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Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Copyright issues 

As some of you may have noticed, many people who have typed out or scanned either the entire books, portions of the books or first chapter of Breaking Dawn have received (or should be receiving) a message from their hosting companies that notices were sent from my publisher to take the content down. I know people are eager to share their excitement about my books, which I love, but you may not be aware that making portions of the book available for download is violating my copyright (unless you have written permission from me or my publisher). Quoting a sentence or two is fine, but anything beyond that is in violation of copyright. Basically, copyright gives an author control over where, when and how her work is made available to the public. This exists to protect the author and her work – a lot of effort has been put into creating these books for you to enjoy — so I hope people cooperate in respecting the copyright for all my novels.



Edited:  Commentary added by PelIt’s also just as illegal to translate the first chapter into a language other than English and repost it.  There is a certain foreign language blog that has not only translated the first chapter and preface, but they have taken someone’s fanfiction, translated that, and they are trying to pawn it off as chapter 2.


  1. first? Go Stephenie! Gotta protect what’s yours.

  2. Saiyachick says

    That’s cool and all. That, and if people don’t buy the special edition, there is no money for the publishers or SM.

  3. twilightislife says

    WooHoo Steph! You said it!

  4. fredluvr09 says

    i totally respect copyright, but i gotta say, it’s kinda unfair to those of us who bought the regular version of Eclipse the day it came out, cuz now people (myself, at least) don’t have the money to spend on a second copy! πŸ™

  5. Yeah, I was a bit mad about that. I mean I go and bought the special edition one, and the thing comes out on the internet. I was like well gosh, why the heck did I just spend $17 on something that I could just look at for free.

  6. Yeah, my sister’s friend got Breaking Dawn in the mail. Apparently made a shipping mistake. But watch out for spoilers on the net people, it’s illegal.

  7. Victoria says

    Breaking Dawn isn’t even suppose to be shipped anywhere yet.

  8. Victoria says

    I am really kinda sad because I can’t buy the special edition because I want Breaking Dawn instead

  9. did she really get breaking dawn in the mail?

  10. Well, posting it on the internet was definitely convenient for me πŸ˜› but yea, it’s true that it’s not fair to a lot of the fans who went out and spent good money on another copy of Eclipse just to come back and find it posted everywhere already :/

  11. L. M.- Too lazy to log in.. says

    I don’t like people who think its ok to run all over the copyright laws, but at the same time, I don’t have the time, money or gas to go to the bookstore and get another Eclipse.

    So is that bad for me to read it on the net? Especially if I wait until AFTER its offically released?

    Definatly a two-sided problem.

  12. Claire Ateara says

    Alex: Do you mean your sister’s friend got the Eclipse Special Edition in the mail? Because Breaking Dawn isn’t even done being edited yet, right? Please clarify here! *is very confused*

    But yeah, I totally agree with everything Stephenie said. While we all love the books, they ARE the property of Stephenie Meyer, and copying them and putting them on the net is B-A-D. Oh! And for all you guys who don’t have enough money to buy the Eclipse SE (I’m in the same boat), just go to your local bookstore and read it – that’s what I did! It worked really well, and I don’t feel guilty because I’m going to buy Breaking Dawn and see the movie like a billion times πŸ™‚

    Anyway, I just want to say one more thing:
    You go, Stephenie!

  13. i’m glad Stephenie Posted this
    i really hated the way they put all of the stuff online.
    specially when alot of us actually bought the two copies
    and then saw that half the people were just reading it online.
    and its really not fair to Stephenie at all,
    she deserves to make money off of these books.
    even if its just a chapter.

  14. that makes me feel like a jerk, and I never even did that. It makes me feel bad that SM had to post that. gosh.

