Denver Host Signing Report

Signing Recap by the wonderful evermoreimmortal:

I got in line at around four, and there were already around forty people. It was around seventy degrees outside, and the doors didn’t open for two hours. It was in the middle of the courtyard with no shade, and everyone was boiling hot. I took pictures of people’s cool shirts and read my books while waiting. The doors opened at six and everyone went in. I was ticket number 55, but someone near me was in the 700’s. We got seats in the front and waited for an hour. She came out at seven after an intro from the tattered cover people, and answered questions. One of them was mine! I videotaped it and afterwards she signed books. I got home relatively early, and all in all it was great.

Questions (These are as close to word for word as I can get them, so I’m sorry if they aren’t perfect!)


Where did you come up with your idea for the other planets, and where did you come up with the idea of alien souls and the characteristics they have?

I always have a bunch of crazy roles in my head, I happen to let my imagination go crazy, like, let’s see, what if we had a world of blind creatures that could sing and fly, or what if they were plants that were stuck in the ground with a million eyes, that’s pure fun for me and I don’t have to work at it; so it’s hard to give advice for that. If your mind works that way, then maybe science fiction is for you, but if it’s harder, then maybe something more human might be the way.

What was the most memorable thing about writing the host?

That would be Ian. My favourite characters are the ones who decide for themselves who they want to be. It’s the characters who stop doing what you want that make the story feel special and out of your imagination, something that seems to exist on it’s own, and that’s an interesting experience. With Ian in the beginning drafts, Ian was Kyle’s backup guy, but the first time Ian spoke he was curious why Jeb didn’t kill Wanda instantly, and his curiosity set him apart, and then he spoke with Jared and thought about what was going on because Jared refused to.

How old is Ian?

About twenty-five, and Kyle is thirty.

Is Melanie Stryder an anagram for your name?

No. Our initials are the same. She’s named after a cousin of mine, I was looking for an ordinary earth name that wouldn’t stand out a lot, I wanted hers to sound human. I didn’t realize it sounded close to my name.

Are you going to write a sequel and when will it come out?

I don’t know. I don’t know. I’d like to, but I’ve been working on the Twilight saga and it takes a while. (Screaming cheers) I’ve been doing a lot of editing, which isn’t my favourite thing, but the Host was finished months ago so I haven’t been in that world for a while. Now that I’ve been on tour and answering questions, it makes me excited about the sequel. People want Midnight Sun first, so I’ll get that one done first. The Host eventually, it takes a while, though. So it’ll be years, not Months.

Who is your favourite character in the Host and why? (This was my question!!!!)

 Ian, but I’m really fond of Jeb because he was himself from day one. I don’t know anyone like him. He was another character that when he fit in the outline he didn’t deviate from that. He was a voice in my head that I didn’t know. I liked Doc a lot, he’s like my little brother, Seth, from my website. He’s a very cool guy and a very tall guy as well.

About the covers:

A lot of people think that’s my eye. It isn’t. It’s a model’s eye. The hands on the Twilight cover aren’t mine either.

How do you feel about your book being turned into a movie?

I’m pretty excited. If I was out there, I’d be cheering too. It’s pretty exciting. I see things visually, and when I was writing Twilight, I saw it as a movie in my head. You guys have all seen movies based on books that are bad and one or two that are decent, so I struggled with it. I had a brush with that, we had a different movie company, and I got to see the other scripts: the first one was like Vampire CSI. They could have called it anything else but Twilight and no one would know that they were the same. I lucked out on the second time with a movie company who wanted everyone to be happy. They have great actors and a great director and lots of dedicated people. It’s not going to be the same, if people go in with their books and are like: "Wait, on page 234 they didn’t say that." They’re not going to have a great experience. This is a different medium, it has a different feel. But everything that is in the movie could happen, like with the tree controversy, Edward could do that, so I’m cool with it. But I think people that come out of it will have a cool experience.

Do you have any advice for young writers about publishers?

First, if your book isn’t done, forget the publisher part. Work on the story. You have plenty of time for that. Keep yourself happy and write. Don’t think about what other people want. Don’t think about people looking over your shoulder, that has a stage fright experience. I had a hard time with New Moon, because I knew people were going to read it. I didn’t have that problem with Twilight because it was all mine. But with New Moon I knew there were fans and editors with red pens. I got online and researched stuff. When you find a publisher, follow their rules. Do what they say and they’ll be more likely to publish your books. But don’t get discouraged, keep trying. Someone will read your books; don’t feel like it’ll be lost in a void. Believe in yourself, if you love it, other people will too.

Do you write everyday?

Almost. When I’m working on a book I work all day and night. I’m editing right now, and I really miss writing. A true test of a writer is if you cannot go a week without writing. If you don’t miss it, then maybe that isn’t your calling. I miss it a lot.

There are a few more questions, but those were some of the most memorable ones!


  1. Yea first comment, alot of my friends have already bought and read it and said it was Fabulous and i am workin on it now. It really is AMAZING!!!!!!!!

