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Its day 6 of our count down till the release of the first chapter of Breaking dawn in the Special Edition of Eclipse.  Today we are featuring a theory from our Breaking Dawn Theories thread by:



I think there will be two- count them, two- wars in Breaking Dawn.  War One: The Volturi versus the Cullens. War Two: Cullens versus Werewolves.


What do you think Twilight fans, will there be one war much less two?  Who will be on whose side?  Who will be victorious?


  1. Melz Syndrome says:

    Definitely think that the Cullen vs the Volturi will happen. The werewolf thing goes back and forth in my mind. It would be cool to happen, but for some reason, I don’t suspect anything huge will happen. Maybe smaller brawls.

  2. twilightttttttt says:

    yay 2nd coment
    of course something wil happen between volturi and cullens
    its inevitable
    werewolves prolli bella will come in the middle like she always does
    so the werewolf ehh but its the volutri thats kind of ……

  3. i definately think that thr will be some kind of war between the cullens and the volturi but i dont think thr will be a war between the cullens and the werewolves after all carlilse did help jacob and without him jacob would probably be dead !
    i have a feeling that maybe it will be the werewolves and the cullens against the voultri after all the vampires of the volturi are completely different to the cullens and they will really shocked when and if they find out about the werewolves x

  4. for sure there will be a war between the volturi and the cullens…but I don’t think there will be one between the cullens and werewolves….i think ;leah will start some trouble and that will have to be delt with, but in the end they will fight along side of one another…

  5. I don’t know about the werewolves and the cullens. Edward wouldn’t do that to Bella. Unless Jacob provokes him that much. Hmm, I just think that the Cullens and the werewolves have gone through too much to start a war.
    Actually! Bella’s change WOULD spark a war… Geez. Oh my. :O

  6. I think there will be a showdown between the Cullens and the Volturi. Not sure about the werewolves, though. For some reason I think that the Denali clan will be involved in a fight; whether they’re against or for the Cullens is the question.

  7. bettingonalice357 says:

    I think it will be

    Cullens vs. Volturi and
    Denali Clan vs. Werewolves (because Irina wants revenge on them for taking out Laurent)

    on the 2nd war the Cullens will have to choose which side they are for.

  8. I think there will be a war between them and Volturi…but I think the war between Cullens and Werewolves will be in the 5th book instead because it’s Jacob’s POV and he will see Bella in the fighting too!

  9. I actually think that the werewolfes and the Cullens will work as a team against the Volturi. After all, they all love Bella and I think they’ll get over their stupid prejudices. I really think the treaty will be kind of ignored.

    That settled, I think the first war will happen. The second one… not so much.

  10. bettingonalice357 says:

    Does anyone else think its possible for a war to start between Tanya’s Denali
    Clan and the Wolves.

    Irina definitley wanted revenge in EC

  11. almost a bella says:

    I think there is going to be some sort of war, wether its
    Volturi or the werewolves. I”m pretty sure The Volturi are going to visit and cause trouble. I even made a Fanfiction about it.

    The wolves are going to be looking for a fight when Bella gets changed(if she does). but we could luck out…..the wolves could change the treaty so the Cullens could change Bella since it is Bella’s choice. I doubt that would happen.

  12. Natasha says:

    make love, not war! 😉

    i hope, there will be no war between the cullens and werewolves!
    but what about the cullens and the werewolves together against the volturi? after what happened in eclipse against the newborns, they could cooperate pretty well.
    why do you all think, that there will be a war between volturi and cullens? i hope they can wait some more weeks until bellas change.

  13. leiahlaloa says:

    I think the Volturi/Cullen war is inevitable. I feel like the Volturi are too paranoid. And think about it–Bella as a newborn fighting with Jane. Mwahahaha.

    And if Bella is changed… there’s a huge chance there will be a Quileute/Cullen war as well because of the treaty.


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  15. Jenbarn76 says:

    I used to think the Cullens would fight with the wolves…

    I don’t think so now.

    Wolves will fight Denali (Irina seeks revenge) Cullens will have to pick a side.

    Volturi will fight the Cullens and the wolves will help.

  16. Makayla says:

    I think that there will be more than two wars possibley three. think bout it hard.

  17. SnoWhite11120 says:

    I agree with the theory that the Denali clan will most likely seek revenge against the werewolves.
    And it will be interesting to see if the Cullens have to choose a side to fight for.
    It’s also important to consider the fact that, if Bella is changed, the treaty is over. Who knows what the werewolves will decide to do??
    All of these events are so dependent on the reactions of characters and TIMING…
    I guess we’ll just have to wait and see what happens!! 🙂

  18. is stephenie going to post the first chapter on her website?

