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The ever lovely Elizabeth (publicist to Stephenie Meyer) conducted an interview with our favorite author for the site Like ie, Love it, Hate it.


Lists the Host in the top books of the month!


We have gotten many questions about whether the Eclipse special edition will be available for sale in the UK.  According to Amazon UK it will be available!


The Oregonian continues its coverage of the Portland signing.


Pop Syndicate gives a review of the Host.

A Virginian middle school teacher inspires her students to read through Twilight.


And finally we have received confirmation that Breaking Dawn will be released in Australia and New Zealand on Monday August 4th. 

*Tune in here tomorrow for another Lexicon exclusive!


  1. Have I mentioned I love this new icon system you all have?
    So purdy! =D

  2. littleyellowporsche says:

    oh you crazy people and your “lexicon exclusives”!!!!

    hahaha! i love you guys! and i second Kay Bay’s icon remark! i enjoy the icons too!

  3. YAY!!! I was worried it wouldn’t be released in NZ at the same time but it is!!!!!! WOOOHOOO I cant wait! I have my whole family addicted! I’m so HAPPY!

  4. Claribel says:

    I really like the school teachers project i think it´s fascinating. I like the kid´s answers to her question and i laughed at the Harry Potter fan when she wrote ¨He actually yelled the killing spell at a sub once in the middle of instructional time¨ I like that he thought liking Twilight is a betrayal to HP but in the end you just can´t help but fall in love with Twilight

  5. *sigh*
    The 4th of August? Eh. It’ll do.

  6. hmmm, i can’t seem to get the site for the interview to work.

  7. Janie46 says:

    I looove this site because it has the quickest updates when it comes to news. I’ll check back more than once a day because there’s always something new! But the link for the interview doesn’t work.

  8. The review for ‘The Host’ is perfect ^____^ I couldn’t agree on it more :’D
    hmn this has probably been asked before, but when can we expect a sequel to the book? (if there is one; and I’m well aware of the fact that it won’t be for a while, but is there an estimated time? 2 – 3 years?)

  9. twilightislife says:

    WOW, so many interviews and stories everyday! Coolio stuffzzz!

  10. the school project is fantastic! i made a friend read twilight and she was always reading in english class and the teacher was forever telling her to put the book away. we showed it to a bunch of people and eventually my teacher read it and said she’ll never tell my friend who is reading in class to put a book away again (well, at least a always stephenie meyer book)

    the harry potter kid sounds awesome…

  11. Thanks Twilight Lex for posting about our project, I am eternally grateful!!

    He is awesome. He is currently writing about his experience with Twilight for me, and it should be posted next week. Put it this way, today after testing he made a marshmallow man with a pencil for a body, and lead for hair. He’s hilarious and I am sure his write up will be as well.

  12. whoo i just got my summer reading list for the next year and Twilight, New Moon, and Eclipse are in it, i live in Hawaii

  13. V12Vanquish says:

    OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG I’m from Australia and I am absolutely stoked about the release date!!!!!!! Can’t wait!!! Thanx to the Twilight Lexicon, we can always rely on you for quick and correct updates!

  14. Jackiee says:

    only 2 days after the official release date!

  15. The 4th? That’s after USA, right?
    I would’ve already read it by then. =[

  16. RainyForks says:

    Umm… haven’t got the special edition of eclipse available? yet? Does that mean they will soon though?

  17. Lizzie-Anne says:

    Does anyone know the official release date for the UK yet? The waiting for it is painful! =[ lol

  18. MoonStarWithWings says:

    I really want to know the UK release date!!
    The suspense is killing me!! (and Bella…heehee)


  19. Wh-hoo! Go NZ and Austrailia!!!
    I was named after Austrailia!

    (haha Trish!!)

  20. this is a really cool sight, does anyone have any idea if they will release the first chapter of breaking dawn before it comes out? (and besides eclipse special edition released may 31st) On Stephanies website it says that the first chapter of breaking dawn will probably only be seen through the eclipse special edition=[. so im hoping someone else has heard differently!


  21. breaking dawn comes out august 2nd!! i cant you probably all know if youre obsessed like i am=]

  22. is everyone here from australia? im an outcast then..


  1. […] completely honest, we don’t remember how we discovered the site) and posted about it in our news round-up on May 23, 2008. It resulted in their site going from relative obscurity to getting practically 10,000 hits […]

  2. […] completely honest, we don’t remember how we discovered the site) and posted about it in our news round-up on May 23, 2008. It resulted in their site going from relative obscurity to getting practically 10,000 hits […]

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