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Its day 7 of our count down till the release of the first chapter of Breaking dawn in the Special Edition of Eclipse.  Today we are featuring a theory from our Breaking Dawn Theories thread by:



When/if Bella turns,  in twilight and new moon and eclipse there are scenes Bella cant stand the smell of blood. I wonder, if maybe either she is going to have extremely highened sense of smell for blood (as one of her talents) or she is going to be repulsed away from blood as a vampire.

What do you think Twilight fans, will Bella’s obversion to blood come into play when/if she is turned?  What do you think sher special ability might be if she gets her wish?  Will she even have one?


  1. britishtwilightfan says:

    IF she is turned, I think she will not react like most newborns- blood thirsty and out of control. I think she will easily adapt to the “vegetarian lifestyle” and not need blood as much as ordinary vampires

  2. Sara( Yeah theres many of us) says:

    This is one of my favorite theories, and I (in opinion) think that she will have an extremly high sense for it- because as a human she can already smell it, so why not? Also I heard this intresting theory that she will crave werewolf blood? (O.o) Just a thought…

  3. Very interesting question…Her dislike for the smell of blood could very well help Bella in being a VEGGIE VAMP… that would make her life and the rest of the Cullens life easier. Yes I think she will have some sort of power…Already there are her dreams and her insight that come into the story line all the time.

  4. HA! a vampire that cant drink, let alone stand the smell or sight, of blood
    that would be classic
    though i think if bella becomes a vamp she’ll do a complete 180 and be totally addicted to blood, another of my lame thoughts, but she’d obviously try to adapt to the cullens lifestyle
    i think that the glitch thing in her mind (how the vamps who tune into the tenors of peoples minds) should have something to do with her special talent, well it sorta already is, but yes

  5. I love this theory =]

    Anyway, can I ask a quick question to anyone that can answer?

    SM says that Jasper’s power works on Bella because “he affects the physical body, slowing the pulse and upping the endorphin levels to calm someone, for example, or raising the pulse and pumping out the adrenalin to excite them.”

    But I don’t get how this works on other vampires. They don’t have pulses and their organs don’t work, so how do their pulses quicken/slow and how are they able to pump out endorphins? Does Jasper’s power affect vampires the same way it affects humans?

  6. Kimberley says:

    I actually wrote a fanfiction that has her unable to actually feed of anything, animal or human. So Edward has to go out of his way and bring her back a thermos full of blood.
    I do think that Stephenie has left us many clues, and it’s up to us to figure it out. Like what about the dream that Bella had in Twilight. She saw Jacob as a werewolf.and Poof! In the next book he is one! Strange.
    and Yes Jaspers power works the same on everyone, I’m sure. To humans it’s the blood, but to vampires is the actual “Power” The metaphysical power over someone’s feelings… my theory.

  7. i think she’ll have the first one.
    as a human, she could smell blood. due to her heightened senses, the smell will magnify greatly.
    she may still dislike blood, but she has to survive.
    think of it as cold medicine, in a way.
    it tastes like crap, but it makes you feel better.

  8. I think it is relevant, maybe she will be immune to blood, like Carlisle or just still not like the smell.

  9. Interesting theory (the second one, especially). Being a vampire would be much easier for her if she was repulsed away from (human) blood. Maybe it’s her special talent to remain vegetarian. 😉

  10. my_edward;) says:

    good question! now i REALLY want to know!
    i sooooooooooooooooooo agree with you. (cold medicine, lol69)

  11. Chantel says:

    I really like the idea that Bella will crave Werewolf blood, i think that would make things so much harder for her and for Edward. I mean, he loves her so intensely because he wants her blood more than any one elses, would that mean Bella would love Jacob more because she wants his blood?

  12. Emerald says:

    The idea of Bella being repulsed by blood doesn’t make any sense; that’s like a human being repulsed by food.