    No.  Not this time around.  ~Admin

  19. i think that a war will take place b tween the cullens and the volturi. and i think that the denali clan will b involved w/a war because of what EC said about tanya(?) “showing a little ‘interest’ in him”. she might b mad about him choosing bella over her and because they wanted revenge on the wolves. and you know the wolves will be involved w/ whatever happens
    mayb the cullens and the wolves will team up to fight aginst the volturi and the denali clan(which wold b kinda wierd cause the DC and the cullens r like “extended family”) then mayb EC and JB will have a little fight then every one else will come in and start protecting each other like what happened in eclipse.
    but i we wont know what happens till we read the book!!!!! aahh i cant wait!!!!!!!!!!

  20. i think there will be a war between the cullens and the volturi, but i dont think the werewolves will be involved
    im going to sound really silly asking this now but…
    what is a t-shirt transfer??

  21. Claire Ateara says:

    Volturi vs. Cullens = YES. I think Stephenie has incorporated the Volturi enough at this point that there will be SOME sort of confrontation.

    Cullens vs. Pack = NO. It seemed like at the end of Eclipse the vampires and werewolves were getting along much better, so I don’t think they’ll fight big time.

    I’d like to through into the mix a fight between the Denali clan and the werewolves, because I’m sure Tanya’s gang will get involved SOMEHOW. I don’t know which side the Cullens would be in in this battle, or if they’d be neutral, but I think it’s a possibility.

    This whole predictions things is so much fun! 🙂

  22. wow my question did sound really random but eclipse se comes with 1…

  23. or 2…

  24. i like whoever said maybe the cullens and the werewolves together against the volturi. that would be so cool. and to samm- there is a statement on stephs website that said she won’t be posting it there.

  25. Dazzled says:

    I’m not sure about the Cullens and the wolves fighting, but this book is definetly having aHUGE war! Ahahahh I can’t wait!

  26. I have no idea!

    All I know as of right now in my mind is that Charlie will think Bella is pregnant.

  27. I wish everybody would just hug and make up.
    Excuse me – Hippie moment.

    But I don’t see the NEED for a Volturi-war. Carlisle is friends with them, and Bella still has ties with the werewolves. They’re all semi-friendly, if a bit cold to one another. None of them have done anything particularly wrong. What’s the need for a war?

    (Of course, I know there’s going to be some war. But right now, I don’t see why.)

  28. Wow… that’s an amazing theory!

    Personally, I also feel that the fight in Breaking Dawn will be two-fold, but who will be fighting whom is beyond me.

    I agree that the Denali clan will be involved in this novel, but I can see them trying to take down the werewolves to revenge Laurent’s death AND going after the Cullens and Edward for choosing Bella over Tanya. When women get angry, they are explosive. Imagine the anger of two angry female vampires who have been shunned because of a human girl!

    I honestly do not think there will be a fight between the werewolves and the Cullens. If anything, the werewolves will probably have to step in and assist in saving Bella, if she gets herself into trouble again.

    Also, I am not entirely convinced the Volturi are as a big a threat as we like to think. Aro seems to be fascinated by Bella and Edward’s relationship, so I really doubt he would let harm come to something that is serving as his pet, so to speak. If anyone from the Volturi is a threat, I find it more to be Jane, Caius, or Marcus. While Aro seems bent on allowing Edward and Bella to be together as long as they follow the “rules,” I sense that the others of the Volturi are not so pleased with letting a vampire fraternize with a human who knows all their secrets. I say this to conclude that if we see the Volturi they will either be simply checking up on Bella’s change or someone other than Aro will cause trouble with the Cullens.

  29. I think there may be a confrontation with the Volturi. I don’t think there will be a war with the wolves. After the fight with the newborns and Jacob getting hurt, the treaty kind of became a mute point.

  30. There’s a comment up there that the wolves and the vamps from Denali will fight and the Cullens will have to choose a side. Well I think this will totally happen! But I belive that Edward will convince his family to side with the wolves because they saved Bella’a life. Now the Voturi and the Cullens? I think maybe but after Bella is changed (if she does) what they want is to make sure the Cullen’s don’t become all powerful and they want Bella, Edward, and Alice to join them cause of there power’s or in Bella’s case power’s not working on her. And now the wolves and Cullen’s….. well its inevitable don’t ya’ll think?? I mean really they don’t Bella turned into a Vampire!!! Especially Jacob…I’m thinkin after the wedding they’ll come and do something… maybe even at the wedding you never now…

  31. Debbie:
    The treaty will never be a mute point is my belief… Yes they trust the vamps a bit now but they would kill the vamps as soon as they bit Bella…

  32. Yes. There will definitely be two wars, and one of them is going to lose. The cullens, the werewolves, or the volturi. They all want different things, and whether you believe it or not, they are going to do anything to get there.

  33. I’m not sure about the whole war thing, but I do have a feeling that Jane is going down. I have this picture in my head of Jane relying too much on her special talent to use the rest of her natural strength, and Bella running toward her, while Jane tries again to mentally tear her down and fails, and Bella just breaks her.

    I’m not too worried about the rest of them, but Jane bothers me a lot. I really hope by the end of the book she no longer exists. And, since Jane hurt Edward so much, I hope that Bella gets to do it.

