Twilight Tuesday

Twilight Tuesday is up and LIVE!  Meet Jacob Black/Taylor Lautner!  (And yes we know he switched two words in the quote, please don’t fill up the comments remarking on that statement.  He did very well on the spot with MTV!)

There will most likely be a blog commentary on the video or an article write up posted later tonight or early tomorrow.  We will update this post with those links once they are available.  In the mean time… 

An MTV staffer now hooked on Twilight has some questions for the fans.  They are all common questions that new readers to the fandom have, so head on over and share your Lexicon knowledge with her!


  1. yay!!!! i shall go see whats new!!

  2. Too cute!

  3. haha he’s cute x33


  5. Laurenforce says:

    I think he’s cool…but…kind of annoying. Hyperactive. But cool. (I’m not a Taylor Lautner fan, but I get over it.)

  6. marissa says:

    He is adorable! I’m an Edward person, but I LOVE Taylor Lautner!!! I love that he has read the books enough to use the quote “Does my half being naked bother you?”

  7. Number 1 Twi-hard says:

    I doesn’t bother me that he missed the exact quote, what bothers me is the quote. πŸ˜‰ Seriously, I really really dislike this quote, it makes Jacob sound like such a jerk. Maybe that’s because I’m Team Edward. Taylor was quite funny, thought, so I’ll forgive him.

  8. I sure hope the sequels get made so he can deliver his lines
    Swoon baby Swoon!

    I wonder if he gets to say “do you like scary stories” for the Twilight Movie because that’s my favorite Jacob Twilight line.

    I think he’s adorable and his hyperactive youngness is going to come off great at the prom scene if he’s in the prom scene giving Bella his tribe’s warning.
    Thank you MTV for Twilight Tuesday and Thank you Twilight Lexicon for giving us the heads up!

  9. littleyellowporsche says:

    awww….he’s cute.

  10. marissa says:

    Yeah, I think its the intent behind the quote that makes it awesome…Like I said above, it shows that he read the books enough to be familiar with a quote that isn;t in the movies. Plus he did research about Jacob, which shows his dedication to the character

  11. Ahhh I loved that interview, he is so much like Jacob, and I think he will do an excellent job. Pfit, not all of us can remember the quotes word by word πŸ™‚ He has such a jacob laugh too, and rob has such an edward laugh!!! And it’s good that he knows so much about the books, not only twilight!!

  12. Awww!! I love him!!! πŸ˜€ He is going to be SUCH a great Jacob…Hilarious AND adorable!

    Also…his being half-naked wouldn’t bother ME! πŸ˜›

  13. vampireartist says:

    nice video. personaly i’m not a huge Jacob fan i’m more into the…um*cough*…..Jasper fan club, but it was alright. he’s fun to watch.

    I can’t wait til the movie!!

  14. Sara (Yes theres more then one of us) says:

    *smacks head* Wow..*drools* Now I’m thinking of changing to Team Jacob…*drools*

  15. Natasha says:

    I guess I can’t really say anything about his cuteness being Team Edward and all…
    But I like the actor! He seems to shoulder the jerky immature guy very well.

  16. OHHHH i adore this guy. he will be an amazing jake! i cant wait to see him on screen!

  17. Awww. He’s very…enthusiastic. He’s adorable. I love this casting!! We have to make the twilight movie really successful so they’ll be sure to make more so we can see taylor in new moon/eclipse… *cough-halfnaked-cough* πŸ™‚

  18. kristen32 says:

    can anyone post it on youtube or someplace else online?
    canadian fan here, and i can’t watch it yet πŸ™

    thank you in advance!

  19. would anyone be so kind as to post the video on youtube, so that people outside the States can see it?

  20. lala-swan says:

    Though at first he seemed a bit snooty to me, I think now I’m warming up with him…He’s just always SO smiley, :D!!! And I like that he kinda spits the words, haha, it makes me laugh!!

  21. Is this the only thing we get this week because didn’t Mike Welch say he was going to be in this weeks Twilight Tuesday.
    I like the video, but i was just wondering.

  22. It’s still Monday here 9:00 PM . WOW!! but i am not complainging.

  23. the one and only says:

    he is one sexy werewolf! i luv him cant wait to see him in twilight and in new moon bc hes like half naked most of the time lol jk

  24. the one and only says:

    just want to know y it came out on monday bc its like 7:15 p.m here but like Malaz im not complaining

  25. I am totally a team Edward person but i think that taylor would be a good actor for Jacob. He seems like he can play the part.

