She seems to understand her character, and I don’t care what people say about her. She’s real. “I don’t cheese it up.” Excellent. I adore the dazzle comment as well.

  31. beautiful swan says

    Snow White & Blood Red:

    The song is by Dashboard Confessional. The C.D. it is on is: Duskand Summer. The name is “Stolen.”

  32. haha…dazzled….

  33. This is probably my favorite Kristen interview. She seemed less uptight and she knew exactly what she was talking about. And we can’t forget- Dazzled. =]

  34. Liked the interview a lot, hahaha damn right she’s dazzled show me one person who isn’t…can’t wait to see her as bella, she’ll do a good job without a doubt 🙂

  35. minireb123 says

    yay she’s awesome! =]

  36. has updated their site with the twilight trailer!!! this is pretty big. here’s the link:

  37. Claribel says

    I agree with Maria I would love to see an interview with Kristen and Taylor.
    Ha ¨I don´t want to say he´s neurotic¨ lol oh just say it hes crazy but loveable lol.

    I smiled throughout this whole interview, I loved it. One thing about Kristen is that when she´s on camera something about her just draws you in and makes you focus on her, even if there´s someone else standing next to her.

  38. he he he he! edi already has 1001 friends right now. 😀 😀

  39. thanks for the interview. The dazzle part was awesome….and the jacob slip…

  40. Edi has 1001 friends and it is not even summer yet. i think the goal was 1000 friends by the end of summer!!!!!

    Kristen has been 🙂 *DAZZLED* 🙂 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i love how she could not believe she said dazzle!!!!!!!!!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂

  41. brittany says


  42. what did she say about edward that he is so [rod?] with so much.
    i don’t understand.
    and did she mean that taylor was warmer as in kinder and nicer or like warm like temperature?

  43. Mary Alice Cullen says

    “DAZZLE” ha funny. 🙂 They look so good together they should really think about geting together. They make a great couple. It doesn’t really matter because of the age.

  44. Haha, “dazzle”, good job Kristen :P.
    She’s so real! She really seems to take this role seriously and has a good grasp at just how huge this is gonna be. At the same time though, she’s just herself. It’s so nice.

  45. I love that they put Dashboard Confessional in there. SO MANY of their songs remind me of the Twilight series!

  46. That was great!!
    You all did a wonderful job with the questions, they are a lot better than all of the interviews so far!

    Nice work! Can’t wait to see the interview with Rob! =D

  47. woops submited too soon anywho

    Stolen, Dusk and Summer, and So Beautiful remind me of Twilight

    Again I go Unnoticed and Hands Down remind me of New Moon

    And As Lovers Go, Hands Down (again), and Vindicated remind me of Eclipse.

  48. Dancergirl says

    I really like the interview, the dazzle part was my favorite!

  49. Lauren Cullen says

    Sheena – Is there going to be an interview with Rob???!


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