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Its day 5 of our count down till the release of the first chapter of Breaking dawn in the Special Edition of Eclipse.  Today we are featuring a theory from our Breaking Dawn Theories thread by:



Charlie should definitely find out. As someone said earlier, I think his life will be at stake and then someone will save him (vampire or werewolf?) and the whole truth will come out.


What do you think Twilight fans, will Charlie finally discover the truth?  Does Charlie have a right to the truth?  Will his life be in peril? 


  1. edwardlover says:

    i agree. that would be a big twist. he would be really mad at bella and edward though. jacob should tell him in order to try and stop her from becoming a vampire like what jacob did with the motorcycle.
    yay i’m the first post

  2. Yeah, I think that’s going to happen too, but I wonder what his reaction will be like…

  3. He could definitely find out. The only problem is Renee, because she will be the only one out of it. So maybe it’s better that nobody finds out. They go to Alaska, Antarctica, whatever, and live happily ever after [until they have to fight the wolves…]

  4. I think Charlie has a right to hear the truth. Besides, I don’t think Bella could stand not seeing him again. Well, she could, but I don’t think Edward will allow her to feel so sad about it. If you know what I mean. xD

    I agree with edwardlover that Jacob will tell Charlie. He’ll do anything in his power to save Bella’s life. I believe he’ll try anything.

  5. Miss Viet says:

    I agree. But I think he will die just after… x]

  6. Honestly i dont think that Charlie is a key character!! I dont think he will be in mortal danger or anything huge like that! As for him finding out about the Vamps and Wolfs hummm??
    Well i guess it would be ok if he found out but i think it would be better if he thought Bella was happily married and away somewhere or whatever the decide to tell him!

  7. I think either Charlie and/or Renee have to find out. Renee for one is so observative, and it would just be so cool to find out how they would react… 🙂

  8. Actually, I just realised that I don’t think Charlie will find out, as it breaks the Volturi’s rule, and Bella wouldn’t want to put him in danger by that!

  9. almost a bella says:

    Yeah. Like in New Moon when the Volturi said noone outside could know. If Charlie knew either he would have to die or get changed.
    But if someone did tell him……how do you think he would react. Would he try to ban Bella from seeing Edward (quite immpossible) or just deal with the fact that his daughter is in love with a vampire.

  10. I agree with Edwardlover and KayBay, immature Jacob would definitly try to use this knowledge to persuade Bella to stay human. I have a feeling he will be the one to tell Charlie, and that isn’t going to be a good idea.
    I don’t want Charlie to find out because like Ari said, then they can just go to Alaska or Antartica or something and live happily ever after 🙂
    If they don’t, its gonna be a little hard to sleep at night for a few days after finishing the book lol.

  11. How can bella tell charlie something like that,come on it would be like: so you know edward my boyfriend yeah he’s kind of a vampire oh and we’re getting married, that’s all.There is no way charlie would believe in something like that and i don’t think that the cullens would expose themselves like that, after all they are trying to keep a low profile as much as they can.

  12. I dont know if he will find out. That’s tricky… I don’t think Bella would tell him because then he would have to die, or become a vampire…. (weird to think about) The idea of Jacob telling him is interesting… I agree he would do anything to stop her. At the end of Eclipse, Charlie is getting a little suspicious… maybe that means something…. ?

  13. i just realized…at the end of the epolouge, jacob is running…where is he running exactly??? To Charlie…hmmm?

    that would be a great possiblitly, and also a great story if Charlie figured out. HOW AWKWARD!!!!!

  14. Could happen….you could have that go 2 ways either Bella has to be turned into a vampire (which she has to, they promised the Volturri) may to save her father, or she has to remain human for some reason. I don’t know. I mean Charlie has to have some idea of what’s going on from all that Billy has told him. I’m anxious to find out. Hopefully the first Chapter will give us some insight as to what will happen. Aug 2 can’t get here soon enough.

  15. liveinthefuture says:

    no i don’t think he will…he’d go berserk. IF he even believed them which i guess he’d have to if one of the werewolves phased or something, he’d flip out…i just cant see this working.
    i think charlie’s going to die in some tragic way. but then when the deathly hallows was coming out i had all my theories and almost all of them were wrong soooo…let’s not go by ANYTHING i say.

