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Actor Edi Gathegi holds a very special place in the Lexicon’s heart.  He was the first to recognize our need for detailed Q&A’s and the very first to step into the Hollywood hotseat and face the questions surrounding his casting and his fit for the character of Laurent.  In short, he is a wonderful guy who loves the Twilight fans. 

Last week I mentioned to you that his MySpace was in need of some much needed attention.  Edi, in fact, has the lowest number of "friends" of all the Twilight actors.  After having a lively conversation with him last week he mentioned that he would love to have 1000 friends on his MySpace by the end of summer.  To which I responded…"That’s it?  Just 1000?  We can do that!"  And out of that conversation was born…The Twilight Friends Campaign – The Summer of 1000 Friends (Banner by the ever talented Ambereyes)

So here is what we are asking.  Take the banner above, put it on your MySpace, put it on your blogs, put it in your signatures, put it on your own Twilight websites (though put it in your own photobucket account or you’ll wipe mine.  :D)  Link the banner to Edi’s MySpace like the one above is, and encourage everyone you know to friend our favorite villain!  And while your there be sure to subscribe to his blog.  He promises to update with his happenings more often now! 

Your ever roving reporter,



  1. BethCullen says:




  2. added him! =]

  3. hahah with this he’ll have 1000 adds by TOMORROW. ๐Ÿ˜€
    when twi-hards unite there isn’t anything we can’t do !!! ๐Ÿ˜€

  4. Celeste says:

    haha! yup i agree with Mo-Gan, he will have at least a thousand by tomorrow and maybe 2000 by friday! how should i know? We could probably overload it!

  5. I’ve already got him as a friend on myspace, but will post the banner to help out!!

  6. Swan_16 says:

    I added him 2!!!!! ๐Ÿ˜€

  7. Insomnia says:

    I love Edi, he definitely deserves WAY more love than he’s getting. Give the “Mormon Vampire Taxi Driver” some love, lol ๐Ÿ˜‰

  8. Ok I just added. He’s at 546.

  9. twilightislife says:

    haha 1000??? lets see if this can happen in a month, let alone the whole summer!

  10. only a thousand? pshh… *adds edi*

  11. Well, I would if the thing would load. humph

  12. Isabella says:

    added him!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1….who wouldnt =)

  13. Added him :’D

  14. littleyellowporsche says:

    Edi is my friend!!!!!!

  15. Caroline says:

    couldn’t he have a facebook???? For some crazy reason Im only aloud to have a facebook and not a myspace.
    Like one is worse than the other….they’re like exactly the SAME!!!!!!!

  16. FACEBOOK! myspace messes my computer up plus you have superpoke ๐Ÿ˜€

  17. Very good idea (:
    You and Edi have our support. Thanks so much for all.

  18. Andrea Leigh says:

    ahhh i wish i had a myspace! i’m not allowed to..darnit!

  19. Why is the "MySpace friends" so important?

    We are just showing him our support in the project.  ~Cocoa

  20. yeah i like the idea i hate the myspace friends ting on how many friends you get cosi dont see the point, but this is too show our support so of course i will do it

  21. woot, i love this dude! i feel bad that he isn’t getting the love he deserves, i am SO doing this RIGHT NOW. =] We love you Edi!!!

  22. Yeah! Love you Edi…can and will do! Youll have mucho loving x1000 by tomorow!

  23. okay. I’ll do this, but to the person who wrote this article: Is your name really Cocoa? I NEED TO KNOW! cuz it’s really close to my name but it has an A at the end (like chocolate. i know)

  24. Woah.

    This has got to be the most pathetic thing I’ve ever heard. ๐Ÿ˜›

    Not to rain on Ed’s parade or anything, but he’s going to be friends now with a couple hundred screaming pre-teens.

    Go him. *gives Ed a thumbs up*

  25. It’s times like these where I really wish I had a myspace…

    I’ll tell my buds (who have myspace) about it. they all love Twilight. I’m sure they’ll help! Go Edi!!!

  26. twilightxstars says:

    I would tottallly support ou if I had a mysace, but I’ll gove the heads up tp fellow friends. GO EDI! ILL SUPPORT YOU VIA LEXICON!:]

  27. Cassandra says:

    added him.

  28. telefreak says:

    added !!

    haha he has no idea how huge this is going to get.. the lexiconers never do anything halfway!

  29. Ha ha ha ha! I was wondering if he had a page when you posted the link last week. (or whenever it was) I added him then & now I’ll go add the banner! He must not have heard about what happens when all of us set our mind to something!

  30. twilighter says:



  31. Harryfan says:

    Twilighter you might want to keep comments concerning the 1st chapter in the forum.

  32. eager 4 eternal damnation says:

    haha – i didnt have a myspace account – just a facebook one. but now i’ve made an account just so i can add edi! honestly tho – twilighters need to perk up a bit more. he’s still at five hundred and forty something….


  33. As of this moment 10:42 pst Edi has 994 friends! I think a few people stepped up to show some love. LoL

  34. ๐Ÿ™‚ he’s at 992 right now.

  35. simplicity says:

    Yay!!!! We made it to 1000!!!!!!

  36. I friended like 5 or 6 hours ago! ^.^

    Buttttt. He has reached exactly the count of 1000! ^.^

    We really are a rabid fanbase[andproud of it]! Hehee.

  37. haha waaaooooowww.
    we are amazing.
    pretty much.

  38. dude, the banner should have said ‘the wednesday of 1000 friends’
    that would have been more appropriately titled. ๐Ÿ˜€

  39. Edi has a thousand friends already :)) good job guys :))

  40. arianne says:

    LOL i agree it should have been the Wednesday of 1000 friends.
    hes going to have thousands of friends by the end of summer ๐Ÿ™‚
    hes awesome i can’t wait to hear of his reaction.

  41. i just checked his myspace (after i was added) and i think he has 1000 friends now!!

  42. oh whoops you already know… ha ha

  43. I am in shock. I literally woke up this morning to an email from Edi (he was just returning from a night shoot for his new film My Bloody Valentine) so he could let me know the news! I got a little teary! TWILIGHTERS ROCK!!!!

  44. *exactly* a 1000 friends! *woot* we twilighters rock!

  45. I added him. Seriously, who wouldn’t? I love his character and he sounds like a fun guy who deserves some love. ๐Ÿ˜€ Besides, I’ve always been a supporter of the supposed bad guys.

  46. Kristina_Rose says:

    Ha ha more like 1000 before summer. That’s the Lex magic right there.

  47. Haha!!! You guys make me so proud!!!!

  48. “Edi has 1001 friends.”

    That was fast. XD

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