  34. Think about it. What if there is a war triangle? Where everyone just goes ahead and fights eachother. No more allies, no more treaties, and no more trust. All of it just to save or kill Bella.

  35. This is kinda off-topic, but it’s still a BD theory…

    Well, I’m re-re-re-re-re-reading Eclipse right now, and I was on the chapter with the awkward night in the tent and this just hit me.

    When Jacob asks Edward what he’d do if Bella chose him, Edward says he’d let her go but would always be around, waiting. Because Jacob could easily imprint on someone and leave Bella heartbreaked. And guess who’d be there to make her happy? That’s right. Our beloved bloodsucker.

    But what if… This actually happened? If Bella started getting *too much* confused about to the wedding and in a desperate and insane moment decided to run away? Edward wouldn’t stop her. She’d go to Jacob. And he’d be there for her, being all warm and compromise-free. Until he imprints on someone else, that is.

    So do you think that with all the Volturi, Denali clan, Werewolves issue and all that jazz the romance problem could be included also? I don’t know. It’s a long shot. Maybe if it was more books. But all in just one book seems a bit too much.

    Still, it would be a good non-cliche happy ending, if Bella ended up with Edward AFTER she was with Jake. That way she’d really see Edward is the only perfect guy for her. Oh well, I don’t know. Just a thought.

  36. ccoledude says:

    No more wars, please! I really hope that that doesn’t happen. The Cullens and the Volturi would just kill off all of the Cullens even if Bella does have some freakishly amazing power. and the war between the Cullens and the werewolves would be too bad for Bella and Edward. Edward said that he still owed the wolves for saving Bella’s life. No more wars.

  37. I only believe there is going to be one war…cullens vs. denali coven vs. werewolves. The volturi know that bella is set to change into a vampire on august 13th…so why would they have a war??? I know they will just check up on bella…but unless something happens and bella isn’t changed on august 13th…then i see no reason for a war.

    Back to the denali coven…they have two motives for a war. Irina wanting revenge to the werewolves for them killing laurent…and possibly when the denali coven come to attack the werewolves, tanya reunites with edward, and figures out he is engaged to a HUMAN!!! do you sense EXTREME jealousy??? Tanya then try’s to get edward back (if they were together in the first place…???) and that would strike a war…that is my theory.

  38. I dont think there will be a ”war” in BD! There might be a conflict between them that causes Edward and Bella to postpone the wedding and of course there will be problems with the wolves!! I mean they just cause problems in general!! but i dont see any major wars going on that will involve anyone dieing!!!!

  39. I somewhat agree with Alice…I can definately see that happening.

    I really doubt however there will be a war just betweent the werewolves and the Cullens (watch me be wrong 0_o) but the Cullens know what the werewolves mean to Bella…and truthfully, I don’t think she would exactly give the Cullens the go ahead for a war against them unless they realllly ask for it.

    And if you look at it through the point that the wolves start it…I highly doubt that, even if she is turned, Jacob would want to endanger Bella like that, and he is second in command of the pack.

  40. totally agree! the volturi have to make an appearance-SM can’t just leave them hanging w/ Eclipse. Jane was unsatisfied! and the tension between the werewolves and the cullens has just skyrocketed. they may have worked together in Eclipse, but something (most likely dealing w/ Bella; that’s how it always is) is going to happen to break the acquaintances that the Cullens and the werewolves set up at the end of Eclipse.

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  42. I reckon there will be a war between the Volturi and the cullens def….probs over the growing acceptance of wearwolves….Therefore i reckon the Cullens will fight FOR the wearwolves!

  43. rapid_reader says:

    I thought the exact same thing; there will be two wars. I like to write, so when I was trying my hand at my own Breaking Dawn, I even made it so that there were two wars. And I think the Volturi had kidnapped Jacob to get Bella to come….hmmm….

  44. Miss Viet says:

    I agree for the first war (the Volturi against the Cullens). But I don’t think there will be a war between the Cullens and the werewolves.

  45. The Lion Is An Angel says:

    A war between the vampires (GO VAMPiRES!) and werewolves…yes, that seems inevitable… unless… Jacob tries to calm down the rest of the pack. That seems unlikely, but the kid does have his moments.
    But I think a war between the Cullens and the Volturi will only happen if Bella doesn’t transform in time. So the real question is: Will the set date be fast enough?

  46. Yeah, i think there will definitely be a war. Im not quite sure yet, who will fight against each other, but what about the Cullens together with the WWs versus the Volturi? They matched extremly well together in Eclipse, so .. well, its probably a possibility. Im curious.

  47. my_edward;) says:

    I don’t think the Cullens will fight the werewolves. That’s the Denali coven’s job.

  48. I definately agree with sandra’s idea. The Cullens are going to fight along with the Warewolves and they’re going to fight against the Volturi!

  49. my_edward;) says:

    on second thought….Bella’s change would be breaking the treaty so that would start a war.

  50. I say 3 wars, Denali vs Werewolves, Volturi vs Cullens and finally Cullens vs Werewolves.

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