  13. kristen P says:

    nothing is really IMPOSSIBLE at this point, and i think it would be so bella-ish, if she were to be a vampire that couldn’t stand blood. makes me wonder what she would feed on…? haha..i’m not sure if she’ll be completely disgusted with it, but maybe she would have more of a sense of self control. Better then any new born that’s ever been turned. Making Emmett the loser in the bet. haha (:

  14. kristen P says:

    i’ve always also had this thought that maybe Bella’s power will be something connecting with the fact that she can’t be messed with when it comes to the mind…..something maybe tied in with that….? just a theory. (:

  15. I agree with most everyone else in saying that Bella will have an extremely hightened sense of smell for blood. As for her “special talent”, I think it will have something to do with her mind. In the books, some of the Cullens believe that she is immune to others’ powers that affect the mind because she has control of her own mind; so then, my guess is that her “special talent” is something like “the Force” in star wars, where she can control things with her mind.

  16. kristen P says:

    why, yessss. something like the force would be verrry cool.



  17. I love that idea. I have always taken Stephenie as the happy ending type…but, whose going to have the happy ending has always been the question…Bella turning into a vampire and then being repulsed by blood would be amazing…b/c she could go to college and still stay close with Charlie and Renee at least for a few years. That would be great.

  18. almost a bella says:

    I think her aversion to blood will something to do with her powers. We don’t much on the backgrounds of most vampires. We know their strongest traits are amplified. Since Bella has a aversion too blood, it could mean she could mean she will have a slight aversion to it as an vampire.

  19. Steph: I’ve always been confused about that. I never saw why Jasper could affect them when they have no hormones to be released or pulses to change. it never made sense to me. But I suppose not everything has to make scientific sense seeing as it’s a novel! I’ve just to had to accept that his power works and not ask myself why!

  20. Hmmm, an interesting thought! *looks puzzled*

    Possibly, maybe, I don’t know. lol

  21. I don’t think she’ll have any heightened sense for blood. Why would that be such a big deal? That wouldnt’ be a very helpful talent I don’t think (for eating maybe but that would be it). As for wanting werewolf blood that is interesting. Remember when Bella was going off saying she’d be crazed and want to kill everyone in town and mentioned Jacob and Edward said “I don’t think you’d want the dogs blood-You’d have better taste than that even as a newborn”. Wonder if that was a premise to something more in BD? I’m not being very creative on this one. I just don’t think her sense for blood is that big of a deal. There has to be something else there for her “power” she’ll bring w/her. Hopefully it’s not clumbsiness!

  22. kristen P says:

    imagine if she did bring clumbsiness with her! HA! she would be the vampire who would always throw everything!..imagine everyone running and then haulting..and she’s the last one to come..but she doesn’t land gracefully like the others..instead she’s the one who trips, falls, then gets back up all “im ok!”-like. wow. haha. So Bella. (:

  23. THE twilighter. says:

    I really hope that she’s becoming a vampire at all.
    But.. I think that it would be so obvious.. because of that I think there’ll be a vvvvery big change in breaking dawn.

    (some people think that edward will become human. but that would be very strange.)

  24. I believe that her special ability will be the gift to turn vampires back to human form, since that is what Rosalie ultimately wants, and what Edward has long desired, causing an obvious strain on their relationship. In addition, it supports the fact that Bella is in many ways the “anti-vampire”, having a premature distaste for blood and being extremely clumsy.

    The idea of werewolf blood is a fascinating one, but ties in to another interesting theory linked to a question Stephenie refused to answer on her site: what would happen if a vampire bit a werewolf? Jacob would, after all, do anything for Bella and to avoid imprinting. I just find it somewhat suspicious that she would avoid answering that one question. Plus, after seeing one too many vampire/werewolf movies, I’m starting to think just about anything is possible there.

  25. I really do not believe Edward will become human. I mean they’re have to be actual magic for THAT to happen. His heart stopped beating and he no longer has his own blood in his body. Not to mention all the other vital details to someone being alive. I just do not see THAT one happening. Sorry to all those who want it to, it is a nice thought though.

  26. THE twilighter. says:

    Yeah I don’t like the idea of edward becoming human either
    In the end we all won’t get right with our theories huh?
    Or maybe..
    It’s nice to think about the possibilities though.