  15. stephanie/ twilighter32494 says

    i’ve saying this of the hundreth time now but…
    watch the video i made my brother make for me for $50. lol


  16. It'sTooGreen says

    Claire, Breaking Dawn is out of the editing phase as far as I know (after all, it has a cover and everything, so the copies are probably printed, bound and ready for their release date). It’s possible that some copies might have leaked. There was a similar problem last year with the audio book of Eclipse on iTunes, as well as with a few Borders and Amazon accidents for the novel itself, though it was much closer to the release date than this apparent Breaking Dawn shipment.

    Also, I think we all would have heard about it from Stephenie or SOMEONE if there had been such a shipment error. The Lex admin probably wouldn’t have waited to let us know about something like that.
    Hope that helped! πŸ™‚

  17. No one has Breaking Dawn. It’s locked up tighter than Fort Knox. She must have meant the special edition.

  18. Whoah. It must be a real headache for Stephenie Meyer now. I mean, she worked hard on this and it just gets leaked out for free. Who’s going to buy the Eclipse Special Edition now?! Hmm … maybe those guys who really have the money but I read one free on the net. I know it’s bad but I couldn’t resist. Someone here in Twilightlexicon, a resident comment-er, posted a link to where I could download the preface and chapter 1. I feel terrible now … :((( The only way to make me feel better is to buy a copy of Breaking Dawn. Yep. I’m dying to get one!!!

  19. littleyellowporsche says

    people are silly to think that they can get away with stuff like that…and using the fanfict is lame….sorry

  20. Jeehsjdhegehd says

    go Stephenie!!!!


    And the whole translating someone’s fanfic and saying its the second chapter is really stupid…

    Like I said before

  21. Someone mentioned that amazon shipped breaking dawn early but have they even finished printing BD? I can’t imagine that any bookstores or chains would be getting a book two months early. Perhaps they meant the SE.

  22. urcoolcarrie says

    this is really sad that stephenie had to resort to this. twilight fans need to respect the copyright laws if we want any of this cool stuff she keeps coming out with! lets play by the rules, people!! πŸ™‚

  23. *sigh*
    It’s pretty sad that people post Stephenies work. She doesn’t get credit for that.
    What’s with the fanfic? That’s sad.

  24. Everyone!!! go to and vote for
    “Twilight Cast” if you havent already!!!

    and spread the word!!!!

  25. I think that it is a great idea to not allow them on the internet. I’m sure Stephanie would allow at least one site to post the 1st chapter, she wouldn’t let her fans down.


    who would want to read the books online!! it degrades them so much! Twilight is an amazing series and should never just be read online, just like any other amazing book. so i say way to go Stephanie! and plus she’s really polite about it =)

  26. It’s wrong to download illegal e-books instead of buying them.

    However, some Twilight fans are not as lucky as the majority.

    I live in Slovenia. I can not just go to the nearest bookstore and buy the books. I can not order the books on Amazon, because my parents don’t have credit cards. My only way to get the books is to order them in the largest bookstore in my country and then wait a few months for them to arrive. I had to wait almost three months to get Twilight and New Moon. I plan to buy Eclipse and Breaking Dawn later this year.

    And I’m really happy that someone typed out the first chapter of Breaking Dawn.

  27. Twi_Hard says

    I do understand where Stephenie is coming from. It is illegal to post copywrighted materials on the net, but at the same time I did read the first chapter on the net simply because I really didn’t want to go and spend another $20 on a book that I already have. And my boyfriend would have killed me if he found out that I bought the same book just to read the first chapter in it because we really don’t have the money to be wasting on something like that. But I do plan on buying Breaking Dawn come August, and I’m going to drag everyone I know to the movie in December. πŸ™‚

  28. yeah. i think people should not do this because it is tasteless and rude to the author and its super mean to the people who went out and spent good money to buy the eclipse special edition. No matter how badly i want to read breaking dawn i think we should respect the rules.

  29. If you don’t have the money to buy the book and don’t want to infringe on any copyright laws (which is respectable), just head to your local Barnes & Noble or Borders, pick up a copy, sit down, and read it. This is what these bookstores expect their customers to do. It’s why they have all those nice, fluffy armchairs everywhere. This way, you can read it legally if you don’t have the money to buy a second copy.

