The Twilight Lexicon Presents: Kristen Stewart



We are very happy to bring you  an interview with Kristen Stewart from  from our Portland, Oregon Twilight set visit.  We were so thrilled to meet her.  Let us assure you that she is a very friendly and warm person.   One of our favorite moments from Kristen  was when we first approached her and introduced ourselves, she reached out her hand and introduced HERself, too.  Such a very normal and somewhat humble thing for a popular film star to do!  We thank Kristen for the time she took out of her schedule to talk to us. 

Through all the adventures of this very eventful day (from storms, to incoming tides, to an umbrella mishap Kristen so sweetly helped with) we enjoyed our time with the star of this film and appreciate the efforts Kristen took to put a warm smile on her face and make us feel welcome. 

Pictures used in this video are used with the express permission of the LA Times.  To see these images and more in all their high resolution glory visit The Hollywood Backlot.


EDIT: Interview transcript painstakingly put together by Kelsieeeee:

Lexicon: Can you tell us what your vision of Bella is?

Kristen: Wow, that’s like a loaded question. I feel like she is a generally relatable character, you know, it’s like in the beginning of the story it’s not her choice to go to Forks, but really she HAS no other choice, it’s like, “Well, i don’t want to be on the road with my mom’s boyfriend”. I think what makes the love story so effective is that she doesn’t have any real connections with people, she’s bored and displaced. She is easily related to by most kids that age, and not just girls, but mainly because it’s…she doesn’t have…People really like her, she’s good hearted. She’s honest, she’s friendly, but she’s not really interested in other people, it’s sort of like she’s not an introvert but nothing dazzl… i can’t believe i actually just said the word dazzles!

Lexicon: How was it filming with Taylor as opposed to Rob?

Kristen: Rob’s a lot taller. They’re so different actually, they’re so, so different.

Lexicon: Which is something Bella has to deal with too.

Kristen: Yeah, I mean oddly enough, Jacob’s well, Taylor’s, warmer. No joke! I’m not just saying that! I’m serious! I’m not a… I don’t cheese it up. And that’s why in the beginning she’s like, “Wow, I’m a logical girl, I don’t understand.” It’s like something that overtakes you. Just because, Edwards wrought with so, so much, and he’s not. And Rob really, really encompasses that. I don’t want to say that he’s neurotic but definitely contemplates…

Lexicon: He’s into character.

Kristen: Yeah. But I think that’s what makes the love story so effective.