  16. Jamie Q says:

    i think charlie will find out about the vampires fro jacob. i think jacob will want to break up the wedding so bad that he tells charlie about edward and his family and their plans to change bella and charlie will get really upset with bella. of course he cant forbid her to marry edward but he is a big influence on bella and what her decisions will be for the future. now my friends and i have a hundred other theories but this one to me is the best =]

  17. After re-reading the posts above think about this. The Volturi say that no one can know otherwise they have to be killed or changed. So if they do find out that the tribe knows what they are I guess that could come in to play big time. I originally never thought of a fight against the Volturri and the wolves but that would make sense?

  18. i say that she will tell him…

    but what i dont get is whatz going to happen when she is turned into a vampire and Charlie notices something different? what is she gonna say?

    thats what gets me…:P

  19. I think that if charile finds out in anyway it will be because he is dying. I think that something might happen, wether its a Heartattack like Harry, or something Much bigger like a vampire attack. We never know what could happen.

  20. i believe in that too Jamie Q.

    well i think he will find out after he realizes something different about Bella.

  21. oh wait! i got it!

    maybe Jane will capture Charlie because she thinks Bella isnt a vampire. she puts him in the closet. then when they go to rescue him, Bella tells Jane that she is a vampire and Charlie hears. when they finally kill Jane then they find Charlie and Bella and Edward find out that he knows!

    wouldnt that be kool! my plan will totally work!!!!!!

  22. honestly, i’ve always kinda thought that charlie already knows more than he’s letting on…the way he first talked to bella about the cullens, and his anger towards billy’s attitude…something is up there, and one way or another it will come out in BD…

  23. continued to my story:

    he will ask her if its true. she tells him that she is a vampire. she tells him about the Cullen’s and Jacob. She tells him the whole story.

    then she will live happily forever knowing that Charlie knows and having Edward.

    But maybe, maybe because Bella knows she will live 4ever and Charlie wont, maybe somebody will change him into one!

    that would be cool!

  24. u have a point cara!

  25. C.N.F.A.C:

    i think that might happen.

    maybe because he is dying, Bella turns him into a vampire!

  26. cara,

    what do u mean by BD????

  27. What if Billy tells Charlie about everything? It would be breaking the treaty, though.. But Jacob might be able to persuade his dad to tell.

    Hmmm, off topic but I think that the wolves and the vampires will work together to get rid of the Vultori.

  28. I agree with most of the posts… It’s almost inevitable that he’ll find out, but if and when he does he’ll have to be killed. Maybe he’ll be dying of something natural -like cancer (?)- and bella will want to change him but the others won’t let her so she’ll tell him right before she says ‘goodbye’ just so he knows that she does love him… even after leaving and yelling, and all the other drama. Renne’ isn’t a big enough character as of this point, but maybe when she hears about Charlie she’ll visit Bella and see something has changed.

    (Whether they find out or not i think BD will END with Bell’a bite… so they won’t know SHE’s a vampire.)

  29. ~*~EdwardAddict~*~ says:

    I think Charlie kinda has an idea that something is different with the Cullens and that Bella is in on it. He is ok with that and isnt going to push it.

  30. Rose: BD= Beaking Dawn
    I really can’t wait, like a mentioned ealier, a flashback.

  31. I agree that somewhere deep down, Charlie already knows. I don’t think he’s 100% certain yet or he would definitely NOT let Bella near any of the Cullens, but he has some ideas in the back of his mind… I think the only reason he hasn’t said anything to Bella is because of how much he likes Alice, and he doesn’t want to believe that she could be something as awful as a vampire.

  32. Yeah, i definitely agree with the posts that say Jacob will be the one to reveal the secret. That sounds like jacob all right! :0

  33. If Jacob reveals the secret he is exposing the tribe too! I think Bella will tell him, or in an extreme situation everything will come down.

  34. fanpire says:

    Charlie can’t find out… because then he’d have to be turned into a vampire, right? The Volturi made a big deal about Bella knowing about the existance of vampires, and would probably make an even bigger deal about Charlie knowing, since he’s an adult and not in a relationship with… a vampire. 🙂

    Charlie would also freak out if he knew about Edward and the Cullens, or even Jacob and the wolves. He’s a parent; what else would he do? 😉

  35. TwilightT says:

    I think it might be Billy that tells Charlie.

  36. i dont think charlie will find out idk if i want him 2?? but i was thinking about jacobs future in BD! I dont like him at all but i want him to have a happy ending 2!!!! and he needs to leave bella alone! so i was thinking he could end up with leah! i think that would be really sweet since hes been hurt by bella and shes been hurt by sam! so then i was thinking about what if jacob imprinted on her and didnt realize it because he was soo obbsessed with bella but i think imprinting is to powerful to not know u have imprinted! so then i started thinking it would be awsome if leah imprinted on Jacob! but that theroy cant be possible because the pack would know because they can read each others thoughts while in wolf form!!! so anyway around i cant picture them getting together!! even though i REALLY want them to!!!!!!!!!