    Which is exactly what I did. The bookstore also made money from my visit from the coffee I ordered in the cafe that I drank while I read.


  30. ugh why do people do stuff like that? its so wrong, thats why we have rules. plus i have never heard of fanfict, what is that? someone makes up what they feel like and say its a chapter? sounds kinda dumb to me…but go stephenie for protecting her stuff! πŸ˜‰

  31. Maddie Cullen says

    That is just really really rude. People think they can do what ever they want. It’s completely inconciderate. Gosh it’s a good thing Stephenie was there to totally tell them whats UP! lol Its just sad that she works so hard to bring us these amazing books, and people just take advantage of it. Ridiculous People.

    p.s.Robert is Hott with a capital HOTT!

  32. L. M.- Too lazy to log in.. says

    It makes me angry to hear that people may be trying to put BD out early,
    (BTW, not going to happen two months before its released; Book companies can be downright nasty about book release dates.)
    I mean- whats better than sitting down with a REAL book in a warm, cozy chair and a cup of tea? Besides, if you do that, you loose the new book smell.

    I am torn about the first chapter thing, but when it comes to whole book, NO.

  33. I really hate it when people spoil things for other people. Sure it’s handier than going to the bookstore but still. Also I had a problem where some blog (now been taken down) posted a part of my fan-fiction, trying to say it their own/the next book (my friend translated it for me, my spanish is really bad!). I ended up having to show the host site my original documents in order for them to take it down…it’s just frustrating when people do respect other people’s work.

  34. I understand and respect the copyright. And I specially hate how people posted Eclipse on the Internet, as well as it might happen with the release of Breaking Dawn. That’s not fair for Stephenie, or for the people that have to wait to buy their copies and see spoilers in Internet before the release itself.

    However, I understand a little why some people read the first chapter of Breaking Dawn on the Internet instead of buying the copy. For example, a lot of foreign people CAN’T buy the book and can’t read the first chapter, ant that’s kinda unfair, too. The, the only way of reading it is downloading it from Internet. It’s still illegal, yes, but having to wait til August for the first chapter just because you don’t live where is released…

  35. I do see where she is coming from but what about all the people who are outside the US and would have to wait for ages to get the special edition? Why can’t it just be released everywhere on the same date so this wouldn’t need to happen?

    If it was just released everywhere at once then the people who post it on the internet wouldn’t have a reason to as they wouldn’t have lots of people downloading/viewing it.

    It’s like if the movie isn’t released the same day internationally then people are going to turn to the internet to see it. It isn’t right legally but people have been obsessing over the movie and The Special Edition of Eclipse for ages and to be told you have to wait an extra day/week/month is just a slap in the face.

  36. I’m sorry, but the publisher should expect something like this. I”m so sick of buying something when it comes out, and then later the publisher comes out with a “special edition”. The big companies only do this so that they can squeeze more money out of the public. They do it with books, dvds, cds, everything. Big corporations try to milk everything they can out of fans. They don’t give a crap about us and our finances, so why should we give a crap about theirs?

  37. I don’t feel bad for reading it online, because even though I read it online, I STILL bought a Special Edition. I just didn’t want to wait. She still got my money.

  38. icky vicky says

    You would feel the same way and would want to milk everything you could out of fans if you were them, Jack.

    No offense. I’m just stating a point.

  39. I don’t want to sound rude or anything…but Stephenie
    Why don’t you just put up the entire first chapter on one of your websites??
    I just had a thought.
    Yeah i get that if they want to read it they should buy the book and putting it online will male people not want to buy the book eclipse to read it. But People are already doing that. They just stand in the bookstore and read it.
    So what difference would it make by putting it up yourself???

    By the way i love all of your books. I’m a huge fan!

  40. I need to find out who to contact to get permission to use Twilight artwork for a birthday cake. any suggestions?