  27. Celeste says:

    hmmm… i think like some people have said that bella will be repulsed by the blood. But as vampires and werewolves hate each others smell(and each other) how will they stand to be that close? i dont think bella will drink Jacobs blood(if she does i will cry all night)because she loves him just like edward loves bella but not as strongly. Maybe Bella has already got some vamoire in her? like her being part albino (MIGHT!) be part vampire! i know that Stephenie said they cant have babies so that is a out. If Jake does not come back i think Bella might go and look for him. I also dreamt she would run out on the wedding because she felt so guilty about herself (somthing like that) nbut i really hope Jake imprints on some one so he is not uhappy!+ i hope he comes back!

  28. Celeste says:

    (sorry!) she might be able to make vampires senses dull because she has a thing in her head hasnt she?(glitch)

  29. I agree that her distaste of the smell of blood is brought up numerous times in each of the books, I’m hoping that this eases her blood lust as a newborn and she can be around Charlie for a little while longer without the urge to kill him. I think it would almost be poetic, she could have her cake and eat it too.
    I think having her lust for blood lessened would be easier for Edward also, maybe he wouldn’t be so hard on himself for changing her, he always seems to carry the weight of it, even though she has clearly made the decision for herself.

  30. *I think she won’t have a problem with human blood if she turns into a vampire, because do you think S.Meyer is going to write about a phyco Bella for about half the book.
    *Jacob will come back, maybe he’ll come back for the wedding, oo and like he’ll go I OBJECT at the church. haha think thats unlikely but yeah juicy!
    *There will be a war with the Volturi.
    *I think one of the werewolves will get biten by a vampire, and maybe make some super power creature!
    *Jacob black will imprint, and no i don’t think it will be to a vampire!
    *Everyone will live happily ever after!
    *No one , well the Cullens or Wolf Pack will die. She couldn’t do that to us!

    p.s – it is twilight tuesday today right? :S

  31. If she turns into a vamp i think that she won’t have problem!!!!


  33. I definitely think Bella’s talent will be related to her mind. SM said that, unlike others, she has a very private mind. I dont know if it will branch off of that (her immunity to things) or if it will have more to do with her dreams that we know sometimes show different shades of whats ahead in the future (such as the dream with the wolf). Of course, this always stays with me…

    “This one seems to bring out bizarrely strong reactions in our kind.”

    -Jane, pg. 576

  34. THE twilighter. says:

    TWILIGHT TUESDAY is there!

  35. Well throughout book 1 and 2 i thought that that bella will have an aversion to blood but in eclipse she asked alice (i don t remember the exact words) “Will i be something like Bree?” and alice said yeah. So I don t know Alice can see the future right?

  36. Forever Vampire says:

    I think if Bella turns into a vampire she’ll be immune to human blood.

  37. I think that her aversion to blood will come in play, but I’m not sure that it will help her stay with Charlie longer. Her eyes will still change color and she will become more beautiful, don’t you think that might raise questions in those who are close to her, like renee and charlie?

  38. Mariaaaa(K) says:

    I think we should look at the two things together:
    Bella has a strange glitch so mental powers don’t affect her.
    Bella has an aversion to blood (she can’t stand the smell, almost faints at the sight of it etc.)

    So what if her power would be something that would combine these two “abilities”. Like she would be able to shut her bloodlust up in her mind and be immune to blood like Carlisle.

    Also I think that Bella will have a very strong power.. and it will al be connected to her shut mind. Taming the bloodlust will be just a part of it I guess.

  39. saranicole says:

    At the New Moon signing in Provo, I asked Stephenie if Bella’s sensitivity to blood was significant (in reference to bloodtyping scene in Twilight). She said it wasn’t. The scene was been based on personal experience–she thought it would be really funny if Bella reacted badly to the scent of blood.

    Of course, when Stephenie was writing Twilight, she didn’t realize Jacob was a werewolf, so….. *shrugs*

  40. TwilightT says:

    Look at pg. 577 as well. The diaglogue between Jane and Edward is foreshadowing of what is to come, I think.

    Oh, and when Bella is changed, I don’t believe she will have bloodlust. I don’t think Alice was concentrating on Bella’s future when she answered Bella’s question about being like Bree as a newborn.

    Bella is too strong for that. In my mind, she will be more like Carslile.

