Producer: Wyck Godfrey

What is a producer?  According to The Producers Guild"A movie producer initiates, coordinates, supervises and controls, either on his own authority, or subject to the authority of an employer, all aspects of the motion-picture and/or television production process, including creative, financial, technological and administrative. A Producer is involved throughout all phases of production from inception to completion, including coordination, supervision and control of all other talents and crafts, subject to the provisions of their collective bargaining agreements and personal service contracts."

So who is Wyck Godfrey?  He is one of the three men (Greg Mooradian, Wyck Godfrey, and Mark Morgan) who produce the Twilight film.  We had the opportunity to meet Wyck on our trip to the set of the film this past April.  He shared many things with us about his experience on this film an many others.  In one conversation Wyck was kind enough to share a story about the scene they had shot the night before, the scene we commonly refer to as…The Meadow.

The day had been rainy and throughout most of the rehearsals it poured.  Wyck had been hoping for just a small enough break in the weather so that they could get the shot.   The shot we are all waiting for, when Edward reveals himself to Bella in the sunlight.  As the day wore on it seemed that all hope was lost as there seemed to be no end in sight to the rain.  And then as if by divine intervention at approximately 6pm the rain slowed, the clouds parted and the sun broke through, down on the meadow and Edward in all their glory .  The shot worked out perfectly with even the sun playing its role. 

The Twilight Lexicon is now pleased to present.  An on-set Twilight interview with Producer Wyck Godfrey.



Thank you Wyck for not only sharing your thoughts with us on the movie, but for working so diligently to stay true to the story we all love.  This is a producer who is fully committed to telling the visual story of Twilight.  We are lucky to have him overseeing the project.


  1. Thanks Wyck and thanks TL for this

  2. Janie - Don't-Call-Me-J.J. says

    Thanks Wyck for helping with the Twilight moive!!!!! And Thanks Lex for giving us this info. YOU ROCK!!!!!!

  3. kaathaaa says

    He seems like a really cool guy.
    The film will be awsome!

  4. Thank you, Wyck, for what I hope to be a wonderful movie.

  5. i’m glad he’s read the books
    the film is totally gonna rock!

  6. mugglemom says

    great input! great interview!

  7. I am kind of nervous that he produced the nativity story and eragon because both of those movies kind of tanked. Hopefully this is better. It was a good interview otherwise.

    He had some very interesting thoughts to share with us about Eragon.  You would be pleased with what he had to say regarding the failure of that movie.  There will be a blog entry by Imstillwandering fulling telling that story in the comming months.  ~Cocoa

  8. oh my god



  9. behappyhewhispered says

    For some reason…watching that calmed all of my worries about the movie. He just GETS it. I can breathe now.

  10. This is one of my favorite interviews so far. He is awesome!

  11. Great interview! It seems like Wyck understands and shares the fans’ view on how the movie should be, and I really think Twilight is in safe hands with him and Catherine.

    He definitely deserves to get a copy of Breaking Dawn!

  12. I’m really looking forward to see Edward sparkle like a diamond :):)

  13. That was great, thanks TL! I agree, it makes me much calmer seeing the producer really “gets” the movie/book and is as excited about it as we are! No Eragon repeats here!!! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  14. Oh, I SO enjoyed listening to Wyck!
    He’s totally in the story and it feels great to know they’re all doing this movie with so much heart!

    I agree with Stine: he absolutely should get a copy of Breaking Dawn!

  15. Where do we leave theories at? I have a great theory!!!

    Two posts Down from this is the Count Down Theory post.  ~Cocoa

  16. Wyck = lovely guy.

    the meadow…sigh…

  17. Twifanatic Amanda says

    That was awesome! He seems like such a cool guy, haha looking foreward to the challenges of making the next movies, woohoo!

  18. I LOVED this interview! Aren’t we all just extremely lucky to have such COOL crew members? Seriously. It can’t get any better than this.

    And is it completely ridiculous to get excited and squeal a little with just the MENTION of the meadow? I’m a bit worried with my sanity.

  19. Sounds like Wyck, as well as Catherine, really cares about doing the books right. Thanks for a great interview.

  20. Michelle S says

    Wow im so glad how much he gets the book!

    im sure he wont repeat the mistakes from Eragon. People do learn from their mistakes and it wasn’t just him that created the movie you know.

  21. Wow. I loved that interview. Great Job Lexicon. Very good questions and very good answers coming from Wyck.
    I like what he said about Catherine, about how she just gets adolescence. I love that.

  22. Hmm good interview..I wonder how Edwards going to look sparkly

  23. I’m so glad he read the books!
    and just because you’re a big shot director, doesn’t mean you get Breaking Dawn first!!! (well, he better not!)

  24. Congratulation Girls… This was an amazing interview and Wyck is Awesome!!! I’ve told this a lot of times… as Mrs. Meyer said so many times… Her baby… is in REALLY good hands!!!!

    Thanks for work so hard for bring us this information and to the producers, director and the entire cast for working so hard for bringing our dreams ALIVE!!!

