Borders subscribers got a wonderful surprise in their email boxes last night.  We’ll let you discuss what it may mean for the coming book! Subscribe to Border’s shortlist and receive great emails like this leading up to the release of Breaking Dawn!

A big thanks to Jennifer for the heads up.


  1. mugglemom says

    Oh yeah!!!! Check out those red eyes! I bet they are Bella’s. 🙂

  2. I got the same e-mail!! It says that refreshing the e-mail after midnight on Friday will display the new cover art for BD!!

  3. Who knows but it looks cool. but i think they just put it together, with very little telling of BD in it.

  4. so I’ve been listening to this band – Just Surrender
    and this one song called “Forgotten Not Forgiven” is PERFECT for bella and edward…when edward left bella in the new moon

    I’m watching your eyes move slowly
    Up and down my silhouette,
    And I wonder if you get it yet.
    This is the last time I crawl away on these broken knees,
    And don’t you wish it all would be okay?

    “Promise me you’ll forget me,”
    You said as you walked away.
    “Don’t hold on… please… let go of me…”
    You make it so hard to leave.

    And I can’t breathe without you here
    For fear I’ll catch your scent.
    And we both know how bad I get.
    I don’t do well or dwell in change.
    And don’t you know that
    Three small words could make this all okay?

    “Promise me you’ll forget me,”
    You said as you walked away.
    “Don’t hold on… please… let go of me…”
    You make it so hard to leave.

    You promise me
    You’ll never forget me.
    You promise me
    You’ll never forget…

    “Promise me you’ll forget me,”
    You said as you walked away.
    “Don’t hold on… please… let go of me…”
    You make it so hard to leave.

  5. Yeap I got the email too

  6. That’s so cool! And those red eyes… I bet this means that Bella will definitely become a vampire! I have a question. Is the cover art for breaking dawn going to be posted after it’s released?

  7. such a pretty picture.
    🙂 wwooooh vampire.

  8. I can’t see it.

  9. IM so signing up! Thanks for the notice!!!!!

  10. Iris: That is perfect for New Moon, I know a song that’s perfect for when Edward comes home.

    I can’t see my e-mail, what was in that e-mail from Borders?

  11. danamarin_92 says

    I can’t see the image 🙁

  12. I am sooooo excited. I know where I will be early Saturday morning.

  13. Mariaaaa(K) says

    I can’t see it too..:S ??

  14. It’s in the gallery at

  15. All fixed. Sorry about that we had to move the image to a new account.


  16. Thanks for fixing the image. Wow!! 🙂

  17. Can you sign up now and still get the email?????????
    I hope so……… 🙁

  18. There’s no way that those are Bella’s eyes- they look too masculine. That’s a guy in the picture for sure.

  19. I clicked on my email this morning and saw that! I got a little too excited. I just can’t wait to see the cover of Breaking Dawn. I’m torn, though. I don’t know if I want to see it online on friday or wait until saturday when I go to get my copy of the Special Edition. What do you guys think?

  20. Faktririjekt says

    Vampire!!! :3

  21. Jennifer says

    I hope there aren’t eyes on the cover…
    That will seriously creep me out!

  22. I’m not sure I want Bella to become a vampire. I somehow want the Cullens to be able to be turned mortal again. You know get back their human life. They deserve that. And bella and edward can grow up human together =]

  23. Is it just me, or do those eyes look like Edwards? Maybe I’m making something out of nothing but they’re too familiar for comfort….

  24. Faktririjekt says

    Well, his eyes would turn red after turning her, wouldn’t they…?

  25. Yeah!!!! I got it, too! Just for that, I’m going to Borders on Saturday to get my copy (I was planning to go to Barnes and Noble, but that just changed my mind:))

  26. Not if he didn’t taste her blood. I just have and uncomfortable feeling that theres a sinister meaning to them…maybe its just me.

  27. red eyes, RED EYES!! WHO GETS THEM I WONDER!!!!???? This is going to bother me!! Edward-unlikely, maybe bella as a newborn, though that would kill fans; Jasper?; no, wait, we all know we will see the Voturi so every one of them has red eyes, could be Aro, and we KNOW we’ll see Alec. That’s what I’ll tell myself till it comes out at least.

    And there was a video attached. Is it possible for us to see that??

  28. Twilight4Ever says

    That was so cool! How do you subscribe? And, Emily, I completely agree with you, the eyes just don’t look right…

  29. i think thats alec

  30. Those are definatly man eyes! HOT HOT HOT! I don’t think they look like newborn vampire eyes as discribed. If Edward does change Bella, wouldn’t he have red eyes from her blood. Maybe a Volturi???? I just can’t stand the suspense any longer!!!!

  31. I havent check me email in a while!! I guess I’ll have to do that when I get home.

    And those eyes.. so beautiful…so hypnotizing…I could stare at them all day.
    I want themmm!!!

