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Its day 4 of our count down till the release of the first chapter of Breaking dawn in the Special Edition of Eclipse.  Today we are featuring a theory from our Breaking Dawn Theories thread by:



I don’t think that there is anything keeping Stephenie from picking up right after the end of Eclipse, Chapter 27 – Needs.


What do you think Twilight fans, where will chapter one start?  Right where she left off?  Later perhaps?  What are your guesses for the opening scene?

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  1. I’m hoping we get to see Bella tell Charlie the news, though I think it will be after that.

  2. mradrz4evr says:

    I think she’ll pick right off- maybe a month or so down the line, but not like half a year later. That would make sense to me.

  3. She will leave off with everyone’s reaction to Bella and Edward being engaged.

    I think everyone in town will think they HAVE to get married. We will also see Charlie’s reaction. I am not too sure what he going to think yet…

  4. I think that they will skip over charlie’s reaction because thats pretty much on the same day that eclipse left us hanging. I think that she will have a “flashback” though to charlie’s reaction like she did with that conversation with renee on the beach. So we’ll probably know what she’s talking about. I really can’t wait to find out what’s going to happen with the jacob and volturi situation. I think she’ll continue with her story about 3-4 weeks after they broke the news to charlie.

  5. I think that having an argument with Renee, for the wedding!

  6. I think we will get to see Bella tell Charlie because his reaction could be key to the story.

    On the other hand, that would be like 2 or 3 months before the wedding, lots of time to fill.

  7. I don’t think that it will pick up like RIGHT after, but I do hope to see Charlie’s reaction *snicker* (maybe like in a flashback like Fatima said) 😀

  8. I like Fatima’s idea of flashback…i can totally see that..along with Charlie’s reaction..I’m thinking the book will start off with Bella thinking the past before her wedding starts..cuz hey, she has a lot to think about!

  9. I think she’ll do the same thing that she did in Eclipse. She didn’t pick up right from New Moon, she did a sum up of what happened after Charlie found out about the bikes. The prologue would probably be a foreshadowing of what’s to come in the book, with Bella thinking to herself, as in Twilight. And then chapter one will engulf us we’ll be taken on a crazy adventure!

    i can’t wait, people!!!!

  10. It’s either going to start about a month, month and 1/2, after Edward and Bella broke the news (w/ a flashback of Charlie’s reaction), or it’s going to start with Charlie’s reaction. A lot of us here seem to get Stephenie’s [writing] style, more so than a lot of other fans’ authors…

  11. We already know Charlie knows becuase in the epilogue the invites have already been sent. I think she’ll start very close to the date of the wedding and go from there. I think we may have some of Renee and Charlie comments on trying to talk her out of it but that’ll be all.

  12. Yeah, I really do want to see Charlie’s reaction, even if it is in a flashback. But I doubt Stephenie will write it. She will probably just make a brief sum up like she has been doing in both New Moon and Eclipse.

    In fact, I have a feeling she will probably skip LOTS of things. I do think the book will start just two or three weeks before the wedding. Because if you think about it, the real problems only start after they get married, since that’s when Edward is supposed to bite Bella.

    Well, I don’t know… I hope she surprises us. In a good way, though.

    Ugh, I seriously can’t wait.

  13. britishtwilightfan says:

    I think it will be a month or so before the wedding

  14. RainyForks says:

    I doubt it will pick up exactly where it left off, because it was kind of left open. i think it will be at least a few days since the end of the last book.

  15. Dazzled says:

    I feel like it’s going to be a week to the wedding or something when it starts, I definetly dont feel like it’s going to start where she left Edward and Bella in the meadow, because in the prologue thing Jacob already got the invitation. I think Stephenie is going to do a flashback of peoples reactions, like when Bella went to Florida, it was a flashback.

  16. OME!mish says:

    I’m afraid that Bella will do something stupid and the actual wedding will be in danger of not happenening. Her aversion to getting married at her age was enough for her NOT to jump at the chance of flying off to Vegas to marry Edward and be ‘turned’ ASAP. I mean seriously, would YOU have turned down that offer? lol.

    • Iliana – Kim’s post was really great! I don’t know what it is eehtir, but they really are so very readable. Kailana – I think it also helps that I’ve read them when I’ve been in just the right mood for them. mariel – I know what you mean, I was (am?) completely hooked too! Thanks for the link to your review. I searched my Google Reader but it doesn’t always pick up everything.

  17. SnoWhite11120 says:

    I think people are forgetting to factor in the epilogue.
    Jacob receives a wedding invitation from Edward, meaning that the news is out (or so we can assume).
    I believe that the first chapter of “Breaking Dawn” will have to begin later than when the last chapter of “Eclipse” left off.
    But, I’m also sure that–in true Stephenie style–we will see flashbacks and explanations of people’s reactions to the news.

  18. ~*~EdwardAddict~*~ says:

    I agree. The invites have already been sent out. I do see a flashback of how they told Charlie and Renee. I see Chapter one starting a day or two before the wedding.

  19. The end of EC has so much unfinished business…JACOB, we need to find out about him and of course the wedding. I can’t see to long of a lapse in time…

  20. Lizzie-Anne says:

    I think that just because jabob had got an invite, it doesn’t neccessarily mean that the OTHER invites have been sent out yet or Charlie knows. Because if you think about it, Jacob already knew that they were going to get married, and Edward could have sent it secretly (remember what he wrote on the letter inside). So Charlie might or might not know, and he could be completely against them getting married or just a bit dissageable(is that a word?). If he doesnt even know yet, he could have any reaction. But if Charlie doesnt know yet, we all know that nothing will stop them getting married, because by getting married, there is so much in it for them. Bella doesn’t particularly want to, but she does because Edward has only agreed to “change” her after they are married. So whether people like it or not, they will get married.