  25. Dude. I love Wyck. He’s freaking awesome. And I’m naming my first born son after him. You wait and see!

  26. i have never read the book but every body says it is a really good book and everyone always has their nose dug into that book! i cant wait for the MOVIE too bad it is comming out in december!i really hope we are talking about the same book i am thinking about!!!!!!!!! tee hee

  27. i loved iRobot!!
    he’s freakin’ awesome!! thanks for the interview!!
    seriously i cannot wait for the exclusive clip on Sunday!!!

  28. AshleyRenee says

    I don’t see how this movie could possibly be anything but great! All of the people involved care so much about it, and about the fans – heck, Wyck seems like just as much of a nerd about Twilight as the rest of us! XD It’s gonna be a long six months, but it’s sooo gonna be worth it!

  29. Haha.. the producer definition reminds me of that SNL clip with Ashton Kutcher.

    Excellent interview…
    Only 197 more days until December 12th!

  30. eddiegirl says

    K, I LOVED how GIDDY, smiley he got when he said the “Wolves” I am a total Edward gal but I love his excitement regarding potential sequels. Thanx Lex for all you do. I look forward to hearing his view on Eragon and the like.

  31. Hey, sorry if anyones said this before, but ScullingOnSquam put a post on her blog that talks about how budgets affect movies, and Twilight was one of the main focuses.

  32. La tua Cantante says

    It sounds like he really put his heart and soul into this movie and I can’t wait to see it!!!!!!
    I also would be extremely exciting to see how they make the wolves look if they did the other movies!!!!!!!


  33. “The clouds parted and the sun broke through, down on the meadow and Edward in all their glory.”

    I liked the story! I CAN’T WAIT TO SEE THE MEADOW SCENE!!

  34. You’re AWESOME Wyck! Thanks for doing so much for the movie! We’re all looking forward to it, and I’m sure that we can ALL say that we love every single person involved in the making of Twilight the movie. =] Thanks for doing the interview! =] From us fans to the fan that controls it all, we love you! =]

  35. He really seemed like a very lovely person. Wyck was really down to earth, and he totally understands the books. Everytime i see one of these clips I have more and more confindence that the movie will do the books justice.

    The Meadow…sigh…

    Wait, what was that about Eragon? He did that, too? I am of the opinion that Eragon didn’t competely, utterly suck as many people think, but I don’t think it was actually any good either. I’ll be interested to see what Wyck said about it.

    Thanks Lex! You guys rock!

  36. spunkransomsluver says

    I think Wyck wont let us Twilighters dissapointed for Twilight, because its one of the MOST ANTICIPATED movies of the year, and i agree with cwinche of how horrible Eragon was, but hopefully that wont reflect on how Twilight will be!!!!!!!!!

  37. That’s great. This movie is so lucky to have people like him on board, because they just get it so well. I absolutely cannot wait until Aug 2 or Dec 12 even more. They may kill us with the wait, and we will never see it!

  38. Wow our Wyck guy is freaking awesome! He has a lot of interest in this movie, has rad the books, and seems really pumped up for this. All of that makes the production all the more releiving for me. now I am 120% sure that this movie is gonna ROCK! I hope Stephenie does hear his plea. heheh. =]

  39. Awesome! Thanks Wyck Godfrey and Twilight Lexicon! ๐Ÿ˜€

  40. COOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  41. fantastic Interview Twilight Lexicon. I’m so impressed with the professionalism of the entire production. Seriously how did you ladies not scream and giggle like total fangirls throughout that discussion. Because I sure did watching it. He likes werewolves!!! Don’t we all. And did you see the way his eyes lit up when he talked about the magic in the MEADOW?
    Oh Wyck I do so hope that the climax blows us away! And if you can articulate your descriptions in the book to be reflected in the movie then we really see magic happen.
    Thanks again I’m so glad the Lexicon got to go to the set and get us this great information.

  42. TwilightT says

    Twilight Lexicon, you scored again! ๐Ÿ™‚

    Thanks for posting the interview. Loved how Wyck’s eyes twinkled with excitement. I’m picturing an entire DVD Twilight set in my movie collection. Hope it happens.

    i CANT WAIT to see the meadow scene! its my favorite part in the book. omgosh i wish the movie was coming out sooner! ahhhhhh!

  44. Sprtygal says

    Obsessive love, physicality, danger. Wyck is awesome. What a fantastic interview and so fun to hear how he thought things were going. Thanks Wyck and TL!

  45. I wonder if the clouds really DID go away by divine intervention….God must have not wanted a mass suicide if the meadow scene wasn’t in the movie.
    Btw, Wyck sounds rad.

  46. Team Ian says

    Fantastic interview! I loved the questions. His answers were perfectly detailed. His vision of the movie is spot on. Every time I read too many negative comments another great story or interview comes out and I get excited again! Great questions and answers–Barbara Walters watch out!!!

  47. I really like Wyck he seems like a really great guy and it feels like he wants to keep the movie as close to the books as he can. Thanks for all your hard work Wyck, I’m sure you’ll make us proud!!!! Thanks for all your work on the interview Lex!!!