  32. OMG I am so excited for the book to come out!!! I love that poster!

  33. Does anyone know if the Eclipse Special Edition will be shrink wrapped (because it has all that stuff inside it)? I’m hoping not…

  34. Good, so its not just me. But if I’m right why on earth would Edward have had human blood? He wouldn’t taste Bellas when he changes her, he would lose control.

  35. I think they’re Edward’s eyes…too masculine for Bella. I agree with those who said that he would probably get red eyes from when he changes her…wouldn’t he have to taste her blood just a little? Would that be enough to make his eyes turn red? Wait…he did taste her blood near the end of Twilight, to take the venom out…but it didn’t make any mention of his eyes being red then…though maybe she was too out of it to narrate that to us. It’s possible his eyes could have turned red then…OR…could be Alec too. The Volturi feed on humans all the time, so their eyes are always red…after feeding anyway.
    I want my 1st prediction to be right. Edward’s hypnotic eyes after changing Bella! 🙂 I can’t wait! 🙂 We still don’t know exactly what happens when a human gets changed into a vamp. Maybe vamps eyes also turn red after biting and giving a human the venom to make them turn? Speculations! lol

  36. Wow that’s awesome! I’m a big fan of Borders… and I think I’m in their emailing list… so I’ll go check my email now!!!


  37. Totally masculine eyes and I def don’t think they look like newbie eyes, they look like someone who’s been around for awhile and they look a little evil.

  38. Another…the dawn breaking in the background…kinda symbolic to Bella’s turning into a vamp, also. I think it’s Edward’s eyes after he changes Bella…the dawn image in the background reinforcing that. I lean more towards everything pointing to Bella changing in this picture. I hope so…yay! I have more theory but I won’t get into all of it here…would take the whole page! lol I’ll be at Borders on Sat! heh

  39. Oh, CRAP. Crapcrapcrapcrapcrapcrapcrappity crappers.

    I (accidentally!!) read the preface of Breaking Dawn online (illegal, I know, but I swear it was an accident. I will NOT post spoilers, if that’s what you’re thinking). But…oh crap, that picture just spawned a theory, and if I’m right, I think I might’ve figured out the plot.

    In two days, I’ll post my theory. Oh, shoot, I’m freaking out here.

  40. those better be Bella’s Eyes!!!!!!!!!

  41. Emily, I don’t think Edward would lose control, remember Twilight near the end after James bit her? He didn’t lose control then, and that’s when control was a big time issue for him. I think now, he is, sure, not completely in control of his bloodlust, but (especially after Eclipse, when he could see and smell her blood and not be fathomed), I think he could handle it.
    Alec or Edward or…but those eyes look Edward to me. I would think Alec’s would look even more menacing and not as seductive. lol I dont’ know….

  42. Hey Everyone!
    You can get the video at this link from the Border’s website…

  43. Stephenie said that after Edward sucked the venom out in Twilight, his eyes were an orangey-reddish color (but not bright red). Maybe his eyes would be redder after turning Bella because he had to suck more of her blood out (multiple bites)? Just a theory…

  44. Sarah, just FYI, please make sure the preface is in the Eclipse special edition before posting your theory (no spoilers that way!). As I recall, the Eclipse preface wasn’t in the New Moon speical edition…but I could be wrong, I don’t have my Special Edition right now. Can anyone verify if the preface was in it or not? (Unless you meant you read the first chapter, Sarah, in that case, no need the verify!)

    (Sorry for my long, rambling, probably annoying post, I’ll get on topic now.)

    I think the eyes are Edward’s or Alec’s…Bella’s my long shot (they do look very masculine)

  45. Whoooo! I love the red eyes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! =P

  46. The preface is DEFINITELY in the first chapter, Samara.

  47. that is sooo awesome.
    I give u props Boders!

  48. BoysfromBooks says

    the eyes do look masculine (as samara said) though it could be a girl
    i kinda wouldn’t want eyes on the cover though =p

    hehe…just signed up for the Borders email thing =D

    ooooooh my gosh i’m TOO excited!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  49. i agree with you grace…somehow it seems that his eyes will turn red when he changes her.

  50. I found a copy of the new Eclipse in Kmart yesterday – even though it isn’t supposed to come out until 5/31! I was psyched. It had the cover art for Breaking Dawn as well as the first chapter – which I read. IT LOOKS GOOD! The cover art is a chess piece (a pawn). And it had the preface which looks like Bella’s thoughts right before Edward bites her (yeah!) and the first chapter shows Bella in an SUV that Edward bought her – it was a special Mercedes that only rich diplomats have and it is tank proof and the windows are missle-proof. HAHAHAHA And they showed how she and Edward told her dad and mum about them getting engaged. And Jake ran away. He’s been gone for a while and Charlie put up posters that say “Have you seen this boy?” with his picture. But Bella and Jake’s dad know where he is. He ran up to Northern Canada and is staying in wolf form and is not talking to anybody.