  26. love2dream says:

    I am now sold on Taylor!! He has got all of Jacob’s playfulness. I think he is going to do great! I can’t wait.

  27. Desiree says:

    I wasn’t sure about the casting choice for Jacob, but seeing this clip made me change my mind. He’s just such a charming and endearing kid, I like his laugh. πŸ™‚ I think he’ll do great. ^.^

  28. mrsedwardcullen513 says:

    Okay so was THAT twilight tuesday?

    If it was, i’m cool with that (if you look behind him at 00:50 seconds left, ROBERT PATTINSON IS BEHIND HIM.) but if it wasn’t, then i’m freakin excited! Yeah, so I’m on Team Edward too, but all of my friends who have read the series are on Jacob’s side, and I do want to keep my friends… so I think that Taylor Lautner’s a pretty cool guy in general. But Robert Pattinson is a devilishly delicious Edward. =)

  29. imaginary says:

    Is there an article to go with the video? Sorry I feel like I’m totally missing something. Is there a link somewhere, or is there just not one?

    There will mostly be more coming tomorrow.  We will update the post with links as the information goes live.  ~Cocoa

  30. xKatieXCullenx says:

    OMG. Sigh….he is so cute! And adorable. The best Jacob EVER. No, your half-nakedness DOES NOT bother me one lil’ bit! LOL. I love how enthusiastic he is. He’s awesome. I’d love to meet him someday.

  31. Dazzled says:

    I’m seriously in LOVE with this kid! He makes the Perfect Jacob and is my favorite person that they cast!

  32. twilightislife says:

    YAY stuff this is!

  33. urcoolcarrie says:

    ok, ok. i’ll admit it. so he’s pretty cool for the part of jacob. hes funny, and looks like hes having a great time. so thats good!
    i have to mention…did anyone else see edward (robert) in the background? so cool!!! πŸ™‚

  34. iluvtwilight says:

    PERFECT for Jacob! Can’t wait.. squee!!! :]]

  35. Hahaha who else was distracted when Rob walked by in the background? I lost all sense of thought and forgot who was being interviewed. LOL

  36. Twilighter says:

    Is this on YOUtube or Twilighttube for Canadians/ Non US Twilighters? Cuz I can’t see the video. πŸ™ I always look forward to TwiTues and often I have to look here in the comments for the Youtube video links.

    Someone plz post it, thanks so much!


  37. loved him…he is Jacob! He is that teen that can’t get enough of his good looks, that he likes to show it off. He is confident, like Jacob. But not a jerk.

    That quote basically explains Jacob teenage guy side. Again he realizes that he is a good looking guy that has an effect on Bella and uses what his got. He is confident!

  38. hjsameli says:

    I am sorry I don’t know the fan base age range surrounding the Twilight series. I am sure I top the older range being 35, but I really got wrapped up in these novels. I built the characters in my head, and I am sorry, he might be a talented actor, but "shark boy" is not who I saw Jacob Black as. I know younger girls will disagree, but they could have found a Native American who actually has his own hair instead of a wig. Also I don’t see the actress playing Esme either. As an older reader, she is the pregnant Jane Doe on Greys Anatomy that is now a wacko. Not a beautiful, angelic looking mother figure. Other than that I see all the character choices.

  39. dark romance says:

    haha, I cracked up when he was saying his fav quote and did that thing with his eyebrows. Too cute!

  40. to hjsameli…

    i think you need to take a minute to look past the roles these actors have done in the past. i might agree with you in that the actress doesnt look like my depiction of esme in my mind. but im not going to pass judgement until i see what their acting is like in THIS film.

  41. silly beautiful oversensitive girl says:

    lol i do love that quote

  42. Fatimeh says:

    lol. what a cool kid.

  43. has anyone put this on youtube yet?
    i really hate that videos on are only accessible in the USA

  44. cant wait!!!!!!!! i am definitly staying up all night just to see this !!!!!!

  45. Did anyone catch Rob walking in the background just as the white van pulled away around :50?

    It’s not even his interview and he manages to steal the spotlight!

    I LIKE IT!

    But Taylor isn’t sore on the eyes either! And he’ll be a perfect Jake!

  46. ihearttwilight says:

    thank you!

  47. aww so cute, i loved the end when he winked πŸ˜‰

    now im gonna watch it as much as possible in case they take it down. πŸ˜€

  49. Twifanatic Amanda says:

    He rocks, thats really funny that that is his favorite line, I can’t wait for New Moon

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