  2. La tua Cantante says


  3. Awesome! Ian was my favorite character too as I was reading. Love him!

  4. I loved Jeb! He was by far my favorite character!

  5. Im on page 381 of the host now, and Ian is my favourite character 🙂

  6. i love ian!
    i wish she’d come to the uk

  7. La tua Cantante says

    ALSO ON OTHER NEWS…TERRYS TWILIGHT ART BLOG SITE(the same art gallery site posted on the Twilight guys day)
    so I hope you book marked it! If not,take a minute to look it up! It’s worth it!
    Some of these are the ones he will give to Stephenie Meyer as a gift!!!

  8. Thanks for getting the age question answered. That one has been on my mind for a while.

  9. Lirael Cullen says

    I loves Ian!! Wow i wish i could have been to a signing…

  10. I love Ian. He was definitely my favorite character!

  11. I love that everyone loves Ian. =D

    He has become may favorite character that Stephenie Meyer has /ever/ created.

  12. JacobMom says

    La tua cantante:

    I agree. I would read anything Stephanie wrote. She’s an amazing storyteller.

  13. i was there!!!!!!!! i sat right behind you!!!!!!

    my friend kelli says Edward is HOTTTTTTTTT!!!!!!!!!! ssssssssss

  14. Hi evermore!
    The signing was amazing wasn’t it? Great job transcribing. A+

  15. VampGirl says

    Ian reminds me of Jacob and Jared reminds me of Edward. Wanda is “Jacob’s Bella” and Melanie is “Edward’s Bella”.

  16. The signing was great and i’m glad too see so many twilighters in Denver. Hope to see you all at the release party.

  17. I so glad that Midnight Sun is coming before The Host’s sequel. I’m expecting them, though!

  18. evermoreimmortal says

    I also have videos and photos for everyone, but with finals coming up I can’t get them on the computer! But when I do I’ll send them to the Lexicon…the signing was fabulous. I’m glad I saw so many Twilighters.

    I was the girl with the Eclipse Prom shirt and the video camera who was taking pictures of cool shirts people had, by the way. 😀

  19. I’m so sad the Host signing is 20 minutes away from me and I don’t have tickets cause my mom wouldn’t let me go. Meanie!!

  20. the signing was fabulous! 3 times larger than the eclipse signing here last august! evermore i’m glad you got this sent in so fast! you are my hero! and a sweetheart too! thanks for your hard work on this!
    (signed- the girl with the still human shirt)

  21. I was at the signing last night and I was so impressed with stephenie!! She was so cool and I wish that I could have talked with her longer than just the thirty seconds or so while she signed my books! If anyone has the chance to go see her I definately recomend it!!

  22. Um I think Stephanie Meyer is an amazing writer. however, isn’t this website called “Twilight” Lexicon. I would much rather be seeing stuff of the Twilight series, not anything else that has nothing to do with it.

  23. Why is everbody’s favorite Character Ian?
    don’t get me wrong he’s cool and everthing.
    But my heart goes out to Jared,,I mean,
    i can’t blame him for hitting and abusing melanie/wanda
    when they get taken back to the caves…
    He lost the love of his life and tthen having a “parasite”
    take her over and you think (think being the opertive word)
    you’ll never get Melanie back,thats a big deal,
    and he’s a guy, we all know that the y-chromosomes don’t sit down and cry about everything….
    ((*SPOILER*)) (dont read next part if you haven’t read the book!!

    I really wanna know what happend when Melanie woke up after they took wonda out !?!?!
    I mean she must have been wanting to be with him so bad with out wanda there?
    How did that feal?
    what did they do that night?
    what did everybody say?
    How did Ian take it?
    WHo held the knife to doc’s throat?
    Did Mel hit Jared for hitting wanda/her when they got to the cave?
    all my unanswered questions!?!
    I hope i get the answer to them, and SOON…
    Ohh almost forgot, I do luv Ian he’s so sweet the way he likes wanda and is so understanding and so sweet

  24. I thought this was twilight lexicon, not host lexicon! ;(

  25. I sick and tired information about the host tour, or question about the host book, it’s annoying!!!
    Make yourself a host lexicon

  26. Yeah i agree all the way with daisy. you should make a host lexicon and keep the host stuff there, not here on “Twilight” Lexicon.

  27. evermoreimmortal says

    Um I think Stephanie Meyer is an amazing writer. however, isn’t this website called “Twilight” Lexicon. I would much rather be seeing stuff of the Twilight series, not anything else that has nothing to do with it. (quoted)

    This DOES have everything to do with the Twilight Series. It’s by Stephenie (Not ‘Stephanie”) and I think it’s great that they are keeping everyone informed.

    To everyone else: Yes, there is a Host Index, but this is the Stephenie Meyer Fan Sponsored Information and Discussion Site. That includes The Host. If you don’t like what is on the Twilight Lexicon, you don’t have to read it.

  28. shiny-volvo-owner says

    I so enjoyed the signing!!! My daughter and her two friends and I had the white shirts with the twilight saga qoutes and pics from the movie. We had a blast and we can’t wait for Breaking Dawn. Hope SM comes back to Colorado.

  29. MagickPrincess says

    I definitely agree with evermoreimmortal, if you don’t like it, don’t read it. But I for one am happy they have this stuff on here.

    If you have a problem with what’s put on here, keep it to yourself. No one wants to hear your complaining, so shut up. If you don’t want The Host stuff, how about you make your own site rather than telling them how to run theirs?

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