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A movie critique blog posted about the up coming film.  You may recognize the name of the author on this blog.  He is the very same author mentioned on Stephenie’s website as her favorite movie critic Eric D. Snider.


There is a very interesting tidbit about the ASTRONOMICAL release date of Breaking Dawn on Twilight Series Theories.


Seth updated Stephenie’s site with the links to all her Best Seller lists as well as the links to the LA times Backlot and the newly launched Twilight Movie site.

Has a wonderful article on the recent Stephenie Signing in Utah.  I think you may recognize a few names mentioned in the article!

Be sure to post some great comments on all of these sites! 

And speaking of the Utah signing.  The ever lovely Geo has taken a wonderful video of the Host Q&A from the May 16th signing.



  1. lol i am first comment. this is a wicked movie

  2. almost a bella says

    Wickedly scary about Breaking Dawn!

  3. jenni_elyse says

    The signings were so awesome!!! I’m so glad I had the opportunity to go! Thank you Alphie and Pel for coming to Utah and spending the signings with us!

  4. awesome, I’m uploading my vids from the 16th right now as well. It’s just taking forever. I love it when Stephanie gets an article in one of our newspapers. ^^

  5. SuoCantante says

    Are you sure there’s an eclipse on August 1st? I think there’s one on August 16th not the 1st… hm does anyone else have conformation of this? But it would be soo cool if there was one on the 1st!

  6. Holy Edward that little astronomical thingy is AWESOME!!!! that is soo freakin awesome!
    anyway, and yes there does happen to be a statue of Stephenie in my house that I worship…I mean what…..

  7. SuoCantante says

    oops just kidding, there’s a solar eclipse on the 1st and a *lunar* eclipse on the 16th. The crazy stars! I can’t keep up!

  8. screams high pitches says

    between bellarocks and myself I think we cleaned out the entire news stand of TWO 7Eleven stores Sunday just so we could have the hard copies.

    And as for the film critic he’s right the women are taking over the next big thing. I only saw Titanic once in the movie theater but I’m planning on seeing Twilight as a double feature. The firsttime to fangirl scream through the feature, and the second time to sit back and enjoy the show without the hyperventilating. Then I’ll take my hubby and see it again.

  9. Hey Alphie is that you being quoted in the newspaper again and again? HOW AWESOME!

  10. Ahhh! I was there on the 16th to see Stephenie Meyer. She is absolutely amazing. Although there was a lady behind me in line going into labor so I really didn’t get to talk to Stephenie. Though I did get to talk to Alphie and Pel, who are a very very close second. Thanks, once again for you two and all of the hard work you do.

    Um…going into LABOR?  Can you elaborate please, that sounds like a good story!  ~Cocoa

  11. Claire Ateara says

    OMG! That “real breaking dawn” thing is so cool! Now I’ll have to stay up all night – not like I wouldn’t be doing that anyway 🙂 – and watch all the cool astrological stuff!!! AWESOME!!!

  12. OME that is WICKEDLY cool about Breaking Dawn!
    Either it was AWESOME planning on Steph’s part or a freakish sign from above!

  13. Surveys New Worlds says

    screams high pitches, I do believe that those are your screams that can be heard in the video above… As for cleaning out the 7 Elevens, you should have told me, I picked up several extra copies just in case.

    I had no idea that Eric D. Snider was SM’s favorite movie critic. I have been a fan of his since he wrote the Snide Remarks column for the Daily Universe.

  14. I really like what you guys, the Lexicon, are doing to get us to the news. The icons are a cool idea. Thank you for spicin’ up the page. Bringing things new.

    Thank you Alphie, Pel, Cocoa, and everyone else majorly involved at the Lex!

  15. EXCELLENT article~!

  16. yea this is really awesome!: (its from the box up top)

    “Since February 7th we have been counting down the exact number of days until the release of Breaking Dawn. When I learned the date I rushed to my calendar to circle August 2nd. “Why August 2nd,” I had wondered? Looking at my calendar, I soon discovered why… August 1st happens to be an exciting night for all of us Twilighters… Following the usual time of Twilight, there happens to be a New Moon and a total solar Eclipse, making the morning after: Breaking Dawn! Coincidence that August 2nd was chosen? I think not. After my exciting discovery, I waited to see if any fan sites posted this piece of news. And waited, and waited… Either Stephenie or her publishers must have chosen the release date for this reason, so why hadn’t the press release included anything about this? Three months later, it didn’t seem like anyone was going to be commenting on the release date. So I decided to write to Kassie and Kallie about my discovery. Surely I’m not the only one to have noticed the awesome pick for the release date? “

  17. stephanie says

    whohoo!!!! way to go stephenie! you deserve it
    WE LOVE U!! 🙂 you did it again!..the host is amazing.
    ……………..wait till breaking cames out….oh boy…..

  18. Twilighter Fanpire says

    Whoa that thing about Breaking Dawn;s release date is AWESOME!! and i went to wikipedia and typed August 1st and they said that some countries will have a MIDNIGHT SUN




  19. Black Swan says

    I googled the August 1 solar eclipse and found out that the last solar eclipse was Feb 7, 2008 – the date we found out about the release date for Breaking Dawn! How freaky is that? It was another Midnight Sun solar eclipse too – but in Antarctica.

  20. I knew Eric D. Snider in college, and he’s 100% right about taking back the Vamp fandom!! 🙂

  21. Melanie! says

    With the having breaking dawn as a title… is that giving any clues to whats happening in book? like she manages to have both of them at the same time.. even at a time when there not s’posed to be together… you know the sky, sun and moon cant be together… and Edward and Jacob cant either (dunno why they’d wanna) with Bella anyway! so they could like figure out a way… :S but i did read some where most of the titles have like nothing to do with anything :S but in the books they do have some random simulatity… but hardy hum thats just my very bad theory …

    I also made a theory that Bella turns into a lepracorn.. and their the enemy of both Vampire and Werewolf… so yeah very bad!! 😛 lol

    Thanks and love the site!!


  22. Awsome video! Does anyone know if Stephenie is coming to Michigan? I know I know, no one ever comes to michigan! >

  23. Am I the only one who can’t watch the movie from may 16.?
    It doesn’t play.. 🙁

    This new moon/eclipse thing is pretty cool ;P

  24. It says: video is currenty not aviable. please try again later.. 🙁

  25. The breaking dawn thingy is so creepy. It’s like Twilight is meant to be. Can’t wait for the movie. I’ll definitely watch the movie over, and over again.

  26. DaRkPoEt says

    all i can say is that i love you Twilight Lexicon!! thank you! thank you! thank you! thank you!

    i would like to ask if anyone knows where you can see the eclipse from?

    and also what a MIDNIGHT SUN is exactly(?), cause i don’t know.

    peace out people!

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