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We are very happy to bring you  an interview with Kristen Stewart from  from our Portland, Oregon Twilight set visit.  We were so thrilled to meet her.  Let us assure you that she is a very friendly and warm person.   One of our favorite moments from Kristen  was when we first approached her and introduced ourselves, she reached out her hand and introduced HERself, too.  Such a very normal and somewhat humble thing for a popular film star to do!  We thank Kristen for the time she took out of her schedule to talk to us. 

Through all the adventures of this very eventful day (from storms, to incoming tides, to an umbrella mishap Kristen so sweetly helped with) we enjoyed our time with the star of this film and appreciate the efforts Kristen took to put a warm smile on her face and make us feel welcome. 

Pictures used in this video are used with the express permission of the LA Times.  To see these images and more in all their high resolution glory visit The Hollywood Backlot.


EDIT: Interview transcript painstakingly put together by Kelsieeeee:

Lexicon: Can you tell us what your vision of Bella is?

Kristen: Wow, that’s like a loaded question. I feel like she is a generally relatable character, you know, it’s like in the beginning of the story it’s not her choice to go to Forks, but really she HAS no other choice, it’s like, “Well, i don’t want to be on the road with my mom’s boyfriend”. I think what makes the love story so effective is that she doesn’t have any real connections with people, she’s bored and displaced. She is easily related to by most kids that age, and not just girls, but mainly because it’s…she doesn’t have…People really like her, she’s good hearted. She’s honest, she’s friendly, but she’s not really interested in other people, it’s sort of like she’s not an introvert but nothing dazzl… i can’t believe i actually just said the word dazzles!

Lexicon: How was it filming with Taylor as opposed to Rob?

Kristen: Rob’s a lot taller. They’re so different actually, they’re so, so different.

Lexicon: Which is something Bella has to deal with too.

Kristen: Yeah, I mean oddly enough, Jacob’s well, Taylor’s, warmer. No joke! I’m not just saying that! I’m serious! I’m not a… I don’t cheese it up. And that’s why in the beginning she’s like, “Wow, I’m a logical girl, I don’t understand.” It’s like something that overtakes you. Just because, Edwards wrought with so, so much, and he’s not. And Rob really, really encompasses that. I don’t want to say that he’s neurotic but definitely contemplates…

Lexicon: He’s into character.

Kristen: Yeah. But I think that’s what makes the love story so effective.


  1. britishtwilightfan says


  2. We love you KS. ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. Kasiopeia says


  4. TwilightT says

    Yes! ๐Ÿ™‚

    Kristen Stewart is going to dazzle the fans, too. Sorry for being redundant, but I think the casting is Right On! She has depth, and she is an outstanding cast for Bella.

    My 8 year old son saw Stewart the other day on a board game movie, Zanthura? (Not sure of the name.) He said, “Look, guys! There’s the girl that’s playing Bella.”

    It’s crazy. We are a Twilight family; even our JR son in college, and thanks to him, I have a personalized copy of The Host! Yeah!

  5. yaaay. So cool you got to interview Kristen. Love her.
    I have to say thank you to the twilight lex for always sticking up for her. I have been reading the comments since the movie awards and some of it got pretty nasty. This girl is playing Bella Swan and that position demands respect. lol. I honestly think she’s just a really shy/nervous person. But also very smart, and an amazing actress.
    thanx again!

  6. love her!

  7. this is awesome.
    i love her interview

  8. Laura:

    Nasty comments? Like what? I only read great things about her, and I totally agree with you about the shy(nervous thing.

  9. i super L.O.V.E Kristen… i love everything about her, i’ll always support her 101%.. i dont care what people say about her during the MTV awards, i mean we have to understand her, she’s not the kind of person who’s into those kind of stuff…. Very Bella if you ask me.. ๐Ÿ˜€

    thanks Twilight Lexicon… the dazzle part was really funny!!

  10. I loved that interview! Thanks for sharing that. I have said this a lot, and I’ll say it again-she’s awesome! I love the “dazzle” remark. I like how grounded she seems to be. That would be hard considering the business she’s in. Good for her!!
    I love all the different actors they’ve picked to play in Twilight. All of them have done so well. All the haters out there need to remember-“if you don’t have something nice to say, don’t say it!”

