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The National Post has an article on the Twilight movie, and how Catherine Hardwicke saw that the original MTV script deviated quite a bit from the essence of the book, and had the Summit script, written by Melissa Rosenberg, return to the books for a story that actually resembled the books.


Don’t forget about our Gil Birmingham (Billy Black) interview posted here.  Be sure to comment on the interview there so that Gil will be able to read your wonderful comments when I send him the link to the story!!!


  1. Bless Catherine Hardwicke.

  2. I saw “popular track star” and shuddered. And FBI?! I mean, holy crap. That’s terrible. That’s HORRIFYING.

    Catherine Hardwicke, you truly are an angel. Anyone seeing this movie should be grateful for its closeness to the book. It will not be another book-knock off like Eragon was. (Total disappointment, that one was.)

  3. laurelflower93 says:

    Yay! I’m so glad it’s going to be (almost) the same. That’s a very good thing to hear.

    Thanks Lex!

  4. Faktririjekt says:

    All hail the director!


  6. I would have cried if Twilight the movie had turned out like Blood and Chocolate the movie.

  7. VampGirl says:

    I’m soooo mad, I tried to register to be on the threads (and after 5 hours of trying to find a nickname that wasn’t used yet) it finnaly said that they would email me. AND THEY HAVEN’T! It’s only been like 2 or 3 hours but my friend said u usually get it like 5 minutes. Idk what 2 do.

  8. VampGirl says:

    Sry that reeally doesn’t have anythin to do with the article… Ooops!

    Try looking in your spam box and see if teh confirmation email is there.

  9. lala-swan says:

    Well, now I think the person who wrote that first script should be gratefull for not being mentioned, otherwise she/he would have gottan a HUGE fanbase mad. And Catherine Hardwicke is a genius, I’m really thankfull Summit got her in!!

  10. VampGirl says:

    I just checked my spam box but it’s empty…

  11. VampGirl says:

    What should I do??? ๐Ÿ™

  12. Wow Cathrine is like my hero. It would not be the book if Bella was popular and I don’t even know how the FBI would fit in. Thank god for Hardwicke!!

  13. peacelovevampires says:

    seriously Hail Catherine!

  14. Faktririjekt says:

    How would the FBI fit in?

    It’s simple, really.

    Charlie would call them, just like Bella said, and they’d somehow end up killing James. ๐Ÿ™‚

  15. THANK GOD FOR CATHERINE. i honestly would not have seen Twilight if it had been MTV’s version. track star? FBI? WTF? no way,jose.

  16. We bow down to your greatness. *Bows down to Catherine’s greatness*

    I know I’ve already posted, but I’m seriously relieved about this movie. I keep thinking of Bella as a track star and the FBI coming in and I keep shuddering, and I don’t know what I would have done if that’s how my Twilight turned out.

    *Bows even lower*

  17. Mary ALICE says:

    Catherine is a goddes for saving us all! i mean, if Bella was this popular track star, then let’s just say you shouldn’t have called it “Twilight” i mean, come on person-who-origionally-wrote-that-Bella-was-a-track-star! Twilight would not be Twilight without the awkward Bella and her shyness! and Let’s not mentino the FBI! holy crow! I’m so happy and thankfull to have such a wonderful director such as Catherine herself, to stay respectfull to the book and to honor and work her tail off for us ravenous fans! haha! It must have been hard on her to know that there were hundreds upon thousands of fans eyeing down her back to see if she was giving our book justice! I am 110% positive this movie is going to be amazing. The characters [like ourselves] now live off of twilight, breath it, smell it. It’s a no brainer why they worked off their putooties (puh-toot-tees)! Because they want to give us the best darn movie there ever was! We’ve all heard of Eragon and it’s succes. (bummer for them. they didn’t get such an extroidinary director) and the entire cast and crew doesn’t want that to happen to us. Therefore, let’s all give a thanks to Catherine and the cast and crew for their hard work and dedication! THANK YOU!

  18. Faktririjekt says:

    Thank you so much!

  19. Quiero mi Lobo rojo says:

    THANK GOODNESS that they didnt make Bella a popular track star,what the he**??? and have the FBI taken out of the story.
    What were the people who wrote that script thinking?

  20. Mary ALICE you’re completely right. *Bows so low I’m practically in the ground…*

  21. elizabeth says:

    goodness i love that woman. thank you for saving it ๐Ÿ˜€

  22. Thank you, Catherine! I was so worried when I heard on Stephenie’s site that the rights to the movie had been settled. I thought, “Please, please, please don’t let this be another Ella Enchanted. They ruined that book to movie transition.”

    I can’t believe that they were thinking of changing the book so much. We all know there would have been a virtual boycott of MTV.

  23. Faktririjekt says:

    And of the movie, of course.

  24. hey idk if this is kinda off topic but i found this really cool behind the scenes video on youtube that i’ve never seen posted on any other blog (or maby i missed it when it was posted) check it out and let me know

  25. Oh dear Lord. Thank you Hardwicke!
    Track Star and FBI? Insanity.

  26. fake_plastic201 says:

    I agree with you guys. Thank you Catherine!

    Track star? FBI? Ha.

    How much respect do I have for MTV, aside from ‘Twilight Tuesday,’ weird title and all?

    not very much.

  27. Oh how I adore this woman. Seriously. THANK YOU!

  28. Nicole Loves Edward says:

    It is REALLY hard to imagine clumsy bella as a TRACK STAR *shudders* And, anyway, edward likes the fact that bella is quiet and original, and even the fact she is clumsy (when it is not putting her life in danger) because that just means he can be the superhero instead of the bad guy (like he says in Twilight)

  29. Nicole Loves Edward says:

    Thank you Catherine Hardwicke!! u r the best!!

  30. I was originally very nervous about Twilight the movie. My friend and I always joked about all the ways it could be screwed up, and I am incredibly grateful to Catherine for not making my nervous jokes become an agonizing reality.

  31. TRACK STAR?!?!?!?!? FBI?!?!?!?!?!?
    Thank Gawd for Catherine!

  32. RoseRed says:

    FBI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Thank goodness that MTV is not making this movie…..track star…:(

  33. queequeg says:

    FYI, I went to go see Indiana Jones today, and I saw the Twilight Tralier in the previes

    Sadly there still is not hbp though

  34. Wow. What was the person who wrote the first script thinking? How would you even come up with the idea of making Bella a track star unless you were TRYING to ruin the story?! Thank God for Catherine. Seriously. Thank you, God!

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