    I hope people understand what I just wrote, cos i’m not sure even I do!!!

    But hey.

  21. I would love to see charlie’s reaction! It’ll be SO funny

  22. shannon_love says:

    hmmmm…..i do want to see charlies reaction….but i feel like alice and bella will be having a wedding argument or something….and edward will just be like laughing, but trying to be supportive.
    i either want THAT, or the morning of the wedding. bella is getting her hair done by alice, rosalie, and renee, and shes like super excited but like really nervous. and then like everything goes perfect until after the rabid jacob comes back and like, attacks. or i feel like stephenie would try to kill us and have the last line of the first chapter be jacob coming in and saying “I object.”


  24. I saw the first page the chapter is called engaged that text on the const.moon is on the cover of the book

  25. Sonal,
    Are you sure this is real?? it seems kind of tacky!! shouldnt the 1st page be a preface?? Like in all of the the other books?

    i think BD will start a week befor ethe wedding! i agree with the flashback theory 2!!!! It would be sooo awsome if the wedding was early on so Edward could turn her!!!!! I will be sooooooooooo mad if the last line in the book was ”then his teeth sunk into my skin!”

  26. i don’t know how they got the first page but it looked very real to me.

  27. It looks Stephenie a lot… but who knows!

  28. Humaa where did you get all this information?

  29. If this cover is real… wow, there’s gonna be a HUGE war!

  30. katequinnrose says:

    i have no idea where it will pick up. i have a feeling charlie is going to think bella is pregnant and thats why they have to get marries. also, because the epilogue was when invitations were going out, they may start with like the whole town being worried with jacob being missing


    I want to know so badly.. 🙁

  32. OMG! I so cannot wait! But I really hope Bella finds Jacob, and then Edward gets jealous, and in the end Edward and Jacob become really good friends. But thats my own stupid little prediction.

  33. I read something about Charlie thinking Bella is marrying Edward because he thinks she is pregnant (lol), Jacob is supposedly missing… and Renee doesnt care that Bella is getting married, and we get to hear about Bella trying on her wedding dress… and she seems happy when she does….
    I also found this preface on a myspace a few mornings ago…and it got taken off a couple of hours later, but i have no idea if it’s real…
    Like stephenie said- treat anything you read like a grain of salt, and we won’t know anything for sure until the book is in our hands…
    All these spoilers are driving me crazy so I think I’m just going to stop searching and be patient. lol.


  35. Harryfan says:

    Whoa, chess pieces? That’s a little weird.

  36. Lizzie-Anne says:




  37. TwilightT says:

    May, I agree with you. Edward won’t die, and I still think that Edward and Jacob are going to be united again in protecting Bella and the people of Forks in Breaking Dawn. Didn’t Tanya’s family ask permission to take the werewolves out if they agreed to help take care of business in Eclipse? The Cullens denied them. Maybe some of Tanya’s family will be uniting with the Volturi with the goal of taking out the werewolves and the Cullen family, including Bella. It will be interesting to see if Aro will defend the Cullens due to his friendship with Carslile. Power will be the Volturi’s motive, I think.

    I can’t wait until August 2nd either, and I am going to purchase the new copy of Eclipse so I have the special edition. My other one will go to the library at school.

  38. Dancergirl says:

    I think she’ll pick up a couple of days before the wedding.

  39. Yes people, that’s the real cover because the lexicon mentioned that in some stores they let ECLIPSE SPECIAL EDITION out early, so people can post up whatver they want. well, that was a HUGE spoiler.

  40. Mary Alice Cullen says:

    Thats the cover its looks wiered

  41. cwinche says:

    I can see it opening with Bella doing something with organizing the wedding (picking center pieces or something) and then her flashing back to breaking the new to charlie and also filling us in on anything else that has happened.

  42. whoa…
    that can’t be the preface.
    none of this stuff can be real, because none of it has been authorized to be released, right?

    isnt it illegal to show that kind of stuff?

    ugh. im tired of rumors.
    cant we all TRY to be patient?
    lol…okay my lil rant is over.


  43. Woah, the mods are not gonna be happy when they see most of the spoilers going have been posted here. There are a lot of places on the internet where you can find these things but this is meant to be a non spoiler site so they will probably stop the countdown discussions…=( I hope not though

  44. I like the cover, what’s there not to like after all it’s just a cover,we all know i doesn’t say anything about the book.

  45. Things happening this august: My 15th birthday, becoming a sophomore, and BREAKING DAWN!!!

  46. i want the first chapter to begin a few days before the wedding, that would be perfect. and i want bella and edward to stay together no matter what ,i think they will cause stephenie said that their love is true and that she believes in true love, so she wouldn’t break them apart, i hope!

  47. I think it’s going to pick up closer to the wedding but give of us flashbacks of everyone’s reactions, maybe??

  48. Me thinks the opening scene will be Charlie bursting into a rage. Because I read on a forum, on a topic, on a post some spoilers. I’m annoyed at myself for how weak I was, coz I kinda ruined my trip to the bookshop in June now. lol And the story in part.

  49. i think it’ll pick up after she tells charlie…
    the cover looks weird, i dunno if it’s real or not
    i don’t have money to buy eclipse se *cries*

  50. Twi - Hard says:

    I think it’s going to start right after chapter 27 because she can’t resist going through all the wedding details with Alice. Remember the prom scene in Twilight? She couldn’t put the whole thing in so she went and put it on her website. And it’s going to be funny cause Emmett’s going to be the pastor. 😉

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