  11. edwardsloverr89 says

    haha dazzle… thats funny that she said that. lol
    that was a great interview.. thanks twilight lexicon!! =]
    Kristen Stewart is awesomee .. && a great actress def!

  12. omg, this was great!
    She really tried to explain and stuff! It was really fun to listen to ๐Ÿ™‚

  13. Ha, ha. Dazzled. Hey did anyone else notice at around 1:56? Honestly Jaco-Taylor’s alot warmer. ๐Ÿ™‚ The transformation into Bella is almost compleate…

  14. love the “dazzle”
    I personally love that she is more reserved & mature for such a young age. (so Bella)
    But also as someone who prides herself on keeping up with the entertainment industry & everything it is refreshing to see a young woman who is secure in herself. She does not make stupid trendy remarks, she thinks about the questions & tries to answer them very honestly. It is nice.
    As for the MTV interview, I will say this the uncut version on MTV Movie Blogs is my favorite – they are hilarious together (Rob & Kristen). They seem more relaxed talking to Larry than to the girl they showed on the air. I love that Kristen had no idea about the Spunk thing & jokingly promised to call Rob that from now on.
    Thanks Twilight Lexicon for another great Twilight day!

  15. aww kristen is so cute! haha loved this interview, the dazzle part definitely made me laugh.

  16. I'mwiththevampires says

    Wow, I love Kristen. I have heard too many negative complaints about her and I am soo glad that the TL has always stood up for her. Her answers are truthful and insightful and I really appreciate that she give an effort to really tune into Bella. To her, this is not just another movie role that she’s trying to get paid for. She really does want the fans to look at her and see Bella Swan.

    The comment about Taylor and Robert was hilarious. I loved it! I guess it really is just like working with fire and ice. ๐Ÿ™‚


  17. just to let the lexicon people know. the dark purple is really hard to read in all the videos

  18. La tua Cantante says

    I have ALWAYS LOVED Kristen Stewart and appreciated her talent starting from her very first films whe she was very young. She truly has already accomplished SO MUCH for her age and I couldnt be happier that SHE was chosen for the role of Bella!!!!! I couldnt imagine anyone being able to do the role of Bella as good as I know she will bring out Bellas personality and corkiness and the love she holds for Edward.

  19. La tua Cantante says

    oh and can you believe how Beautiful she can still look standing there Drenched and cold. I’m jelous.

  20. NenaCullen says

    That interview just shows how nice she is. We all know that it was the worst day of filming (horrible weather) and she was gracious enough to give an interview even though it was cold, windy and wet.
    I also appreciate your hard work Lex, I can see what you meant about needing new socks..

  21. Hmm, the screen is blank for me. It’s not loading. Just thought I’d let you guys know! ๐Ÿ˜‰ I really want to see it….

  22. One word for you: FAN.TAS.TIC.

    Great interview, great responses. I CAN’T wait!! ๐Ÿ™‚

  23. Okay, now it loaded. Sorry, just my crazy computer! ๐Ÿ™‚

  24. It was only a matter of time before Rob dazzled Kristen. We love her just the same!

  25. Alright. That was a great interview! She normally doesn’t seem to do too well with interviews where there are a ton of people around but this was more intimate and she seemed way more relaxed. She is so bella! It’s unbelievable how perfect she is. She has that personality of Bella, the sweetness but then the sort of quiet and shyness that bella has. She’s a very humble person, you can just tell. She’s a wonderful actress and I am happy that she is bringing my favorite klutz to life. ๐Ÿ˜€

  26. That is soooo cool! Thank you!

    I love these scenes with the photos and the amazing song! Kristen’s really sweet!

    But would you mind posting a transcript?

    Love you

  27. is there a transcript of this??? i’m at school and i cant view youtube videos!

  28. Dazzle…haha….Rob sure dazzles me…I love how she said Taylor and Rob are so different because i can tell the differences btw the personalities just from the pictures and interviews, they have both really gotten into character Rob is Edward, Taylor is Jacob, and Kristen is Bella this movie is gonna rock!

    And Kristen looks like a really down to earth girl.i wish the negative comments from her mtv movie awards appearence would stop…none of us really know her and to base her off the few secounds of an edited clip is just mean.