  37. i think its unlikely that charlie will find out. i do think he knows more about the cullens then he’s letting on bcos he respects carlisle and has already falled out with billy once about the whole vampire thing. he also wouldnt like to think about bella being with a vampire and prefers to think of the cullens as ordinary people

  38. No way will Jacob reveal the secret because Bella got there first. In the end of Eclipse, bella ws alreday heading over to tell Charlie. i think Charlie ahs no idea, but he might take it better because in the end of Eclipse, Charlie(finally) says that he approves of edward. remember? Well this news will really hit Charlie hard, because he had no idea that bella could be so old-fashioned. He also doesn’t think that she will make the same mistake he did and marry at a young age.

  39. britishtwilightfan says:

    I think charlie will find out, at least I hope he does!

  40. And ofcourse sweet jacob should get to live his happy life. (without leah!) she has a bad temper, and I heard the description of her personality described in “New moon” and I thought ‘No way’ is she ending up with jake. he deserves someone who understands him.

  41. Goaskalice says:

    I agree with Katie and others. I think Charlie already knows there are werewolves and vampires in Forks. I don’t think he realizes that Bella would be willing to turn into a vampire but it kind of keeps with his characters history that Renee and Bella left him and Bella will leave him again. He did not do much to stop Renee and Bella the first time and may not do much about it this time..
    I think he knows who the vampires and the werewolves are but sees that they are good people.

  42. i really don’t think charlie will find out. and i don’t think that he has any idea what’s going on around him in his home town. he doesn’t quite seem that perceptive. it would be great closure for bella if she were able to tell her dad all that being with edward entailed, but i just don’t see that happening. i always just thought that bella’s death would be faked somehow and she would never return again. but i don’t really know a thing. thats just one person’s opinion!!

  43. I don’t think she’s going to tell him. I don’t think he’s even going to find out. But if he did, seeing what he’s done in the past, he’d get all mad about the fact that Bella/Edward didn’t tell him, and then he’d confront them. I have a sneaking suspicion that Charlie has some idea that Edward isn’t human. Like in Eclipse when Jacob’s at the house and Charlie knows that Edward’s coming, he’s being both figurative and literal when he says, “Your funeral.”

  44. I have the distinct feeling Charlie and Renee will never know. That’s a little un-Stephenie to me…but hey, they could. I’m just saying.

    Ugh. Does anyone have any idea about how nervous this book is making me? It can go in so many different directions according to where eclipse left off, and I am so worried about what the directions will lead to.

    For instance, I’m hoping Bella officially choosing Edward over Jacob is a done deal. To be honest, that portion of drama really needs to be over. That’s what the third book was basically all about. Breaking Dawn should be building from that, not continuing it.

    Generally, anything that leads to the seperation of Edward and Bella scares me to death. I like Jacob, yeah, just not for Bella. And Edward has waited so long. It would just suck (no pun intended) to see him get his heart broken.

    Though I’m mostly afraid that Tanya (the imfamous Edward seducer) will want Edward. I think we all know how female vampires are. But guess who’s engaged to a human? Right.

    Any thoughts?

  45. urcoolcarrie says:

    i don’t think he’ll find out. unless its his own suspicions that drive him to discovering the truth, it won’t happen.

  46. I don’t think he should find out. Charlie is more perceptive than anyone gives him credit for. I think he knows something is different but he is more accepting of them because they don’t give him any trouble.
    Him finding out would be bad in my mind, it would make him vulnerable, it’s against the rules and it’s one of the reasons Bella is so determined to be changed.
    I think Bella realizes that Charlie would be in more danger if he knew, I think she’s being responsible for keeping it from him.

  47. Fatimeh says:

    I think charlie should find out
    I really want to read about that.
    but if jacob tells
    I doubt he would

  48. I don’t want Charlie to find out! It’ll ruin it all [i]for me anyway[/i].

  49. Why would Charlie find out? Bella does everything to keep him safe. Telling him would be the oppisote of safe =)

  50. Krystal says:

    well i think that he will be told but on his death bed.. so that way he cant do anything about it. and Renee (SP) comes down to see him and notices something diffrent about bella and then she will have to know

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