Discussion Fridays

Alphie is proud to present the Twilight Lexicon’s Discussion Fridays!  Throughout this summer we will be spotlighting the rest of the chapters in Eclipse. 

This week we have for you:

Chapter 10 – Scent.  Summary and discussion questions organized by Ambereyes.

Chapter 11 – Legends.  Summary and discussion questions organized by Echo1 and Spooncha.

Thank you ladies for your hard work on these chapters!  I look forward to reading everyones thoughts and theories about the information given in these great sections.

*Tune in next Friday for Chapters 12 & 13.


  1. 1st comment?

  2. Sweet!! I got the first comment haha.

  3. hakumei.kyuuketsuki says

    Why does everyone care so much about making the first comment? >

  4. making the first comment is awesome
    especially since sooo many people are on the lexicon
    i got the first comment once

  5. i have a random question

    does anyone know how to pronounce rosalie??

  6. It is pronounced {rose} as in the flower {u} as in up {lee} like lee jeans.

  7. haha nicely phonetically spelt!^^ I don’t think Stephenie could have done it better herself 🙂

  8. This is great! i can’t wait to see hpw they summarise jaspers Chapter next week! thats my favourite chapter ever so i’m looking forward to next Friday!

  9. edwardsloverr89 says

    yeaa a lot of people do visit this site.. soo i was def surprised that i was able to be the first commenter once on here lol. =]
    i got to admit it was awesome to me haha.

  10. Nice job ladies.

  11. great…….i soooo love discussing ANYTHING twilight =)

  12. Yea! I love this idea!! Thank you so much for these great chapter summeries! You guys rock!

    I got the first comment once too. It was awesome…*wink*

  13. Holy chicken chalupas!! Thats awesome!!!

  14. edwardssinger says


  15. googlyeyes says

    Finally i’ve been wating for these for a while now. thanks guys! you’re awsome!!

  16. Brittiany says

    Are you ever going to do a chapter summery for chapter 19 of New Moon?

  17. VmprCullen says

    I so wonder after were finish disccusing Eclipse, were going to disccus the 1st chapter of Breakin dawn (can’t wait) what will we do in the remains time until Breaking dawn comes out?

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