    And is Rob really that tall? I have been seeing more comments on how tall he is lately just wondering…

  29. Great interview!

    I wish more people would understand Kristen’s just very thoughtful and mulls over every question (and answer) so she can answer in the best way.

  30. Cassandra says

    I’ve always liked Kristen Stewert. She’s my favorite teen actress. Hilary Duff/Lindsey Lohan/Olsen Twins Who???
    Look out hollywood Kristen Stewerts in the building!!!

    by the way…love the temperature thing bout Taylor being warmer haha.

    ahhh dazzled….

  31. JulesCullen says

    She really is extremely thoughtful and kind. I love how down-to-earth she is. She is the PERFECT Bella. Dazzled!

  32. Great interview guys! Will you be posting the raw footage at all? Would definitely love to see that as well.

    There is no raw footage.  I had to keep turning the camera off as we were assualted by waves, wind and rain.  Her answers kept getting interrupted by mother nature.  She did an amazing job keeping her head about her in a very difficult situation.  Everything she said is there in the video.  ~Cocoa

  33. Lauren Cullen says

    She is so awesome!!!
    I love the comment about being DAZZLED! She is definately one of us :))) I mean, who can’t be DAZZLED

  34. Lauren Cullen says

    oops, accidently clicked *enter* before finishing my comment. I was saying…

    Who can’t be dazzled by Edward?! Loveeeee her!

  35. i dont get why people dont like kirsten she seems like a sweet girl. people can be strange. but yeah i can see how he daxxles her! i love it! loved that bit in the video and the fact that TAYLOR is warmer.

  36. This was a great video. And Fantastic questions. I can’t believe she said Dazzled either. I love how every answer was very insightful she truly has a grip on who Bella is. And as for the Taylor is Warmer comment….I loved it. Plus she was serious and didn’t to cheese it up it was just the truth. Hooray for the Twilight Movie!!!! and the CAST

    Thanks Kristen for taking your role as Bella so seriously even though you didn’t know about the fandom until after the project. And THANK YOU LEXICON for giving us such incredible insights into the making of the film and the roles of the actors.


  37. beautiful swan says

    That was the best video that has ever been posted!!!!!! I love the pictures, and the song! i love Kristen she is such a sweet girl! Stolen By Dashboard rocks! Actually alot of Dashboard Confessionals songs are relatable to Bella AND Edwards point of view. Thanks for the great video! HOpe to see more! Dazzle!!!!!!

  38. Go for it Kristen!
    You’re awesome! *__________*

    thanks lexicon!

  39. That was the BEST interview that I have seen thus far with Kristen. Usually she’s kind of rude and kind of snobby, to me at least, but in this interveiw sahe was really naturally nice and “human”.

  40. irishtea says

    FINALLY someone asked her about working with Taylor! I love Edward but I also love Jacob! He seems like such a cute guy to work with – because I probably wouldn’t be able to concentrate around Spunk

  41. HAHAHA! Dazzled! She seems so nice and down to Earth. Yea!

  42. It’s so great that the Lex has always stood up for Kristen – she’s just shy, but that makes her so much more normal than most film stars. And the answers she gives in interviews are always very honest and insightful, which is such a nice change from the standard “oh, I really enjoyed working with X and Y, it was fun.” She actually thinks about what she’s going to say and always has an interesting take on it. Thanks so much Lexicon for the interview – I loved it. The only problem is that every time you post something like this it means I get even more excited about the movie…spontaneous combustion anyone?!!!

  43. Cool interview:)

  44. aah, i cant see it ๐Ÿ™ i dont have access to youtube ๐Ÿ™ is there any way for you to put it on a different video player? if possible? please please please! thank you ๐Ÿ™‚

    i reaaaaaally wanna see it! omc…

  45. littleyellowporsche says

    Nicley done Twilight Lex!! Great interview.

  46. chocolate54321 says

    awwww… she’s adorable.

  47. Lauren Cullen says

    Maturin: I am with you!!!


  48. Snow White & Blood Red says

    HEy, what is this song? I know ive heard it a million times, but i cannot seem to recall the name. Can anyone help me out here?

  49. Stolen by dashboard confessional

  50. The dazzle part HAHA. Rob’s a lot taller psh haha

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