  41. If Bella does turn, and it’s her CHOICE to do so – then I think that she may have an “easier” time of dealing with the blood lust – not from her aversion to blood so much, but from her own will. Carlie said it once – she doesn’t get over things; once she’s made up her mind that’s it. And since her mind is her own – she’ll probably have more self control over her urges – more than any other newborn anyway.

    Emerald said here earlier:

    “The idea of Bella being repulsed by blood doesn’t make any sense; that’s like a human being repulsed by food.”

    Some people *are* repulsed by food. Anorexic Vampire anyone?

  42. sara from DC says:

    I wa just about to point out that Stephenie has said that Bella’s aversion to to blood was not significant (i believe she said this on numerous Eclipse tour stops). But i personally think that her aversion to blood will have nothing to do with what she is like as a newborn vampire. Both Edward and Alice know how she does not like the sight or smell of blood but yet evey time she asks them about what she will be like as a newborn they tell her she will be pretty much the same, and come on guys alice sees the future. Also, if you notice, the scene where she is leaving her trail, she gets a gash on her hand that is alot bigger then the pricks in biology glass but not only is she able to keep herself from fainitng but she uses the blood as a tool of sorts.

    I think that we are going to have a big time leap in breaking dawn (maybe even a couple of blank pages). the story will start out as we all expect. Edward and Bella ger married then he changes her and they leave forks. While she is away she adjust to the new vamp lifestyle but something major happens at forks and la push that draws her home. Maybe sees the Volturi deciding to visit, a war between the wolves and the clan in alaske or somthing really bad happens to charlie. i don’t know it is just a guess

  43. onlyavampire says:

    I thought that her “power” may actually have to do something with her repulsion of blood. I honestly don’t think that it will be a major thing in her changing.
    I think that her “power” will have something to do with the fact that no one can affect her mind. I think that she will be able to stop others powers from working on her and others. I don’t think that this will be just limited to the mind either.

  44. Confessions says:

    I really like “the Force” concept!

    As I have stated before I think her talent will be something amazing, staggering in the vampire world. It will have to do with her mind.

    I think it will rival whatever special talent Alec has. She will be able to use it in the battle against the Volturi which I think will happen in BD.

    I also agree with the fact that she will have control over her blood cravings. That she will have to drink blood like all vampires, but she will have restraint like Carlise.

  45. I hate this theory. No, it’s not that I don’t think it’s impossible, and no, it’s not really for any actual rational reason.

    BUT, we keep seeing it! Everywhere! Everywhere! ARRGH!!

    Look, I know it’s entirely possible. But everything needs to eat to function. (“I eat, therefore I am” – LOL.) That’s just the law of things. And how can you possibly be a vampire who has an aversion to blood? It just doesn’t make sense.

    It would be cool, I admit. But have you heard of anything that was alive that never ate?

    saranicole: It was very refreshing to hear that. IF Bella’s reaction to blood is insignificant, well, then – we have all of Bella’s other traits to think about.

    “Safe” in her mind
    Somehow, has all the boys attracted to her and seems to have her way ALL THE TIME. (Have you heard of a teenage girl with so much freedom from an overprotective father?)
    …Any others…?

  46. Can you really classify vampires as being “alive”?

  47. jummmmi says:

    Well… I’m just wondering how Bella will be able to “eat” and keep her powers if she’d be disgusted by blood… Doesn’t have animal blood the same effect on her as human blood?
    And if the smell of blood disgusts her, how will she be able to interact with humans? Their smell will be omnipresent, won’t it?

    I think her special ability would have rather something to do with her power of deduction.

    Who knows!?

  48. TwilightT says:

    Yes, “The Force” concept is a good one! Can’t wait to see how Bella turns out! In my mind, she is going to be something quite special….. very powerful.

    Alec and Jane frighten me. I think they are going to make James and Victoria’s nastiness look like “child’s play.”

  49. EdwardsLamb says:

    i think she would drink it.
    I just don’t think she be like a newborn.
    It would be as if she had been a vampire for a hundred years.
    And I think that will help the situation with Jacob and everything.
    I can’t wait to see her power thoughXD

  50. I mean, isn’t one of the “rules” of life respiration? Vampires don’t really breath – it’s just habit.

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